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Avatar m tn seems like i have osteoarthritis in my lower L5 (tailbone) and C2 ( neck) I did have hernaited disk operation, It has been over 3 months and I still ahve the pain in both of my legs they hurt worst then my back! I did do PT treatments and everything is still the same beofre operation.
529224 tn?1400651819 Is it the distance that I need to walk everyday, or the distance that I can walk at a stretch without much pain , or the distance that I can somehow walk (with much pain)? I shall revert on receipt of your clarification. Regards, - Sarit.
Avatar f tn Hi lonikay, I want to welcome you to the Pain Management Forum and let you know that I'm glad that you have found the Forum. I need for you to understand that there are NO Doctors on the Forum. We are all CP (Chronic Pain) Patients and try to help each other by sharing our expertise and experiences we have had with our pain conditions. I'm so sorry that you are having these problems with your Arthritis. I also, suffer from Osteoarthritis. I know how VERY painful it is.
Avatar n tn If you have osteoarthritis then have acupuncture for pain relief
Avatar f tn Is there a relatively new procedure that either builds cartledge or relieves pain for osteoarthriris in the knee?
Avatar m tn I have pain in the right knee for two years now. X-rays show lack of fluid in the knee. Thus giving lot of pain. I have tried all sorts of therapies, but to no effect. I am now thinking of either get a shot or replace the knees. The left knee is also on the brink. I have to use pain killers. Please advise about taking a shot if I should take a shot of Synvisc-One. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1037175'>Changing from Supartz to Synvisc-One shots</a>.
513154 tn?1340228889 I have a question about Osteoarthritis and the pain that comes with it. Last November I had 5, 6, and 7 upper vertebra fused together and feel so much better in that way BUT i can't take anti inflammatory medications for my Osteoarthritis, Tylenol doesn't even help a bit and non of the arthritis over the counter meds help either. My question is... is there a non narcotic pain medication that I can take every day? I am 45 years old and very healthy besides my arthritis. thank you!
Avatar m tn Does anyone here have osteoarthritis in their spine? Is a symptom burning pain in the morning and a feeling of bone on bone before you even get out of bed? Can osteoarthritis be diagnosed through CT or MRI images? When my SI joints show black, and osteophytes forming all along (with bone-on-bone) the connecting sections what can I expect. My Sacrum also feels a very deep and throbbing pain which brings tears of pain to my eyes (no crying of course).
Avatar n tn ) and physical therapy- The pills take the edge off the pain and the therapy will (hopefully) help strenghten the muscles around my joints. Good luck!
Avatar m tn I have osteoarthritis in my neck moderate and mild in lower back. Can and adjusment help? will they even do an adjustment me? i seem to be losing sensativity in my legs but dont know if iy du to oa in back nad neck.any help would be great. thank you.
Avatar f tn I've had mri's of my spine and shows osteoarthritis with bone spurs in cervical thoracic and lumbar. This was done in 2007 (i was 35), now i have this horrible tendonitis in both wrists and i'm on prednisone. Could this be related to the arthritis? i'm seeing an ortho but he doesn't know about the osteoarthritis (i was just rereading my reports and it jumped out at me). What should i expect with this diagnosis? I have terrible neck pain and headaches and numbness on left side of body.
Avatar m tn i was also wondering about the osteoarthritis as my dr told me that i have severe degenerative osteoarthritis of the lower spine (I forgot the numbers), hips, left shoulder and both feet. I had major surgery last summer and mesh was used to attach part of my bowel to my spine. My dr figures that this may have jump-started the arthritis issues. Currently i have probs walking, bending and overall it hurts to be on my feet for more than 20 mins at a time.
Avatar m tn Till now i have not heard of this disease than suddenly my friend is diagnosed with this problem. Can anyone tell me what exactly it means. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Orthopedics--Sports-Medicine/burning-pain-after-knee-surgery/show/785623">burning pain after knee surgery</a>.
Avatar m tn knee osteoarthritis . Is electrical nerve stimulation(tens) an effective therapy for providing pain relief?
1175033 tn?1492204828 I know people young than I who've had it done, and they agree it's the best thing they ever did. I had terrible low back pain and sciatic nerve pain until the hips were replaced, now it's pretty much gone. :) Hang in there!
Avatar m tn The regular arthritis pain increases gradually when the patient is walking and prevents walking altogether after about 15 yards. The grabbing pain is additional to the regular pain. The only relief for the pain is sitting. Lying down, getting up, standing, walking, twisting, reaching, any movement may cause the grabbing pain unexpectedly. It seems to radiate from the spine across the top of the hip and down the right leg.
1266954 tn?1270221125 20% of the population lives with chronic pain and there are only 3500 pain specialists in the US, most people are treated by PCPs for chronic pain. PCPs are not prepared to treat CP, and they are under the "chilling effect" of prescribers who write opioid analgesic scripts for chronic pain. The chilling effect comes from state and federal regulators who have turned the "war on drugs" into a "war on doctors.
Avatar f tn I am so sorry your doctor is making you wait until your Dec appt to get a referral to a pain mgmt doc! Can you get your appt moved up? Ask your pharmacist if there is a pain med that would not cause probs for your kidneys and be compatible with other meds you are taking. Aside from an RX, you might try accupuncture, heat/cold therapies, topical pain relievers or massage to get relief from the pain you are experiencing.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis when I was 16 years old in L5 and S1. There are many things you can try.. they do try to do blocks but it hurts more than it helps as L5 is a hard nerve to get to.. I have pain that goes all the way down the outside of my left thigh and then to the inside of my left calf and makes my foot just ache...
Avatar n tn I am 33yo and have just been told I have osteoarthritis in my spine. I have had ct scans and mri scans. Both show calcification and osteoarthritis from my neck to my lumbar area. I frequently get numbness in my legs and hands, severe pain to the point where walking in unbearable. I can not work around the house for more than 15min a day and employment is at the moment out of the question because my back will spasm severly at any time.
Avatar f tn Hi My Osteoarthritis has started 6,7 years ago after an injury in mountain climbing and could manage the pain during those years but during the last couple of months my knee joints became bone on bone , they changed shape and I am horribly in pain, not to know what to do.I am female, 45kg, 30 yrs and have lots of financial problems so visiting a doctor at the moment is not an option for me.what should I do?Please help I cant mange the pain anymore.
1257704 tn?1269493583 Sometimes that doesnt help and I had to go in last week to the ER for 2 rounds of strong pain meds thru IV when I got it that bad, so you can see they are bad when they hit. Thanks for any advice and help you give.
Avatar n tn I've also wrenched the left side of my neck twice in the past 6 weeks at work. No arm or shoulder pain, in fact only symptoms for prior surgeries were nerve pain in arm - never had neck pain! At no time did any doc tell me I had OA. I specifically asked this new doc if he saw any disc or bone spurs at that level and he said no. Lab work for RA was all negative. Has anyone had a similar experience???
Avatar f tn Hi, 25 yo female. Chronic "flares" of knee pain since infancy. No methods of therapy or NSAIDS seems to help. No diagnosis. i just did this x ray. It looks like narrowing of the patellafemoral space. Is this correct? Thank you for any advice.
7486852 tn?1410355784 When I was around 18 I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my left knee, but now I'm almost 25 and I am having a lot more bone pain but the most extreme is my knees but now I have the same pain, popping, cracking in my hips, ankles, wrists, lower ribcages with a bump on the right, shoulder blades, neck, spine, and my tailbone hurts pretty bad as well, oh and the bone in the side of my foot.. i haven't been back to a specialists since the diagnosis and I have no insurance.
Avatar f tn But he recently had a second x ray and his right hip is badly damaged so he will possibly need a hip replacement in the near future (he had the first x ray 5 years ago). He basically has Osteoarthritis. But since last Wednesday he's been in alot of pain. But the problem is with his left hip rather than his right, he cannot understand it. He's been off work in agony, he's got pain in his left hip, buttocks, thighs, knee's and shins, basically what appears like Osteo in his left hip.
Avatar m tn I understand your concern regarding your symptoms. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and it causes pain, swelling, and reduced motion in the joints. if there is no pain associated with the joint cracks or pops, this may be caused by the soft tissue in a joint. Knee popping may also occur if the patella is slightly out of alignment, and rubs on the adjacent tissues. Other causes of joint noise is the snapping of tendons or scar tissue over a prominence, or cavitation.