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1378884 tn?1315509445 I am also a hashimotos survivor and am concerned that it may be having an impact on my knees which have done things over the years that no one of my size should have done. It's mostly confined to my left knee. I have broken both knee caps in the past, (car accident and Karate Class) had a meniscus tear repaired, which made left knee much worse. Hands and feet are fine.
1242017 tn?1268324302 You have medial and lateral mensicus in your knee joint. Menisci are ligaments to stabilize your knee joint. Lateral meniscus has degeneration due to past or recent injury. With wear and tear and weight bearing your articular cartilage has thinned and these are changes of osteoarthritis. I would suggest you to follow up with an orthopedician and take necessary steps for avoiding further damage. Take care!
Avatar f tn Get your knee ligaments checked along with quadriceps and hamstrings. The 6 knee ligaments which might get affected are the menisci, collaterals and cruciate ligaments. If you have chronic knee pain in both of your legs then rule out osteoarthritis or other joint problems like Rheumatoid arthritis and other systemic diseases. Go for an X-ray and follow up with an orthopedician for a proper diagnosis. Take care!
Avatar n tn I have a bad back (no cushion between 4 and 5 + more) and have experienced pain like no other. A Baker's Cyst also popped up last month at an also bad knee (torn ligaments never corrected). As of a few weeks ago, my Rheumatologist told me I have osteoarthritis in my hands. Last week I had a bone scan and was told I also have osteoporosis. I take 10 different meds a day( asthma, thyroid, high blood pressure, hot flashes,ibs,gird, and lupus) and am so tired of it all.
Avatar m tn 3. Chondrocalcinosis. 4. Atherosclerosis. Left knee. 1. Mild tricompartmental osteoarthritis, similar to the prior study. 2. Chondrocalcinosis. 3. Atherosclerosis.
5289415 tn?1391260841 I would suggest you get it examined by the doctor who will probably send you for an xray to see if this is a problem with the bones or whether there is a problem with ligaments and muscles. I feel numbness in both my knees, one is from osteoarthritis due to the inflammation, the better one is due to trappend nerves in the groin called meralgia parasthetica. Only by examination of the knee will you know what is causing your problem. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn The doc said the tendons, or ligaments (I can't remember which) are too weak (due to the fact that my knee are still growing) to keep the knee cap from sliding over to far and causing inflammation and swelling in the knee. So, it would be great if someone knows what is wrong and what it is called. Thanks.
587778 tn?1261400718 It does not matter if I am standing, sitting, walking, or lying down, I am in pain constantly for the last week. I am wondering if I have re-injured my knee or is this how mild osteoarthritis feels?
Avatar m tn Hello! There might be ligament damage in your knee joint. I would suggest you to go for an MRI and get it diagnosed for any damage in your menisci, collaterals or cruciate ligaments in your knee. Apply ice packs in the evening to decrease the pain and inflammation and use intermittent pain killers. This might also be a systemic problem like Rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis which an orthopedician will diagnose after a proper examination. Take care!
Avatar f tn she've been trying hot knee baths knee icing a few exercise but with no results so far...please i really need some advice She have been going from one doctor to the other she took anti inflammatory medication but caused her blood pressure to rise therefore stopped them. She got an X ray done but the result was ok. Please i really need advise on how to take it further she cannot take the pain any longer....
Avatar m tn Knee pain could occur due to chondromalacia, tendonitis, bursitis, fractures, patellar dislocation, injuries to the internal knee ligaments/ menisci, infections/ inflammations, arthritis, cyst formation, bone growths/ tumours, nerve injuries etc; just to name a few; while hyaluronic acid may be used in advanced cases of osteoarthritis. I would suggest consulting an orthopedician for an evaluation and appropriate management. Hope this helps. Take care!
1556407 tn?1329719444 My left knee sometimes cracks(many little cracks) when I stand up or straight my leg out. Is that normal for someone at a young age? Should I do something? I am not sure when this started but I've have it for a couple years now....
Avatar n tn reform of ligaments. Now, consulted doctors are suggesting for ACL reconstruction /surgery. Granting long leaves is a matter for me. Q1>If I go to surgery/ACL reconstruction, then how long it will take to walk/run as normal person? Q2>After surgery/ACL reconstruction, is their possibility of failing/disjoint of same/side ligament? Q3>Is there any alternative than surgery/ACL reconstruction, e.g. exercises/ medicine?
Avatar f tn The various causes of knee locking are torn medial meniscus, mis-aligned knee cap, osteoarthritis, knee arthritis, torn lateral meniscus, osteochondritis dissecans, recurrent patella dislocation, chondromalacia patella, knee alignment problem, knee fragment or knee cartilage disorder. True knee locking is caused by either a torn piece of cartilage, or a loose bone fragment due to a bone disorder called osteochondritis dissecans.
93210 tn?1287457826 Anyway, now my ortho doc (unless the knee greatly improves) is talking about a total knee replacement in about a year. My other knee is in desperate need of a total because of severe osteoarthritis that has chewed away at my joint so much that I'm bone on bone now. My knee is constantly swollen and from time to time has about 60-70 cc's of fluid drawn off of it. And of course the pain is almost constant and mostly severe. Sorry for the long bio.
Avatar m tn Injury can affect any of the ligaments, bursae, or tendons surrounding the knee joint. Injury can also affect the ligaments, cartilage, menisci (plural for meniscus), and bones forming the joint. The complexity of the design of the knee joint and the fact that it is an active weight-bearing joint are factors in making the knee one of the most commonly injured joints. It's not necessarily arthritis; you're 23, you're young. I'm sure you do activities such as sports.
Avatar f tn Hello! Always try to get your ligaments repaired in your knee by conservative management or if it fails by surgery. Unstable knee can give rise to cartilage loss and in long run you may suffer from osteoarthritis. Discuss with an orthopedician after examination and an X-ray to start with. Take care!
Avatar n tn My husband has been told he has ostearthritis, and in server pain with his leg( around the knee joint. One doctor has mention him having cortison injections.
Avatar m tn With a limp and left-tilted gait, I have compensating injuries and moderate arthritis in my right knee too, but the ligaments, meniscus & cartilage are in good condition and I'd like to keep them good. If my left knee twists, then it pops and down I go. I have inflammation and constant pain, and my mobility and distance is greatly reduced. I can’t climb up or down stairs, once a primary exercise.
623779 tn?1221729664 Hello, The various possibilities for popping,crackling joints are a cartilage tear that is rubbing with the knee joint,arthrosis or degeneration of the joint and arthritis esp osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis(but they are associated with pain).More harmless is clicking of knee joint due to relatively lax joint capsule, that allows more than a usual amount of movement.
Avatar n tn The major problem is osteoarthritis of the knee joint where there are changes in the smooth cartilage or through damage to the ligaments. This can be caused by an injured or torn knee ligament, such as a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee. The condition can be treated either by wearing a knee brace or surgery. Trauma, or a sudden turn or twist to the knee can cause a ligament to give out. Go for an MRI and follow up with your orthopedician. Take care!
Avatar n tn Front to back movement was very good, Pain developed on medial side of knee and the patella tendon when walking. When I move the knee or walk I can feel it 'clicking" and 'shooting" pain from the patella tendon The Doctor says that there is still some swelling in the knee. He has recommended synvisc treatments without ordering a new MRI. Will the synvisc reduce the pain and swelling? Is synvisc a curative or a temporary relief of symtoms? Are there any draw backs to synvisc?
Avatar f tn I do not experience any grinding, locking, catching or giving way of the knee. There are no positions that make my knee uncomfortable other then putting my weight on it while kneeling. It feels totally normal otherwise. The pain is as if I knelt on a sharp rock or tack or even as if my bone is splintered. It began a couple of weeks ago while kneeling. I have not tried anything to help the pain other then not kneeling on it. Never had surgery. No hip pain or ankle pain.
Avatar f tn The blood is due to trauma to the ligaments inside the joint. Knee joint has 6 ligaments viz. medial collateral, lateral collateral, anterior cruciate, posterior cruciate, medial meniscus and lateral meniscus. There is joint fluid and also cartilage. Injury to the knee will result in blood in the joint space and so it the fluid red. It will get absorbed subsequently. With MRI or good clinical examination the orthopedician can come to diagnose the ligament involved.
Avatar m tn Hello.. I have ocd and I am starting to worry about pain I ahve had in my knee fro about 4 years.. it seems to have gotten worse but was better for a little while... It is on the outside of my left knee... It hurts mainly at night when my knees rub together or when I get up from sitting/lying down for an hour or more.. Once I get up and start moving around it feels 100% fine??? I don't get it.. I even run 2 miles 3 days a week and after running it feels 100 % better..
Avatar n tn I had the scope because of osteoarthritis of the knee with severe osteoarthritis of the patellofemoral joint and was hoping the surgery would buy me a few more years to work. This was a big mistake because I am in more pain now than before the surgery.
Avatar f tn The pain is below the knee cap on the left and right side and ontop of the knee cap on the right side and on the inside of the knee from above the knee to below the knee. For the last week and a half I've been getting sharp pains on the right inside of the knee and above the knee while walking or turning from right to left. When this happens the pain is so bad that I can hardly walk. I've also been getting needle type pain below the knee cap in the center.
Avatar f tn Fractures of the bones surrounding the knee or tears of the knee ligaments may damage the articular cartilage over time, causing knee pain and limiting knee function. [Source: orthoinfo.aaos.org] Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, affecting millions of people around the world. Often called wear-and-tear arthritis, osteoarthritis occurs when the protective cartilage on the ends of your bones wears down over time. [Source: mayoclinic.
16888441 tn?1452159257 Professional orthopedics specialties treat such conditions as carpal tunnel syndrome, knee and hip problems, arthritis, and sports injuries e.g., tennis elbow or rotator cuff surgery are treated by orthopedic surgeries. The health and healing of bone and joint injuries as well as those caused by ligament, tendon, or nerve damage are cured by orthopedics care.
Avatar m tn Typex, you may have injured one of the 4 knee ligaments. I'd recommend that you see an orthopaedic knee specialist who can perform some simple tests to check these ligaments.