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Avatar m tn Just read about Osteo K with 45 MG of Vitamin K. Is this a good and safe alternative for Fosamax?
Avatar m tn I am not sure about B12 and magnesium in tissue level. But, my Vit. D was 15-25 nmol/L, I was on Vitamin D supplement and sunbath and afterward my Vit. D level became 125 nmol/L. I am suspected OA, but it seems unlikely with the high level of Vit, D and Calcium.
Avatar m tn I've also started to notice some tenderness in my elbow joints when resting my elbows on a table, and my knee joints have been a bit stiff and sore after using my exercise bike. I notice the pain in my feet the most when I first get up in the morning, It's less noticable as the day goes on. The hand pain I notice throughout the day. I have always had an office job, so I'm surprised that my joints would have had enough wear and tear to cause osteoarthritis.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Last reviewed Thu 24 May 2018 By Jayne Leonard Reviewed by William Morrison, MD Symptoms Triggers Treatments Seeing a doctor Prevention Takeaway An osteoarthritis flare-up refers to a sudden and temporary increase in symptoms. The condition affects the joints' cartilage, which is slippery tissue at the end of bones. In healthy joints, cartilage allows bones to move smoothly, but osteoarthritis (OA) causes the cartilage to wear away and the bones to rub together, leading to pain and stiffness.
Avatar n tn I recently had my vitamin D checked after having dizziness and problems with balance, I also have weakness in my right arm and leg. How long do you think it will take for these problems to go away? I've seen a neurologist who believes I definitely don't have MS btw. My vitamin D was 6ng/ml!!
Avatar f tn However, the best method is to discuss it directly with her Doctor, and get a more definitive dosage based on labs and overall condition.
Avatar f tn These include liver disorders, Crohn’s disease, colitis, and kidney problems. Along with vitamin D enriched food, a healthy diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables is also recommended to increase the levels of vitamin D. Hyperthyroid state can also lower your WBC and Vit D levels. Hyperparathyroidism too should be looked into. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar m tn Vitamin E is a great vitamin to introduce to the diet as it has been proven to effectively combat a variety of ailments.
500238 tn?1255134814 Hi there, I also have a vitamin D deficiancy, however, I do not know how bad it is. I'm taking supplements for it. I have had severe parathesias, severe pain in my fingers, and often my toes. Lots of pain on different parts, as well as these twitching feelings under the skin. You can't see them but because they happen so deep down. My one DR. said it sounds like I might have M.S. I'm still trying to figure this all out. Please let me know if you can tell me anything.
Avatar n tn Hi, Regarding vitamin B6, a water soluble vitamin is essential for the normal and optimal functioning of the body. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) is the average daily dietary intake level that is sufficient to meet the nutrient requirements. RDAs for vitamin B6 (in milligrams), are: 1.3 mg for men and women under age 50; 1.7 mg for men and 1.5 mg for women over the age of 50, 1.9 mg for pregnant women, and 2 mg for women who are breastfeeding.
1216899 tn?1288573925 Like Johnny, I'm sure I've left stuff out but this in the gist of it -- I've got a vitamin deficiency and a very bad back in part due to long term calcium depletion (clearly my parathyroid was compensating for the lack of vitamin D by draining calcium from my bones)
Avatar n tn I have a low vitamin D and a high vitamin D 1,25 hydroxy --- due to vitamin D dysregulation (I have CFS). I'm now on a research protocol (although the medications are not research meds) that is able to kill the bacteria in my tissues and due to cell wall deficiency. The name of the protocol is the Marshall Protocol if you would like to check it out via google.
1139187 tn?1355710247 So, I typically make a bulk order 2 or 3 times a year and end up with sufficient vitamin D and magnesium and other supplements by doing it this way. And, I'm on a fixed income, too.
5795382 tn?1374427106 Hi everyone, I just joined this group, and was recently diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency-my levels were at 13 when the average I believe is 30-40 or something like that(I've also heard that 20-50 is a more broad average). This diagnosis was concluded after countless blood tests and doctor visits that sadly exhausted all of my finances :( Everything started months before this diagnosis, when my joints slowly began getting really bad.
Avatar f tn My Vitamin D level was 23 and my doctor suggested taking 1000IU of Vitamin D a day. When he rechecked my levels my D level moved up to 30. He stated that he would like to see my levels higher, but oh well. After some reading, I increased my Vitamin D to 5000IU 3x a week or 15000IU a week. This increased my vitamin D level to 40. I now as taking 5000IU a day/35000 a week. I have been so week and unable to do small tasks for years now. I just am wishing to have the old me back.
Avatar n tn I have both fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis among other things. Lately, I have been having a very hard time falling asleep at night. My schedule is off kilter since I am not working at present. I go to bed around 1AM and wake up so late - around 12Noon. I take antidepressents and anti-anxiety medication. I have recently tried to take a stress formula that contains high potency B-Complex which seems to make me more awake at bedtime than usual. Can this be possible?
641307 tn?1257187374 I officially have Celiac, Fibromyalgia, Polyarthritis, Muscle Wasting, EBV, CFIDS, and IBS. Awaiting test results for more titles and assorted vitamin deficiencies. I also had a bone density scan, ugh. I don't want to think about Osteoporosis or Osteoarthritis.
1183618 tn?1277368706 Celiac is another autoimmune disease that you'll want to look into, because vitamin D deficiency is an issue for people with Celiac as well. And, people with Celiac are at risk of developing RA and osteoarthritis and osteoporosis at a younger age than others might develop it. No reason to panic if you have Celiac, but you do need to be aware of it. I do have an autoimmune disorder in my skin. This is common for both Fibromyalgia and Celiac. Many advance from eczema to psoriasis.
1784705 tn?1314856237 I went to bed last night with a bad headache and then woke up with one and had it most of the day even after taking a aleve for it then I ate and it helped a little more but kept a dule pain through out the day. My right hand often goes numb when writing , driving, peeling potatos sometimes even typing . SOme times my small toes go numb and stays numb for weeks. My legs goes numb periodically when I am sitting or laying . I just feel like there is no hlep for me .
Avatar n tn 1. Is there a relationship between osteopenia/osteoporosis and arthritis? A recent dexascan revealed I have osteopenia in my lumbar bones, but I also have chronic lower and mid back pain near that same area. 2. I am already doing everything that is suggested to maintain healthy bone density diet and exercise wise, yet I have osteopenia at age 40, while I am still pre-menopausal. Can you suggest anything else I can do to halt, or even reverse, bone loss?
1770280 tn?1314588560 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Syndrome back in the mid 1990's and was given amitriptyline for it a few years later. I went on a vitamin and supplement regimen which kept the pain to a tolerable level for four or five years. Then I started with Elavil/amitrip for about five years before that wasn't working too well and I was placed on Effexor XR. NOT a good drug.
Avatar f tn Just so I can't rant a little bit and get it off my chest. I was there for fatigue and a sore joints in my hands, along with nodules that have suddenly appeared on my joints. I'm 37. He thought it was osteoarthritis and said there's no way it's RA. He looked at the clock and said "I have 15 minutes, I don't' know what you're trying to accomplish here".
369861 tn?1306279286 This all started with my potassium being low and being hypoglycemic. The endo doctor took me off all diuretics so that i could take the renin and aldesterone tests. Does the potassium have anything to do with the thyroid and why did the endo take me off all diuretics to take the two tests. Doesn't he realise that my body would retaing the water and the result of edema? Just wondering?
Avatar n tn What causes pain and crunching noise on my shoulder joints and my foot joints and my knee?
429778 tn?1205276936 I have been diagnosed with Hypoparathyroid, Hypothyroid, and with a single Nodule on left side thyroid measuring 1.2 x 0.7 x 1.0 hypoechoic with some vascularity. My thyroid gland is diffusely enlarged with some inhomogeneous echogenicity in both lobes. Right larger than left. I have now severe Osteoporosis (age 46). Next week I am having the nodule FNA. I suffer from many other health issues mainly in the central nervous system.
Avatar f tn Many of us have sought connections between MS and other health issues. Let's develop a list of other health issues and then poll the forum. What issues should we include? 1. thyroid 2. tachycardia/arrhythmia 3. hypertension 4. diabetes 5. gall bladder 6. arthritis 7. psoriasis 8. I'm drawing a blank, but I know there are other issues mentioned frequently on the forum?????
Avatar f tn my doctor has run many test on my back, and it is just plain wore oput he puts it that as one gets older the body does also, and m,y bones are sort of degenerating, as my back hurts bad, also my hips hurt a lot at night or whem sitting my elacticity is gone i just plain dont have the skin or fat to sit comforably, i just plai tell the dr to tell me in a laymans language, and he does, they have a machine that detects whoops i thought you meant ostoporoasis but i see it is some kind of arthritus
Avatar f tn It blocks damage from free radicals and can protect against high cholesterol, the common cold, obesity and weight loss, osteoarthritis, heart disease, age-related macular degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes. Vitamin E Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and an essential vitamin that provides protection against free radical damage to the cells. It helps to form red blood cells and provide heart protection. Many vitamin E products on the market are synthetic.
Avatar n tn What are your Vitamin D levels? I have Hashi/hypo and have problems maintaining my D due to this disease. Other vitamins deplete as well. I get those cramps if my D drops below 50. I sometimes get tingling in my legs, but that's par for the course, I guess. Also, what are your thyroid levels? Your FT4, FT3 and TSH?
Avatar m tn After much back and forth - went to a new doc who order a T3 and it came back low. Now I am not sure what to do: my latest test results are as follows: TSH - 0.610 T3 - 72 - low T4 - 1.2 What do this test means and do I wait for the doc to follow-up with me or call the office? I have a follow-up with him in March but should I wait that long. I am so sick of feeling awful and I am sick of going to the doctor. It's ridiculous!