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1459410 tn?1285698605 Im in PT to help as well but if anyone would like to share a short summary of their story from pre-diag symptoms through successful treatment, I would really like to see how the different docs have handled your speciific case. The most effective thing Ive done on my own was recently bought an herbal cream that has capsicum in it whihc has done more than any of the other pharma routes. Its still kinda unbearable but Ive at least noticed it being somewhat alleviated.
Avatar f tn Hello all! I need help with a case study based on a real patient if anyone can help. This is a 56 year old male with a originally presented with a viral URI and was treated symptomatically. A week later he came in for a ER f/u for which he was seen for joint pain as was given Vicadin which helped. Now he has increased pain to his bilateral knees and ankles which has been going on for 2 weeks. He has had no injuries. Medical hx - Gout, HTN, hyperlipidemia, Osteoarthritis.
Avatar f tn normal -upper endoscopy: normal -hida scan: normal -gastric emptying study: normal was treated for acid reflux, no help. referred to an allergist, nothing. eventually we went ahead and had my gallbladder removed. it turns out my gallbladder had NOT been working, although there were no stones and all tests came back normal. the gallbladder had not been inflating and there was undigested fat built up inside of me - the doctors couldnt say why it wasnt working.
Business man2 Most Internists, like myself, will see improvement in at best 60% of their patients who take Glucosamine for generalized joint aches from osteoarthritis. I do not have the reference handy but there was a medical study within the last 2 years, which was conducted in a reliable scientific fashion (double-blind, case-controlled) which showed significant improvement in grip strength in patients taking glucosamine.
Avatar m tn (I’ve obviously been researching this too much to know all these terms!!) I’m assuming I must have Osteoarthritis as I have Herberden Nodes on the DIP joints of both little fingers. I also feel stiffness in the PIP joints of the middle fingers of both hands. I was concerned this might be rheumatoid arthritis but with my blood work all being normal and I feel great I think it’s likely something else.
Avatar n tn Osteoarthritis, Ligament damage, Meniscus damage or Patello-femoral disorder. Your symptom of pain at the joint line is the result of a collateral ligament or meniscus problem (or both) until proven otherwise. When did your pain begin, what were you doing at the time, and what were the initial symptoms? Your other symptom of feeling of grinding and grating is characteristic of osteoarthritis. What is the quality of your pain (sharp, shooting, dull, etc.)?
Avatar f tn org/msscene/2009/03/03/cerebellar-ms-a-case-study/ I also see four bright spots in your cortex. The cortex is a little harder to pin down in terms of symptoms, as they haven't really gotten the brain mapped out yet. Do a search for 'brain map' in Google, and you should be able to find a source for brain functions in different areas. I agree with Lulu that trying to read your own MRIs is an exercise in frustration. Most MRIs, espcially the 1.
977806 tn?1249070946 I didn’t realize you were involved in a study when you initially posted. If the active interventions in this study are interferon, eltrombopag and ribavirin, then the eltrombopag will not directly affect viral dynamics, to my knowledge. So you are relying on IFN/riba to directly manage the HCV? This would explain the SOC-like response. Nothing particularly wrong with it, to my knowledge; but more sluggish than one might expect with a protease inhibitor added to the mix.
Avatar n tn Losing some weight or wearing loose clothes and belts often helps relieve the pain/numbness/tingling. Also injection of lignocaine (anesthetic agent) at the site helps. In your case you can apply a pain reliever at the site. Keep a hot water bottle/heating pad while sleeping and apply a local analgesic cream. Other possibilities are vascular pathologies such as deep vein thrombosis and clots and will need a dopplar study.
Avatar f tn Hi, The most prevalent form of arthritis is osteo-arthritis. The knee is the most commonly affected joint, followed by the hand and hip. In a study of 697 females >65 years old, knee arthritis occurred in 30%, hand arthritis in 15%, and hip arthritis in 8% (*). Orthovisc injections are synthetic material composed of Hyaluronic acid which increases the viscosity inside the joint cavity, thus decreasing the symptoms. They are not dangerous and have been tried for a quite long time.
Avatar n tn I had my left hip replaced several years ago because of osteoarthritis and suspect that the osteo is probably aggravated by the tremor. The pain is sometimes transient. One day it is in my shoulder, the next day in my hip or knees. Then sometimes all over. I also have a very stiff neck most of the time. I believe that I have a very good neuroligist and he is willing to try anything to help.
Avatar m tn My neurologist ordered a cervical xray,lumbosacral apl xray and e.e.g. Normal study of the lumbosacral vertebrae, normal e.e.g. My cervical xray cameback with an impression of degenerative spondylosis (Minimal anterior height of c5 vertebral body with sclerotic changes and minimal osteophytosis, the disc height spaces and neural foramina are intact).
662972 tn?1270169901 There are IV formulations in use in hospitals, and there is a skin patchAllergy testing Skin color - patchy called 'butrans' in the UK that is used for chronic pain from osteoarthritis. So understand that this is not a 'new substance'. It IS a bit new, though, to take it in such high concentrations as are found in Suboxone. For any substance, I follow the science-- anecdotes can cause a great deal of confusion.
Avatar n tn Hi, I just read a review of supplements for arthritis (Ameye 2006). "Osteoarthritis and nutrition. From nutraceuticals to functional foods: a systematic review of the scientific evidence." They were highly critical of supplements due to the meager number of good clinical trials. One that seems to have a moderate amount of evidence is SKI306X. It consists of Clematis mandsburica, Tricbosantbes kirilowii, and Prunella vulgaris. Any comments?
Avatar n tn For a long time, I have had problems with varicose veins and oedema, and periodic bouts of phlebitis, so when, a few months ago, I discovered a study was being done on The Naked Scientists forum - see this link: Varicose Veins & IBT Study - I followed some of the links shown there, and realised that this could also help a long term back problem that I have, and other conditions, too. Andrew agreed that I could join in the study group, and I spoke with my doctor about it too.
Avatar f tn I know from personal experience just how painful, not to mention annoying this is in just trying to do your normal day to day routine. Now mine is from Osteoarthritis. My first suggestion would be for you to check with your Doctor and find out what is causing your pain. Until you know that it's a little difficult to make any suggestions as I wouldn't want you to do any more damage to your knuckles.
199177 tn?1490502134 3 Put forward in 1962, gate control theory says that physical pain is not a direct result of an assault from the outside on the pain producing neurons, (as is the case when you bang your elbow or break a leg), but rather the result of interaction between different parts of the brain and nervous system. The bottom line is that the brain controls the perception of pain quite directly, and has a proven ability to moderate or even turn on and off certain forms of pain.
Avatar f tn I will have blood work done today and in a week or so I will finally find out the results of the study. The last blood work was in February, 4 months after finishing the study, I have Faith and I am positive sure I am cured. So my question is, those of you who were on Telaprevir, are you having any post treatment side effects? If so, what are they? Thanks!
Avatar f tn But still I have no energy. Because I had diarrhea for almost 3 weeks?? I also have osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease and a bulging disc. Have COPD that flairs a couple times a year usually ending in acute bronchitis. Please read other post with tab about problems continuing after work in visit to gastro doctor. Even though my IBS is calming down. I just feel wasted. No energy. Have been out on FMLA.....do I go back to work, seek other answers, go back to family doctor? What?
Avatar m tn I suffer from a number of conditions, including, Hemochromatosis, polycythemia, Duprytens contracture, severe osteoarthritis, I've had over 300 kidney stones over 20 yrs, in 2007 had diverticulitis & ruptured bowel 2 1/2 mo coma, rhabdomyolysis, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and more. I have always felt there had to be an underling cause for this as none of my family have any, save thyroid my MOM.
Avatar n tn I am leary of basing a decision about restarting treatment based on ONE STUDY. My daugter and son in law are epidemiologists/statiticians and say one study is not sufficient to make a decision not to treat rising ca 125's while the bulk of tumor is low. THey reviewed that study for me and it confirmed their opinion. They were surprised Docs were changing recommendations based on that. What we need is a replication of that study with controls for subsequent treatment.
559992 tn?1216173338 Well,. I can relate to that! I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, back and neck problems, and other things I won't bore you with. In the past two years my pain and stiffness has increased, and nothing the doctors are doing is helping very much. Some days I just cry because of the pain, and my husband of 24 years gets so annoyed. I often feel like he doesn't care, although I know that he loves me.
Avatar f tn When you sit or lay down, the disk fills back up again. In my case it would fill up; pushing a 9cm hernia further into my main sciatic nerve, blowing me out of bed every 2 hours. Walking and light exercise under the expertise of a Chiro is a beginning, if you're not already doing it.
306455 tn?1288865671 There are IV formulations in use in hospitals, and there is a skin patch called 'butrans' in the UK that is used for chronic pain from osteoarthritis. So understand that this is not a 'new substance'. It IS a bit new, though, to take it in such high concentrations as are found in Suboxone. For any substance, I follow the science-- anecdotes can cause a great deal of confusion. Do people here all know the story of silicone breast implants and autoimmune diseases?
Avatar n tn “Among populations habitually consuming black tea, water fluoridation is not only unnecessary but also possibly harmful…The target organs of chronic fluoride intoxication are not only the teeth and skeleton, but also the liver, kidney, nervous and reproductive systems,” they write. A March 2008 Food and Chemical Toxicology study found up to 4.5, 1.8, and 0.5 mg/L fluoride in black, green and white teas, respectively, when brewed for 5 minutes (61 teas sampled).
Avatar f tn I have since had a double heart valve replacement surgery, I have Celiac Disease, Type II Diabetes, Allergies, Asthma, Sleep Apnea, Osteoarthritis, Osteoprosis, Joint problems and Trigger Finger in both hands. I take a multitude of medications. I have posed questions regarding the migraine problem to many of the physicians I see. My Neurologist is currently treating me for this. He is very perplexed. He has had me on many medications all of which have not helped.
Avatar m tn I am not really sure why bisphosphonates and calcium have been withheld in your case, as I do not seen any contraindication to their use and in fact these may be beneficial especially with a history of breast cancer. Unfortunately there is little help that we would be able to provide online without a detailed clinical evaluation. Though a complete remission of osteoporosis is possible with adequate management, the management plan is best decided by the treating doctor/ endocrinologist.
Avatar m tn i have seen where people ask if they have a malpractice suit. i am guessing you don't want to answer that, but does my case sound consistent with the shot being given inproperly. please , i am a massage therapist and i went in to get a flu shot like i do every year and came out with a problem that has me worried.
Avatar n tn 4 mo ago anisocoria. Opth dx Adie's pupil. Neuro opth confirmed w/ prilorcarpine. Went to Psych for anxiety. 10 mg Paxil upped to 30 & began Xanax XR 1 mg, took daily for 1 mo then decreased to 1/week. Still on 30 mg Paxil. Also 4 mo ago began burning/aching left leg unrelated to movement. Migrates b/t low back / butt to ankle/foot. intensity varies but almost always there 3 mo ago began w/ floaters in Adie's eye. Still there. 1.5 mo ago went to neuro. Exam normal.