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Avatar f tn In the back of my mind, I wonder if my neck pain was due to the degenerated discs/osteoarthritis or is it because of the torn cuff. I have to put the surgery on hold for cufff until I heal from the fusion. I am so tired of being in pain and I am having alot of trouble trying to cut back on the pain meds because the lower dosage doesn't help. Also I am wearing the bone growth stim. and was told I have to wear it for 6 months. I hate that thing, it hurts the back of my neck tremendously.
Avatar n tn told me he did was shave my bone spurs and replaced the 2 worst disc of my neck which were the 2 at the very bottom of neck, with bone graphs, plates and screws, which corrected my abnormal curve. I had it done in Nov.2010 and I'm still under the Dr.s care not released yet to go back to life before surgery. Well here it is almost a year and still have the pain and tension I had before surgery along with added grinding, crackling etc... But yet my Dr. tells me my surgery helped.