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Avatar n tn Hi a year ago I visited my GP with left hip and upper thigh pain. He sent me for an X-Ray which showed early arthritis changes. He sent for a course of Physiotherapy which I attended for 6months. In the end I stopped going because after the initial mild improvement in pain there was no further improvement. I am taking 1500mg Glucosamine Sulphate + 1200mg Marine Chondroitin + 1000mg Omega 3 fish oil daily.
1459410 tn?1285698605 I just found this forum, though I've been a member of the chronic pain forum for months now. I developed osteoarthritis young. I can remember back to my twenties and feeling it on and off, though it was mild. My mom was debilitated by it and on my dad's side, I had two aunts crippled by it. I'm 48 now and have it in my hands, hips, knee, back and ankle. The worst is my hand. I won't go into too much detail as it's a very long story but I think I have the details in my profile.
1958417 tn?1325114532 Dear Jayluv, welcome to the medhelp forum. Your pain could be associated with the clip left during the previous hip surgery. This would need re exploration of the joint possibly. An old clip left would now have become impacted and exploring would cause significant blood loss. There may be early osteoarthritis changes in the joint causing pain and stiffness. Painkillers may help; intraarticular injection of steroids may be tried.
1388332 tn?1285350047 Have you checked with your Doctor at all concerning this pain in your Hip? You might be encountering the beginnings of Osteoarthritis in your Hip Joint. I've lived with that for the past 36 years. I've had 2 hip implants and I'm getting ready for a third in September. It would benefit you to make an appointment with your PCP (Family Doctor) and see what they think and depending what they discover from possibly some x-rays go on to either an Orthopedic Specialist or a Rheumatologist.
Avatar f tn It is not unusual to have groin or low pelvic pain that is referred from the a joint problem. You may have osteoarthritis of the hip joint. Pain running down the leg can be from the hip or could indicate a structural issue in the spine. Only imaging of the area will provide you with the correct answers. I hope you will make an appointment with your PCP to find a solution to your pain. We will look forward to your updates. Best of luck to you and as always, take care.
Avatar f tn I had this happen to me and it was caused from Osteoarthritis in my hip. It would cause the pain to radiate down my leg all the way to my toes as you are experiencing. I had to have a THR (Total Hip Replacement) done when I was 35 years old to get the pain taken care of. I've had 2 others since then, over a 30 year period of time. (the first one lasted for 26 years.) But it's my understanding that SI Joint disease can also do this. That's why you need to get it narrowed down.
Avatar m tn I was just about your age. I was 27 when I was diagnosed with the osteoarthritis in my hip joint and needed it then, HOWEVER, back in '74 the implants were brand new and made for elderly - over 80 years old only - as they wouldn't have lasted more than approx 5 to 10 years on me. So they had me put it off and I did for over 7 years, until I was 35, and that RUINED my back because of the way I had to walk and use a cane and limped.
Avatar m tn 1.Femoroacetabular impingement syndrome 2.Hip Dysplasia 3.Osteoarthritis You may need to see an Orthopaedic Hip Preservation Specialist, for proper evaluation and treatment. Take care.
Avatar m tn Hi Kristen and welcome to the forum. Fortunately there are many things you can do for Spondylolisthesis. Prolotherapy,also known as Regenerative Injection Technique, in which dextrose is injected every 2-4 weeks into affected joints, ligaments and tendons to stimulate collagen and connective tissue repair. This promotes your body’s own ability to heal chronic injury/damage by initiating a controlled inflammatory response and usually 3-6 treatments are sufficient.
1522912 tn?1292053850 Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! A repeat dopplar study of the involved leg should be done to rule out inflammation of veins, lymphatics and clots in veins. A MRI of the inflamed area should be done.
Avatar m tn Hello Everyone. I want to share my hip problem ordeal with everyone. Each person and each diagnosis is different, but maybe someone out there could benefit from what I have learned from my pain experience. I am a 25 years old male. I have been dealing with hip pain since I was a child on and off. I ran cross country and track in high school. Every season that I could remember, I was plagued by a nagging pain deep in my left buttocks.
Avatar f tn I am a 31 yo female wo has been experiencing very sharp pain in my left groin / inner hip for 4 months. The pain occurs when I turn my hip inward and it limits my movement. Recently, I have also developed a tingling sensation in my left foot. Not sure if these two are related or not. I had a pelvic MRI 17 months ago for a lump in my left pelvis, which turned out to be nothing. Would the MRI have picked up anything serious in the hip area?
469901 tn?1276567223 Welcome to the arthritis forum! Here you will find a wonderful group of friends who have arthritis, think they have arthritis or are being diagnosed. We are patients, not doctors, and through our combined experiences, we have much information we can share to help you as you go through the steps of getting a diagnosis, or if you're newly diagnosed, we can offer suggestions on how to cope.
Avatar m tn I have left hip pain that comes for about a week at a time and then disappears for months. Sometimes the pain is not so bad during these 'episodes' and others its unbearable. My hip will hurt and then it goes down the back of my leg all the way to the knee, and sometimes my lower back on the left side will hurt as well, not exactly where the spine is but... I was just wondering if anyone knew what this was caused from? Haven't been able to find any answers. Thanks so much for your time!
Avatar m tn This was a marvel of anatomy I learned when my doc told me I had about 80% bone on bone osteoarthritis in my left hip. I was 49 then (53 now). The "too young for hip replacement" thinking relates to a) Total hip replacement (THR) and b) The knowledge that total hip replacements last about 20 years. A THR requires that a lot of bone be removed. This means that when the 20 year warranty is up, and they have to replace the replacement, there is not enough bone to do it easily.
Avatar m tn Yes, 21 is very young to be getting a hip implant, however, I wasn't much older, 28, when I was told in 1974 that I needed a hip implant because of Osteoarthritis. At that time the hip implants were quite knew and my Doctor had me put it off until I couldn't stand the pain anymore because in 1974 the implants were only good for about 5 to 10 years in someone as young and active as I was. I managed to go until I couldn't stand the pain anymore which was another 7 years when I was 35 yrs old.
Avatar m tn Hi Sporting, I am glad that you found us at the Pain Management Forum of MedHelp but I am sorry to hear about your hip pain. I am not a physician but it sounds to me as though you may be suffering from bursitis. The bursae in the hip is the largest in the body and when inflamed can be extremely painful. When mine flares up the sharp pain in my hip can bring me to my knees. A quick injection of a corticosteroid can produce miraculous results.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with DDD and have also had two hip implants ( the SAME hip twice). I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis when I was 29 years old in my hip. I needed the hip implant then. But because it was a pretty new procedure then (that was 35 years ago, I'm going to be 64 in July) the doctors had me wait as long as I could so they would have time to perfect a better hip implant. I finally had it done 6 years later at the age of 35 and there was NO hip joint left in my body.
Avatar n tn In all probability you have osteoarthritis of hip joint due to injury (and not due to aging). You would need to consult an orthopedic specialist for this. Please go through this link to learn more: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/arthritis.html It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn Realy no answer till my second MRI that stated that I had Osteoarthritis in my right hip and Spine. No realy relief of pain with oa treatment to my right hip. But big news my Dr. just told me that he thinks I have PIRFORMIS SYNDROM. Look it up on the internet and you would be suprised at how much it sounds like our pain. Not so good news it that it is really hard to treat. I'll keep you informed of what my pain Dr. thinks of this diagnoses.
1448748 tn?1312959808 Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! The hip pain could be due to osteoarthritis, tendonitis, muscle pull and strain, femoral neck stress fractures, sports hernia or hidden/occult hernia of oblique aponeurosis, or Obturator or ilioinguinal nerve entrapment. You would need all or any of the following for diagnosis: Clinical examination by an orthopedic specialist, X-rays, blood tests, MRI or ultrasonography. Otherwise it can also be exacerbation of the spine problem since your last MRI.
975514 tn?1325001538 Hello and welcome to the Fibromyalgia/CFS forum on MedHelp. This forum is a place for people to come and share experiences with FMS and CFS. Some of you may have a diagnosis from your doctor, some of you may be seeking an answer for undiagnosed symptoms and some of you may be a relative or friend of one who is suffering. This is a great place to learn more and to gain support from others who suffer as well.
Avatar f tn I take it 3 or 4 times daily. I have severe osteoarthritis and need a total right hip replacement. I had a total left hip replacement 3 months ago.
Avatar f tn They sent me to a ortho dr who said my right hip was bone on bone. I had hip replacemnet surgery 05/09. Upon my recovery I noticed same problems on my left side, I had that hip replaced 12/09. I ordered the surgical reports and both stated rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. I am now enjoying a very improved quality of life. I can not do what I used to, but am very happy for what I can do at this point. What is the difference in types of arthritis????
1099697 tn?1257571013 Hi Welcome to the forum! You could be having severe osteoarthritis of the right hip joint. This causes inability to move the leg after a period of rest. Another possibility is compression of the sacral nerve roots of the spine causing sciatica. The level of pain will vary with the type of activity you are doing. Osteoarthritis itself can cause pinched nerves. You should ideally consult an orthopedic specialist and neurologist both.
Avatar n tn Thank you for visiting the Family Practice Forum. You mention the pain is in the hip and into the leg and appears to be relieved with Advil. It is most likely, based on the symptom complex you describe that she has an arthritic hip. Being overweight, of course makes matters worse. Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease. Its incidence increases with age. At least half of individuals over the age of 65 will have evidence of osteoarthritis on Xray.
Avatar n tn I had a positive ANA test, but other tests proved it to be nothing, and the only thing that the X-Rays and MRI's have shown is mild osteoarthritis in my lumbar back, right hip and feet. Nothing to explain the severity of pain in my tailbone and feet. What could be causing this pain and who should I see for it?
1021831 tn?1331609448 the hip area and also the balance issue. At the same time I will tell him of the osteoarthritis and the hip replacements, they also want to know of my medications, I'll tell them of the Oxy. that my fam. dr. had me try. Thank you for your interest in my problem.
Avatar n tn Mild to moderate osteoarthritis. Right Hip: Quite marked osteoarthritis with joints space narrowing and prominent marginal ostoephytes, degenerative deformity of the femoral head also noted. Left Hip: Slightly less marked osteoarthritis joint space narrowing is also noted with small marginal osteophytes. Both Knees: slight joint space narrowing.