Osteoarthritis and ulnar nerve entrapment

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873610 tn?1239918613 I am 16 weeks post surgery (Submuscular ulnar nerve transposition) and have been in physical therapy for the past 3 months. I am so frustrated because I don’t feel ANY relief; in fact my symptoms are worse. Still have numbness/ tingling/ shooting pain/ and I feel like I’ve lost strength in my right hand and I feel like I don’t even have a pinkie anymore! How can this be? I cannot seem to find a lot of information regarding post surgery complications or other possible diagnosis for this pain.
Avatar n tn It feels like ulnar nerve entrapment but for no reason this came on? Pain is in ulnar nerve location of elbow and radiates up into tricep. I cant find any remedy for relief. This is the frustrating part! Doctors cant seem to help me. Ive seen Ortho & Hand Surgeons. They would move Ulnar nerve if gets worse. Want to avoid at all costs.
Avatar n tn The numbness in the ring and pinky fingers are more consistent with an ulnar neuropathy and the EMG will be helpful in finding out what is going on. I hope this has been helpful.
Avatar n tn And the worst is the shooting pains I get through out the day in my forearms, which turns into a chronic numbness, predominately on my right side. Ive been told it could be attributed to carpal tunnel, Ulnar nerve entrapment in the elbow, pinched nerves in my neck, or a slipped disc in my back. Or a combination of them. I've discussed with my pysch, but not sure about these effects? ...
Avatar f tn my brother-in-law had the same symptoms..so the Dr. suggested ulnar nerve (elbow area)surgery and it was the worse decision..its gotten WORSE, didnt help, now he cannot use his arm or hand at all.....dont do it..if you can live with the pain, ice it and whatever you have to do. He is worse now than before, he cannot even use his hand, he is numb, it gets hot and cold, it tingles..it swells from time to time..he had no strength in his arm whatsoever! and the Doctor does not know why??..
Avatar n tn Nerve conduction testing does verify potential carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve entrapment, but due to the severity of your shoulder/scapular pain, it seems likely that the root cause of your symptoms is related to further degenerative changes in your cervical spine. Are any of the doctors you have been consulting either orthopedic or neurology specialists? Have they been informed of your prior MRI findings?