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3060903 tn?1398568723 Keep a symptoms journal It can be beneficial to keep a journal of potential flare triggers and symptoms to try to identify when and why the flares happen. Avoiding triggers and resting may be enough to manage a minor flare. 2. Rest more Once a flare starts, many people will need to reduce their activity levels. During severe flares, people may need to rest completely. Working from home and having a reliable support system of family and friends in place can help. 3.
Avatar m tn I am very active (weightlifting, martial arts, spin classes, hiking, paintballing etc) and have only started to show regular symptoms in the last six months or so. As it was explained to me, what's happened to my joint is that the tibia has healed at an angle which is putting pressure on the front of the ankle. To look at, it's sort of pointing straight down whereas the uninjured leg slopes inwards towards the ankle joint.
1216899 tn?1288573925 Hi, and welcome to the forum! :) I recognise some of your symptoms, and I think many of them can be realted to the D-deficiency. (If you read everyone elses lists you'll see that there are some similarities, but also differences - it seems like everyone is bothered by their deficiency in their own personal way, somehow ;) ) And yes, I recognise your feeling of being a shadow of yourself! I'm 30 myself, mother of two, and It's been horrible!
Avatar n tn Hello naturenurs4u, I am a 43 year male, having similar symptoms - ringing, stuffy ears, facial/jaw tightness and pain and a constant dizziness (mild unsteadiness) since last 4 months. Currently exploring TMJ investiagtions/treatment. Greatly appreciate if you will please share the details of the dr you found at Stanford Univ?
Avatar n tn My first symptom after I had chronic hep. C was extreme fatigue (especially in the morning). I had no symptoms when I had acute hep. C.
147426 tn?1317269232 We here, who are just lacking sufficient MRI evidence are the one's most likely to benefit from use of the higher resolution machines. Final word (really??) If the signs and symptoms are suggestive and the MRI bafflingly negative - why not go for an image with a better resolution.
Avatar n tn No not everyone has had trouble with it but go by the ratio and common symptoms and you'll see what I did!. www.****.*** www.****.*** www.****.
Avatar n tn Yes I heard and read it on the web. I was just diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and possibly osteoarthritis. :(( I have inflammation and searced google for ANTI INFLAMMATORY DIET and FOODS. Saw that there are a lot of foods that are considered proflammatory. It changed my way of eating. After reading all the foods that are proflammatory that I always thought were good for you, I wished I knew about it so many years ago. You know the saying: "You are what you eat?
Avatar n tn I have bulging discs and osteoarthritis and the avascular necrosis. The hip pain has been the worst of what I have experienced. The Dr's tell me having my hips replaced will cure most of the pain. I am now bone on bone , no cartiledge with cysts. I am just worried I have waited too long as now I have lost my muscle tone am not able to exercise at all now, sleeping more than an hour or so at a time is not possible most nights. My legs have a weird feeling now are numb and my feet and tingle.
Avatar f tn I began to think, maybe the source of my pain is not down to adhesions after all but my Gp believes I am having pain from the adhesions pulling on nerves after years of multiple surgeries for endo and adhesions complicated by the Diverculitis Disease and worse still from onset of osteoarthritis in my hips and right knee - great! Gp is trying me on Lyrica a nerve block for pain which so far slightly dulls the pain but it is still very much there but I will keep trying.
Avatar n tn you say "Many people have unexplained symptoms that begin after tx, and are out of the ordinary, and very disturbing symptoms" and go on to say: "I am sure you will negate their experiences and interpretations as well." I have NEVER said people don't have the symptoms, you bang this drum to try to make it appear as if I dont think people are suffering or to try to make me appear insensitive to their troubles rather than address the point I make.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 22 and also have many of the same symptoms. I'm aways tired and have been through major depression due to my constant fatigue. I also have some trouble breathing after exercising and feel dizziness. I've been through many tests but doctors have told me that it's all in my head. I wish something could be done to provide more awareness about the symptoms of thalassemia minor. I think more research needs to be done.
199177 tn?1490502134 they are referring to debilitating, day-in-and-day-out pain that is difficult or impossible to cure. Persistent and chronic pain affects approximately 30% of the United States population;1,2 for a significant portion of them, the pain is centered on the back, joints or other part of the musculoskeletal system.
475586 tn?1225027354 Another heavy metal culprit aside form mercury is iron and iron overload is very common. It is called hemochromatosis, and causes the same and many more symptoms and life-threatening complications as stated and described above. You need ferritin, transferrin saturation, TIBC and serum iron tests.
Avatar f tn I have been having a lot of issues with my neck and back. My symptoms started when I was 22, 7 years ago. It started when I woke up one day and had this pressure on one side of my neck, right under the base of my skull and behind my ear. I had this constant feeling of needing to stretch or crack my neck all day. Well this feeling never went away. Eventually I got the pressure on the other side of my neck as well.
Avatar f tn I heamorraged after tonsilectomy many years ago, but have had 3 c-sections and 2 operations for cholesteatomas since with no problems. Could I be a carrier of EDS and have no symptoms and pass this on to my children? Would both myself and their father have to be carriers for them to have this condition? Many thanks in advance for your response. Kind Regards.
Avatar n tn Hey ho - still got a smile on my face when I wake up in the morning and not 6 ft underground. I just love life and although being positive will not cure me of either disease, sure does make living each day more joyous. My doctors say they don't know why I am so positive - but there really is no alternative is there? Liz.
Avatar f tn Will I be normal again. And my symptoms get worse. How have you adapted? Help I need someone who has experience in the matter.
691983 tn?1266808432 i did get alot of rashes this summer when i was in the sun.i never had that be for and i am always in the sun and i never burn..rashes go with lupus .and i have a rash on my finger for 11 months.. thanks msk luv!!!!
Avatar n tn 1) A history of widespread pain lasting more than three month and affecting all four quadrants of the body, i.e., both sides, and above and below the waist. 2) Tender points: There are 18 designated possible tender or trigger points (although a person with the disorder may feel pain in other areas as well). During diagnosis, four kilograms force is exerted at each of the 18 points; the patient must feel pain at 11 or more of these points for fibromyalgia to be considered.
Avatar f tn I too have type 2 diabetes, and fibro, and also throw in degenerative osteoarthritis. At one time I was seeing a phusical therapist, for the fibro. I had lots of fatty lumps as you describe them. The PT said they were from myofascial spasm syndrome. He would exert hard pressure to break them up. Stripping up and down my arms, legs, ribcage, exc. Left lots of bruises. Over the years they have come back.
Avatar n tn I am off all anti-depressants and pain medications and feel like I'm slowly waking from a nightmare of doubt and un-certainty that was probably being caused by the drugs.
Avatar n tn I read all the info before taking Accutane, and it never described these symptoms in 2001. When I was 30 years old, I had back surgery and it destroyed my back. A doctor at Emory University saw my pre-op MRI and determined I should never have had surgery in the first place. I believe with all my heart that the Accutane is the cause of my problems. I have debilitating pain every day. I have been checked for rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Both were negative.
617846 tn?1231556833 I thought the idea was to cure the ailments not just treat more and more symptoms. I really like my Doctor and respect his diagnosis and treatments, but I guess I'm getting frustrated with everything thats wrong with me. Hypertension/Osteoarthritis/Disk protrusions at L2-3/L4-5 /CarpalTunnel and prostititis. I'M 41 FOR G-- SAKES.
Avatar m tn Too often doctors do not try and find a cause because it is easier for them to try and treat symptoms. These are the people whose job is to take care of us when we cannot take care of ourselves. I am by no means at the end of my journey and I still have a long uphill battle to fight, but I will no longer let these people take everything I have worked for while they continue to ignore me. I wish everyone the best of luck your journeys.
Avatar f tn It's hard to diagnose because hoshimotos thyroiditis has alot of the same symptoms, but lupus gives you body pain and it's symptoms flare from time to time. and it really fatigues you. fybromialgia is a pain in your neck and shoulders and it feels like stress with an annoying headache and it runs to your chest sometimes, and it also has flare ups at times.
Avatar n tn I have this exact feeling I had it for one year and then I developed other neurological symptoms but am still undiagnosed. I have talked to other people that have ms and other neurological conditions that get this. My mri is normal too. This type of headache I am told comes from an area of the cervical spine.
Avatar n tn They simply would not listen to me or my family it was hell. When my symptoms lessened and all I was was clinically depressed they let me out (no danger to myself or others just feeling like I would rather be dead). I spent six months in a depression so bad I could hardly move all while being under a psychiatrists care. She just could not figure out what was wrong with me or should I say that she already knew what was wrong, her colueges had already diagnosed me.
Avatar f tn I would suggest you to rest for couple of days between workouts and apply ice packs after workouts regularly. Take NSAIDs to decrease your pain and inflammation. If symptoms continue then you would need to go for present day scans and diagnose your condition and follow up with an orthopedician. Arthroscopy cannot cure osteoarthritis. Take care!