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Avatar f tn I have Osteoarthritis and it is getting worse. I taken Celebrex, Norco, Tramadol and Vicopren. None of these are working. I don't have insurance and go to a public health clinic. They don't seem to know what to do. Could you please advise me on what I can take that will help with the chronic pain and will be inexpensive.
1083310 tn?1260110882 They are more important for osteoarthritis and viscosupplementation is the procedure and not useful for RA. If you can understand the mechanism for OA where in joints affected by OA, the synovial fluid's capacity to lubricate and to absorb impact is typically reduced. For the patients of OA there is more inflammation and the pain increases with working out and decreases completely with rest and the issues here are with cartilage loss, arthritis and more mechanical causes.
Avatar f tn These cysts are classified depending upon their location. Depending upon the mechanism of occurence they can be due to chronic irritation and due to certain diseases like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis etc. In your child's case I feel the first cause is more likely. As she is complaining of pain immediate intervention is required. This can be achieved by medical and surgical methods. Surgical methods (excision of the cyst) are more effective.
Avatar m tn //www.farmacovigilancia.sld.cu/visual.htm A plausible mechanism exists There is evidence that the cyclo-oxygenase enzymes COX-1 and COX-2 are involved in the regulation of retinal blood flow.7 Interference with the action of these enzymes by either COX-2 inhibitors or conventional NSAIAs may therefore cause acute, temporary disturbance of vision. The clinical picture seen in the reported cases is consistent with this mechanism, although there may be other possible explanations.
Avatar m tn Hi Thanks for writing to the forum! “In normal situations, the knee is a smoothly operating mechanism, like a door hinge swinging open and shut," explains Edward J. Resnick, M.D., professor of orthopedic surgery at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. "But if you put a jam in the door or an object in the hinge, that smooth movement may be obstructed or frozen in position.
Avatar f tn I'm only 44 yrs old and I have neuropathy, osteoarthritis, stenosis, 2 herniated discs in the lumbar area, 2 herniated discs in the cervical spine with a pinched nerve with neuropathy. I also have carpal tunnel in both wrists, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, diabetes, sinus, allergies, acid reflux disease, hyper active reflexes, interstitial cystitus (IC) or painful bladder syndrome, and least, and so far the last, depression, right?!
1763947 tn?1334058919 I have neck problems too, plus osteoarthritis and I am wondering if any of it is Lyme? I have compression and 2 herniated discs. Everyone says you are way too young but if Lyme is the reason then nobody is too young.
Avatar m tn I would say it's possibly related to effects of osteoarthritis. When synovial fluid does not get activated by motion because of sleep or rest, in arthritic joints the lubricating process is diminished, due to lower levels of fluid, less cartilage and cartilage integrity issues. Upon activation by movement, usually in minimally compromised joints by the effects of arthritis, the lubrication starts within a short time.
Avatar m tn The nerves that carry the signals, set up by chemical and mechanical stimulation of sensory receptors, that we perceive as pain, themselves in turn promote an increase in local blood flow through the axon reflex mechanism. The nerve fibres (axons) give off branches back to their site of origin, and these release ‘substance P’, a peptide that relaxes the vessel walls.
Avatar n tn e. osteoarthritis). Myelomalacia is a term used for destruction of the spinal cord. As a term for a group of entities that lead to a destructive process, it does not progress. However, the degree of myelomalacia does change and can involve wider areas of the spinal cord. I am sorry to hear about all your surgeries. If I hear about the genetic connection, I will answer you again.
478554 tn?1208038007 In patients who have a trigger finger, this mechanism of movement is not smooth. However, pls get it confirmed from ur doctor. tell him/her, that u suspect of a trigger finger. let the doctor give a confirmation! hope that was helpful. thanx...
1100837 tn?1267672275 Provigil acts similiar to other sympathomimetics, like amphetamines, but it doesn't mess with norepinephrine/dopamine to produce cns stiumlation. The actual mechanism is unknown. It is prescribed to promote wakefulness. I am not sure about the attention issue. Maybe being more awake in general will help you. I am not sure if they use it for attention deficit like the others. I would definitely start there.
483733 tn?1326802046 Wales, a naturopathic doctor in Calgary, says naturopaths may suggest that people with osteoarthritis eliminate nightshades. These vegetables are also excluded from certain eating plans. Dr. Joshi’s Holistic Detox—endorsed by Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss—claims nightshades are related to poison ivy and potentially poisonous. “But poison ivy isn’t even in the same plant family,” explains Barry Micallef, a plant biochemistry expert at the University of Guelph. Why the bad reputation?
Avatar m tn Anther cause of constant dizziness as if you are on a boat, can be from a problem with the balance mechanism in your inner ear. The doctor should refer you to an ear, nose and throat specialist. Severe dizziness that is caused by problems from the ear could be Ménière's Disease. There is medication that a doctor can prescribe to steady the balance. The tablets that can be purchased from the pharmacist are those that are used for travel sickness. But do go back to the doctor.
Avatar n tn I have now also started to have some kind of Apnea waking up nine times last night to catch my breath. Some years ago I was also diagnosed with Cervical Osteoarthritis. I am now becoming extremely scared that I am going to choke. I have seen my doctor who does not realy care but as refered me to an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist. But as you know we in England are very backward in our Medical area I have to wait nearly three months to see him.
Avatar m tn -( I meant to ask my rheumatologist the mechanism of hepatitis arthritis, and whether it would be considered an autoimmune disorder like rheumatoid arthritis. I forgot. I will ask him next visit. As I search the medical abstracts in pubmed.gov, I see that there are many good articles about hep c in the rhematology journals. I wish rheumatologists would become more involved in monitoring and perhaps even treatment of hep c.
Avatar m tn While the mechanism of action is yet to be fully known, Petrie referred to one of Einstein's laws of light that, in general, "if something absorbs a photon from light, it will have a reaction." The C band of UV light, he says, is a "low invisible light with a bandwidth of about 254 nanometers" that is "extremely germicidal" and able to produce "a biological change.
Avatar f tn Was told that it was early stages of Osteoarthritis. The pain with this was unbearable. I was in tears with the pain. I was put onto Pannadeine Forte. It would take almost an hour for them to kick in an kill the pain. Over the years I have been getting unexplained aches an pains in all my joints, doctors says its just your arthritis, take these pills ( Naprosyn ) an things will get better. They usually did, so I never went back until the next time.
Avatar n tn Postural hypertension is for example when you rise up too quicky from a sitting position and there is a blood rush to the brain. I suffer from postural hypertension becaue I have osteoarthritis in my neck. Does your neck creak and crack when you turn your head? Are your dizzy sensations made worse when you turn your head? Dizzy turns can also arise from urinary tract infections.
4173379 tn?1355360151 Excessive or misplaced tissue iron now is recognized to pose a substantial health risk for an extensive array of endocrinological, gastrointestinal, infectious, neoplasmic, neurodegenerative, obstetric, ophthalmic, orthopedic, pulmonary and vascular diseases. Ingested, injected, inhaled and decompartmentalized iron contributes not only to disease, but also to aging and mortality.
Avatar n tn The LAB or lactic acid bacteria produce lactic acid as a defense mechanism to kill off other bacteria as a way to secure more food for themselves, this results in “acidosis” of the naturally more alkaline intestines, and large bowl, and colon where the pH level should be in the range of 7.6-8.0. So, you may be asking now “If the B bacteria are killed off, where is the excess B6 coming from?” Great question! Let’s look at this, because herein is the shocking revelation. E. Coli, and A.
Avatar n tn The Candida is probably a symptom of something else, not yet diagnosed, but I feel that my runny nose during a bowel movement is my body's way of trying to rid myself of this thing however it can. Whatever causes it, it does seem to be a waste mechanism. And many people have a Candida overgrowth and don't know it.
Avatar n tn The neuropathological abnormalities are due to a different, as yet unknown, biochemical mechanism. Inherited metabolic disorders of cobalamin-dependent enzymes do not cause SCD. It has been suggested that cobalamin plays a role in the synthesis of cytokines and neurotrophic factors and that dysregulation of this process in cobalamin deficiency damages the white matter. SCD causes weakness and paresthesias of the distal lower extremities.
408795 tn?1324939275 I believe that HCV is very much associated with chronic neck pain, and the shoulder problems are probably directly related as well. Who knows what the mechanism for the problem is....
Avatar f tn Mechanisms of Opioid-Induced Tolerance and Hyperalgesia Anna DuPen, MN, ARNP;* Danny Shen, PhD;‡ Mary Ersek, PhD, RN†Pain Manag Nurs. 2007;8(3):113-121. ©2007 Elsevier Science, Inc. Posted 09/05/2007 Abstract and Introduction Abstract Opioid tolerance and opioid-induced hyperalgesia are conditions that negatively affect pain management. Tolerance is defined as a state of adaptation in which exposure to a drug induces changes that result in a decrease of the drug's effects over time.
199177 tn?1490502134 45 Several mind body therapies have also been studied for arthritis (both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis). The Arthritis Self Management Program uses cognitive therapy and relaxation techniques.
703238 tn?1297101958 You have not hit on a novel treatment for Bipolar, you are addicted to painkillers - Vicodin will take away any pain and make you feel better, it induces that feeling as part of its mechanism of action - the word 'opiate' is a clue btw to why it is so - its the same action as heroin and morphine which will also make you feel better - theyre also not BP treatments.
Avatar n tn However, detailed investigation of the elevation of uric acid has not been carried out previously. The incidence and mechanism of hyperuricemia were investigated in this study. METHODS: The data of 50 patients with chronic hepatitis C who had been treated with Peg-IFNalpha2b and ribavirin combination therapy or pegylated-interferon-alpha2a monotherapy for more than 24 weeks were analyzed.
Avatar f tn mechanical, naturopathic, or visceral. 3. Measurement of Pain: pain intensity can be measured quite quickly and productively with a 0-10 point scale with zero fixed as “no pain” and 10 fixed as “the most severe amputation intensity level pain that you can imagine.” 4. Character of Pain: Describe your pain rather than the symptoms a. Burning character pain suggests a diagnosis of reflex sympathetic dystrophy. b.
Avatar m tn http://www.webmd.com/osteoarthritis/news/20080708/fda-warning-cipro-may-rupture-tendons Since it is not known what the mechanism for the side effect is, then it's quite possible that muscle pain is also a side effect. But it is known that magnesium might be involved (Cipro binds to Mg) so taking Mg as a supplement might help (but too much is strongly laxative). (Mg Oxide is fairly useless.) Offhand, I'd say that being on an antibiotic for a full month is a long exposure.