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Avatar f tn If you read medscape, and read the comments on articles and news stories recently posted there regarding opioids, you will see that most docs are angry about these "guidelines". Having read them myself and having a medical background, I will say that some of the guidelines make sense, some do not and some are outright ludicrous. I know how you feel, as I have had docs leave me hanging twice.
Avatar m tn Guidelines and Precautions for Usage in the Athletic Population https://www.researchgate.net/publication/49848217_Musculoskeletal_Complications_of_Fluoroquinolones_Guidelines_and_Precautions_for_Usage_in_the_Athletic_Population Medscape Musculoskeletal Complications of Fluoroquinolones: Guidelines and Precautions for Usage in the Athletic Population http://www.medscape.
1840891 tn?1431551393 I've had autoimmune arthritis for decades now, but in just the last year I've also developed osteoarthritis in both thumbs. It's very painful and quite debilitating. I complained to my PCP about how I couldn't take NSAID's, and she suggested I try Voltaren gel, a topically applied NSAID. She said if used as directed only very minute amounts would be absorbed into the general circulation. I googled the drug and immediately found an alarming FDA safety report at http://www.fda.
Avatar f tn I have read phytoestrogens may also help to also reduce inflammation associated osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. I talked about phytoestrogens in more detail on another answer... http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Thyroid-Disorders/can-I-use-wild-yam-cream/show/1955167 There are various genes associated with rheumatoid arthritis which include HLA-DRB1, CD40, CTLA-4, PTPN22. Genes associated with Graves include HLA-DR3, CD40, CTLA-4, PTPN22.
649848 tn?1534637300 I just read an article about the best medical device of 2018. As I started reading the article I wondered what it could be because there are so many advances in medicine these days; some of them we'd never think of. I read down a whole list of what it's not - things like things like robotic surgery, PETs to detect Alzheimer's, new ways to find cancer mutations, a new endoscope or microscope or even the good ole stethoscope... nope, none of those or a number of other things, either...
Avatar f tn It's really interesting you mentioned it--the article I've been reading regarding motor cortex stimulation (by Richard Osenbach, MD, on Medscape, called “Motor Cortex Stimulation for Intractable Pain”) talks a little about ketamine. They say studies have suggested (I’m not taking this for granted) that if you are sensitive to barbiturate or ketamine, but resistant to morphine, you have a greater chance of finding some degree of pain relief with this implant (I fall into this class.
Avatar f tn Breast sensation is gone too due to severed nerves. This Medscape set of articles on the long-term effects of hysterectomy explains some of this but you may have to register to read further - http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/805517. Best of luck to you in getting your issues treated.
1139187 tn?1355710247 ) I am subscribed to quite a few health sites such as Natural News, Dr Mark Hyman, Chris Kresser, Mercola, Medscape. There is also google scholar. If you are not sure where that is, the top part of google with news, images etc..there is the word "more" at the end. Click on that for extra stuff..like scholar..oh and the translator! love that! As for a free medical site, pubmed is excellent. You can type anything you want into the search bar.