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Avatar m tn Osteoarthritis can affect any joint in the body, including the spine. Osteoarthritis of the spine occurs when there is deterioration in the discs between the vertebrae. With primary osteoarthritis of the spine, the cause is not known and it is usually attributed to the aging process. When the cause is known (i.e., injury, other disease, obesity), it is referred to as secondary osteoarthritis of the spine.
Avatar m tn i was also wondering about the osteoarthritis as my dr told me that i have severe degenerative osteoarthritis of the lower spine (I forgot the numbers), hips, left shoulder and both feet. I had major surgery last summer and mesh was used to attach part of my bowel to my spine. My dr figures that this may have jump-started the arthritis issues. Currently i have probs walking, bending and overall it hurts to be on my feet for more than 20 mins at a time.
Avatar f tn I've had mri's of my spine and shows osteoarthritis with bone spurs in cervical thoracic and lumbar. This was done in 2007 (i was 35), now i have this horrible tendonitis in both wrists and i'm on prednisone. Could this be related to the arthritis? i'm seeing an ortho but he doesn't know about the osteoarthritis (i was just rereading my reports and it jumped out at me). What should i expect with this diagnosis? I have terrible neck pain and headaches and numbness on left side of body.
Avatar n tn I can not work around the house for more than 15min a day and employment is at the moment out of the question because my back will spasm severly at any time. I was told that applying for a total and permanent disability to ensure I would not have to try and work. My Dr. said that it would be hard to do this as osteoarthritis is often not seen as a disability. She suggested Facial joint injections of steroids and pain killers but this scares me, what do you recomend.
1175033 tn?1492204828 I went to Shriners hospital when I was 13ish, and one of the doctors there told me that I could need hip replacements by the age of 35. I didnt want to believe him, but now I starting to realize why he said that. I also have noticed reoccurring pains in alot of my joints along with stiffness and muscle spasms. I also have weird bone growths, on my ankle, heel, toe joints, finger joints, Im too young for all this. My sed rate always comes back normal.
1110049 tn?1409405744 Now told I have osteoarthritis in spine. Had no back pain, only the hip pain. Presume this is what is known as referred pain, but I must admit I am bemused. Does glucosamine or any other supplement help with arthritis in spine? I am 69 yrs old, so know it is due to wear and tear.
1257704 tn?1269493583 Generally pain in the back portion of the head originates from the neck problems due to irritation in the cervical (neck) spine because the nerves that supply the back of the head start in the upper cervical spine. Mostly, this kind of head pain aggravates after turning head and typically occurs in patients with previous neck injuries and in patients with marked arthritis of the upper cervical spine.
Avatar n tn No one said anything about arthritis at that time. I had a spine MRI performed in late March. Now all of the sudden I'm riddled with arthritis, and the degeneration is compressing discs and nerves. My Orthopedist seems to feel that the arthritis is not related to the wreck. It's my understanding that trauma to any joints can lead to the onset of arthritis. I have never had the kind of problems I'm having until after the accident.
Avatar m tn Lying down, getting up, standing, walking, twisting, reaching, any movement may cause the grabbing pain unexpectedly. It seems to radiate from the spine across the top of the hip and down the right leg. Is this a normal manifestation of osteoarthritis and if not, does anyone know what it might be?
Avatar n tn Although I have had 2 surgeries on my cervical spine for ruptured discs and lax ligaments (am now fused from C3-C6), I am now told that I have significant osteoarthritis at C1-C2 (atlanto-axial joint) Accupuncture did relieve a lot of the associated muscle spasms but I still get bone pain sometimes even at the base of my skull. I've also wrenched the left side of my neck twice in the past 6 weeks at work.
Avatar n tn can anyone tell me if osteoarthritis is a dominoing effect on the spine..to reach the base of neck to shoulder pain up to wrist..occasionaly painful. also have ddd in l5-s1 lumbar..leg spasms,and ackes.can't do daily activities without pain..simple things. many different symptoms have started since... and does thing impair me at 30's from working.
Avatar m tn How fast does oa get worse or stay the same?Im thinking of getting a inversion table, will that help?My legs have been feeling tired weak kinda like losing sensativity in my legs. Could that be cause of the oa in my back and neck?i feel sometimes like my body is lopsided a bit.One day the oa was bad i was messing around and walking with old kane we found and it took the pressure of my back and neck, hopfuly but probaly will need one one day hopfuly way in the future. im 44 y/o male.
Avatar f tn Spondylosis is the slipping (Subluxation) of the 2 adjacent vertebrae over the joint (called as the facets).The main treatment is Physiotherapy as 90 of the cases get resolved with it.Here also, the Orthopaedician would surely help you out, with proper clinical evaluation. Hope my answer was clear to you. Regards..
Avatar f tn Thank you for your question. Although without being able to examine you I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that you need, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern. It is quite unlikely that your arthritis problem would have been caused your migraines. But your illness may have triggered the symptoms.
Avatar n tn Degenerative change in the cervical spine could be associated with symptoms around the arms, chest and upper back beside the head and heck region. However symptoms in these areas do not specifically indicate a spinal cause and other possible causes such as peripheral neuropathy etc may need to be considered as well.
Avatar m tn The osteoarthritis may progress slowly over time. Strengthening the muscles that support the neck and cervical spine may lesson symptoms of pain and discomfort. ~•~ Dr. Parks This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice. The information presented in this posting is for patients’ education only. As always, I encourage you to see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.
Avatar f tn I have had bilateral hip replacements, knee replacement, shoulder replacement and stenosis for which I have had back surgery for L4-5, S1, laminectomy and spinal fusion. The stenosis is back in my spine. I have been taken off anything with acetaminophen b/c of the kidney damage. I am in terrible pain and need something that I can take that will not cause more kidney damage.
7486852 tn?1410355784 When I was around 18 I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my left knee, but now I'm almost 25 and I am having a lot more bone pain but the most extreme is my knees but now I have the same pain, popping, cracking in my hips, ankles, wrists, lower ribcages with a bump on the right, shoulder blades, neck, spine, and my tailbone hurts pretty bad as well, oh and the bone in the side of my foot.. i haven't been back to a specialists since the diagnosis and I have no insurance.
Avatar m tn The pelvis and base of the spine are composed of a number of bones that, like in the skull, are fused together. The base of the spine (sacro-iliac joint) can be vulnerable to both forms of arthritis, osteo and rheumatoid.
3060903 tn?1398568723 RA flares usually begin with an initial phase, during which people may sense that something is not quite right and that a flare is coming soon. The distinct symptoms of the flare will follow. The symptoms of an RA flare may include: pain fatigue swelling stiffness tender joints inflammation These symptoms may lead to a loss of functioning and interfere with people's mood, sleep quality, and ability to perform everyday activities. Symptoms tend to increase until they reach their peak.
Avatar f tn Compression fractures occur due to osetoporosis. So the hip pain can be due to wrong pressure transmission to hips because of the deformity or due to osetoporosis or due to osteoarthritis. Please consult an orthopedic specialist. You may need X-rays and MRI of the hip joint and bone scan for confirmed diagnosis. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar f tn My neurosurgeon said to never have any kind of surgery on my thoracic spine but this is not much of a life, having to lay down most the time. Sitting in a chair for any length of time makes my stomach swell until I can't breathe, so I can only sit in a recliner. Should I try to find someplace to see if they can do anything for my thoracic spine?
Avatar m tn Many people in their 50s and 60s begin to feel the symptoms of DDD. A good spine site, like spineuniverse.com or spine-health.com will help you understand these conditions. Treatment at this point will probably involve physical therapy and NSAIDs. Always take NSAIDs with food and do not take more than the daily maximum dose on the bottle.
550432 tn?1215136917 I get some back pain in the thoracic spine in the T1-2 area and the T8. The big problem is that I get really bad chest spasm in the center of my chest near the collar bone and below. My Neurologist says the MRI doesn't seem to show any pinched nerves or bone spurs causing the pain. The only way to get some relief is to use the Homedics massager to attempt to align the spine. This used to work well but as time goes on it does less good.
Avatar n tn I have the fatique which I think is FB. I still have lots of pain, but am afraid of the SHots in the spine. I am relieved all test came back normal. but I still have the problems. and a few i did not mention.
Avatar f tn Then eventually in June I was offered xrays and a CT scan which showed up slight osteoarthritis in both hips. Would the osteo have caused the bursitis? Also have a burning sensation down the front of my thighs. Then two months ago I started having pins and needles in my right hand quite a bit during the day. I was sent to physio but this wasn't any help at all and at present am waiting the letter from the physio direct to my doctor discharging me and suggesting what to do next.
Avatar f tn What are the surgeon's statistics - meaning how many times has he preformed the surgery and what have been the out comes - good and bad? The Cervical Spine is more difficult to manipulate that other areas of the spine - as it's much smaller, more complex. I'd hope the neurosurgeon specializes in the Cervical Spine. Back to the SCS. I am probably not a good person to discuss these implants - because I've seen and heard of more problems with them than is normal.
Avatar f tn Hello In 2007 my scans showed the following I have pain at the top of my head and back of my head that comes and goes. Is this a consequence of the OA in my cervical spine? Pics arent very good but here are the links Report summary 2007 Loss of normal cervical lordosis noted Deg changes discs throughout CS Osteophytes vertabral plates discs C3/4 and C5/6 Left neural foramen C3/4 and the right NF C4/5 are sig indented http://i239.photobucket.
Avatar m tn Bilaterl unconvertebral osteophytosis left more than right. Moderate flattening of the ventral-left lateral aspect of the cord. Severe left and moderate to sever right neural foraminal narrowing. C7- T1 is all those things in a mild form. Finally it says there is reversal of the nraml cervical lordosis....with these descriptions do you think surgery is mandatory, is this a serious MRI result?