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1175033 tn?1492204828 I've had rheumatoid arthritis since age 5 and have had both hips replaced - obviously for a different reason from yours, but it really did improve my quality of life. One of my cousin's daughters had the hip deformity from birth as well, and spent much of her babyhood in a huge cast. She took ballet which I think helped stave off the inevitable, but she too will eventually need implants. It's very possible that your hip deformity is the source of your other aches and pains.
1378884 tn?1315509445 He found a deposit on the bone near hip as well. MRI tomorrow too. So if my hip feels better, pain goes away in foot then it may be that I have RA and Osteo which is exacerbated by the mechanical injury or visa versa. What do ya think, anyone?
3134561 tn?1342629375 · Injury that causes deformity around the hip joint. · Hip pain when lying down. · Difficulty bending the hips. · Pain in hip that lasts for more than a day. · Swelling in the hip joint or thigh area. There are several causes for hip pain; the reasons are different for each case. For the elderly, the most common cause is arthritis or a form of osteoarthritis.
Avatar n tn her one foot is beginning to turn and resembles a club foot but she was born with a normal foot. she has had a hip replacement and a knee replacement. she says the numbess started about the time she had problems with her hips before it was replaced. her left knee looks bowed and she waddles like a penquin when she walks and drags her right foot the one that looks like a club foot. any ideas on what could be causing this? she's been to a podiatrist and is having a brace made for her foot.
2052616 tn?1330382050 I am 29 a son on the way and just accepted the fact i needed to be on disability so i just got on it four months ago. i have severe osteoarthritis and major bone deformity on my femur ball,and am in chronic pain all the time, pain meds or not..i need a total hip arthroplasty sugery through an anterior incision, and i am having the hardest time finding a surge...
Avatar f tn Compression fractures occur due to osetoporosis. So the hip pain can be due to wrong pressure transmission to hips because of the deformity or due to osetoporosis or due to osteoarthritis. Please consult an orthopedic specialist. You may need X-rays and MRI of the hip joint and bone scan for confirmed diagnosis. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
2052616 tn?1330382050 I am 29 a son on the way and just accepted the fact i needed to be on disability so i just got on it four months ago. i have severe osteoarthritis and major bone deformity on my femur ball,and am in chronic pain all the time, pain meds or not..i need a total hip arthroplasty sugery through an anterior incision, and i am having the hardest time finding a surgeoun that accepts medicaid.
Avatar n tn Slightly less marked osteoarthritis joint space narrowing is also noted with small marginal osteophytes. Both Knees: slight joint space narrowing.
16888441 tn?1452159257 The scope of orthopedic specialists enables orthopedic surgeons to treat joint injuries as well as those caused by ligament, tendon, or nerve damage.
Avatar n tn Does any other family member have similar deformity? I was curious as the causes for acquired deformity is different from congenital deformity.
Avatar f tn I have crohn's, enteropathic arthritis, lupus, hosimoto thyroid and back issues...oh, DDD and osteoarthritis. I have retrolethesis at L3. Disk is pushing in, out os alignment on my spinal chord. The pain mgt doc gave me an epideral of steroids in Dec., it escalated the pain in my right leg, hips and back. He recently started me on butrans 5mcg/hr. It's help with the back pain. GI doc wanted me off...concerned about side effects.
20882598 tn?1563352428 There are different conditions which are responsible for the joint pains such as osteoarthritis, bursitis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, strains, sprains and other injuries. If you want to solve this problem then you can consult with doctors specializing in bursitis. Joint pain is extremely common, especially in old age group that needs the attention of doctors specializing in bursitis near me. You can go online and search doctors who specialize in rheumatoid arthritis.
454186 tn?1388978568 straight legs bending test, hand fingertip 20 cm from the ground, straight leg extension waist test was negative, straight-leg raising test negative, highly sensitive point in the bilateral hip tenderness, bilateral thigh roots , Whitty knees hip-leg test was negative, cervical spine in all directions rotation, the head will lead to increased symptoms. Diagnosis: spinal soft tissue damage, with eye pain.
1823499 tn?1370093889 sprain, dislocation, subluxation and hyperextension Early onset of osteoarthritis Easy bruising Dysautonomia typically accompanied by Valvular heart disease (such as mitral valve prolapse, which creates an increased risk for infective endocarditis during surgery, as well as possibly progressing to a life-threatening degree of severity of the prognosis of mitral valve prolapse) Flat feet High and narrow palate, resulting in dental crowding Vulnerability to chest and sinus infections Fragile bl
748543 tn?1463449675 I went to yoga class for a few years and wore my splint at night off and on for several years, but eventually I stopped each. He did mention that I would have a risk of developing osteoarthritis later in life in my right jaw. Forward on to 2016 and I started to notice my neck and shoulders tightening. I do not know if there is an association but last summer I did fall off a boat and hit my head on a wood dock .....I ended up cracking the 2x4 where my head landed....
488264 tn?1226523907 My condition is worsening and recently I saw a neurologist. I know I sometimes limp because of severe hip and leg pain but on this ocassion I was not in pain and thought I was walking normally. The neurologist took all my symptoms very seriously and ordered scans of my back and brain. In his letter to my doctor (a different one), he made a comment about my gait. He said it was normal but I walked in an antalgic way. I was not aware I was doing this.
Avatar n tn One of the chiropractors at the fair did some measurements and handed me a paper with a diagram on it that shows that my left hip is 2 1/2 inches higher than my right hip, the left shoulder is 7/8" higher and the head curves downward to the left. The screening showed that I am putting 12 lbs more weight on my right leg as opposed to my left.
1415174 tn?1453246703 I had a MRI of lower back and bone scan before injury #3 and it was totally normal. I had a hip Xray after injury 3 and it was also normal. After injury 3 I can cross my left leg over the right knee while sitting but not the same as the right side. When I try, the muscles in the left buttock are very tight and I get increased pain in the injury area mentioned above but it doesn't last into the next day.
Avatar n tn Today I read where psoriasis and Crohn's can be related. I am a borderline Crohn's patient with psoriasis and severe arthritis in my hip and pelvic area, causing night pain; excrutiating pain in the groin, pelvic & hip area. Have to flop over in bed because it hurts for the mattress to touch that side. Also, with having DDD, do you think that nerve entrapment could be causing this or just arthritis?
Avatar n tn Went to my gp they refered me to ortho consult he ordered ultrasound and mri they showed swelling and fluid around my sacral joint/hip. He said i had osteoarthritis in my right sacral joint/hip.He gave me local anesthetic injection into my lower back which gave me relief for about two days.Then i was refered to a spinal surgeon.He disagreed with the arthritis diagnosis as my pain was getting worse and worse.Ihave had so many pain killers i give up finding 1 that works.
552681 tn?1215136132 On October 28, 2008, I fell on concrete on my job and hit my head, neck shoulders on the refrigerator in our community center and landed on my left hip. I just got an MRI which c3-c4 broad-based disc bulge, c4-c5 right paracentral disc protrustion and proliferative cahnge. The foramina are patent. C7-T1 there is a mild bulge. There is limitation due to motion artifact. Please explain. I take medication which makes me drowsey and I can not take it at work only in the evenings.
Avatar n tn Just dropped in after kicking about 5 or 6 months ago. I started on tramadol for osteoarthritis pain and was on trammies for approx. 18 months before I wanted my life back. I was at 14 -20 pills a day (700 -1000 mg.) just to be "normal" and was going to 3 different docs to obtain that amount.
1216899 tn?1288573925 -Joints in my feet and legs were very painful, making it very hard to walk up and down stairs -Constant buzzing sensation on the souls of my feet now -Feeling of bugs crawling up my legs all the time -Sharp stabbing pains, like I'm being jabbed with a spike or very large needle -Burning sensation, mostly on the souls of my feet, but sometimes anywhere on my legs -Right leg, twice before, has had weird hot, electrical type sensation, almost felt like my skin on my leg was wrapped tightly with a
Avatar n tn A rare malformation where the base of the brain enters into the upper spinal canal. The extent of the deformity is greater in type 2 than type 1 and hence the symptoms are more severe and are often associated with a myelomeningocele (opening of the spine and spinal cord). ] Chiari 2 is usually dx in children. As far as ur concerns with the heaviness of ur head.....
Avatar n tn Im been testet and teastet by the doctors, but im perfectly healthy if you can put it that way. A few years ago i was in an accedent where i destroied my hip. It was very very stressful as i lost my job and all. 3month ago i broke up with my boyfriend and he moved out. Bla bla bla, but all this coust stress and hormon differences. The docters say i suffer from servere stress and they say it normal that your hair fall out 2-3 month after the "thing" that coust the stress.