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Avatar m tn I would say 3-7 would be moderate on a scale of 1-10, but I don't think that is what you are looking for. What symptoms are you experiencing now? What treatment has the doctor prescribed? What area of your body is effected?
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm an extremely active 26 year old male, and I recently had my fourth knee surgery (third on left knee). The prior surgeries had all been to my medial mensicus, and this fourth surgery was to remove a condral defect I had on the left knee. My doctor told me he saw some roughing of the cartilege. Subsequently, the worst of my pain is gone and my strength is very good, but I still experience fairly considerable pain when most of my weight is on one leg and I bend.
Avatar f tn I am scheduled to have orthoscopic knee surgery on my right knee to correct problems I am having related to osteoarthritis. Does this type of surgery prevent osteoarthritis from returning? Is this surgery safe? What is recovery like after surgery? Any information anyone has regarding this topic will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn HELLO DOCTOR, IAM 65 YRS OLD IAM SUFFERING FROM PAIN MY LATEST X-RAY REPOR IS- left knee ap/lat mild lipping is shown in lt patella.joint space is insreased.osteoarthritis with synovititis &x ray L-S SPINE AP/LAT osteophytic lipping is shown in all the lumber vertebra.disc space are dimini shed in between L4/L5&S1 VERTEBRA.MILD SUBLUXATION OF THE interface al joint of L4 over L5 vertebra.lumber spondylosis with subluxation of interfacetal joint of L4 over L5 vertebra.PLEASE ADVICE.
1378884 tn?1315509445 I am also a hashimotos survivor and am concerned that it may be having an impact on my knees which have done things over the years that no one of my size should have done. It's mostly confined to my left knee. I have broken both knee caps in the past, (car accident and Karate Class) had a meniscus tear repaired, which made left knee much worse. Hands and feet are fine.
1459410 tn?1285698605 They did TMJ surgery to strengthen it and scrape part of the arthritis off (that never did make sense to me) and said that I also would be on a soft food diet, but 20 years later, the surgery is still a success in my book. I did find relief (pre surgery) not from the prescription meds, but from an old remedy my dad use to use for his bad knees. It is quinine. I'm not a doctor, and am not advising anyone to take quinine, but for me, it helped.
Avatar n tn Hello Dear The key to successful treatment of the ACL tear is proper and early rehabilitation. Preoperative and postoperative rehabilitation programs are similar initially. Restoration of motion, swelling control, and strength are the goals of each. The primary goals in treatment of ACL rupture are restoration of function in the short term and prevention of long-term pathologic changes in the knee. Nonoperative treatment is a reasonable approach in patients who are not active athletically..
Avatar f tn I have been taking Meloxicam and painkillers. Today I have been to see a specialist with the view to having knee replacement surgery. After looking at my recent x rays he has informed me that I have Avascular Necrosis in both knees. My left knee joint has collapsed and the right one is heading for collapse. Can you tell me if Avascular Necrosis is a form of Arthritis? If so what do you get first Osteoarthritis or Avascular Necrosis?I am 55 years old.
3060903 tn?1398568723 What are the symptoms of a flare-up? Osteoarthritis pain in knee, flare-up with person holding knee. Joint pain may characterize osteoarthritis flare-ups. An OA flare-up leads to a sudden increase in symptoms. These may include: joint pain swelling stiffness in the morning a reduced range of motion in the joint fatigue difficulty sleeping due to pain Triggers The exact cause of OA flare-ups is unknown. This makes them difficult to avoid completely.
Avatar n tn After 8 years and 15 Dr's later. I have had Knee surgery on both knees 2 on the left knee and 3 on the right knee. With sort term pain relieve. Then I found This Dr which is the best I have ever been to. He treats you as if your his only patient. I had surgery on both knees with great results. If you would like his info please email me at ***@**** maybe he can help you as well.
Avatar f tn For osteoarthritis and chronic ligament injuries you would need knee replacement surgery. For Rheumatoid arthritis which is due to an autoimmune disorder you have to follow up for treatment with different kinds of medications with your rheumatologist. Discuss with an orhtopedician for a 2nd opinion. Take care!
Avatar n tn I had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee where they told me i was bone on bone and they cleaned it up and drilled holes in my knee cap to produce fake cartilage. My question is since I am in so much pain and used to be active what other procedures are there without total knee replacement? I just turned 40 and would love to be able to walk and be more active again without so much pain.
Avatar n tn 2) If performed by an expert in an aseptic way it is safe. Knee replacement is a safer treatment for chronic osteoarthritis. 3) You can bear weight after the healing and testing the strength of the bone and it differs from case to case. 4) The result is quite stable and painless leg, and if the patient doesn’t mind stiffness and shortening the surgery can be attempted.
Avatar f tn Try to understand that if she has osteoarthritis then the only cure is total knee replacement and all these avenues are for short term relief. Tell her to cut down her weight if she is overweight and start physical exercise in sitting and sleeping positions so that she will be ready for her future surgery which involves lots of physiotherapy. Take care!
1718062 tn?1309024539 Early in November, I tore he meniscus in my left knee and through an mri, the doctor realized that my cartilage was in bad condition, so he recommend arthroscopic surgery on my left. Through this surgery he realized I had grade 4 chondromalacia in several places, so he did what he could to repair the areas, and then we followed up with orthovisc injections. In March, the same thing happened with my right knee.
387767 tn?1345875627 Thank you so much for replying so quickly. You asked me more questions than any of the doctors have, LOL. My knee does not give way, lock or catch. I do get some grinding and popping, but not that often. (I get that popping and cracking in a lot of my joints). I have to mention that I do have arthritis in my thumbs and some of my fingers and in my neck.
Avatar m tn He probably specializes in knees and only knees, so he knows what he's talking about. Not exercising the knee at all sounds wrong to me. My Mom had knee surgery, and a friend of mine also has knee problems and they both do the water exercise classes. It's a full body workout and the water supports your weight so you're not putting a big amount of stress on your knees.
Avatar m tn Have you tried anything to help the pain and, if yes, has that been successful? Have you ever had surgery on your knee? Do you have any hip or ankle pain? Keep us posted with your answers. Bye.
Avatar n tn I was dancing at a party, when i tripped and fell on my Left knee.
Avatar n tn Have you ever had surgery on your knee? Do you have any hip or ankle pain? Keep me informed if you have any queries. Bye.
Avatar n tn Do you experience any grinding, locking, catching, or giving way of the knee? Grinding is characteristic of osteoarthritis; locking and catching are characteristic of meniscus injuries and osteochondritis dissecans (meniscus injuries are much more common than osteochondritis dissecans); and giving way is more characteristic of ligamentous injuries. Are there any positions that make your knee more or less comfortable?
Avatar f tn Have you tried anything to help the pain and, if yes, has that been successful? Have you ever had surgery on your knee? The answer to your question lies in doing an imaging study of knee to find out the exact pathology. The 1st step is plain radiographs (including weight-bearing posterior-anterior, lateral, and tangential [Merchant] views) of the patella.
Avatar n tn Have you tried anything to help the pain and, if yes, has that been successful? Have you ever had surgery on your knee? Do you have any hip or ankle pain? When any patient complains of “knee pain,” the initial differential diagnosis in most of the cases includes: Osteoarthritis, Ligament damage, Meniscus damage or Patello-femoral disorder. Keep me informed. Bye.
16888441 tn?1452159257 Common Orthopedics Procedures Hip Replacement Surgery (Partial or Total) Hip Joint Resurfacing Surgery Knee Replacement Surgery (Partial or Total) Hand Surgery Elbow Surgery Shoulder Surgery Examples of Orthopedic Care and Treatments The purpose behind most orthopedic surgical procedures is to increase and enhance mobility of a joint as well as to repair damaged bone, muscular, or neural tissues caused by sports injuries, arthritis, fractures, and muscle and bone diseases.
Avatar n tn I had an MRI of my l knee after falling and the report stated: (1) osteoarthritis along the medial femoral condyle w/eburnation of the articular cartilage & grade 1 strain of the medial collateral ligament; (2) chondromalacia patella predominantley of the medial facet and (3) intrasubstance myxoid degeneration of the body of medial meniscus. What does that mean and who treatment or surgery is recommended?
Avatar n tn 2) You have to be careful as the ligament tear is repaired and you would never gain the same strength, you would only gain maximum strength. 3) Surgery is only recommended to people where the conservative treatment failed, and if you keep it untreated it gives rise to symptoms of instability, and may be osteoarthritis in the future. Try discussing with your surgeon about cylinder cast/Robert Jones Bandage if it is grade I or simple grade II.
Avatar f tn I am a female 70 years old with a severe osteoarthritic changes of the right knee joint and to a lesser extent in the left knee joint . I am still walking on both knees without any aids but I experience pain in both knees especially the right one . My doctor prescribed me dolophen tablets for one month because the gelatinous material in right knee is nearly absent and he is saying that after that period he will inject orthovisc injection if there was no response to oral medication.
Avatar m tn I agree that there are multiple causes of knee and back pain. I will offer what I have learned about knee and back pain. Degenerative diseases like Degenerative Disc Disease of the back and Degenerative Joint Disease can lead to arthritis. Arthritis is an inflamation and degeneration is a tearing down so to speak of parts of a joint, When the lining of the knee joint becomes inflamed it is sinovitis and this can become an arthritic joint..
Avatar m tn Hi I have a pain in my knee for two years ago. Some Dr diagnosis as osteoarthritis and the other as Osteochondritis Dissecans, so I need surgery(Drilling). I read your article "Surgical Treatment Options for Osteochondritis Dissecans of the Knee" and I do not know which options is suitable for me Below is my Knee MRI image I appreciate your help to suggest. http://www.4shared.com/rar/8Tp3alSDba/MRI-ALAKWAA.