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Avatar n tn The xray showed that the femoral head had what looked like a diagonal flat stop across the top. I was told that it was osteoarthritis and a pain medication shot was ordered. I felt great for two days but then the pain was back. I assumed that I needed a total hip replacement on the left hip. The doctor agreed but then my insurance company put the brakes on this plan, wanting me to undergo physical therapy. I did for three weeks and the pain got worse.
Avatar n tn The pain was so sharp, it felt like someone stabbed me in the top of my head with some sharp thin tool and the pain went straight down the top of my head thru my ear and into my teeth. I was on the floor holding my head for my deal life. After the pain left, 2 minutes later, the pain in my head isnt so bad but it scared me. Anyone have any information on what this could be? Please let me know!
Avatar m tn Subchondral r-derna is prominent on the acetabular side of the left hip, particularly laterally (). Compared to the right side, the left femoral head appears flattened and shows no other features of avascular necrosis, Hip Effusion: Moderate left hip efft slon is present. Soft Tissues: Normal. No evldencr: of muscle or tendon injury about the hip, Limited evaluation of intrapelvic soft tissues is normal.
182884 tn?1259316506 femoral head articulates appropriatly with the acetabulum. The region of luceny seen n superior aspect of femoral head is due to some reactive subcortical sclerosis. There is articular cartilage thinning in this location but no focal osteochondral defect. No evidence of avascular necrosis. There is also some irregularity of the supeerior fibrous labrum and some articular cartiildge thinning in the superior aspect of the acetabulum. Trace amount of joint fluid is noted.
Avatar n tn I am sorry I can see that I had asked you regarding subluxation of femoral head. I am not sure in what context have I asked about femoral head. Nevertheless, is it that you had subluxation of femoral head or humeral head? What are the doctors planning for your shoulder? What definitive surgery are they thinking about? I think healing would be faster post-operatively. When is your next visit to orthopaedician? I would be interested to know the progress. Keep me informed. Bye.
1378884 tn?1315509445 There is also chondromalacia predominantly along posterior and superior aspect of the femoral head with irregularity of the articular cartilage. No intra-articular loose bodies are identified, allowing for some intra-articular air which was apparently administered at the time of injection. Continued...
Avatar n tn Slightly less marked osteoarthritis joint space narrowing is also noted with small marginal osteophytes. Both Knees: slight joint space narrowing.
Avatar m tn There is abnormal marrow signal and cystic change of the medial femoral condyle, lateral femoral condyle, and posterior lateral tibial plateau. There is no evidence of insufficiency fractures. There is linear abnormal signal involving the lateral most aspect of the lateral femoral condyle and extending to the distal femoral metaphysis and diaphysis which is likely sequelae of prior surgery. BURSAE AND SOFT TISSUES: No Bakers cyst. Impression: Right knee 1.
Avatar m tn This is associated with focal defects in the immediately adjacent articular cartilage of the femoral head and the acetabulum. Impression 1. Osteoarthritis of the right hip characterized by degenerative tearing of the labrum and focal defects in the articular cartilage. 2. The contour of the femoral head and the appearance of the acetabulum on the pelvis x-ray suggests that the patient is likely impinging due to both pincer and CAM type morphology.
Avatar f tn Proltherapy cured my hypermobile ligaments by 95%. It was a miracle for me. Good luck.
Avatar f tn They let you walk on it right away, whereas - at least with my original surgery - i was non-weightbearing for six weeks, partial for six weeks, then allowed to bear full weight. My surgeon replaced the head of the femoral implant as well, though there was nothing really wrong with it. She figured two new parts were better than one old and one new.
1448748 tn?1312959808 Arnold–Chiari malformation, or often simply Chiari malformation, is a malformation of the brain. It consists of a downward displacement of the cerebellar tonsils through the foramen magnum (the opening at the base of the skull), sometimes causing non-communicating hydrocephalus as a result of obstruction of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) outflow. The cerebrospinal fluid outflow is caused by phase difference in outflow and influx of blood in the vasculature of the brain.
405614 tn?1329147714 On standing Xray there is less than 2mm jointspace (Philippon criteria) and decreased femoral head/neck junction offset. On the same chart notes, there was a radiologist's interpretation of the Xrays: Findings: The visualized osseous structures are intact without acute fracture or focal destructive lesions. There is periarticular sclerosis and spurring involving both sacroiliac joints. There are bilateral iliac with enthesopathy.
454186 tn?1388978568 in the right femoral head outside of ischemic necrosis ,need the femoral head replacement for the proposed in hospital, patients have some worries, to out-patient dept for treatment Clinical examination: normal spinal shape, straight legs bending test, hand fingertip 35 cm from the ground, legs extended straight Test was normal, straight-leg raising test negative, the above experiments have aroused increasing hip pain, tenderness highly sensitive point in the right hips, thighs roots patella
Avatar m tn If the pain is mainly in his groin, (the crease between his thigh and body), that IS the hip joint. The head of the femur (thigh bone) angles inward at the top. If the pain is elsewhere, like the sides or the back, that is NOT the hip joint but more likely the bursa. Again, seek another opinion from a qualified orthopedic surgeon to see what is going on with his hip. There could be an infection of some kind going on, and he does not want it to settle in his bones, if that's what it is.
Avatar m tn LAT report is reduction in the patellofemoral and medial tibiofemoral joint space formation of osteophytes seen at articles margins and for right knee reduction in the reduction in the patellofemoral and medial femoral joint space formation of articular margins. the visualused bones are normal in architecture and alignment. no bony lesion or break is seen. surrounding soft tissues are normal in appearance. Impression of left knee: Osteosrthiritis and for right knee: F/S/O Osteoarthiritis.
Avatar n tn swollen etc around my knees. The feeling is like a mild headache...but instead of in the head, in the knees. The Vit Code is the only different thing I am doing. Guess I will continue to be careful and see if it clears up. In with my vitamins, is a joint/chondroitin/Omega complex, which I typically only take 1 of 3 per day...will try increasing to the full recommended dose and see how that affects my knees.
Avatar n tn It can be used to treat a variety of problems from bone spurs to labral tears, and even mild osteoarthritis. In the case of labral tears, they can either be debrided ( cleaned up) or repaired. Which is done will of course, affect the recovery time.
991524 tn?1249345393 I had the tore labrum, a chondroplasty of acetabulum and femoral head and neck (thats when they shave it down and reshape it ) I had a teres ligament tear repair, the labrum debided, a synovectomy, boney oseocytes(or bone spurs) removed because they developed from walking around for so long with a tore labrum and the femoral head kept smashing into the acetabulum . I was a mess, I am a 102 lb 44 year female , Im an RN and couldnt afford to be off work for 3 months.
Avatar n tn The possibility of surgery was discussed a little in that there were two ways to go. Anterially or from the back of the neck. His health is not the best as he has a "touch" of emphyzema. Is that like being a "little bit pregnant?) and he has high blood pressure and is on digoxin for atrial fib.(Had one attack). His limbs go numb,he has pain shooting through his head and gets dizzy. He gets tunnel like vision at times.
Avatar f tn Allston Stubbs in NC. he repaired the tear and reshaped my femoral head. he had wonderful follow-up and very precise PT directions.
Avatar f tn just a block of bone. Severe osteoarthritis. Right hip better but showing some signs of early arthritis....feels fantastic compared to the left side. Will need a hip replacement and the docs were surprised I was able to function and walk based on what the rays looked like. I am a "coper" and have high pain tolerance so the decision at the time was wait as long as able until it completely overtakes my life. Well almost three years later...not surprising it is not getting better.
1415174 tn?1453246703 It showed I have a number of subchondrial cysts (don't ask me what those are.lol) in the femoral head that answers why all this popping and clicking in my SI area and I assume, all the pain. My point of telling you this, is there must be *something* wrong somewhere that is causing all your pain, you just have to keep searching. Isn't that the most frustrating being told your MRI is *clear* when you hurt so badly? Take care and I wish you luck!!!
Avatar n tn However, I'd like to hear comments from anyone posting on this site about not only Synvisc treatments but other treatments available for treatment of osteoarthritis in the knee joints. My symptoms are more achiness, stiffness, and limited range of motion instead of pain. Thanks.
Avatar f tn There could also be a cam, pincher or mixed hip impingement that caused a labral tear over time. A cam impingement the femoral head is not round, a "bump" has either formed or could have been there since birth, this prevents the ball from rotating smoothly and grind the labrum inside the socket. A pincher occurs when extra bone extends out over the normal rim of the acetabulum and the labrum can be basically crushed under that rim over time.
Avatar n tn I have, for about 8 months now, been feeling a humming/flowing sensation down BOTH sides of my groin area. In fact it is right where both my femoral arteries are. It does NOT hurt at all and there is no pain in either of my legs. The sensation is like a buzzing/humming/narrow current (like a river) and it is SO evident to me that it distracts me especially when I am in the seated position. The feeling is identical on both sides and I just want it to stop!
Avatar n tn I've been suffering from the same electric shock at my left knee, close to the patella on the left side of it. It started about 20 days ago (end of Aug 2008). I guess it's a weird kind of neuropathy. Anyway i played soccer until almost 3 yrs ago and in november 2005 i suffered an achillis' tendon break at the same leg (left leg). Since then i put on about 10 kgs of weight. Is all of these things related? Dunno if i suffer from diabetis.
Avatar n tn The doctor said that this could definitely be the cause of my intermittent ice pick pain because of the location of the hernia pressing on my femoral nerve. I am scheduled to have it repaired this week. I will be praying that all of you find a cure to your pain. I know how debilitating it can be.
Avatar f tn Grinding is characteristic of osteoarthritis; locking and catching are characteristic of meniscus injuries and osteochondritis dissecans (meniscus injuries are much more common than osteochondritis dissecans); and giving way is more characteristic of ligamentous injuries. You don't have any of these symptoms which signify you are not having advanced stage of disease. You don't have hip pain or knee pain that rules out any nerve involvement.