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199177 tn?1490502134 therapies that aim to help people to control their own pain response. The groundbreaking gate control theory of pain helped explain how psychological factors influence pain perception.3 Put forward in 1962, gate control theory says that physical pain is not a direct result of an assault from the outside on the pain producing neurons, (as is the case when you bang your elbow or break a leg), but rather the result of interaction between different parts of the brain and nervous system.
1840891 tn?1431551393 I'm very fortunate, and grateful, that my liver has stayed well-compensated all this time, but I realize that for at least the next 7 years or so, I will continue to have an increased risk of HCC and could still decompensate as well. I would like to do everything possible to speed up the recovery process and the "remodeling" of liver architecture that my hepatologist said should eventually occur. To this end, I'm looking over the recommendations for supplements.
476246 tn?1418874514 Hi Marcia, Sounds like osteoarthritis to me. I have it in most of the joints in my body, and while it was annoying before, it is really wearing me down now. Joint pain seems to be often aggravated by Tx, at least for me. In fact, the head, neck, shoulder and spine aches are the most devastating thing about these meds, which I've now been on for 47 weeks. Don't get me wrong - the foggy headed, short tempered, itchy skinned, thin haired stuff are no picnic either.
579125 tn?1251579865 I have not started tx yet, I am taking my time deciding when to tx. I need to educate myself, I have advanced osteoarthritis, so I'm taking my time. Thanks in large part to ppl on this forum I am proceeding with caution. I am a 1a as well and last blood work showed a VL of 4.5 million, that was a year ago. I just had an ultrasound and that came back well, no masses. My last bx showed that I was a grade and stage 1 to focally a 2. My last biopsy was in 6/2005, I may have another one done.
Avatar f tn The reality is, someone who's reading this might not even have any of the complicating factors that you listed. They might be a perfect candidate for lidocaine infusions, or they might not, but they'll never know if they don't ask their doctors and find out for themselves. I just wanted to make sure that the information was out there, so that people who are suffering like I was would have the information necessary to take it to their doctor and perhaps get some help from it like I did.
211940 tn?1267884866 I am just tired of being tired so I better get it looked at again! I was taking my husbands celebrex and it seemed to sometimes work and sometimes not. So at the risk of the side effects, I stopped taking it. After I have the time to go to the chiropractor and/or get and MRI I will share my diagnosis...if I even get one!
Avatar n tn Dear all, please reply my message, I am very worried and do not know what to do, and kink of panicking. I am 30 and this is the first week I have experienced this creaking noise when I turn my head, especially to left. It is like a popping noise. I have been going to the gym for the past 7 months, 3 times a week. Never had problems like this before this week. Recently I have started doing this "Russian twists" at the cable machine (here is a video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?
Avatar n tn Thermage, Titan and Affirm don't have a very high success/satisfaction rate however the occasional person is very happy with the procedure. I'm not prepared to take the risk of losing $ on something that doesn't work. I have found some interesting clothing that disguises the problem in summer without looking like it's trying to! You can PM me about that too if you like. Finally, Happy 50th Nancy! I'm sure you are still gorgeous.
Avatar n tn Got my ANA panel back - my doctor said it showed some positive/some negative factors (she thinks it may be an auto-immune issue) and has referred me to a rheumatologist - I go on March 15th. I live in a town that has only 2 rhuematologists (!), so I have to wait all the way till next month. The ambien definitely helps me fall asleep, but still have problems 4 - 5 hours into my sleep waking up from discomfort. Am really hopeful to get an answer in March. Hydrocodone is a pain reliever.
Avatar f tn The release of potential allergens like nickel, chromium or cobalt depends on composition, surface modification and chemical or physical corrosion factors. Low pH and low oxygenation of adjacent tissue may influence metallic surface – even leading to titanium release in surrounding tissue [24].
363682 tn?1299492962 When I drink more sugary drinks I don't get much of the headache. Have you been on lots of antibiotics? Those folks are at higher risk for more yeast issues. The treatment for this is supposed to be probiotics daily, but you will feel like crap for several weeks after about 2 weeks of taking them, until the good bacteria take over the yeast you have accumulated. Anti yeast pills like Diflucan can also help. This might be a connection?
Avatar n tn If you get a chance watch the video Forks over Knives. It is great. There are some good books too. But I don't want to push that unless you are very interested. Then I would give information. take care, and let me know how it goes.
Avatar n tn Living in Canada, T1's and T2's are readily available for the consuming, and T3's are fairly easy to get, especially when one factors in that she is dealing with a legitimate chronic pain issue. My friend has no cartilage left in one ankle due to an accident a few years ago, and has had steel pins inserted.
Avatar n tn (we’ve invested in ever more expensive bedding to no avail) A month ago an internet search found a suggestion of “Evening Primrose Oil” (no I don’t own stock). It was cheap, low risk, and natural so I got her some. Since that day she has never been awakened ( she took 1000 mg a day for several weeks and has since quit in keeping with my result as detailed below ). After decided my issue may be back inflammation related, like hers, I took one – That’s one – 1000 mg tablet. In 1.
Avatar n tn I do have thryroid disease (Hypo) and osteoarthritis. I've been told I have Fibromaylgia...(not sure of the spelling). Oh and I have also started swelling in my abdomen when I eat certain foods like wheat or soy...but I have never had any gluten problems before now and i refuse to believe my body is not accepting gluten after 40 years. Really! Its just weird. This is excruciating pain on at a rank of 9 when I wake up. Whats up with that??? I hope someone finds an answer?
Avatar f tn The tremor may be so exaggerated that it becomes difficult for you to do normal activities. Essential tremor is made worse by the same factors that exaggerate normal tremor, such as when you are stressed, anxious, or angry, or if you do strenuous activity, drink caffeine or take some prescribed medicine. Essential tremor is most likely to affect your arms and hands, but it can affect your face and upper body, and sometimes your voice.
551343 tn?1506834118 But I dont fit the MS criteria either. But we discussed possibly starting the MS injections because I am in the very high risk catagory now. I see him agin in Feb 10' to see where I'm at and to make a decision on the injections. Sorry so long....Take Care ....
Avatar n tn Be sure to tell your doctor if you may be at risk for dysentery, or diarrhea containing blood, which is often caused by exposure to water contaminated by bacteria or protozoa. If diagnosed with ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease, you should eat nutritious meals, get plenty of rest, and cut back on stress. Avoid alcohol and aspirin. ______ Symptoms : Pressure in your upper abdomen, especially associated with heartburn.
Avatar n tn Of course I worried about it being a clot. However, I have none of the risk factors at all. If you really, truly think you have a clot, get it checked out immediately. If you're a worrywart like I am, try to think about reasonable causes for things though. Also noticed a twinge in my hip, so I wondered about a possible connection.
Avatar n tn I have been on Paxil in the past and I also found myself gaining weight on it, too. I believe both meds did help in my mild depression but it was too much of a risk to keep taking them and gaining, gaining and gaining. I believe ALL SSRI's force you to gain weight. Pharma companies do not want it to be known to the patients nor the docs if the can divert them from that conversation.
Avatar n tn Allergies don't seem to be a factor. Risk factors Neurodermatitis is most common between ages 30 and 50. Women are affected more often than men. You're more likely to develop neurodermatitis if you have a personal or family history of eczema, psoriasis or similar skin conditions. When to seek medical advice Consult your doctor if you notice changes in your skin or if you catch yourself repeatedly scratching the same patch of skin.
Avatar n tn I wonder if any of us have other medical issues in common. I have restless legs syndrome, osteoarthritis, MVP, Barrett's esophagus, eczema. I always have an ache somewhere but seem to have episodes of all over pain. Some days I feel very fuzzy, have had a little bit of a balance problem lately with increased pain in the neck area. I also am having a major problem with TMJ and can't open my jaw enough to eat a sandwich. I'm under chiropractic care for this.