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432312 tn?1265648574 If my neck aches the next day it will ususally be my shoulders back and neck hurt. I have a family history for rheumatoid arthritis... (both grandmothers and my maternal uncle) and degenerative disk disease Maternal grandmother maternal, uncle and my father. I am so tired of paying co pays just to be told yeah your back looks like it could have some pain... heat and Tylenol thanks. I am gaining weight I know because I am inactive.
Avatar n tn Constant fatigue, seem to need to nap 2-3 times daily real problem as I teach daily and can, at times barely stay awake) Neck and shoulders ache daily Left arm daily feels like being squeezed most days Feet swollen when I wake every morning Joints and muscles ache at night Wake up frequently pain walking upstairs radiates from neck to arm Cramps in calves-at least 1/2 weekly Hip pain every night and can be severe, mostly left but can be both Lately I have been having pain in my right ribs
Avatar n tn I did a google search wondering the same thing as i have Osteoarthritis as well as Lupus and today i cannot move my neck without having spasms in my neck. My mom is helping me thankfully and she also has Lupus. My sister does as well and has sjogren's. It really runs in our family. My doctor explained as zomom did that with osteoarthritis most people at our age to have some form of it.
Avatar n tn what are the treatments for arthritis in your neck, and goes down to your shoulders?
Avatar n tn I have severe pain in my neck, lower back (SI area), both hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists/hands/fingers, ankles and feet. My knees, ankles, feet and fingers constantly pop, while my back and shoulders do occasionally. I have a very tender knot on left side of spine, around C7/S1-2 (?), s/p 2 diskectomies C4-5 in 2004 (plastic spacer); repair to C4-5 & work on C5-6 in 2007 (donor bone fusion). It has been there for 3+ months.
203342 tn?1328740807 The last couple of months I noticed pain in my upper right arm and some limited motion so I went to the doctor last week and he thinks I have tendonitis in my rotator cuff and put in a referral for Physical Therapy. Today the pain is really bad in my neck, shoulders and down the back, to the point I feel nauseous with the pain.
Avatar f tn I can't sleep more than a few hours with all the pain in back, neck, back of my head and shoulders waking me up. I just wanted to know if anyone over 50 years old had their rods removed and if there was any improvement in the pain at all after the removal and/or if you were glad that you had the rods removed. I want relief DESPERATELY but do not want to spend the rest of my life medicated on drugs only to slightly benefit me with minimum or barely any relief or improvement with the pain.
Avatar f tn I have arthritis in most of my joints, but I have more than one type of arthritis too. If you are looking for symptoms of osteoarthritis in the neck, they include pain, stiffness, tenderness, weakness, tingling or soarness in the arms, headaches and even balance problems.
Avatar n tn She has also fainted couple of times after severe pain in the neck. She is also experiencing pain in both the shoulders and neck. Multiple doctors have tried multiple things but nothing has helped more than adding minor improvement. Earlier her HB was very low which is well in the range since last one year but even then her pain has not gone completely though the pain has reduced. She is 56 years old and is not having any other illness.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 43 yr old female.I have osteoarthritis in my neck,get migraines and fibromyalgia (all dx) I have recently seen a Neurologist who said its not worth having an MRI. I disagree,and my osteopath is also worried. I have very gentle treatment on my neck,every few weeks,pain killers hardly touch my pain..I am getting giddy spells,severe pain in shoulders neck and occipital area.
Avatar f tn Fast forward a little while, and I decided that I would stop cracking my neck (my god the pain and stiffness to follow was horrible and still is). Then I made the choice one day to stop wearing my wallet in my back pocket and instead got a smaller wallet and put it in my front pocket - for about two weeks after that my hips were killing me whenever I stood up or sat down (that pain is now gone). During this same time frame, I found out that I have slight scoliosis and my hips are not aligned.
1088646 tn?1256953523 How can I relieve some of the knots and pain from my upper shoulders and neck naturally? This has been going on for 3+ weeks now. I have tried to "stretch" it out but that's not working. HELP!
Avatar n tn okay im having similar problems, i am an african american female 29 years old I was at first having pains on the left side (in my chest, my neck, my shoulders, my arms, and like a pain shooting down my left leg) the dr. just gave me vicodine, muscle relaxer, and 800 motrin. Now i have the same pain on the right side instead of the left and found a lump on the right side of my neck. I have to see specialist in two weeks i'll keep you guys updated.. My dr.
Avatar n tn Two years ago I developed severe migraines which developed into pain behind my jaw, in my temples, near my ears, my throat, back of my neck and upper shoulders. A series of doctors have ruled out allergies, oxygen flow deficiencies, mental disorders, autoimmunities, brain abnormalities, arterial blockages in the area, TMJ, dental problems, opthomalogical problems, and Thoracic outlet syndrome affecting my veins/arteries.
Avatar n tn How many of you have been bothered by periodic stiff neck, pains in the neck and shoulders, and related pains or numbness in the neck, shoulder, and arms. I have really noticed an increase in this problem since becoming SVR, and think that it may be connected to both the former HCV infection, which often provokes joint problems, and also to all the interferon that I did over the years.
Avatar n tn As my posture has become terrible with leaning forward, slumped forward rotating shoulders, and neck held forward. I attempted to practice good posture but the more I sit up straight the worse the pain and burning in the back becomes. I respect my physicians but they tell me there just simply is nothing that can be done for problems of the thoracic spine. I have to believe that that is not the case and if I do enough digging I will find something.
Avatar n tn How to Rapidly Relieve Back and Neck Pain Robin McKenzie, Craig Kubey Upper back curved forward, lower back flat or no lordosis, shoulders up (high shoulder) or shoulders hunched over and pulled forward, are all causes, but the neck craned forward... is the root cause. Short scalenes muscles cause the worst problems.
1751294 tn?1332287065 I went to see a rheumatologist because a had a false positive ANA test for lupus. I also have pain in my neck and shoulders and its't so stiff in the morning he sent me to an x-ray but I haven't gotten the results, H e said it might be a little fibromyalgia or arthritis in the spine. the pain is so bad that some times I need to lift my own head with my hands to move it around or up and down when I am laying down. It comes and goes and they are called flares sometings provoke it.
Avatar f tn She immediately put me on the muscle relaxant Zanaflex, and it has relaxed my muscles in my neck, shoulders and upper back and helped the frequency of my headaches. It's amazing that different doctors have so many different views on this. I hope the migraine specialist will be correct, because she is the specialist.She thinks that all the awful prolems in my neck could be causing all that tension and pressure, etc.
Avatar n tn I wake in the morning with a headache then turns to pain in lower neck and shoulders. I have talked to the neurosurgeon who did the surgery and he shrugged his shoulders and said I have no idea and sent me back to my neurologist. He gave me a series of injections in both shoulders and the pain stopped for a couple days but then came right back. Then we tried massage therapy, it helps but only for a short period.
748543 tn?1463449675 One of the most difficult concepts to get across to my TMD patients and other doctors is the connectivity of the Jaw and the Neck. In fact, it is my strong belief that TMD/TMJ should really be classified as a Craniocervical Disease and hence fall under the umbrella of medical coverage rather than treated strictly as a dental problem. To the Neuromuscular-minded dentist, "Occlusion" is an extension of general Postural Consideration.
Avatar n tn When I wake up in the morning from my neck to my shoulders feels like its very stiff then from my shoulders down to my middle of the back feels like its on fire then from there the lower part of my back right in the belt line area I can feel my disk move they tell me that I do have bulding disk in the L3 L4 area And then when Im sitting on the toilet my right leg goes numb when Im walking my left foot feels like there someone grabbing it just has that pull on it and my right legs feels like it
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Avatar n tn Can it be the same spot? It sure feels like it. What do I do? The pain has made my neck, shoulders and upper back all tight. Also pain when I move a different way for some reason down my arm like before. Please help, can't take the pain much longer.
Avatar f tn I have severe pain in the middle of my spine,xrays showed lots of arthritis,also in shoulders neck and knees.a simple task like pushing a broom is crippling.any idea what type of arthritis?
Avatar n tn I hurt all the time in just about every muscle , hips, legs, back, neck , shoulders, could this be muscle atrophy, or is it coming from the osteoarthritis that i have.
Avatar f tn A less technical name for this condition is osteoarthritis of the neck, or degenerative disk disease of the neck.. The most common symptom is stiff neck which is most often one of the very first signs. Neck stiffness tends to grow progressively worse over time. Along with pain, cervical spondylosis can be accompanied by parathesias and muscle weakness in the neck, shoulders, arms and hands, and a syndrome called “numb, clumsy hands”. Dizziness may occur on neck movement .