Osteoarthritis knee grades

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Avatar f tn I have osteoarthritis now in the hips and knees, but my right knee is the worst. The whole leg was very swollen and very painful for months and the Ibuprofen was making it much worse. There is moderate degeneration in the medial compartment and the patella. I have seen Triage and am now waiting for a appointment for physiotherapy. I can't cope with too much to think about, because my brain just seems to cease up and I just end up literally going round in a circle and panicking.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with hep c 1a and hoping I could use a herbal remedy cause I don't have any insurance except Medicare. I also have osteoarthritis and sever injury to the leg and ankle making it hard for me to do any exercise. Can't walk losing length in leg. Not supposed to pick up anything over a LB. I'm totally lost to what is going on. I just know I'm sick, tired and in alot of pain. They give me narcotic pain meds I also have herniated disc in back. My eyes bother me to is this normal?
Avatar n tn well i'm not sure if i can call mine tiredness.. what i'm sure of at d moment is that i tend to get severe pain below d knee (front of leg) with walking which alleviates with rest...especially walking up a hill. there could b many reasons 4 this such as intermittent claudication - but since im quite young and i dont think i have familial hypercholesterolaemia + the pain is not in the calf..i dont think it is.