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Avatar n tn Everyone develops arthritis as they age. Being overweight definitely puts more stress on your hip joints, but there are strengthening exercises that can be done. A chiropractor might be able to help as well. Sometimes hip pain can be a symptom of lower back problems. Hope you get your answers.
Avatar f tn MRI results show that my hip joint is degenerating (early onset of osteoarthritis), I have tendonosis of my iliopsoas muscles, and grade 1 strains of my adductors and quadratus femorus. The pain is spreading from my buttock to my knee and midway up my back. I have tingling in my shins as well. There are days that I can not walk properly. I recently have had an injection in my SI joint, it did not help.
Avatar m tn I have had repeated physical therapy courses whereby they give me stretching, strengthening exercises and attempt to 'release' the piriformis muscles (being so taut). I don't believe they have ever been 100% successful. I have also had the US and hot packs/massage to help.
Avatar m tn I read somewhere that physical therapy or doing my own back strengthening exercises is helpful. I just want to have a good night sleep without the constant throbbing, aching pain. This is the 20th century and I feel so barbaric. I know there are people out there with chronic pain, and that they know how to manage it or get rid of it with or without surgery. Does anyone have any advise for me. Sleepless in misery, Missouri.
Avatar m tn Treatment plan would be as follows like first-line treatment includes rest, ice, elevation of the joint, physical therapy emphasizing stretching and strengthening exercises, bracing, and crutches until weight-bearing is comfortable. Surgery is rarely necessary. Keep me informed about your decision and if any queries persist. Bye.
Avatar f tn But my right leg is a little bit shorter than the left leg, and the muscles in my right thigh are smaller and somewhat atrophied compared to the muscles in m left leg. My x-rays show some early osteoarthritis in my right hip, and my right hip is pretty deformed and flattened out on top. I struggle to remain active. I too enjoy working out - weight lifting, hiking, cycling, etc - but it can be pretty difficult to do on some days.
Avatar m tn If you have access to a health club or have home equipment, you should do leg-strengthening exercises — especially those that exercise the quadriceps, hamstrings, and muscles of the hip area. Damaging exercises include high-impact exercises, aerobics, and jogging long distances, especially on hard surfaces. I suggest walking and the use of cable or free weights. Start with no weight and gradually work up to heavier weights.
1652468 tn?1302904098 If you have access to a health club or have home equipment, you should do leg strengthening exercises especially those that exercise the quadriceps, hamstrings, and muscles of the hip area. Damaging exercises include high-impact exercises, aerobics, and jogging long distances, especially on hard surfaces. I like walking and the use of cable or free weights. Start with no weight and gradually work up to heavier weights.
1415174 tn?1453246703 So, I am at a loss right now other than doing the walking and stretches. I have some strengthening exercises like the bridge, ball against the wall squats, the clam (lay on your side, knees bent and lift the bad side (knee) up). I am trying to go slower this time. I am thinking of getting an opinion from my PT that didn't hurt me but I don't if he will do it without me letting him do a physical. I am actually too weak to do the exercises he had me start with last time.
Avatar n tn Your symptoms of grinding, popping and stiffness indeed suggest that you are having osteoarthritis. Any grinding is characteristic of osteoarthritis; locking and catching are characteristic of meniscus injuries and osteochondritis dissecans (meniscus injuries are much more common than osteochondritis dissecans); and giving way is more characteristic of ligamentous injuries.
Avatar f tn ) I didn't understand because I haven't really got anyone like instructors to tell me about the different treatments like Pilates, only a physio who is only giving me strengthening exercises which, to me seems too obvious but I don't feel happy with doing too much at the moment as they, including my physio doesn't know what is wrong, even though I've had X-rays and MRI. I am going to demand some more tests as they are ignoring my problem and are not helping me very much at all.
Avatar n tn Just simple stretches, hip flexors and strengthening exercises using the exercise bands the therapist sent home with me. Don't get me wrong, I am not back to 100%, but so much better than I was a year ago (I'd say maybe 80% - 90%). Still cannot stand for long periods of time without my legs starting to feel weak. But, no longer experiencing burning, numbness or tingling sensations anywhere in my body.
17440821 tn?1456757510 I am glad you mentioned the potential for stiffness and the importance of strengthening exercises after surgery. This worries me because I have had a great deal of stiffness since a car wreck about three years ago. I will definitely make this a point I bring up with my surgeon while I'm hashing out all of my questions for him prior to the procedure.
Avatar n tn Hi was just reading about your back and I have the same trouble , am full of osteoarthritis and just had a thr a month ago but while my hip is fine it's my back that's the problem, walking ,doing dishes , getting out of bed in the mornings etc and my lower back gets to a point were my legs won't work and I stiffen up completely , the doctors just keep upping my morphine but am going to a chronic pain clinic next week so I hope they will look into it more .
748543 tn?1463449675 I went to yoga class for a few years and wore my splint at night off and on for several years, but eventually I stopped each. He did mention that I would have a risk of developing osteoarthritis later in life in my right jaw. Forward on to 2016 and I started to notice my neck and shoulders tightening. I do not know if there is an association but last summer I did fall off a boat and hit my head on a wood dock .....I ended up cracking the 2x4 where my head landed....
Avatar n tn I do the physical therapy exercises I learned from my hip replacement therapy when this becomes a huge problem. It does help. I will do biking, backward walking on the treadmill and the elliptical occasionally during the week at Snap Fitness. It helps. I went through my change of life at 50. I do have arthritis in the other hip as well and that will need to be replaced someday.
Avatar dr m tn Diclofenac Patches, Omega 3 FA supplements, very strict core strengthening etc. In the month after this visit, I've done it all and also experimented with excluding some of the items to see WHAT works. It was the Celebrex that gave me the most relief. Remember the main reason I was so skeptical was that I had tried Celebrex PRIOR to surgery and it did nothing. But that physical problem and the pain was so intense NO NSAID was going to touch it.
Avatar n tn I would also recommend Pilates and Yoga based exercises when someone's pain levels begin to decrease for stabilization. Also see a book called Pain Free by Pete Egoscue. I am not selling these products or pushing them. These are recommendations for those in spinal pain and cannot find solutions. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Went to my gp they refered me to ortho consult he ordered ultrasound and mri they showed swelling and fluid around my sacral joint/hip. He said i had osteoarthritis in my right sacral joint/hip.He gave me local anesthetic injection into my lower back which gave me relief for about two days.Then i was refered to a spinal surgeon.He disagreed with the arthritis diagnosis as my pain was getting worse and worse.Ihave had so many pain killers i give up finding 1 that works.
Avatar n tn I hobble and my leg muscles are noticibly smaller, to the point friends and family mention it. MRIs of spine, hip and knee show nothing, and steroid epidurals gave minimal relief. I've posted a question to the doctor in hopes he will guide me on how best to "bother" my local doctors in digging deeper for a diagnosis and CURE. If I ever get answers, I'll be sure to let y'all know. In the meantime, keep looking because if we have the same thing, it will only get worse.
Avatar n tn I try various stretching exercises, some feel good, some don't. Good luck to you - do you think you could have something like arthritis?? Maybe, if you haven't done so, you could get some bloodwork done.
Avatar n tn Hi Dear Synvisc is used to relieve knee pain due to osteoarthritis (OA). It is approved for those patients who do not get adequate relief from painkillers such as acetaminophen, or from exercise and physical therapy. Synvisc is injected directly into the joint to restore the lubricating properties of normal joint fluid. The therapy is generally well tolerated. However, it may not work for everyone.
Avatar f tn I am thinking regular detox is important, regular strengthening exercises and watching my diet. Those are all great things regardless of why I have been experiencing this joint pain, so it's all good either way of course. It's just a little too ironic to me that my joint pain is in the exact areas that were first affected yrs ago and that taking acyclovir makes it go away.
Avatar n tn My bonescan scan showed hotspots in SI Joints an right hip i have had steroid injections in si 2 times, right hip joint today,facet joint and a complete nerve ablasion last yr. none of it helped. Anyway the disc protrusion will tell if i need fusion done.
Avatar n tn I did PT recommended stretching exercises 4 times per day and standing exercises once per day and quad strengthing exercises on alternate days. If the stretching doesn't hurt then you are wasting your time. I have no pain and had 125 degrees flexion and 0 degrees extension with my left knee at three months. At 5 weeks I have 120 degree flexion and 3-5 degrees extension on my right knee. I think good muscle tone, ice therapy and frequent stretching are prime factors in my easy recovery.
4226456 tn?1354123528 Either way, I also plan to continue walking and exercising and doing strengthening exercises. Some yoga moves are also helpful and help strengthen. I hope to steer clear of most of the western medicine type pills. I might look into Limbrel (thanks, Ceanothus). The thing is, I feel pretty good, much better than before Tx, so I am not complaining. However, if I could get rid of this problem, I would feel even better.
Avatar n tn bone graph was taken from my left hip, doctor takes from the hip because theres plenty of bone to use for graphing. the hip feels like a really bad charlie horse. i feel like an old man walking around, it's a little difficult turning around in bed. i've found stuffing 2 pillows into 1 pillow case works better 4 me to rest my arm, last night i had a fever of 100.6, fingers very swollen, and exposed fore arm very red. i called the Docs office around 7:30pm.
211940 tn?1267884866 I also lost the use of my legs at that time and had to keep strengthening them so as to walk again. But I still can't scooch and just stand up. It's an all out effort. But this all led to having an operation in August of 2007 as I was down to about 109 lbs. could no longer eat without vomiting and severe pain.
Avatar n tn I get ligament problems in my feet, achillies and knees and I thihnk sometimes my hip pain is more tendon that joint pain. I had physio thereapy to teach me how to walk in a way that did not make certain joints worse and to strengthen some muscles to reduce the strain. I had inserts made for my shoes which where great although I didn't continue my prescription for them as I also have ADHD and I'm rubbish at doing important things like that. The therapy helped a lot but I still have pain.
Avatar n tn (discectomy with metal plate and four screws) In 2005, started having neck and shoulder pain and went to physical therapy. They had be doing neck strengthening exercises, that put me in terrible pain. So then just tried to live with it. In 2006 it progressively got worse, I started having symptoms in the left shoulder and down the left arm in partnership with the muscle and neck pain already. Many physical therapy appointments, trialing different pain meds, and other items....