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Avatar m tn I have osteoarthritis in my neck moderate and mild in lower back. Can and adjusment help? will they even do an adjustment me? i seem to be losing sensativity in my legs but dont know if iy du to oa in back nad neck.any help would be great. thank you.
Avatar m tn seems like i have osteoarthritis in my lower L5 (tailbone) and C2 ( neck) I did have hernaited disk operation, It has been over 3 months and I still ahve the pain in both of my legs they hurt worst then my back! I did do PT treatments and everything is still the same beofre operation.
Avatar f tn I've had mri's of my spine and shows osteoarthritis with bone spurs in cervical thoracic and lumbar. This was done in 2007 (i was 35), now i have this horrible tendonitis in both wrists and i'm on prednisone. Could this be related to the arthritis? i'm seeing an ortho but he doesn't know about the osteoarthritis (i was just rereading my reports and it jumped out at me). What should i expect with this diagnosis? I have terrible neck pain and headaches and numbness on left side of body.
Avatar m tn i have oa moderate in my neck mild in lower back for about 3 years now.How fast does oa get worse or stay the same?Im thinking of getting a inversion table, will that help?My legs have been feeling tired weak kinda like losing sensativity in my legs. Could that be cause of the oa in my back and neck?i feel sometimes like my body is lopsided a bit.
Avatar m tn The following symptoms WERE with me (Feb-Apr). 1. Bending forward my neck and very worst tingling in my hands (A electrical sensation was moving from my fingers of my hands towards my arms), it was lasted for one month 2. Blurred and uncomfortable vision (sometimes) 3. Weakness of my legs 4. Cramp of the muscle of my lower leg (left) 5. Jump of muscle (arms) BTW, I had fever (38.8 oC) because of tonsillitis, so my hands started to tingle for a short time!
432312 tn?1265648574 My MS doctor says that it could be but that since he isn't a back doctor he doesn't know. Mostly my lower back is affected. a dull ache that doesn't go away. Standing makes it much worse. Sometimes when it is bad I get back spasms and you can see my muscles jump. (That is the symptom that makes the doctors send me back to the neurologist.) I rarely have pain in my hands. I broke my foot because of the osteoporosis and that foot aches alot of the time.
Avatar n tn Mostly the neck and lower back are where the average person gets it. It's basically wear and tear on your body. Once they've worn alot in one spot, they start growing a "Burr". Osteoporosis can be just from your age, or can also be from medications you're taking, or from an imbalance of the amount of Calcium and magnesium (or is it manganese???) you get. Or the Lupus could be causing an imbalance or inability to absorb calcium.
Avatar m tn I have lower back arthritis and also in my neck and hip bursitis caused by lower back. I have been seeing a pain dr for 5 years and I had an ablation done which burns the nerve. Its been working for 5 years. I also have them in my neck. For my hip the pain dr does epidurals which work but for only a couple of months.
Avatar f tn Try to do a lot of Lower back and neck physiotherapy for this.I should really help you. Need to supplement the physio via medicines (Muscle relaxants).As far as Glucosamines are concerned, they can only prevent the speed of degeneration.And they have to be taken for a lot of days, before any active results are obtained. Regarding the Thyroid problem, am really sorry, but the real cause of it can't be explained.You should consider yourself lucky, as it was ruled as benign.
5536514 tn?1373503602 I am 65 and I am afraid my bones are falling apart. I have osteoarthritis. I also experience bone cracking in my neck. The same for my knees. I can almost tell when it's going to rain. The back pain starts as soon as I get up in the morning. After I have taken a muscle relaxer it is still there but only slightly. I do not want to become dependent on pill. I have hepc and cirrosis of the liver. Can you shed a little light on my problem.
Avatar m tn lately, for about the past two weeks, I have had a pain that is sharp in nature on the left side of my neck. Its not surface pain, but rather inside of the neck, closer to my esophagus than anything, but it feels very sharp. I have seen a chiro before about back/posture issues, but just wondering if anyone else has had this or not. Im 32 and in relatively good health.
Avatar m tn I find it helps to wear a soft neck collar when the pain is bad. It helps your neck muscles not work so hard to stabilize your neck. The neck tension often leads to headaches. I remember my mom also used to use a home traction device that was attached to a door. The harness hooked under her chin and the back of her head, and gentle upward tension helped relieve neck pain. You can get these on the internet but i strongly advise you to check with your doctor first.
Avatar n tn in really bad pain mid to lower back, recently had mri scan which reads - there are moderate degenerative changes throughout the lower thoracic and lumber spine with dehydration and circumferential bulging of the discs as well as signs of facet joint osteoarthritis. loss of disc height is noted from L2-3 to L5-S1. from L3-4 to L5-S1 there are reactive endplate changes. at L4-5 there is mild spinal canal narrowing but no evidence of nerve root compression.
Avatar n tn my Doctor says it's muscle spasms and he's probably right. i do have problems with spasms due to neck and lower back problems. so it's mostly muscles but try relaxing, heat and maybe even an aspirin. good luck.
Avatar n tn I had a MRI on my upper back and neck this time and they found a bulge in my neck (I never have neck pain) and in my thoracic back. They can’t tell me if that is the problem. I can’t work out with the elliptical machine now, which is devastating. May be a red herring but in my doctor visits when the doc would push on my chest it would make my upper back hurt for some weird reason but no discomfort or pain to the chest area.
Avatar f tn Fast forward a little while, and I decided that I would stop cracking my neck (my god the pain and stiffness to follow was horrible and still is). Then I made the choice one day to stop wearing my wallet in my back pocket and instead got a smaller wallet and put it in my front pocket - for about two weeks after that my hips were killing me whenever I stood up or sat down (that pain is now gone). During this same time frame, I found out that I have slight scoliosis and my hips are not aligned.
Avatar n tn I have same symptoms as person above, but on left side of neck my neck starts popping on the lower left side in the back of my neck and then extreme pain that goes up the left side of my neck in back.
Avatar f tn 1-Aching stiffness across the back of my sacroiliac, that is now spreading forward into my lower pelvis; 2-A band of tightness around my upper chest; 3-Stiffness in my neck and at the base of my skull; 4-Momentary pulses in my head, with vision darkening; 5-Inability to walk too long, because weight bearing causes leg muscle pain and heaviness; 6-Disability: I can not kneel down and get up, or walk on my toes, or stand on one leg.
974371 tn?1424656729 Different PT and they have been basically doing heat and ultrasound, no improvement and I now have pain across lower back, over both hips and a burning pain on the right side of my mid back. I am also going for acupuncture but nothing is helping. On a CT scan of my abdomen a few months ago, they saw a lesion on my left kidney, don't seem concerned but have another ultrasound this week. My Alk Phos has also been somewhat elevated. GI doc is going to test again in December.
Avatar n tn It was a sudden onset, which was bad pain deep inside the hip. The pain was so uncomfortable that I couldn't sit/stand/lie for long periods of time. My lower back L4/L5 is also causing me a great deal of discomfort and is extremely tender to touch. I am suffering with pain across my pelvis and groin. I have had x-rays which show no breaks. A bone scan which showed a bony island on the neck of the femor that they have reported as normal???
Avatar n tn I thought I had pulled a muscle in my lower back on the right side. My family has a history of kidney problems so I ask the doctor to do a urine specimen to rule out a kidney infection so she did. That came back fine. A few weeks later the pain continued. I went back to the doctor and she did blood work. All the blood work came back good but I still hurt. All she did was give me pain pills which do not help. It hurts when I lay on my side or when I try to get out of bed.
Avatar n tn Shoulder pain, Arm pain - both forearm and upperarm, fingers, Leg - both lower and upper and sometimes centered around the inside of my knee, stabbing pain in my chest (left side), tingling/numb sensation in my left and sometimes in my face and stabbing/shooting pain in my neck, the side and sometimes the back!!! Needless to say I have been so worried about this - have had every kind of cardiac test going and all were fine and ultrasound of my legs were fine and nothing shows up.
Avatar f tn I would want to suggest that arthritis in the neck is not the cause of problem in your lower limbs and generalized body muscle pain. You would need to consult a neurologist to rule of Fibromyalgia and then if required follow up with a Rheumatologist. For Rheumatoid arthritis you would need to go for an X-ray and Rheumatoid factor estimation and follow up for proper diagnosis. Osteoarthritis can also be ruled out with proper clinical examination and X-ray.
Avatar n tn Yes I definitely have more joint/neck/lower back pain. I did damage it orignally in two separate accidents but after years of physical therapy it was doing much better. I feel now that it is all "tighter" nowhere near as limber and the muscles pull pull pull trying to put something back into whack in several spots. That is how it feels although technically it's probably nothing to do with it. Gosh it's hard to describe pain. One year post and SVR.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I feel pain in my neck and lower back. The bursea below my shoulder and elbow are quite inflamed. I believe this started when I was digging a hole to plant a shrub. I have been under some stress lately and feel this has contributed to the problem. I have been treated several times by a chiropractor and also a massage therapist. I did get some relief but there are times when the pain flares up and is almost intolerable.
Avatar n tn Sometimes several times a day, sometimes none at all. I also have been getting increasingly stiff in my lower back, neck and legs. And my feet are feel like boards they are so stiff and very painful. Also getting a bit moodier than normal and having some trouble concentrating. I hope that I don't alarm anyone here but after doing a lot of internet searching and then speaking with a nurse friend and a doctor - not a formal visit, just a private conversation - things may be pointing to MS.
Avatar f tn I get severe pain in my neck and into my face to eyeball and above (all at once - starts in neck) - mostly my right side, but once in awhile I do get in the left - mostly the right though, big time! I get severe pain/migraine that feel like an icecream headache times 100! Pain in upper back area worse in one area. Pain extending into arm. All kinds of migraines!!!