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Avatar n tn Realy no answer till my second MRI that stated that I had Osteoarthritis in my right hip and Spine. No realy relief of pain with oa treatment to my right hip. But big news my Dr. just told me that he thinks I have PIRFORMIS SYNDROM. Look it up on the internet and you would be suprised at how much it sounds like our pain. Not so good news it that it is really hard to treat. I'll keep you informed of what my pain Dr. thinks of this diagnoses.
Avatar n tn my period finally became normal andfor aybe the past four months i've been feeling sick i've taken pregnancy tests all came up negative.
1544019 tn?1318508126 My shoulder, my elbow (probably the worst along with my knee), my wrist, my hip, my knee and my ankle. My husband actually called a pregnancy hotline today and the woman there said it's okay to take Enbrel up until about one week prior to delivering. So that gave me some relief. Then she proceeded to tell him all the complications that just having Rheumatoid Arthritis can carry - stillbirths, preterm labor, etc. I was thinking, "Oh, great!
Avatar f tn If you have arthritis in the hip joints, then with a pregnancy this will put more strain and pressure on your hip joints and cause more discomfort. When some joints like the hips and knees are so bad then a doctor may refer the person for joint replacement surgery. You can take anti-inflammatory drugs, apply heat or sometimes cold to help. There are also different herbal remedies to help ease inflammation and different types of minerals as well as cod liver oil for joints.
Avatar f tn But my right leg is a little bit shorter than the left leg, and the muscles in my right thigh are smaller and somewhat atrophied compared to the muscles in m left leg. My x-rays show some early osteoarthritis in my right hip, and my right hip is pretty deformed and flattened out on top. I struggle to remain active. I too enjoy working out - weight lifting, hiking, cycling, etc - but it can be pretty difficult to do on some days.
Avatar n tn Hello, I had a CT scan done when I was 33 yrs old and was told that I had osteoarthritis of the sacroiliac and spine with generalized osteoporosis. I now have a diagnosis of probable reactive arthritis with axial involvement 13 years later. My question is about the CT scan. Could this be sacroiliitis rather than osteoarthritis: Findings: There is mild periarticular sclerosis in both SI joints associated with mild SI joint narrowing. Definite bony erosions are not identified.
Avatar n tn Hi, Congratulation's that you are pregnant again. Keep yourself relaxed and enjoy our pregnancy. When any patient complains of “knee pain,” the initial differential diagnosis in most of the cases includes: Osteoarthritis, Ligament damage, Meniscus damage or Patello-femoral disorder. I think what you are having is either a ligament injury or a Patello-femoral disorder. When did your pain begin, what were you doing at the time, and what were the initial symptoms?
Avatar f tn I have the same kind of hip problems. In my case, it's osteoarthritis from years of joint abuse from ballet dancing. Ballet may be beautiful, but it's a killer on hips! My pain doc has done two hip injections for me, both in her office. The first round gave me a few weeks of noticeable relief, and the worst part was when she hit bone with the needle on one side. Whoa! I can't even describe that feeling it was so awful and shot straight down my leg.
1716849 tn?1308876749 But while the old pain is gone, there's still a cracking sound when I stretch it, occasional stiffness, sometimes some aching, I still can't run on it (it feels like it'll shatter), I can't kneel on it at church, and after a while at work, it gets sore and stiff, and so does my hip for some reason. It just feels so delicate - not at all like my right leg. I'd like to know what this means. For my future. I'd love to be a runner. I want to kneel at my wedding - the whole time!!
454186 tn?1388978568 straight legs bending test, hand fingertip 20 cm from the ground, straight leg extension waist test was negative, straight-leg raising test negative, highly sensitive point in the bilateral hip tenderness, bilateral thigh roots , Whitty knees hip-leg test was negative, cervical spine in all directions rotation, the head will lead to increased symptoms. Diagnosis: spinal soft tissue damage, with eye pain.
Avatar n tn One said it was something called chrondomalacia (which is wearing out of the cartilage), another said it was what I think you might have, ITB tendonitis (this can start from the hip and go down the leg), and the last one said it was osteoarthritis or possibly rheumatoid arthritis. What I do is I look everything up on the internet to find out as much as I can. What bothers me about your post is that you say you have pain in your fingers. So that has nothing to do with your knees or legs.
Avatar f tn I'm curious if these pains began AFTER your first pregnancy or DURING the first pregnancy or BEFORE the first Pregnancy. I hope that you will consult a Dr. and get a diagnosis as quickly as you can. I just had a thought, does your town where yo live have a free clinic at the Health Department that might be able to help you since you have no insurance. Also, I was wondering is there any arthritis in your Family History?
5901808 tn?1376380252 Let me apologize for the length of this post, but I have A LOT wrong with me. My name is Natasha and I am 24 years old. 2 years ago I saw an orthopedic doctor for some mild to moderate pain in my back. I was 5 months pregnant at the time, but I had 2 kids before and the back pain was much worse then pregnancy pain. Immediately after I had the baby they wanted an MRI.
1629578 tn?1299818494 My 2 rods start at T3 and end at L2, they took bone off my left hip at the time of surgery to fuse the spine. I have been in and out of doctor's offices, counselors, physical therapy, seen many massage therapists, chiropractors, multiple prescription use, and also have used many modalities of alternative medicine. Because I suffer from chronic pain all the time, fibromyalgia symptoms, myofascial pain (tons of knots in the muscles...
1207048 tn?1282177904 Second, I'm not sure how old you are but my guess is you've seen enough years to be feeling the pangs of osteoarthritis (also known as degenerative joint disease). In addition, you've seen a pregnancy or six along the way. You may already know that hormones of pregnancy temporarily soften bone and make it hard for joints to bear the extra weight on your frame at those times. It's quite possible to have symptoms in one knee and not the other.
1823499 tn?1370093889 sprain, dislocation, subluxation and hyperextension Early onset of osteoarthritis Easy bruising Dysautonomia typically accompanied by Valvular heart disease (such as mitral valve prolapse, which creates an increased risk for infective endocarditis during surgery, as well as possibly progressing to a life-threatening degree of severity of the prognosis of mitral valve prolapse) Flat feet High and narrow palate, resulting in dental crowding Vulnerability to chest and sinus infections Fragile bl
1033336 tn?1252509731 Following then onwards, I have experince pain trobbing at the back, in between the joint of knees, in between the hip joint, upper and lower both of the legs, at the joints of the arms, in between fingers, at the palm of hands and feet. Am i suffering from fibromyalgia? Do i need to do a full body check-up for diagnosis?
Avatar f tn He said it was my sciatica nerve, which that's what a lot of people had said but I was just wondering if that could run along the outside of right hip and down. He gave me a shot of steroids and then gave me mathacarbomal ( spelled wrong ) he said was a muscle relaxer and I asked if this would cover it up or make it go away, he said it would go away but it still hurts really bad.
1279189 tn?1275248468 But since my 2 year old I have put on 60 lbs over the pregnancy and 2 years. It is defenitaly hereditary for me...weight is always an issue and is a whole other subject which I plan on addressing here on this site for support. This site is great and I am now addicted to it and all of it's information...Everyone seems very real and honest. My family is not completely aware how dependent I am on the pills and hate the idea that I brought the patches home.
Avatar f tn 76 ... And said that it was because I had two pregnancy ..and since my c3 and c4 was in normal range That I didn't have lupus , And just diagnosed me with chronic neck , back,hip, knee pain , fybromiagia ,alopecia, hypothyroidism ,malaise ... So he put me on lyrica high mg and I'm really hypersensitive to meds with chronic constipation .he told me to come back in three months and redo labs.. So I became so discouraged and frustrated and started researching myself and became quit concerned ..
Avatar f tn I began weight training and since then have not had any issues with my sciatic until my last pregnancy when I stopped the training. I just attribute that to weight gain and have not had a problem since then Age 28 During pregnancy lost my peripheral vision for 2 days had a walk in eye exam where nothing was found as to what the cause would be and was told that it may be some sort of painless migrane.
Avatar m tn I increased my Meth dose up to 70mgs prior to the operation. After the sergury in had to MORE HIP PAIN!!!! excellent result.The Osteoarthritis was cut out and gone.*I FEEL GREAT!!!! REgarding the Methadone i have a very long history of using percocet ,oxycontin for both or 3 reasons !pain,2Pleasure 3 Money,i made money off them.
931217 tn?1283484935 [10-13] Most females recovery fully from c-sections, though the risks of such surgery are likely greater than those of a planned spay surgery due to the emergency nature of the procedure and the often compromised health of the female due to the dystocia. Much less common risks of pregnancy, such as pregnancy toxemia, diabetes mellitus, uterine torsion, uterine rupture, and pregnancy-associated pyelonephritis (kidney infection) can all be prevented by neutering.
1763947 tn?1334058919 network meta-analysis. BMJ. 2010 Sep 16;341:c4675. doi: 10.1136/bmj.c4675. Review. PubMed PMID: 20847017; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC2941572.
Avatar n tn My joint pain started with my last pregnancy, escalated until I finally got dx over a year ago with hcv.
Avatar n tn A related discussion, <a href="/posts/Undiagnosed-Symptoms/17-year-old-suffering-hip-hands-and-back-chronic-pain/show/1822988">17 year old suffering hip hands and back chronic pain</a> was started.
Avatar n tn Went to my gp they refered me to ortho consult he ordered ultrasound and mri they showed swelling and fluid around my sacral joint/hip. He said i had osteoarthritis in my right sacral joint/hip.He gave me local anesthetic injection into my lower back which gave me relief for about two days.Then i was refered to a spinal surgeon.He disagreed with the arthritis diagnosis as my pain was getting worse and worse.Ihave had so many pain killers i give up finding 1 that works.
Avatar f tn but I would like to get my dizziness under control and my pain. (sadly I also have Osteoarthritis in my spine) Im 39!!!!! But I only weigh 108 so its not due to my weight. Hopefully we can find out whats going on with us. Good luck on the 16th!
Avatar n tn Because of the constant pain after my first surgery I spent a lot of time on bedrest and as a result I developed osteoporosis. I now have osteoarthritis. Some days the pain in my back and hip are so bad I han hardly walk or even stand up. I had a baby just a year ago and the pain in my hip and back were so bad the last 2 months of pregnancy that I couldn't walk without assistance. I ended up having to be induced 2 weeks early because I couldn't take the pain anymore.
Avatar n tn My worry is that if I were running for some reason, or just walking at a fast pace -- normal for me -- the weakness in the groin area would cause me to fall suddenly, possibly injuring my hip. I haven't seen any docs about this because it would probably entail endless, very expensive tests, with a possible "no diagnosis" or "ambiguous, multi-opinioned diagnosis." Anyone out there with a clue ... especially about the feeling of extreme weakness when it happens?