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Avatar n tn I have had ct scans and mri scans. Both show calcification and osteoarthritis from my neck to my lumbar area. I frequently get numbness in my legs and hands, severe pain to the point where walking in unbearable. I can not work around the house for more than 15min a day and employment is at the moment out of the question because my back will spasm severly at any time. I was told that applying for a total and permanent disability to ensure I would not have to try and work. My Dr.
Avatar n tn Did your doctor prescribe the ibuprofen? Have you talked to your doctor since the symptoms spread and worsened? Your doctor may be able to prescribe a stronger dose, a different NSAID, or give you injections to help with the pain. OA is a degenerative disease and, at this time, there is nothing to stop it from advancing. The best thing you can do is maintain a proper weight and exercise but don't over use damaged joints.
1459410 tn?1285698605 I have it at a relatively young age, and was prescribed celebrex, which I hate the headaches from and stomach pain (and its not all that effective) which irritates my stomach ulcer. All my doc said was to up the protonix. Im in PT to help as well but if anyone would like to share a short summary of their story from pre-diag symptoms through successful treatment, I would really like to see how the different docs have handled your speciific case.
Avatar m tn I also have barretts esophagus and cannot take any NSAIDS...life can be miserable and It is well for us to keep a good outlook and get plenty of sleep to deal with these pains, but I am hopeful that some day there will be a pain med for me!
3060903 tn?1398568723 pain fatigue swelling stiffness tender joints inflammation These symptoms may lead to a loss of functioning and interfere with people's mood, sleep quality, and ability to perform everyday activities. Symptoms tend to increase until they reach their peak. As the flare ends, the symptoms will lessen and may completely disappear. In mild cases, a person's symptoms may be absent for a long time, and periods of disease activity may be brief.
1110049 tn?1409405744 I have to say, I think the mattress/topper has made a huge difference for me. I sleep better and that helps me hurt less. When I first started my journey and got the topper, it did make a difference in my morning stiffness. It was not as bad and did not last as long. At the same time I started sleeping wrapped around a body pillow and I have to say that helped a lot, too.
Avatar f tn so RA or osteoarthritis can increase your risk of development... I had it on my leg after a car accident and after physical therapy for it I finally got through it... the bursa was absorbed by my body is what the doctor told me... it hurt like fire burns! I hope you feel better soon and it clears up quickly. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I forgot to add that I have a slightly eleavated ANA 160, I think and was referred to a rheumatologist for rhumatoid arthritis, which he ruled out with a quick touch your toes type exam, but he must not have noticed in my records about my c-scan, and he gave me an anti-depressant because he said my muscles and joints are restless in the night as I am not in a deep enough sleep. It has helped some but not with the hip pain or neck and shoulders.
Avatar f tn I had spinal fusion and harrington rods surgery in 1987 in the lumbar area for congenital scoliosis. I also have osteoarthritis, cervical arthritis and fibromyalgia and sometimes severe headaches. I have been reading the posts from the different people and I am sorry to say that I can relate to the unbearable pain.
472570 tn?1274689487 And now I am getting migraines just from the pressure of the pillow even when I am sideways, Is anyone else having migraines because of they way you sleep? I am taking Humira and my migraines have worsened since I started taking this type of medication but it keeps my rheumatoid arthiritis in check and me functioning so I don't want to switch or stop using it. When I get these burning migraines, I always emit a stale oniony smell which is embarrassing.
Avatar m tn Problems affecting the arteries like peripheral arterial disease can cause cramping pain that occurs with exercise. In osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus there is joint pain, stiffness and swelling. This is only speculation. It will be best to discuss it with a doctor and get yourself evaluated. Take care and best regards!
Avatar n tn He stands on my side of the bed and just pants and whines and paws at the bed. If I pet him, he stops whining but continues the panting. We have not gotten any sleep in the past month. The vet checked him out - it's NOT Cushings disease. We have no idea what it could be...perhaps he's senile?
Avatar f tn I suspect this pain is neuro-related because of its similarity to what I suffered prior to 2007 laminectomy and same habit of waking me from night time sleep. I remember the pinched nerve (sciatic) pain I had at that time was sharp and piercing and just about unbearable. My present pain is dull and constant. This is getting old fast. You suggest I need an anti-inflammatory. Can you advise which? I can ask general practitioner for prescription.
1990784 tn?1331875378 I hope I find him soon.......................................AAAAAAAHHHHHHH this part kills me. Here's hoping sleep finds you, me and anyone else on here suffering this slipperly creature.
Avatar n tn I use my hands a lot as I am a window tinter and 12 volt automotive mobile electronics installer as well as a home remodelers helper in my off time along with being a husband and father of three. I don't get much sleep as it is and the constant waking up and while I drive, talk on the phone, or anything involving the prolonged use of my lefty is a killer. Please respond or call me at 405-625-2059 with any suggestions as to what I can do.
Avatar n tn If I get up and void and walk around a little bit it's OK, and I used to be able to roll and sleep on my other side and it would go away, which made me think of fluids draining from one kidney or uereter to another. I'm not a doctor so I don't know, it may also be worth mentioning that I have multiple sclerosis. I'd love to hear this one get answered. If it's this common, then surely some doctor has to have diagnosed a case like this.
Avatar n tn My 11 year old Cairn Has severe osteoarthritis in her legs. Her knees give out at times when I set her down. She cannot walk up or down any stairs. Her liver is enlarged and pushing her stomach backwards according to a recent exray. She also has a growth on her spleen that I was told had a 75% chance of being cancer. She takes Denamarin for her liver and Tramadol for pain. Somedays she wont come out of her crate all day and just lays in her bed panting.
Avatar m tn Well low and behold now I am having back problems only when I sleep and in the morning. But it seems more than that. I do not know if I created a mental loop in my mind but I cannot get a decent nights rest. I have gone to the Doctor again and have had multiple x-rays done and bloods tests taken. Everything came back fine. The pain is only in the morning and there is zero pain during the day. Here is an excerpt of a back pain post that I created to fill you in.
Avatar f tn For the past 2 months my mum (age 51 and very active) has woken up (after about 5 hours of sleep) with excrutiating neck pain. She's done x-rays and such and the results came back that she had osteoarthritis of some of the disks between the cervical spine. So she's been seeing a physiotherapist who has prescribed exercises, as well as a chiropracter who told her to use a certain pillow.
Avatar m tn It seems to start just as I am trying to go to sleep – I can be in bed reading and be 100% fine, but then as soon as I start trying to sleep, it starts and keeps going; getting progressively worse as the night goes on. I found that taking huge amounts of antihistamine tablets seems to help for some reason, even though are sure that it is not an allergy. I ruled out allergies because I have changed nothing and it, while being often, does not happen every night.
483733 tn?1326802046 They got him off the 100 mg fentanyl patches and onto oxycontone and his pain (osteoarthritis and ankylosing spondylitis) is under control. They gave a list of what drugs he should be continuing on so worked with Mom to get rid of everything else and to put his meds into organizers so he knew when to take what. They figured out he is diabetic (not insulin dependent) and that there are issues with his lungs, heart and kidneys but don't know why. At 2:00 am (Sunday) my Mom woke me up.
Avatar f tn Wondering if anyone has had experience with hip (actually where the leg and hip meet)pain that disturbs their sleep? Also on another note wondering the best labs to target any such problems,whether hormone or thyroid related.
790669 tn?1465192699 My mom who has the worst back of anyone I know (she has scoliosis, Degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis) was getting the shots in her back and they wasn't working. Her Dr. did some kind of surgery where they cleared out a lot of arthritis on his L2-3 and 4. She's feeling better thank goodness. She's also in physical therapy. It's been so hectic dealing with all of this. We lost Boogie right after Brian started hurting and that pain hasn't left me yet.
Avatar f tn Have you tried Ambien or Sonata? I take Ambien (have been on it for about 4 years) - some nights it works well and others it's like I've taken a tic tac - but there are nights when nothing short of getting hit over the head with a hammer is going to help me sleep! I used to be on the CR version of the Ambien, until my insurance decided it wasn't going to cover that formula any longer, so now I'm back to the 10mg dose.
272434 tn?1228610809 I also have carpal tunnel and I have osteoarthritis. Both very painful, and I also need surgery, and I told them not right now. I take a long time to heal, and that alone is enough for me not to have surgery. I also use splints at night, and I have had to cut back on my quilting, but I refuse to stop all together. The osteoarthritis I have in all of my joints as well as RA, I have a triple whammy.
Avatar n tn The combo of the 3 has stopped my leg cramps and osteoarthritis foot pains. Melatonin has also helped with sleep issues (which can reduce muscle cramps for some) - and it is one of the safest supplements to take in accordance with label directions. All this is providing that your other thyroid symptoms are being adequately (hopefully better) treated.
Avatar n tn Osteoporosis and Osteopenia 17 varieties of Cancer (including breast, prostate and colon) Heart disease High blood pressure Obesity Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes Autoimmune diseases Multiple sclerosis Rheumatoid arthritis Osteoarthritis Bursitis Gout Infertility and PMS Parkinson’s Disease Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder Alzheimer’s Disease Chronic fatigue syndrome Fibromyalgia Chronic Pain Periodontal disease Psoriasis"
Avatar n tn In your case it could also be due to sleep related disorders and not getting proper sleep. You need to see a sleep specialist for this. You could also be suffering from migraine or from temporal arteritis. Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. You need proper investigations to reach a diagnosis. Talk to your parents. Consult your doctor. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Unexplained aches and pains coming on and off could be due to fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Crohn’s disease, H pylori infection, anemia, liver disorders, diabetes, hypothyroidism, Vit B12 or Vit D deficiency and due to calcium or magnesium deficiency. It can also be due to sleep related disorders.
Avatar f tn These help with pain, but I have developed an itchy, unremitting rash on my right shoulder and should probably stop taking meds to see if any of them are causing it? I tried glucosamine but the pain and cracking remained and sometimes my head hurts on the right side too. I also have Hashimoto’s (TPO antibodies over 1,000) take 75mcg Levoxyl per day. There is a 1.2cm nodule on the right side of thyroid- it was ruled benign after biopsy.