Osteoarthritis of finger joints

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Avatar f tn Does anyone have Osteoarthritis in finger joints. What do you do for pain and stiffness. Also what jobs do you do, I had to quit my job of 10 years, (doctor said so) looking for a job, but not sure what to do, any ideas. Going to start physical therapy soon.
Avatar f tn I take one medication for hbp. Recently the middle joints of my little fingers are very tender, red and tend to be very itchy, if that makes any sense and I've also begun noticing some tiny red nodules at the first joint of my index fingers and little fingers. Some times the nodules are a little more pronouced than other times. I've been trying to self-medicate in terms of taking advil or aleve, but the discomfort is not going away. Any thoughts or similar cases?
Avatar n tn I also had the RH test and was told it was border line and by coincidence the same finger. But my family has a history of Arthritis, so I never gave it another thought. My joints are feeling alittle better since getting back on the vitamins and my attitude is alittle better too. This sounds crazy but low impact Yoga seems to help alittle too. I guess the breathing helps to get the blood moving along with the relaxation.
Avatar f tn Erosive Osteoarthritis is it's own condition and affects a small percentage of OA patients. Inflammation is present but it is not RA or any of the other forms of arthritis traditionally associated with inflamatory arthritis. Sometimes erosive OA turns into RA so you should be monitored. Usually its effects are limited to your finger joints. If this starts to progress further, your doctor should consider changing your diagnosis.
1175033 tn?1492204828 I also have weird bone growths, on my ankle, heel, toe joints, finger joints, Im too young for all this. My sed rate always comes back normal. My genes were tested for ankylosing spondylitis marker because my dad I guess has that, but Im negative. Any insite and coping skills you could pass on would be great, I cant tolerate any anti-informatory meds due to stomach problems so that makes pain management difficult. Thanks for reading!
Avatar n tn Once my ring finger knuckle hurt for a year. The doc said the X-Ray showed no knuckle between the finger bones. Is this a case of disappearing joints? I've tried glucosamine chondroitin and shark cartilage but I can't see any noticeable improvements. Is there any way to resolve (aside from pain killers and drugs that have unknown or risky side affects)?
Avatar f tn Its in my shoulders neck hip joints knees.... I have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis years ago. But now all of a sudden my joints are itching and the main place I am feeling it is in my neck area. Its not the skin. I have always had dry itchy skin and the best thing I found years ago was to use dove soap. If I do not use it I will itch to death. I also have used the Voltaren Gel but just for pain relief and started using it again once they started itching inside.
Avatar m tn Started in the joint at the base of my thumbs, but now I'm noticing it in my finger joints and thumb joint. I mentioned this to my MD at my annual physical and she felt that it was probably osteoarthritis (mainly due to the fact that there was no redness around the joints). She didn't order any kind of tests to confirm this diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Hi, If you are experiencing burning sensation in finger joints only, it could be caused by Osteoarthritis. Other causes of the symptom could be Carpal tunnel syndrome, Ulnar nerve disorder, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Hand neuropathy, Peripheral neuropathy or Panic attack. Please go for MRI of the spine, arm and hand and consult a neurologist and orthopedic specialist for diagnosis and treatment. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
Avatar m tn Hi, I currently have a shooting pain sent along the top of my left hand down my index finger if I rub (gently) my finger on the righthand side of my wrist. (Palm facing down) This started 2 weeks ago but there has been no change to my usual activities that might have caused this.
Avatar n tn This could be due to rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, synovial membrane irritation etc. All of these except osteoarthritis basically result in involvement of small joints. Please discuss this with your doctor (preferably an orthopedic specialist) and get yourself investigated accordingly. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn Ima 42 yr old women I have had 9 positive ANA s, fibromyalgia, raynauds, joints inflamed in my hands w/ redness (finger joints turning in different directions) toes turning inward as well. Pain in many of my joints. Sever back pain.. bone fusion in lower spine(born w/ it). Bone spur in my neck. My neck has no curve, its straight as a board, they say.. thumb locks up and pops out of place (hurts omg that hurts) now my jaw has pop out, pain is unbearable.. all blood work is normal but ANA..
Avatar n tn ) and have noticed that now on my index finger, small hard lumps have appeared on the knuckle of it. It's scaring me and I am a bit of a worrywart. My mother was diagnosed with Lupus about ten years ago, so I don't know if this could be early signs of that? I'd like some feedback as to what could be causing this, as it hasn't improved in months and after numerous visits to my regular doctor, he left me with a lot of open-ended answers, mostly "I don't know".
Avatar m tn Hello, This is my first post on this forum First of all ..I started feeling pain in my left knee about 2 months ago... And after about a month,i felt redness(looking like a sting) in my right pinky's metacarpophalangeal joint.. And on my left index finger, felt the pain (without the redness but with swelling)... Now sometimes red dots like stings appear on LEFT PINKY FINGER but the pain is less as compared to the other joints..
1807309 tn?1316289873 If you have Rheumatoid Arthritis, the degeneration that occurs can significantly effect the nerves that radiate through both sides of your lower body. Even if you have OsteoArthritis, the same problem can occur, although this is usually less severe. Rheumatoid Arthritis is actually the body attacking certain joints/ligaments. Usually this Arthritis occurs in many areas of the body. Osteo Arthritis tends to effect 1 area of the body.. but the pain of either can be excruciating.
996946 tn?1503252712 I've seen a lot of people mention knee pain and I tend to wonder if they have arthritis, I have arthritis in some of my joints which include my knees but I never consider that pain as my Fibro pain. That always hits me hard in the thighs and hip areas. Just to sit on a toilet can be very painful. The siatica nerve can cause a very sharp pain in the back and down the leg, but that is a different type of pain as opposed to Fibro pain.
Avatar n tn The symptom of yours that stands out to me is the symmetry of your hand problems. Also Osteoarthritis is usually more prevalent in the last joint at the finger tip but I certainly am not a Dr. It is also not usually symmetrical. Take care and let us know.
Avatar f tn Today it's the index finger in my left hand. I'll describe what I'm feeling right now. First of all, my index finger feels like it's throbbing. It's especially painful in the lower part of my index finger. I'm pretty sure it's arthritis. I haven't been to my family doctor to discuss this yet. Does anyone know based on my post, if this is infact arthritis and if it is arthritis, what kind of arthritis do you think it is ? I will tell you that my mom has arthritis in her fingers too.
Avatar n tn I have joint pain in all joints and numbness in both hands only little finger and next finger to it
1467506 tn?1286416617 That means a normal person's pain level of, say, 5 out of 10, is a 10 out of 10 for you. I suspect my sister has undiagnosed fibro (I've suggested it based on her symptoms, but she won't entertain the idea of going in for a diagnosis); she also had major foot reconstruction surgery a couple years ago and is still in pain especially when she wears certain shoes. I also have to be careful about what shoes I wear, as my big toe is now fixed in one position so it rubs on shoes that don't fit right.
Avatar f tn Hi Fairywitch! I'm so very sorry to hear about all your neck problems! I also had pretty severe neck issues & after my C-5 disc completely herniated into my spinal cord I ended up having a disc replacement. It was amazing!! It was exactly the answer for me. I had my original MRI w/many of the same results you had received except for the issue at C-5/6. I have osteoarthritis all throughout my neck/back/hip-I also have Ehlers Danlos which doesn't help.
Avatar f tn Does anybody know why I am getting disabled with trouble walking, and why the doctor can not give me a diagnosis. This has been getting worse for years. (I am a female, age 56.) What should I do? My doctor is passing me around.
Avatar f tn It has gotten worse with pain all the time unrelieved with NSAIDS, and exacerbated with use. I also have radiating pain to the rest of my hand. I just wonder if it osteoarthritis, or the thing in my finger. I have not swelling or inflammation that I notice.
Avatar m tn It is found in the last finger joints and is found in osteoarthritis. My sincere advice is to consult a dermatologist and get it evaluated. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar m tn The swelling seems to occur from the middle to lower part of the finger making it difficult to bend my finger. Any suggestion as to causes, determining the cause and treatment? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I have a small indentention at the top crown of my head too...it's about the size of the top of my index finger.....I noticed it one morning while doing my hair and by the following night I had a bald spot the was the same exact size of the indentetion! It really scares me...it doesn't hurt but it does burn a little and it's sometimes really red. I'll have to schedule a dr's appt......but just curious if anyone who is missing hair from that area gotten back any dr's results??
Avatar n tn These are signs of osteoarthritis and are caused by formation of osteophytes of the joint cartilage. It can be a response to repeated trauma at the joint. This is more common in women and usually develops in middle age. It can start with sudden pain, redness, or numbness which eventually subsides. Another kind, Bouchard's nodes which are similar bony growths in the middle joints of the fingers may also be present. Have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn There are various causes of multiple joint pains like osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic pathology, thyroid problems etc. It is difficult to comment without examination. You can read more about this on: http://www.aafp.org/afp/20030915/1151.html Do consult an orthopedic specialist too. You could have injured interphalangeal joint of your finger. The multiple joint involvement could also be due to infection or due to reactive arthritis. Hope this helps.
788259 tn?1301591771 I took an anti-biotic for 3 weeks then had ultrasound to look for damages to my heart and so on but nothing was found. I now seem to be having problems with my finger joints and elbow of my left hand and I was wondering if that could be an affect from the rheumatic fever or if it may be some type of arthritis? I am also experiencing issues in my knees and have had chronic problems with my lower back and hips but nothing is ever found at the doctor. I also have had problems with circulation.