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Avatar n tn Just as silent as HCV can be so could the after effects of combo treatment. Obviously there is a risk involved either way, it's up to you to decide which is greater. I felt more than great all the years I had HCV until the last 2 years. You don't have to be disabled on tx for it to be causing damage to your body. Just look at your blood counts, the natural chemistry of your body is being altered; that should speak for itself.
Avatar f tn http://www.globalrph.com/fent.cgi I entered 480 mg of oral oxycodone as that is what you take every 2 days. If you stick with switching the patch every 2 days, you would need around 250 mcg/hr of fentanyl. This conversion; however, is probably based on switching out the patch every three days so you may need a slightly higher dose than that...like 300 mcg/hr. That is A LOT of fentanyl!!! But I understand tolerance. I am just no where near that intake amount.
Avatar n tn I end up going to the ER 1-2 times a month with severe stomach upset where I am in tears and barley walking. I have nerve pain in the left side of my neck and arm. I found a conversion calculator to convert any narcotic to fentanly to see what your starting does should be be. http://www.globalrph.com/fentconv.htm I am being started on the Fentanyl patch at 12mcg to see if this works for me. The calculator says 12.8mcg/hr.
Avatar n tn there has to be an underlying reason and to just down doses of Vitamin D is not the answer because there lays the risk of us #1 overdose on Vitamin D later on IF we really don't have a Vitamin D problem or #2 if there is for example a Kidney problem as i have been trying to understand and investigate, we all or some of use need to see a Doctor ASAP and find answers and insist on answers or we could be in big trouble! Now see i myself am having major bladder problems and urinary problems.