Osteoarthritis and total hip replacement

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Avatar m tn ) I'm sorry that you will be facing a hip replacement. I'm currently recuperating from my 3rd hip replacement. Don't let that frighten you at all because the FIRST one lasted almost 30 years and after it I did EVERYTHING thing that I did before the implant. I wore 4" heels, I danced, I hiked, I ran, I played soft ball with my little kids and the BEST thing of all was that ALL of the pain was GONE!!!! I was just about your age.
Avatar m tn This lead to inventions of techniques and now there is huge development in methods of hip replacement surgery. Hip replacement surgery is the use of metal, ceramic or plastic parts to replace the ball at upper end of femur(thigh bone) and reemerge the hip socket in the pelvic bone. This ball-socket joint is one of the largest and most important joint of the body. The causes of chronic hip pain is arthritis.
Avatar f tn My theory is scar tissue from hip replacement is growing and compromising nerves. Back is contributing, but not the total cause. In constant pain, can't find permanent relief. Any ideas for treatment?
Avatar f tn The decision was then made to have a total hip replacement. The recovery went well and I progressed fairly quickly, however I always seemed to have a pain in my groin, I mentioned this but it was always put down to the procedure it's self and that it should settle. I was given the go ahead to resume normal life again with no restrictions. I began gentle training and fitness and I am still really suffering. The pain is unbelievable, I can't sleep.
Avatar m tn By the age of 28, my Doctor's were prescribing a THR(Total Hip Replacement). Whether or not your pain turns out to be Arthritis, you definitely need to get a diagnosis ASAP so your pain can be controlled immediately! PLEASE remember that there are NO Doctor's on this Community only we members that are experiencing the same type of problems that you are. RubyWitch gave you some very good advice about seeing a Rheumatologist for your symptoms that you are experiencing.
Avatar f tn It has been recommended to have Arthroscopic surgery or total knee replacement by my doctor but I am only 56 and they don't really want to do it unless absolute necessary. They want me to wait as long as possible! They aren't having the pain that I am having or seem to understand how this has effected my daily life. Anyone have any suggestions? I would really appreciate them! Thanks!
Avatar m tn What they wouldn't tell me is after having this operation, how much time will this operation buy me before need ing a Hip resurface or a total hip replacement? I have search everywhere online but cannot find any stories of people saying how they benefitted from having this surgery and how long it lasted...? Thanks all.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am 46 yrs old, male, ex-athlete (competitive level basketball) and live in London, England. A year ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis on my left hip during an arthroscopy and most of the joint cartilage is worn out. Take glucosamine tablets regularly. Even though my condition is not so advanced to take painkillers etc, I cannot do any sport, which is important to me (even at a light, amateur level) and walking start bothering me after a few hundered meters.
Avatar f tn It would cause the pain to radiate down my leg all the way to my toes as you are experiencing. I had to have a THR (Total Hip Replacement) done when I was 35 years old to get the pain taken care of. I've had 2 others since then, over a 30 year period of time. (the first one lasted for 26 years.) But it's my understanding that SI Joint disease can also do this. That's why you need to get it narrowed down.
Avatar n tn I am 41 and my gyn and gyn/onc insist that I take hormone replacement therapy because I am too young. What kind of risks do you have? Any blood clotting disorders? Let me know...
Avatar m tn I have been told that at my age the plan should be to manage the pain as best as I can until it becomes necessary to have a total hip replacement and because of my age I am not a candidate for hip preservation surgery, i.e. arthroscopic remodeling of the femoral head, labrum repair or debridement, etc. I have also been told that cycling is OK as tolerated because it is a closed cycle activity. I also XC ski in the winter. I have recently had xrays and an MRI.
Avatar f tn Have you though of total hip replacement? Did you discuss this with some doctors? What they have to say? I have read your responses in other threads. I think this is what I can think of. I would be interested to know what your decision is and what doctors have to say. Keep me informed. Bye.
Avatar m tn sent me to a wonderful Orthopedic Surgeon and he did a total hip implant and once again I'm pain free in my left hip. I shouldn't have to have it replaced again in my life time. I go in on October 28th to get my right hip replaced for the first time by this same wonderful surgeon and I expect to get the same great results. I wouldn't.have had to have the 3rd surgery on the left hip if I hadn't had such a terrible surgeon the 2nd time.
233501 tn?1226478134 The life of conventional Total Hip Replacement is about 10 to fifteen years. A superior alternative to this is the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing. The first procedure in India was performed at Apollo Speciality Hospital Chennai. In this procedure only the diseased part of the head of femur is removed and a metal cap made of cobalt and chromium is fitted on it. The acetabular side is also fitted with a metal cup. Due to the metal on metal interface the joint does not wear out easily.
Avatar m tn I'm new to this group but have been around for a while in the MS forum. As carolanivey said, the pain that you describe as being in his groin is really in his hip. I used to think that hip pain had to be felt on the outside. Not so much :-) The actual hip socket is right where the top of the femur turns in to meet the pelvis. This was a marvel of anatomy I learned when my doc told me I had about 80% bone on bone osteoarthritis in my left hip. I was 49 then (53 now).
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. I also had a total hip replacement (left side) in the same year, for OA, secondary to AVN. For the past year, I have had pain in my right hip. The pain comes and goes. X-rays were normal. This month, when I saw my orthopedic surgeon for a 2 year follow up, the x-ray of my natural hip showed some changes. My surgeon glanced at the x-ray and said I was developing cysts on the ball of the femur. There is also a bone spur on the neck of the femur.
991524 tn?1249345393 I also found out I have had mild hip displasia, and a fast wearing out hip joint and a larger than usual labrum from the displasia that weakened over time...and then tore with the fall. I am too young for hip replacement and its not that bad yet. I am 48 yrs old. I am leaning toward the labrum surgery, but wonder, what if I just kept up with therapy, would the tear mend itself ? I was told the hip with degenerate faster without the repair. Any input anyone? Thanks so much!
Avatar n tn In 2009 I underwent a total hip replacement of my right hip due to osteonecrosis. Earlier this year I started experiencing thigh pain on my left hip that is almost identical to the pain I had before the total hip replacement. I consulted an orthopaedic surgeon who ordered an xray. The xray showed that the femoral head had what looked like a diagonal flat stop across the top. I was told that it was osteoarthritis and a pain medication shot was ordered.
Avatar f tn Today's technology in a hip replacement is done much faster and with minimal cutting and scarring. My doctor Todd Swanson in Las Vegas, not only does these "micro surgery" hip replacements, but also designs modular total hip prosthesis. If at all possible (because I don't know where you live), I would make an appointment to see him or at least email him the x-rays for his opinion.
Avatar m tn http://www.surfacehippy.info/index.php and a sister site for THR (total hip replacement): http://www.surfacehippy.info/thrinformation.
Avatar n tn i had the prestige 2 cervical disk replacement done in november 2007 on c5 and c6. surgery went verry well and i was working again in a month as a truck driver. i still have pain in my neck and shoulders and still take lortab and soma when not at work. even though i still have pain it's much better than how it was before. i would recomend this surgery to anyone as i have kept the mobility in my neck and thats verry important in my job.
Avatar n tn My husband who is 70 had a total knee replacement 6 weeks ago and the pain seems to be intensifying rather than diminishing. He had a childhood injury to this knee, then another operation 13 years ago but is crying with the pain most of the time and has gone from ordinary pain killers to needing morphine. He has physiotherapy 3 times per week, also hydrotherapy and acupuncture, they all say he is making some progress but very slowly and keep telling him exercising will relieve the pain.
Avatar f tn Do you have any associated condition such as osteoarthritis or femoroacetabular impingement wherein there is much friction in your hip joint, and it puts you at a greater risk of a hip labral tear Exercises to maximize hip range of motion and hip strength and stability can help to improve symptoms Consult your physical therapist who can analyze your movements which you perform that put stress on your hip joint. This would help you relive and avoidstressful forces.
Avatar f tn I take it 3 or 4 times daily. I have severe osteoarthritis and need a total right hip replacement. I had a total left hip replacement 3 months ago.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know why the stem on an anterior hip replacement would loosen after 8 weeks?
199980 tn?1233801004 I finally just got a hip and shoulder replacement and I am now all better. I walked on a broken hip for 2 weeks. I'm dumb.
Avatar m tn I have Osteoarthritis in my right hip, my Orthopedic doctor said and I will be needing a total hip replacement in the furture. I am 40yrs old and have 8 years in Law enforcement, he told me that Cortisone shots were not good and that accupuncture was not recommended. What other options to I have to perlong my hip to keep my job I just stated? I want to try accupuncture, if not surgery to scrape my hip to ease the pain. what are my other options?
16888441 tn?1452159257 The scope of orthopedic specialists enables orthopedic surgeons to treat joint injuries as well as those caused by ligament, tendon, or nerve damage.
Avatar n tn Hello, Your mother seems to be having osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis that is caused by the breakdown and eventual loss of the cartilage of one or more joints. Cartilage is a protein substance that serves as a "cushion" between the bones of the joints. Osteoarthritis is also known as degenerative arthritis. Treatment includes reduction of weight, exercise and support devices like splints, canes, walkers, and braces.
Avatar f tn They finally took x rays on my hips and told me my left hip was so bad that I probably would have to have a hip replacement. Fortunately, screws and pins were the result .There is hardly any rotation in my left hip that I can't even ride a bike. Anyways, boohoo right?? So today at age 26, I was back in the hospital for x rays. The pain is back in my left hip and feels like it's popping out of place when I walk. So scary. I'll find out the results in a few days. Wish me luck!