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1175033 tn?1492204828 These lovely people are willing to try a wide variety of methods to help you with your pain, which your doctor may be unaware of or reluctant to try. This could include physical therapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture, ultrasound therapy, massage, pain patches, muscular injections (really not that painful!) to ease muscle spasms, and more. I had my first hip replacement at 37, my second at 40. Relatively young, but I'm very, very glad I did it.
1378884 tn?1315509445 He found a deposit on the bone near hip as well. MRI tomorrow too. So if my hip feels better, pain goes away in foot then it may be that I have RA and Osteo which is exacerbated by the mechanical injury or visa versa. What do ya think, anyone?
Avatar n tn Hi a year ago I visited my GP with left hip and upper thigh pain. He sent me for an X-Ray which showed early arthritis changes. He sent for a course of Physiotherapy which I attended for 6months. In the end I stopped going because after the initial mild improvement in pain there was no further improvement. I am taking 1500mg Glucosamine Sulphate + 1200mg Marine Chondroitin + 1000mg Omega 3 fish oil daily.
Avatar f tn I have done everything possible, over the counter drugs, exercising in pool, massage therapy, physical therapy, accupuncture, pain shots, perscription Motrin 800mg, Vicodin 7.5-750, Hydrocodone/APAP 5/500, with very little relief. I received the second series of Supartz almost 1 1/2 mos. ago thinking they would work like the first series but has not. I am still in extreme pain, I would like to try Synvisc-One. What are the side-effects if any?
Avatar m tn For the past few months I have had a sharp pain in my left hip. feels like it is in the joint. But feels muscular. I noticed the pain when sitting down, would lift left leg up to tie my shoe. Pain was mostly on the outside of the hip joint. Never feel pain while walking or biking but have started feeling increased pain while running. One day it feels fine and then another day if aggravated just right, I feel the pain. Probably an 8-10 on the pain scale.
Avatar f tn maybe a car accident, or you hit your hip on a sharp, hard corner or you fell on your hip... it is inflammation of the fluid-filled sac (bursa) that lies between a tendon and skin, or between a tendon and bone... so RA or osteoarthritis can increase your risk of development... I had it on my leg after a car accident and after physical therapy for it I finally got through it... the bursa was absorbed by my body is what the doctor told me... it hurt like fire burns!
Avatar m tn Hi, The symptoms of severe pain that you are experiencing may be due osteoarthritis or degenerative disease of the spine. The treatment of osteoarthritis includes exercise, medications and measures to protect the joints. This includes a teamwork of rheumatologist, physical therapist and orthopedic surgeon. Please consult an orthopaedic surgeon and rheumatologist for treatment and continue the physiotherapy at the same time for the relief of the symptoms. Hope this helps you.
1388332 tn?1285350047 Have you checked with your Doctor at all concerning this pain in your Hip? You might be encountering the beginnings of Osteoarthritis in your Hip Joint. I've lived with that for the past 36 years. I've had 2 hip implants and I'm getting ready for a third in September. It would benefit you to make an appointment with your PCP (Family Doctor) and see what they think and depending what they discover from possibly some x-rays go on to either an Orthopedic Specialist or a Rheumatologist.
Avatar f tn After 2 rds. of therapy (48&52 wks.) and 2 rounds of maintainence dosages, I still carry the disease. It has been 6 mths. since my last maintainence dose & I am still having multiple sides. The worse is my legs & feet numbness. I have been diagnosed with Neuropathy, which could possibly reverse itself, but it seems to be getting worse. I use to get a tingling feeling in my legs prior to feet numbness. Now, my feet just go numb in an instant, resulting in many falls.
Avatar m tn Is there any help in sight ? I am 38 yr old male - very active & thought very heathy, 6ft 1 5% bfi & gym 3+ days a week. Chronic neck & hip Osteoarthritis & 24-7 pain breaking me down fast - not able to ignore it any longer & otc meds not helping. Surgery not a $$ option at this time. Neck is spured & chunchy & pretty much killing me - Hip is very narrowed & full of cysts. I guess I am asking... what can I do ?
Avatar f tn Yesterday I discovered an indentation on the side of my right hip, in between the upper and lower parts of the pelvis, not against bone. The whole indentation is about the size of a large coin. I'm sure it wasn't there 24 hours before I discovered it so must've come on suddenly. The area feels a little numb and last night my corresponding leg felt quite heavy and the knee felt a little numb, still does actually.
Avatar m tn At age 58 in August of 2011 I had my right hip replaced as a result of Osteoarthritis. Then after 2 weeks developed severe pain again that was not relieved by anything. I was made to wait for 5 months before Insurance Companies would allow any further surgery. Then in January 2012 my second surgery to my right hip was done. This seemed to be better for a while. Now in January 2013 at the one year mark I have developed severe pains to my right hip area that travels all the way around my leg.
Avatar f tn MRI results show that my hip joint is degenerating (early onset of osteoarthritis), I have tendonosis of my iliopsoas muscles, and grade 1 strains of my adductors and quadratus femorus. The pain is spreading from my buttock to my knee and midway up my back. I have tingling in my shins as well. There are days that I can not walk properly. I recently have had an injection in my SI joint, it did not help.
Avatar f tn Those results showed some activity in that area along with minor osteoarthritis I do not need a hip replacement so I am left with pain that is idiopathic. I am wondering if it is muscular because when I lift my right leg, or turn over at night, I cannot straighten my right leg. It is almost as if it is contracted at the hip. I.have to slowly rotate my leg to the right and slowly straighten it. This results in my entire leg tightening up and spamming. Then I can put weight on it.
Avatar m tn My ortho sent me for an MRI and he said I had Spondylolisthesis. He treated it with Physical Therapy (which didn't work) and with Pain meds. He retired about a year and a half ago and I can't find someone who will treat me because its a "Chronic Condition. I was finally sent to a pain clinic. The Dr there wants me to have Facet injections and I am so afraid to try that. I have had some cortisone injections that have done nothing.
Avatar m tn This is associated with focal defects in the immediately adjacent articular cartilage of the femoral head and the acetabulum. Impression 1. Osteoarthritis of the right hip characterized by degenerative tearing of the labrum and focal defects in the articular cartilage. 2. The contour of the femoral head and the appearance of the acetabulum on the pelvis x-ray suggests that the patient is likely impinging due to both pincer and CAM type morphology.
Avatar m tn I did a ton of core strengthening, massage therapy, back stabilization, stim/ice therapy, ultrasound etc. You name it and I'm sure I have tried it. Physical therapy would usually fix me up for a few months, but after some time the pain would return. Finally, after years of making limited progress a chiropractor decided to test me for a leg length discrepancy. He said the absolute best way is a standing X-ray without shoes. Sure enough I was off by 10mm.
Avatar f tn Went to an orthopedic and he did an mri and I suggested therapy and wearing a belt. He agreed and I Started therapy. The therapist would make my hip go out and one leg would be longer than the other and painful so I would go to the chiropractor to put it in. Changed orthopedics and he thought it was sciatic and I went to PT and also had my back in traction. He sent me to a pain doctor who injected pain killers and steroids in the sciatic joint.
3134561 tn?1342629375 Hip replacement surgery is one of the most prescribed treatments for hip problems. The Stryker hip replacement recall broadens definition of metal-on-metal hip. There are several people all over the world who are dealing with hip pain problems on a daily basis. Hip pain usually occurs to people that are in the age groups of the young generation (from 0 to 15 years) and the older generation (45 years old up), medical experts say. Below are signs that one needs to consult a doctor.
991524 tn?1249345393 I am leaning toward the labrum surgery, but wonder, what if I just kept up with therapy, would the tear mend itself ? I was told the hip with degenerate faster without the repair. Any input anyone? Thanks so much!
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing numbness in my left hip. It started after I had an unusually long sleep and I woke up laying on my left side with numbness and pain in my left hip/thigh. This was 2 weeks ago. Ever since then I have been trying to avoid laying on my left side and it seems to help. However after I move in my sleep to my left side, I will wake up hours later in pain.
Avatar n tn I was just diagnoised with a labral tear of my right hip, was not told exactly where but was told by my orthopedic that I had to go to another specialist that does the arthroscopic surgery. I have been dealing with my hip pain for over 3 years and was always told it was from bursitis until I found this doctor that finally diagnoised me with my tear.
Avatar n tn In 2009 I underwent a total hip replacement of my right hip due to osteonecrosis. Earlier this year I started experiencing thigh pain on my left hip that is almost identical to the pain I had before the total hip replacement. I consulted an orthopaedic surgeon who ordered an xray. The xray showed that the femoral head had what looked like a diagonal flat stop across the top. I was told that it was osteoarthritis and a pain medication shot was ordered.
Avatar n tn This a disorder of boys aged about 8-10 of unknown cause, and involves 'aseptic necrosis' (lack of blood supply causing degeneration) of the femoral heads (top of the leg bone that fits in to the hip). This causes hip and/or knee pain bilaterally. One can see some joint space widening on plain xray but ,ay not. MRI should reveal the diagnosis and should be done as soon as possible. Infection in the hip joint should always be considered and excluded.
Avatar n tn Hi, I can understand from your post that she is indeed having hip pain and radicular pain too. Common causes of hip pain include dislocation, fracture, and osteoarthritis. Axial low back pain with a referral pain pattern may also occur in the hip. It is more common, however, for axial low back pain with referral pain to occur in the buttocks and/or leg(s) in a pattern that is difficult to localize.
Avatar n tn Hi, After experiencing acute jabs of pain in my right hip when I walked, my PCP referred me to a rheumatologist and I had an X-ray done. The diagnosis was "osteoarthritis of the right hip" with a calcium deposit on a tendon near my hip. That supposedly was why I was experiencing all the stabbing pain. I also have severe degeneration of the discs of my back. The acute pain has sort of disappeared and now it is a more subtle pain that is located more in the groin area of the hip.
4226456 tn?1354123528 Today it is hurting where my inner thigh connects to the hip joint, but the hip joint also seems to pop out all together, only for a couple excruciating seconds, when I first stand up.
Avatar f tn Do you have any associated condition such as osteoarthritis or femoroacetabular impingement wherein there is much friction in your hip joint, and it puts you at a greater risk of a hip labral tear Exercises to maximize hip range of motion and hip strength and stability can help to improve symptoms Consult your physical therapist who can analyze your movements which you perform that put stress on your hip joint. This would help you relive and avoidstressful forces.
1448748 tn?1312959808 I have had severe joint type pain since october that has gotten worse and worse since then and Ive tried physical therapy and I also had a sacro illiac joing injection that seemed to help after 5 days it seemed to help the low back area, but not the hips or legs, then after about 8-9 days I got a little bit of releif through my hips for about 3 days and then all of the pain came back... and now it seems as though I have another type of pain on top of it...
Avatar f tn - Porous cansicum plaster - I have since been told I have hip bursitis from a rheumatoligst, and he gave me 6 costizone shots in one day, 2 went in my hip bones, 2 went in my back bones, and 2 in the butt bones, The cortizone needles didn't work at all... and the rhumy doctor ended up saying to me: I have too many problems... He was one of many doctor's that is confused on how I have all this going on and it's like i'm a puzzel still to this day..