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Avatar n tn I know that accupuncture helped me a lot when I was going through the diagnosis process and waiting for the right treatment to be identified. I hope it gets you relief, too. Have you tried using anything topical like biofreeze?
1378884 tn?1315509445 In a nutshell, osteoarthritis is wear-and-tear on the joint. It can happen at any age, not just to "old people". It can be brought on by an injury, a congenital deformity, overuse in a sport or job. RA is a malfunction of the immune system in which it mistakes joint tissue, mainly the cartilage, as something that must be attacked and eliminated. This causes the typical swelling, redness, heat, and over time, damage that causes pain and disability.
1459410 tn?1285698605 Im in PT to help as well but if anyone would like to share a short summary of their story from pre-diag symptoms through successful treatment, I would really like to see how the different docs have handled your speciific case. The most effective thing Ive done on my own was recently bought an herbal cream that has capsicum in it whihc has done more than any of the other pharma routes. Its still kinda unbearable but Ive at least noticed it being somewhat alleviated.
1069378 tn?1255218732 When there is cartilage loss, a joint can become bone-on-bone, which is very painful for the patient. Treatment options for osteoarthritis focus on pain relief and restoring function to the affected joint. Physical treatments should be attempted wherever possible like weight reduction, exercise, supports, heat and rest. Medications of all forms can be tried like topical, oral, or injectable medications to relieve pain and inflammation .
Avatar m tn I mentioned this to my MD at my annual physical and she felt that it was probably osteoarthritis (mainly due to the fact that there was no redness around the joints). She didn't order any kind of tests to confirm this diagnosis. I've also started to notice some tenderness in my elbow joints when resting my elbows on a table, and my knee joints have been a bit stiff and sore after using my exercise bike.
662727 tn?1225056947 Ten years later I was finally diagnosed with osteoarthritis after an ex-ray showed severe degeneration of the spine. The disease had now spread through my entire body. After many visits to various specialist the only treatment they could offer was in the form of :Paracetamol 500mg / Dihydrocodeine 20mg to control the pain. I have been taking 6 to 8 tablets a day. the pain never goes away but it does make it more bearable.
1754908 tn?1312403962 I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and have tried several different drugs looking for relief. Methotrexate, Humira, Embrel and prednisone seem to be the most popular on the market. Humira and Embrel are both very expensive and my Part D does not cover them. Methotrexate has caused me severe body rash. Looks like large patches of redness on all parts; legs, feet, arms, face and back. A friend of mine said I should try Norco 10.
Avatar f tn Forget the magnetic mat and the unconventional expensive attempts to cure something a medical professional needs to examine and test you for. There is now conventional treatment for osteoarthritis ... and you may have to find other physical activity with the guidance of a good medical professional team.
Avatar f tn I had spinal fusion and harrington rods surgery in 1987 in the lumbar area for congenital scoliosis. I also have osteoarthritis, cervical arthritis and fibromyalgia and sometimes severe headaches. I have been reading the posts from the different people and I am sorry to say that I can relate to the unbearable pain.
Avatar f tn Well, yes, to some extent pancreatic enzymes can help relieve the symptoms of IBS but they cannot be the main stay of treatment. There have been studies showing benefit of pancreatic enzymes in osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and rheumatoid arthritis. However, the enzymes may or may not help in either conditions. So, they cannot be the main form of treatment. Please discuss with your doctor. Take care!
700067 tn?1332992883 I called my NS and she wants a full set of MRI's to see what is going on. I also have the headache but mine goes away with Motrin. I hope you find relief soon. Maybe a call to NL ?
Avatar f tn Basically my jaw kept popping in and out of place more frequently since my second go at having braces, which finished up back a year ago or so but it's been getting progressively worse, notably since August I can't open my mouth properly anymore and no I haven't been diagnosed officially by a doctor, last time I went with two complaints, jaw and heart so she told me my heart one was more serious and ignored my jaw.
587787 tn?1218808059 I tried several different migrane medications w/ no relief. Finally I started on Topamax. Once I reached the theraputic dose I seemed to be doing better and went back to work after about 12 weeks. I was back to work full time a week and a half when the started painting the office below mine. I advised mu supervisor that the fumes were starting to bother me and I was getting a headache. She said everyone was getting headaches and left it at that.
Avatar m tn Non-Drug Solutions for Pain Relief Before resorting to a narcotic pain reliever. Below is a list 18 non-drug treatments for pain. These options provide excellent pain relief without any of the health hazards that prescription (and even over-the-counter) painkillers carry. This list is in no way meant to represent the only approaches one can use. These are just some of the best strategies.
Avatar n tn weather changes or i get sick.. my legs and joints ache. this never happened before treatment. While on treatment.. i thgouht my legs were going to fall off and my back would break I ached sooo bad. I thought i would be free of this since i sucessfully completed treatement and was undetectable after 1 year post treatment. But i still suffer with the ache joints. Any thoughts on this would be great PS: I completed treatment in may of 04.
159785 tn?1276229625 I think between the two of us we can figure out if the meds are working. That's such a relief right there! He also prescribed Xanax for stress -- the PVC's seem to be stress-related for the most part, and I've been under a huge amount of stress, what with the thyroid business, menopausal symptoms, the upcoming back surgery in a month, plus a stressful relationship with my ex. And all this since January!
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
Avatar m tn Dear Dr. My age is 69 years, physically i m keeping very good health, problem wise my all the ailments are not ordinary one. 1. I have got coronary Heart Disease (CAD) when i walk or when there is any stress or tension i get Anginal episodes it is spasmodic type of angina and ever time any sudden anxiety, tension or stress provokes it. The disease is kept controlled with Nitromint 2.6 mg BD, Vestarel 20mg BD and Amilodipin 5mg OD.
Avatar n tn rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and osteoarthritis of the knees, hands and hips. People who have stomach issues from taking anti-inflammatories by mouth can bypass that problem with Voltaren gel. Endo Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Voltaren 1% gel, is the sole supplier and they have released a statement that Voltaren gel is on back order and they cannot estimate a release date. Hmm.
Avatar f tn I would not recommend surgery while undergoing treatment for Hep C. Treatment drugs will lower his white count and likely cause some anemia, both of which could make surgery more risky. Also, depending upon the exact stage of his liver damage, a surgeon may or may not be willing to do the surgery. Surgery can cause the liver to decompensate (stop working properly), so usually a surgeon will need a hepatologist to approve the patient for surgery before agreeing to do it.
748543 tn?1463449675 While at work the other day, I received an email notification from my oldest and most popular blog on TMJ/TMD Pain Relief matters. While reading it and in my mind formulating my answer to a TMJ and TMD Prototypical Patient, I realized that the post really deserved its own thread. I am including the post here. Dear Dr. Nassery- You have heard this before but thank you and Dr Chan for continuing this blog, it is very important to the TMD community.
Avatar n tn Re: Some will try to claim that these problems cropping up after tx are a 'coincidence', or are due to some sort of rapid aging. How ridiculous to keep saying this. The point was that since such symptoms can be seen in the aging process, it must be difficult to definitively link them to the effects of interferon treatment. But Kalio supplied you with research that supports your suspicions, even though she/he was treated rudely on the other thread.
15502615 tn?1440998653 But due to this, the joint space has been reduced much and Rheumatologist has advised me a surgery for replacement. I wanted to know if there is any treatment that increases joint space and I can bypass the surgery?
Avatar m tn Hello! This is not a treatment of choice for osteoarthritis. Transcutaneous electrostimulation, TENS, is a kind of pain relief typically using electrical currents applied to the skin. Transcutaneous electrostimulation machines are typically small, battery operated machines with two electrodes attached. Electrodes are wires that send the electrical current. Usually, you connect two electrodes from the machine to your skin on the painful area.
Avatar f tn Arthritis is a pretty easy diagnosis. Have you had blood work for rheumatoid factor? Xrays for osteoarthritis?
Avatar f tn the only way i get complete pain relief anymore is to take one of my percocet,and take a really hot bath for about an hour.then im good for a little while,until it feels like its bone to bone pain in my back.i know i need a pain med adjustment,but im afraid to ask,and afraid of the unknown.can anyone give me some advice on what i should do?a few of my issues are,degenerative disk disease,tetherd spinal cord,osteoarthritis-neck/low back,bulging disks,stenosis,abnormal narrowing.
475586 tn?1225027354 My knees do have osteoarthritis in them--I had an MRI. I also have 2 herniated discs in my neck and kyphosis. My sister has RA, so I thought I had it also, but the doctors say no. I have a rheumatologist who is very nice, although most of the treatments I've been getting for fibro are not doing much. He seems sure that other than my knees and my neck, what I have is fibromyalgia. I have pain all the time, aching and soreness and also the sharp, stabbing pains.
Avatar f tn Treatment may be nonsurgical or surgical treatment. Physical therapy, moist heat, medications and cold compress may also help provide relief. If it persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper management. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn between the bones of the joints. Osteoarthritis is also known as degenerative arthritis. Treatment includes reduction of weight, exercise and support devices like splints, canes, walkers, and braces.Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen are used for pain relief. Some studies, but not all, have suggested that the food supplements glucosamine and chondroitin can relieve symptoms of pain and stiffness for some persons with osteoarthritis.
Avatar f tn Physical therapy plays an important role in the treatment plan of osteoarthritis. If you are not satisfied seeking second opinion will help. Do keep me posted. Take care and regards!