Osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis

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9376740 tn?1403414998 The pain I will handle but the ability to walk and go places and errands takes its toll I do not have any idea of the success with spinal stenosis surgery!
Avatar f tn I have large disc bulges at C5-6 and C 6-7 with severe spinal stenosis and nerve compression. I have had Chiropractic care for the last 2 1/2 yrs since my accident (over the handle bar of mountain bike). It has kept me pretty much symptom free, however, I have had muscle weakness from lack of use in my back and have tight trap muscles/pain into the right arm from radiculopathy. I finally went to a Neuro surgeon today after PT caused some pain and triggered off tingling throughout my body.
Avatar f tn You need to be very careful as one of the main reasons for Spinal Stenosis is DDD, the condition that I suffer with. This is genetic and there's a very good chance that you might wind up with it also. I hope, as I'm sure your Grandmother does too, that you won't suffer from this condition as you age. It's extremely painful and there is no relief and no cure for it.
Avatar f tn I have had bilateral hip replacements, knee replacement, shoulder replacement and stenosis for which I have had back surgery for L4-5, S1, laminectomy and spinal fusion. The stenosis is back in my spine. I have been taken off anything with acetaminophen b/c of the kidney damage. I am in terrible pain and need something that I can take that will not cause more kidney damage.
Avatar f tn I strongly suggest you get with a physical therapist who can show you what exercises you can do and how to do them so that you do not aggrivate your condition. I hope your epidurals continue to provide you some relief.
Avatar n tn Central disc osteophyte complexes seen at C5-6 and C6-7 causing mild to moderate stenosis of the spinal canal and abutting and causing mild flattening of the ventral aspect of the cord without cord compression or edema. 3. The remaining intervertebral disc spaces demonstrate no evidence of disc herniation and the remaining portions of the spinal canal are normal in caliber.
Avatar m tn Dear Dr. My age is 69 years, physically i m keeping very good health, problem wise my all the ailments are not ordinary one. 1. I have got coronary Heart Disease (CAD) when i walk or when there is any stress or tension i get Anginal episodes it is spasmodic type of angina and ever time any sudden anxiety, tension or stress provokes it. The disease is kept controlled with Nitromint 2.6 mg BD, Vestarel 20mg BD and Amilodipin 5mg OD.
4848471 tn?1372242352 However, my cervical MRI also turned up quite a bit of other neck problems, which included a mild spinal stenosis and several bulging discs. Does anyone know about both conditions and how do I tell which is from which? By the way, steroids totally got rid of my recent attack numbness.MS hug remains, however.
Avatar n tn Given the date of Susie's post (2009) I am sharing my view on this question. Both my sister and I have suffered with severe spinal stenosis, wich caused terrible sciatica and back pain. Both of us have severe osteoarthritis, disk degeneration, spondylolisthesis and even intradural synovial cysts. She is 69' I am 63. My sister never had any physical therapy, nor had any doctor even suggested she try an epidural shot in her lumbar spine prior to surgery. I thought that odd.
Avatar m tn I had three major surgeries in 2011, 2 total knee Replacements and a lower spinal fusion. I also have severe cervical stenosis at C5 and C6. I just recently started having issues with shortness of breath, chest tightness, lightheadedness when exercising. I was originally diagnosed with high blood pressure.
Avatar f tn What is the difference between spinal stenosis and cervical foraminal stenosis?
Avatar n tn Awe and so sorry about all your going thru, I've just been dx with spinal stenosis, ddd and osteoarthritis in S1 to L-3, and I'm only 41 yrs old. I wish I had some magic words for you to make you all better. Good Luck to you and lots of very gentle hugz as well. Keep us posted hun as to updates.
Avatar n tn His biggest concern is it better to live with the pain or lose the mobility. He also has Spinal stenosis and Osteoarthritis in the discs and Severe left side Sciatica and moderate right side Sciatica. They also found an occult anterior inner annular tear in the L2-L3 disc could this disc become a problem also in the future after the fusion. Also The L3-L4 has an anteriror radial tear and as well as an adjoining marginal spur.
Avatar n tn Multilevel degenerative changes worst at C5-6 where there is a right paracentral disc osteophyte indenting the cord with severe right neural foraminal stenosis secondary to disc osteophyte and uncal vertebral/facet osteoarthritis." Thank you.
Avatar f tn Facet hypertrophy with relative stenosis of the central canal, as well as foraminal encroachment bilaterally. C6-7 similar findings with a mild to moderate spinal stenosis and foraminal encroachment. There is slight alteration of the cord at the C5-6 and C5-7 levels. I was referred to a neurosurgeon who is recommending anterior cervical diskectomies with fusion and anterior plating to be done C4-C7. Does this surgery seem appropriate based on clinical symptoms and MRI results?
14993501 tn?1437776467 Broad-based disc bulges often efface the thecal sac, and sometimes spill into the intervertebral foramen. Both situations can cause pain of spinal stenosis in the former case, and foraminal stenosis in the latter. But it's not visible on the MRI, so it's not real.... Remember that MRIs are static images and catch you when you are supine and at rest. It's almost like saying "smile for the camera." In actuality your back bends and flexes all day long.
432750 tn?1283725806 Left foraminal stenosis is seen and likely encroaches on the left C5 nerve root. C5-C6 – There is bulging of the disc. Effacement of the thecal sac anterio to the cord is seen. No Frank neural impingement is seen. C6-C7 – There is a left paracentral disc herniation with anterior impingement on the thecal sac. No Frank cord impingement is seen. No Intrinsic neural abnormalities are identified. Impression: Multilevel cervical spondylosis.
Avatar n tn from that point forward I have also suffered from continual dizziness and extreme fatigue and the foot pain has increased in frequency and severity. Numerous investigations turned up nothing apart from recent activation of Epstein Barr virus (possible link with fatigue) and slight splenomegaly accompanied by slightly low platelets (135) and lymphocytes. I am told all these issues are consistent with active EBV.
Avatar n tn some bulging cervical discs, osteoarthritis, and stenosis of the spinal canal - I wass told about all of that 6 years ago (I am now 49, 5' 9", 122 lbs, and in good health for my age - I've had at least 3 BAD falls involving my neck - one on a bike - split vhin open, lost a tooth - another falling down stairs - 3 years ago Symptoms: unrelenting pain - taking Tylenol #3, numbness in right shoulder/arm/hand - pain in shoulder/upper arm, pain along necck in various places - X-rays show: Rev
Avatar n tn Can you tell me the differance between cervical spinal stenosis and cervical spondylosis ? My first MRI mentioned multilevel disk degenerative changes and cervical spinal canal stenosis and straight neck ,then I went to a neurosurgen and he said I have a syrinx and bad spondylosis,which I know is another name for osteoarthritis. He didnt explain the differance or if they are related in anyway? I have appointment for another xray and two MRI's with and without contrast .
Avatar m tn Hi , Im a 48 yrs old female whove had pain and numbness in my left iliac fossa area , for the last 1 year . the pain and numbness increases on exertion sitting or bending movements . I was told it could be arthritis specific to the left SI joint followed by a few UTIs I faced an year ago. ... on an X ray L/S spine AP and lateral view the significant findings were as follows : relative straightening of lumbar curvature is noted , suggestive of muscular spasm .
Avatar m tn c6-c7 disc rupture with moderate stenosis and disc degeneration. I saw a neurosurgeon this morning and have to go back because the MRI center didn't send my cd like they were supposed to. From just talking to her, she said that surgery may only help the pain in my arm not the pain in my neck or shoulder blade. Also, since she didn't have the scans to go by, she wasn't sure if I'd be an option for artificial disc replacement (she thinks so).
365281 tn?1200062908 i have lesions on my spine i have central and foraminal stenosis at L4 and L5. also have a 5.0 hyperintense mass invoving the lower pole of right kidney. there is also mild lumbar scoliosis. i also have a mild bilateral inferolateral stenosis. Quix or anyone ?? what doe this all mean??? The er doc said this was all in line with the ms dx. my brain mri noted numerous foci in deep white matter subcortal in both hemispherres of cerebrum.
1629578 tn?1299818494 I have bulging disks, herniated disk, disk degenerative disease, spinal stenosis, and osteoarthritis in my spine. I suffer from migraines, muscle spasms in my feet. I can be forgetful and have problems with concentration or recalling info. I have TMJ. Sometimes my neck feels like it is stiff and will lock. I have burning and tingling in my toes and finger tips. I have to get regular massages to relieve the pain. I often feel very warm or cold and gets tired easily.
Avatar n tn Having terrible pain. DDD at L5 S1, spinal stenosis in the same area, L4, L3 not as bad, and cannot sit at all. Posterior disc bulging seen. PT want me to do back extension to open up the back of the spine. Have you heard of this. All the Dr's say I don't need surgery, but going down hill fast. Any suggestions?? Can't sleep, muscle spasms, and burning in arms. Something seems to be going on in my T8, or around that area, and MRI showed no problems in the T's. Also have SI joint issues.
5589966 tn?1370475168 Not only can it cause you localized back pain, but can also lead to other problems like disk herniation and sciatica. What happens with a disk herniation, it bulges out and can sometimes press against a nerve or the sciatic nerve. You would feel pain run down the leg and this is called Sciatica.
Avatar m tn hi dr, i am diagnosed with multi level ddd on my c-spine, mild spinal stenosis on my l4-l5 with facet joint hypertrophy,more on my right side.and bonespurring on thoracic spine( due to lack of money i wasnt able to have an mri on mymy thoracic, only cervical and lumbar.. been dealing with back pain for five yrs now.. im still having bouts of back pain which i simply managed thru back stretching exercise and during the flare ups anti inflamatorries drug.
Avatar f tn C2-3 unremarkable C3-4 unremarkable C4-5 very minimal broad-based annular disc bulge with milt facet degenerative changes. There is no central spinal stenosis or neural foraminal stenosis. C5-6-3 minimal broad-based annular disc bulge. There are mild facet degenerative changes. There is no central spinal canal stenosis or neural foraminal stenosis. C6-7 very minimal broad-based annular disc bulge with no central spinal canal stenosis or neural foraminal stenosis.
5417328 tn?1367647532 X ray- You have degenerative osteoarthritis between your C4 and C7 levels and bone spurs from C4-C7 and rating this I am also unsure of. If it is pressing on a nerve it is very severe due to nerve damage it can cause. They can be dissolved however. MRI-L4/5 L5/S1 you also have degenerative osteoarthritis causing narrowing between the vertebra.
Avatar f tn 4 cm posterior disc protrusion and mild facet joint osteoarthritis resulting in mild spinal stenosis. There is no significant nerve root foraminal stenosis. T12-L1 and L1-L2 Level: Minimal posterior disc bulges. There is no significant spinal canal nerve root foraminal stenosis. L2-L3 Level: There is a 0.3 cm right paracentral and posterolateral disc protrusion which results in mild stenosis of the right lateral recess and right nerve root foramen.