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1422385 tn?1282545985 It's time for a trip to the vet to find out what's happening. At 9, your pom is a senior and it may be something relatively simple like osteoarthritis. It may also be something more serious like a growth interfering with movement of the jaw joints. There's no point waiting and speculating - it's time for professional help so call and make that appointment today!
Avatar f tn I am hoping it was a blessing in disguise so that he didn't have no more suffering as he was misdiagnosed before that with osteoarthritis which we were treating him for 4 months. I feel so bad he had to have that pain before he died and then went through that terrible surgery. please let me know your thoughts....
Avatar f tn Yes, it's a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. Under indications, it says: "for the control of pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis in dogs." Good luck! I know I hate to see any of my 4 pups in pain!
1310633 tn?1430227691 Does anyone have any experience with, or heard of, Adequan, Cartrophen or Cortisone shots for the treatment of pain associated with hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, etc, in dogs? My English Mastiff has developed osteoarthritis in her right hind leg, and surgery isn't recommended this late in life, and an alternative to oral treatment (and far more effective from what the vet has told us, although MUCH more expensive), is shot treatment.
1388999 tn?1370046414 Deramaxx is a cox-II inhibitor like human Celebrex that worked the best for my dogs with osteoarthritis and one with hip dysplasia. Rimadyl is cheaper and worked fine for early symptoms but once they reached 10 or 11 years of age it just wasn't as effective. Tramadol (Ultram) is a pseudo-narcotic that can be used for pain in dogs. It's mild enough that most vets don't have a problem dispensing it for home use. You won't know until you ask your vet.
398377 tn?1201537925 Some of them, yes. Glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM found with the "people" meds are fine for dogs. Just make sure to check with your vet on dosages. There are also senior dog foods that contain varying amounts of these ingredients you may want to try as well. You could also check with Dr. Cheng on the Pet Health board here at Med Help for dosages. Does your dog have osteoarthritis or something more serious like hip dysplasia?
673877 tn?1225995294 Can you define "bad hip" in a bit more detail? Does your rottie have osteoarthritis or hip displaysia? In either case, I would go with rimadyl or deramaxx as an anti-inflammatory/ pain relief medication. For any joint issues, MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin can help the soft tissues of joints stay healthy longer. These substances won't repair already damaged tissues, but can keep them going longer. Have a talk with your vet about dosages for your rottie.
Avatar n tn It's used to chronically long term help with reducing osteoarthritis and protecting cartilage. Instead, I'd talk to your vet about getting your dog on a veterinary prescribed NSAID (a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory). You SHOULD not give him anything OTC - these can be very toxic to your dog. Examples of veterinary prescribed NSAIDS include Rimadyl, Deramaxx, etc. You may notice a quick improvement with these medications!
Avatar n tn Is there such a thing as Scurvy in dogs? She is having surgery for her hind legs ..but now we are concerned that she has some type of metabolic problem that makes her a high risk for surgery... Do you have any thoughts? Thank you so much...
Avatar n tn Tramadol is opiate based but considered safe for dogs. My pit was on rimadyl for a year or so, then we switched to metacam which the vet said was a little stronger, then after about 2 years we added the tramadol. Just last week we upped the tramadol as dogs can develop a tolerance just like humans. I have to say, the tramadol has made a huge difference in her continued mobility.
Avatar n tn what kind of dog is it? i have a pomeranian and have learned from him that all dogs with long hair tend to get hot spots just due to all of the fur contacting the skin and not letting the skin get any air. i recently had to shave my pom's back to let his skin cool down and so i could apply some anti-bacterial ointment on it.
Avatar m tn 2 parts to this question tess is very ill keeps having diarohea with some blood ,once every 3 to 4 weeks and also has severe arthritis when is enough enough also she has a sister brandy only been apart 2 nights in 15 years when she was in the vet hospital have to take tess back to vets on friday and if she does not improve !!!!!
1295500 tn?1272463527 Hopefully it's simple osteoarthritis or a soft tissue injury that will require only anti-inflammatory meds to get her back on her feet again.
931217 tn?1283484935 For example, a study of a small group of dogs of a single breed which has a high rate of a certain type of cancer might show neutered dogs more likely than intact dogs to have that cancer. But this might have nothing to do with the risks for a different breed which rarely gets that type of cancer.
Avatar f tn A few months ago he started limping on one hind leg for a few days so I brought him to the vet who said it could be the start of osteoarthritis. His food and water had previously been downstairs so the vet said to move it upstairs to prevent any falling incidents. He also gave me a sample of Metacam which he said to try for a few days and see if I noticed a difference. I didn't, so I have not been giving it to him.
Avatar f tn You know they treat patients like me w/o insurance like dogs. I had insurance then it was cancelled with out notice. Iam trying to obtain another source of affordable ins but meanwhile am getting worse. Please provide info. thank you for your time and efforts.
1679858 tn?1346768781 Most classes were ok, but when I did a class that involved a higher amount of planks or downward dogs, I once again could feel that weakness. I also started having slight pain in my arms, and then eventually my arms and legs. It would just be a dull ache, but this pain all began in January, right when I started the Yoga (I keep a journal). My last two sessions of Yoga led me to two to three days of extreme fatigue and pain in my arms and legs.
Avatar f tn I adopted a 15-year-old beagle in August. She has osteoarthritis, cataracts, deafness in one ear, periodontal disease, and the beginnings of congestive heart failure which has given her a bad cough. She's also very bloated. She's been taking furosemid (Lasix) for over a week and although she just started peeing more, the bloating hasn't changed. I wonder how much more to do for her, considering her age and her medical problems. The treatment is very expensive. She mostly sleeps.
Avatar f tn The drug in both forms is FDA-approved for dogs – the oral form is more often used to treat the symptoms of canine osteoarthritis. The injectable was approved for one-time use only in cats to manage postoperative pain. The oral form was not approved for use in cats at all. However, veterinarians are allowed to use medications in an “extra label” or “off label” manner, meaning they can legally prescribe oral meloxicam for cats." Please keep us updated, I hope all is well.
Avatar f tn but the supplements didn't stop my pains. You also could have a mixture of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid. Just my thoughts. I know what it's like to live with constant pain.
1519952 tn?1291097445 In humans however, having to get general anesthesia can worsen symptoms/progression of dementia (this was the case w/my dad) so it makes sense that it may do the same in dogs. Ben would also pace at night and continually get up from the bed. Apparently, humans w/dementia get restless inthe late afternoon (sundowning), and the canine version occurs at night. If he went downstairs he would often get lost in the corner until I went and got him. It is an exhausting thing to live with!
Avatar f tn As you have already stopped, perhaps you can ride out the withdrawals, but they may go on for some time. I too have osteoarthritis, but I do not take anti depressants now, just pain killers. I had really bad depression for many, many years, and now I am getting old, there is quite a lot of other things to contend with. But I am lucky that I am not on any prescribed medication.
Avatar f tn In dogs, the problem almost always appears by the time the dog is 18 months old( 1 yr, 6 months) The defect can be anywhere from mild to severely crippling, and can eventually cause severe osteoarthritis. It is most common in German Shepherd Dogs, Labrador or Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers and Mastiffs. It is known to be hereditary but can appear on it's own as well.There is no complete cure, although there are many options to alleviate the clinical signs.
Avatar n tn Methocarbamol and/or its metabolites are excreted in the milk of dogs; however, it is not known whether methocarbamol or its metabolites are excreted in human milk. Because many drugs are excreted in human milk, caution should be exercised when Robaxin is administered to a nursing woman. PEDIATRIC USE: Safety and effectiveness of Robaxin in pediatric patients below the age of 16 have not been established. OVERDOSAGE: Limited information is available on the acute toxicity of methocarbamol.
Avatar f tn I've just dropped the few friends that I did have without a care. Dogs (my favorite) cats, birds, tropical fish. Give me my animals and my grandchildren and I'm in 7th heaven. My grandchildren who live long distance got a Beagle a few months ago during my last visit down there and I could hardly contain my excitement. But getting back to the point. I read alot because it takes my mind off of my many worries and multiple health issues. I try to avoid going out of the house.
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1513702 tn?1290378769 Just so that you know - I have SEVERE DDD that encompasses my ENTIRE spine, as well as osteoarthritis throughout my ENTIRE body as well as a hip joint that was loose and would move in and out of place. I've JUST had surgery to take care of that and I'm recovering from that at this very moment. I wish you the VERY best and I hope that the Patch will give you the relief that I have received from it!!! PLEASE keep us updated on your fight for pain relief.......
482543 tn?1248359021 Hi Sweetie!!!! Okay, your CRP was high, this info I pulled off of labtestsonline "indicates inflammation and tests for the activity of the disease. It may be used to help diagnose RA and to evaluate and monitor the condition. An increased level of CRP occurs in RA but not in osteoarthritis." I would definately get your labs and see what else they found. Did he say anything about doing anything for the bone spur? How painful that must be. I feel for you.
3297715 tn?1349023948 And times when I felt very alone. Those were the times I came on line or walked my dogs or worked out side. Anything to not listen to repeated thoughts and feelings about how crappy I felt.
Avatar f tn I grew up on 6 acres of wooded land in VA with lots of horses, goats, chickens, and dogs! My mom was dx with Rocky Mt Spotted Fever in 1984. I watched her deteriorate throughout her life with problems that the drs said must be depression-related. Ultimately she passed away in 2005, after they found 50 + lesions on her brain. They said that she must have cancer. She died a week later. Now I'm sick. I've been ill for at least 14 years. I've been to numerous drs.