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Avatar m tn / I knew my condition was bad b/c of the amount of pain I am in but wasn't expecting that especially @ 32 with a 4 yr old and 7 month old!! Anyways, he adviced pain meds and synvisc-one injections until we couldn't control the pain enough. I tried the injections. I won't lie the are a bit painful. My right one was just uncomfortable. The left one hurt way worse. I have no idea why but it even swelled up and I had to stay off it about 24 hours b/c of all the fluid on it.
Avatar m tn now, i feel quite stiff in right knee and leg in morning and it is painful to put foot on ground.though, i am walking but not without pain and limping.the joint has become quite unstable and it is painful to use stairs or walk on uneven surface. no investigation supports infection but a fresh mri shows more degenerative changes in the joint.according to some orthopedicians tkr is the only answer but i am hesitant. what my case looks like and is there any scope of improvement?
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm an extremely active 26 year old male, and I recently had my fourth knee surgery (third on left knee). The prior surgeries had all been to my medial mensicus, and this fourth surgery was to remove a condral defect I had on the left knee. My doctor told me he saw some roughing of the cartilege. Subsequently, the worst of my pain is gone and my strength is very good, but I still experience fairly considerable pain when most of my weight is on one leg and I bend.
Avatar m tn I'm 32 and I've never had any sort of leg, knee, or joint problem. Lately I've noticed that when I plant my left foot and pivot on it to turn my body to the right, my left knee makes a popping sound. For a few days I could feel something move in the same knee when I would walk down stairs. It felt like it was located to the left (outside) of the center of the knee. That went away. The right knee doesn't have any issues. There is no pain, tenderness, or swelling involved at all.
Avatar m tn I have it on my bad knee. I saw the xray of my knee and could see the cartilage had worn away in part of the knee joint and I could see a little spikey bone sticking down. There is no cure for osteoarthritis, only a replacement of the knee joint if the condition is severe.
1378884 tn?1315509445 I am also a hashimotos survivor and am concerned that it may be having an impact on my knees which have done things over the years that no one of my size should have done. It's mostly confined to my left knee. I have broken both knee caps in the past, (car accident and Karate Class) had a meniscus tear repaired, which made left knee much worse. Hands and feet are fine.
Avatar f tn on top of it all. I am having the same pain behind my knee which goes up and down the back of my leg - mostly down. At times it feels as if my knee is dislocating, but I don't think it is...I'm not sure. I was also told (at the time per the MRI) that I had a small tear in the minisucs (sp?) and that going in and fixing that tear would create more of a problem for me than I already had. I am overweight on top of it all but I've lost 104 lbs so far and am trying.
Avatar f tn of 08. My first knee is doing great. On my second knee 8 months after the replacement I developed a blood clot deep in my calf. I was on blood thinners for 4 months. Since knee surgeory I have had some pain. Since the blood clot I now have more pain and I have swelling that starts above the knee and goes into my ankel. I can only spend about 30minutes to 1 hour on my feet and and I am hurting bad. Went to my dr. everything is checking out okay.
Avatar m tn 23 year old male who is concerned about this problem. I have been having knee pain for 3 years. Sometimes it's good, other times I get pain. It's not debilitating, but it's a dull ache when resting or bending the knees (sitting with crossed legs) sometimes pain radiates into my shin They also sometimes make sounds. When straightening my knee, it makes a pop or a couple cracks. I also have a small bakers cyst on one leg. I've done an xray which was normal.
Avatar n tn My knee and lower leg have been in pain for a few months now. I believe the pain is from jogging and putting too much pressure on my leg in general. It hurts mostly when I walk or put pressure on it. Resting my leg and taking naproxen and ibprofen to reduce inflammation does not seem to be healing it. Is it possible that this injury will require surgery? What should I do?
Avatar f tn Knee swelling and ankle pain can be caused by a variety of causes. I agree with the treatment for DVT. Other potential causes can be infection, osteoarthritis, sprains or bursitis. Imaging the joints can be considered with, first, a plain film, and second, an MRI can be considered. If negative, more systemic causes can be considered, including evaluating the kidneys with blood tests, and the heart with an echocardiogram. These options can be discussed with your personal physician.
Avatar f tn Hyper extension is what I suspect. I cannot walk without limping on the left leg while the knee is bent, but the knee will support a good deal of my weight. There is no significant pain, also there is no swelling or bruising. It does ache but I am comfortable without medication. (This happened Friday night-3 days ago). The question i pose is.... Should I continue making an appointment, or see If is is just another bad landing?
Avatar m tn The best treatment, presently for Osteoarthritis , is Total knee replacement.Can you upload her knee X-rays on the photo section, so that i will be able to comment on that.
Avatar n tn 2) If performed by an expert in an aseptic way it is safe. Knee replacement is a safer treatment for chronic osteoarthritis. 3) You can bear weight after the healing and testing the strength of the bone and it differs from case to case. 4) The result is quite stable and painless leg, and if the patient doesn’t mind stiffness and shortening the surgery can be attempted.
Avatar f tn my knee hurts when i bend it. i can still walk but it hurts. i haven't hit my leg on anything, i thought maybe it could be my new tempurpedic matress, but it is only my knee. the pain is increasing every day. any ideas?
Avatar m tn hello sir, I am 27 male not married, my left knee is popping too when i bend the leg and left elbow also popping when i bend the hand, all body bones are popping to much,i used calcium tablets for 3 months but there is no improvement, please advise me what should be done to stop this sound...
Avatar n tn Do you have access to a gym? Or is this for at home exercises without any equipment?
387767 tn?1345875627 The pain goes down the outside of my knee, sometimes down my leg and shoots around the knee when it is bad. Is there any answer for me? It seems the doctors are not very concerned, but I am. My husband is retiring soon and we want to travel, which means sightseeing and walking. Also, I am having a lot of trouble losing weight since I can't be as active and I need to do that for my heart health AND my knees, since the doctor said taking weight off would be a big help. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I have pain behind my right knee cap. The pain is most severe when I stretch my right leg by straightening it out. This pain started about 10 days ago while playing basketball. I don't remember a specific injury while playing. The pain just seemed to start. I played through to the end of the game and then quit. The pain subsided after a week or so. I ran 2 miles yesterday pain free during the run, but my knee has become sore today.
Avatar f tn I am experiencing knee pain in one leg. I was a light runner for 25 years. Stopped running due to sharp pain on the inside below my knee. Started walking instead. Now 5 years later knee pain again. Went to an Ortho for exam and xrays. Nothing showed. The Dr wanted to do a MRI but my schedule did not allow at the time. Now 2 months later the pain begins if I walk a few blocks. The pain seems to be all around the joint and builds the longer I walk.
1718062 tn?1309024539 I have completed all series of shots on both left and right knee. I have fully completed therapy sessions to the point, my quads and other leg muscles are very strong. I am very limited on my activity and I can tell when I am starting to hurt. For the last two weeks, For the past three weeks, I have had severe pain in both of my knees. I have had to limit my activity to just the physical therapy exercises I learned.
5289415 tn?1391260841 Did you do anything or experience pain in your knee, leg or back before you noticed the numbness? If not taken care of it can become permanent and cause other problems.
Avatar n tn Your other symptom of pain while climbing, standing and knee getting sore is suggestive of Osteoarthritis. Your symptom of awakening at night with pain is suggestive Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome or compressive pathology of any nerve. I think you need complete evaluation with help of an orthopaedician and neurologist for likely pathology. You also need thorough imaging study of spine and knee joint. It should include a MRI study too.
Avatar n tn My right leg turned right from the knee joint and my left leg turned left at knee joint. I heared the crakle sound. I do have small pain near the right knee joint / knee cap. Whereas I do have more pain on the inner side of left knee joint. I had scheduled an appointment with Orthopedician next monday. Meanwhile I had regular scheduled physical therapy, who examined and said I might have rapture / strained the ligament.
1524304 tn?1326400574 Oh does it? Really. Shouldn't those hurt? I don't feel pain when I keep my leg still. But it occasionally aches if I sit down (or just stand sometimes) and put weight-like elbows on my knees. I can feel some pain flaring up which feels like inside the knee or under the kneecap, but when I change the position or move the weight away the pain disappears. I was walking some today. It was okay. Got home and it starting to have this slight locking up feeling if I move it wrong.
Avatar n tn No, there is no grinding or anything like that. But when I move the knee cap and the leg is totally relaxed there is a vibration (I can’t think of the right word). It just feels like the knee is vibrating when I move the knee cap up and down. It fine when I am sitting walking and doing basic movements. But when I jump and run in basketball, thrust forward on a bike, kneel, or do exercises such as squatting or lunges. The pain is pretty bad.
Avatar m tn I'm 32 and I've never had any sort of leg, knee, or joint problem. Lately I've noticed that when I plant my left foot and pivot on it to turn my body to the right, my left knee makes a popping sound. In the last few days I've noticed that I can feel something move in the same knee when I walk down stairs. It feels like it's located to the left (outside) of the center of the knee. The right knee doesn't have any issues.
Avatar f tn Knee pain has many causes, including pathologic processes in the knee and disorders in distant locations with referral to the knee area. Can you tell me when this pain is more? Do you experience any grinding, locking, catching, or giving way of the knee? When did your pain begin, what were you doing at the time, and what were the initial symptoms?
Avatar n tn Osteoarthritis, Ligament damage, Meniscus damage or Patello-femoral disorder. Keep me informed. Bye.