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Avatar f tn I've had mri's of my spine and shows osteoarthritis with bone spurs in cervical thoracic and lumbar. This was done in 2007 (i was 35), now i have this horrible tendonitis in both wrists and i'm on prednisone. Could this be related to the arthritis? i'm seeing an ortho but he doesn't know about the osteoarthritis (i was just rereading my reports and it jumped out at me). What should i expect with this diagnosis? I have terrible neck pain and headaches and numbness on left side of body.
Avatar n tn My doctor sent me for tests and I was told that I have 2 or 3 nodules on my thyroid. The doctor said several years ago not to be concerned with them because they were small in size. This year I asked about them again and she told me not to worry about them. My question now is since I'm still having pain and it's now affecting my ear should I inquire about them again? I also believe I'm in early stage menopause.
Avatar f tn Ended up also getting a biopsy due to one suspicious nodule. What really freaked me out is that I have 12 nodules on my right side, and 8 nodules on my left side. My TSH was .97 which is normal. They also drew more blood to check antibodies (I think) and T4. I can't find anywhere online that says what an excessive amt of nodules indicates, if anything at all. I have had sx including dysphasia, night sweats, itchy chin, r ear discomfort at times.
Avatar f tn I recently went to my PCP to find out if I had Hypothyroid disease, and got alot more than I bargained for. I was just diagnosed (via x-ray) with osteoarthritis in my large toe (left foot). I have had two surgeries on that foot (for a bunion) back in the 1980's. The joint in my toe has been swollen and it's very painful to walk. I also got what the doctor termed as a positive result for an ANA test. All he said was that the sedimentation rate was something like 1:300 - what does that mean?
Avatar n tn I have recently been diagnosed with 3 thyroid nodules, 1 larger one on the isthmus and 2 smaller on the right lobe. Had 2 thyroid ultrasounds, plus 1 FNA which showed "Atypia present - a few follicular cells which look suspicious" and am now being referred for surgery. Had a 2nd opinion but with no additional biopsy done and recommendation is the same: isthusectomy plus right lobectomy with the possibility of total thyroidectomy.
3112530 tn?1434035633 Recently I have been diagnosed with hand nodules which are becoming more painful as I use that hand. I have to go for an x-ray but my doctor mentioned the possibility of Rheumatoid arthritis. Are they related? This diagnosis could be related to a number of things but rheumatoid arthritis is one of them. I have no other symptoms, a history of degenerative joint/disk disease with my spine but that is it for the most part.
Avatar f tn Hi there, My mother is a lifelong seamstress and developed osteoarthritis and nodules in her index fingers. I'd definitely get it checked out before the damage gets any worse, especially if the over-the-counter medication isn't doing the job.
788259 tn?1301591771 Secondly you have to seek for osteoarthritis diagnosis by an X-ray and it is worthwhile to suggest to you that osteoarthritis is linked with Genetic history. You need to follow up with a Rheumatologist. Rheumatic fever diagnosis: The revised Jones criteria, (excerpts from wikipidea) the diagnosis of rheumatic fever can be made when two of the major criteria, or one major criterion plus two minor criteria, are present along with evidence of streptococcal infection.
783212 tn?1295031606 Alot of my other bones ( spine, neck and hip) have bone spurs and osteoarthritis yet my doctor says there is nosign of imflammation in my blood tests. I have pain that goes from my middle finger up to my wrist when using my hand. Sometimes my hands turn really red and seem to swell some. I guess I am wondering what i can do to assist my doctor in sending me in the right direction. Rhuematologist? Another surgery for the carpel tunnel? Will braces or splints make a difference.
Avatar f tn Last year I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis of the neck, spine, and back, but my physician just glossed over the fact that what hurt even worse than those was my sacroiliac joint, almost debilitating me for several months. That seems to be coming back, making sleep uncomfortable, and causing a limp.
Avatar f tn Wary about synthroid long term because of replacements and possible osteoarthritis. Pt. prescribed 50 mcg lexothyroxin. Just taken 2 doses. What would be better? Thank-you This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Thyroid-Cancer-Nodules--Hyperthyroidism/thyrolar-vs-synthroid-and-cytomel/show/1064495">thyrolar vs synthroid and cytomel</a>.
1220601 tn?1266806713 Nodes are lymph nodes but by your description i take it to mean that you have nodules in your lung tissue. Nodules are present for many reasons including cancer. Multiple nodules are generally less concerning for cancer. Nodules greater than 8 to 9 mm can now be biopsied by Navigational bronchoscopy very easily.
Avatar f tn I have DDD (degenerative Disk Disease) OA grade 4 (osteoarthritis no cartilage left on kneecaps), permanent nerve damage in hands, herniated disks up and down spine, fibromyalgia (bad), hypothyroidism, liver and kidney damage, nodules (not cysts) all over my thyroid to point of choking me, fibroid cysts all over my breasts, tumor removed in breast, colon polyps removed 3 times, plantar fibromas on both feet, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, IBS, Mitral valve prolapse, hia
Avatar n tn I had breast cancer (double mast) in Aug. 2007. At that time, my bone scans and ct scans showed nodules on my lungs and a spot on my spine. The chemo took care of the lungs, but none of my doctors ordered another bone scan. But they sure ordered the PET scans (for my lungs, I smoke). The PETS have always been good. Then this past October, I had severe pain in my back (thoracic). My oncologist ordered plain old xrays and they concluded it was osteoarthritis.
Avatar m tn The common causes of your symptoms could possibly be ganglion cysts, rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis and gout. In rheumatoid arthritis there is morning stiffness, joint pains and nodules under the skin. Ganglion cysts arise from the capsule of a joint or the sheath of a tendon. They are found at different places on the wrist and some ganglion cysts may be painful. Seek the opinion of a healthcare professional.
369861 tn?1306279286 My GYN didnt think so, so I was headed back to square 6 or 7 or 8..... who knows Well folks (dr's) I have osteoarthritis and my orthopaedic dr said not to do this and that. no hills, no treadmills, no stairs, no bending, no down hills. Well can I walk at all? I happened to go back last year for my physical as I always do yearly and whala!!!!!! My TSH is 0.07 and this is how it all the thyroid thingy started. Round two of my blood work and my TSH was 0.
Avatar f tn I don't expect him to do anything at all about my hormones till I see the Endo on Oct.1 about these nodules that was found on my ultrasound. Would these 5 nodules have anything to do with my lab numbers?
Avatar f tn Hi, I have had surgery on both knees, carpal tunnel in hands, gallbladder (15 gallstones), a heart ablation for SVT heart rate of 215 for an hour 2 times, neck surgery (with fusion and cadaever bone placement) and back surgery herniated disks and internal spinal chord stimulator placement.
369861 tn?1306279286 No Terri Not necessarily. consider another one in 3 ths. What else did he say? Are they visable?
Avatar n tn How can degenerative discs, tendons, joints, peripheral neuropathy, osteoarthritis and allergies be contected other that saying that they are autoimmune problems?
Avatar f tn I'm being as patient as I can be. The pain is horrible! I've had a goister all my life, was treated with synthroid for a few years when i was a youngster. When I was twenty, I was diagnosted with lupus. Now..twenty years later, thinking my symptoms were lupus related, I have no rejoined the "synthroid club" with diagnosis of hashimotos. I do have multiple nodules with largest at 2.2 cm The pain radiates up ny neck to my ear.
Avatar f tn Emphasema (A-1 antitrypsin type), Degenerative Disc Disorder, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Acid Reflux, Irritable Bowel, Diverticulitis, Endometreosis/Endometreitis, Osteoarthritis, TMJ, Nodules on lungs, Thickening in left Axilla, Swollen Lymph Node without infection in left Clavicle, Lesion at Dome of Liver, chronic UTIs with blood & protien, Migraines, Anemia, high Cholesterol,high WBC (barely but consistantly), low & high MCH.
Avatar n tn You are not alone. Here is a copy/paste from an entry I have in another community here on MedHelp. I'm a 42 year old female and I have been trying to find out what is wrong with me for over 6 years. In 2002 I was diagnosed with the CREST variant of scleroderma. In 2005 I saw a sclero specialist at the Cleveland Clinic who told me I didn't have it, but had an elevated ANA, possibly due to the fact that I have morphea scleroderma.
Avatar f tn I had a thyroid antibody test done too which was over 1000, and have been hypothyroid for 3 years. My tsh level is close to normal right now. My dr said I have osteoarthritis in 2 vertabraes in my spine, t 10 & t 11. Any imput?
483733 tn?1326802046 I also find it interesting to see what other things are going on that might have a connection to the cysts. In addition to the cysts, I have the following: Hashimoto's disease multiple thyroid nodules fatty liver hypoglycemia I look forward to seeing what others post!!
1710955 tn?1309450073 I was dx with hypothyroidism 3 yrs ago, MS last year, and on Monday was dx with osteoarthritis of my left knee and spine, fibro, AND small fiber neuropathy. My neuro is currently running tests to see if there's an underlying cause for the neuropathy. I'm also losing the natural curvature in my neck. It's actually reversing. I'm currently trying to figure out a plan for that. I'm at such a loss for words. I can't help thinking about all of this.
215461 tn?1331866365 Have you had a thyroid ultra sound? Do you know if you have nodules on your thyroid? Sometimes, nodules can leak hormones, independently of the thyroid and they "pay no attention" to the TSH telling the thyroid not to produce. That being said, your TSH at 2.66 is on the high side, because your lab is using an old range. The "new" range (8 yrs old) is 0.3-3.0. You said "My endo doesn't understand any of this stuff and I want to know what to ask for on Monday.
Avatar f tn normal -bloodwork: normal (did not test for thyroid), no lymes -ultrasound of neck: revealed two nodules on the thyroid gland, on 0.7 cm the other only 0.5 cm. the drs who reviewed the ultrasound can't agree on whether to do an FNA. my family doctor is out of ideas and has referred me to a rheumatologist, but i can't get an appointment until the end of August. he said to wait 3-4 months before we look at my thyroid again. my only meds are adderol for adhd and oral contraceptive, gianvi.
Avatar f tn I have a strong family history of thyroid disease (autoimmune mostly). I also have osteoarthritis in my lower back and my shoulder as well as degenerative disc disease. Anyhow, I suspect I may have autoimmune thyroid, but no doctor has bothered to test me. I don't believe that I have fibromyalgia. I have been doing a lot of reading and noticed that Endo doctors prescribe Topamax a lot for those who suffer from migraines, so I am guessing there really must not be a link.