Osteoarthritis and hip replacement

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Avatar m tn Osteoarthritis refers to degenerative arthritis (inflammation) of the joint. Management is largely dependent on the joint involved and the severity and may range from conservative to surgical/ joint replacement. You could read more about the condition online. Hope this information is helpful. Take care!
Avatar m tn ) I'm sorry that you will be facing a hip replacement. I'm currently recuperating from my 3rd hip replacement. Don't let that frighten you at all because the FIRST one lasted almost 30 years and after it I did EVERYTHING thing that I did before the implant. I wore 4" heels, I danced, I hiked, I ran, I played soft ball with my little kids and the BEST thing of all was that ALL of the pain was GONE!!!! I was just about your age.
1175033 tn?1492204828 ) to ease muscle spasms, and more. I had my first hip replacement at 37, my second at 40. Relatively young, but I'm very, very glad I did it. I know people young than I who've had it done, and they agree it's the best thing they ever did. I had terrible low back pain and sciatic nerve pain until the hips were replaced, now it's pretty much gone. :) Hang in there!
Avatar f tn I have had bilateral hip replacements, knee replacement, shoulder replacement and stenosis for which I have had back surgery for L4-5, S1, laminectomy and spinal fusion. The stenosis is back in my spine. I have been taken off anything with acetaminophen b/c of the kidney damage. I am in terrible pain and need something that I can take that will not cause more kidney damage.
Avatar f tn Guess it depends on which nerve is being compromised. Hip Dr. says no problem with implant. Back Dr. says mild disc bulge with osteoarthritis in facet joints in lumbar spine, but not enough to cause this much pain. Tried PT, three sessions about crippled me. Now going to Chiropractor who is doing a combo of adjustments, acupuncture, plant based injections, ultra sound, etc. Still in pain, but hoping this will work.
Avatar m tn At age 58 in August of 2011 I had my right hip replaced as a result of Osteoarthritis. Then after 2 weeks developed severe pain again that was not relieved by anything. I was made to wait for 5 months before Insurance Companies would allow any further surgery. Then in January 2012 my second surgery to my right hip was done. This seemed to be better for a while. Now in January 2013 at the one year mark I have developed severe pains to my right hip area that travels all the way around my leg.
Avatar f tn Can you have osteoarthritis pain recur AFTER a hip replacement? I have had both hips replaced (THR); the first 16 years ago and the second 7 years ago. The first hip is still doing fine -- hardly know it ever happened. However during the past year the second hip has become quite painful: pain felt in the groin (as hip pain often is) with bending & rotating the hip joint, much like before surgery.
Avatar f tn Happy Friday! I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left hip. A hip replacement is inevitable, but I hope to manage the pain (which has been getting worse this year) for a while, before facing surgery. I got my first infection on October 1 (16 days ago), hoping for some relief for my daughter's wedding that was on October 10. I regret to say that, so far, I am not feeling much relief at all.
Avatar f tn The decision was then made to have a total hip replacement. The recovery went well and I progressed fairly quickly, however I always seemed to have a pain in my groin, I mentioned this but it was always put down to the procedure it's self and that it should settle. I was given the go ahead to resume normal life again with no restrictions. I began gentle training and fitness and I am still really suffering. The pain is unbelievable, I can't sleep.
Avatar f tn But he recently had a second x ray and his right hip is badly damaged so he will possibly need a hip replacement in the near future (he had the first x ray 5 years ago). He basically has Osteoarthritis. But since last Wednesday he's been in alot of pain. But the problem is with his left hip rather than his right, he cannot understand it. He's been off work in agony, he's got pain in his left hip, buttocks, thighs, knee's and shins, basically what appears like Osteo in his left hip.
1378884 tn?1315509445 In a nutshell, osteoarthritis is wear-and-tear on the joint. It can happen at any age, not just to "old people". It can be brought on by an injury, a congenital deformity, overuse in a sport or job. RA is a malfunction of the immune system in which it mistakes joint tissue, mainly the cartilage, as something that must be attacked and eliminated. This causes the typical swelling, redness, heat, and over time, damage that causes pain and disability.
Avatar m tn This is also my excruciating story...so much pain in the tailbone and hip and lower back area. Standing for no more than 10 to 15 minutes. A trip to walmart is torture. I also have barretts esophagus and cannot take any NSAIDS...life can be miserable and It is well for us to keep a good outlook and get plenty of sleep to deal with these pains, but I am hopeful that some day there will be a pain med for me!
Avatar n tn After having a surgery to fix on particular problem that left me with a whole different problem I went to three other osteo docs. They all advised me to have hip replacement due to osteoarthritis, but I didn't want to do that without trying every other avenue. I recently had a 'live blood analysis' and discovered a tiny organism called 'mycoplasma arthritides' was responsible for my problem. I was told that a trauma like my surgery couild have triggered the organism.
1459410 tn?1285698605 I have it at a relatively young age, and was prescribed celebrex, which I hate the headaches from and stomach pain (and its not all that effective) which irritates my stomach ulcer. All my doc said was to up the protonix. Im in PT to help as well but if anyone would like to share a short summary of their story from pre-diag symptoms through successful treatment, I would really like to see how the different docs have handled your speciific case.
Avatar m tn By the age of 28, my Doctor's were prescribing a THR(Total Hip Replacement). Whether or not your pain turns out to be Arthritis, you definitely need to get a diagnosis ASAP so your pain can be controlled immediately! PLEASE remember that there are NO Doctor's on this Community only we members that are experiencing the same type of problems that you are. RubyWitch gave you some very good advice about seeing a Rheumatologist for your symptoms that you are experiencing.
Avatar m tn This lead to inventions of techniques and now there is huge development in methods of hip replacement surgery. Hip replacement surgery is the use of metal, ceramic or plastic parts to replace the ball at upper end of femur(thigh bone) and reemerge the hip socket in the pelvic bone. This ball-socket joint is one of the largest and most important joint of the body. The causes of chronic hip pain is arthritis.
Avatar f tn The end of May I started having pain and contacted my doctor, I was not able to get in for 3 weeks and the pain increased and had extreme sciatic pain running from my hip to the bottom of foot on both sides. I have done everything possible, over the counter drugs, exercising in pool, massage therapy, physical therapy, accupuncture, pain shots, perscription Motrin 800mg, Vicodin 7.5-750, Hydrocodone/APAP 5/500, with very little relief. I received the second series of Supartz almost 1 1/2 mos.
Avatar f tn I have seen 2 specialists and have had 2 lots of steroid injections in both knees and one steroid injection in my right hip. I have been taking Meloxicam and painkillers. Today I have been to see a specialist with the view to having knee replacement surgery. After looking at my recent x rays he has informed me that I have Avascular Necrosis in both knees. My left knee joint has collapsed and the right one is heading for collapse. Can you tell me if Avascular Necrosis is a form of Arthritis?
Avatar m tn What they wouldn't tell me is after having this operation, how much time will this operation buy me before need ing a Hip resurface or a total hip replacement? I have search everywhere online but cannot find any stories of people saying how they benefitted from having this surgery and how long it lasted...? Thanks all.
Avatar n tn recently i went to a hip specialist with hip pain and he said i have a hole in my hip bone which is caused by a cyst and wants to do a hip replacement. he said if i don't have it i will be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life cuz the hole will just keep growing..
Avatar m tn Hello, I am 46 yrs old, male, ex-athlete (competitive level basketball) and live in London, England. A year ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis on my left hip during an arthroscopy and most of the joint cartilage is worn out. Take glucosamine tablets regularly. Even though my condition is not so advanced to take painkillers etc, I cannot do any sport, which is important to me (even at a light, amateur level) and walking start bothering me after a few hundered meters.
1131208 tn?1260211546 sounds like we are in the same boat. The only other option I know of is called hip resurfacing which uses a smaller replacement device and conserves bone, has a much lower failure rate than traditional hip replacement, and gives a better range of motion. I am going through the decision making process myself. I wish you the best of luck; I know how much pain you are enduring. P.S.
Avatar f tn I am only 34 and have stage 2 arthritis in my left hip. The doctor said I will need a hip replacement in 5 to 7 years. In the meantime I am in terrible pain but can't take nsaids or narcotics. I do take Flexeril. Does anyone have anything they take or do that would help? Also I would love to hear from some of the younger people as it seems rare. Suggestions from all ages would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar n tn It was suggested I just leave it until it wreaks my otherwise healthy hip and have a hip replacement. I am very active and healthy so this was not an option. I have contacted a hospital in New York City and am going for a consultation and diagnosis in 3 weeks. If in fact it is a labral tear the cost of the surgeon and hospital are very high.
Avatar f tn i have bad hip pain in my right side, it sometimes goes down my leg and into my foot and when this happens it is hard to walk on. it has started to go over to my left side now. can u help?
17845748 tn?1460669562 if the reverse replacement fails (a regular shoulder replacement has the reverse replacement to try if the initial surgery fails). This is of concern because the life of the reverse shoulder replacement is only 20 years. Let me say that I understand his reluctance, I respect and agree with his reasoning. Since it's bone on bone, how much worse will it get to make the surgery more necessary? Thanks for reading my saga, I'd appreciate any thoughts/ideas that you may have.
471161 tn?1317194550 I am in so much pain right now (legs and hips mostly) that I just want to take some steroids to help but I was dx'd last week with osteoarthritis in my right hip. Lats year when they did a bone scan it was osteopenia. In one year of off and on steroid use it has become osteoarthritis. So my bones are deteriorating. I am worried now that as I get older if I fall my hip might break and then what... For now I just wish this pain would go away if onl for one day.
Avatar m tn I have been told that at my age the plan should be to manage the pain as best as I can until it becomes necessary to have a total hip replacement and because of my age I am not a candidate for hip preservation surgery, i.e. arthroscopic remodeling of the femoral head, labrum repair or debridement, etc. I have also been told that cycling is OK as tolerated because it is a closed cycle activity. I also XC ski in the winter. I have recently had xrays and an MRI.
Avatar m tn ) I'm hoping you haven't finished all of your trips as of yet and hope this can give you a little bit of relief when traveling. I've had 3 hip implants in my left hip and I'm getting ready to have my 1st hip implant in my right hip on October 28th of this year. Now when I travel I always get wheelchair assistance to help me from gate to gate. This takes an immense amount of stress off of my hips, back and legs and definitely it helps keep the pain at bay. This allows.
Avatar f tn I have had pain in my low back and hip for over a year. I have been treated for sciatica, piriformis syndrome and SI dysfunction. An Xray of my hip shows that I have acetabular retroversion, which basically means my hip sockets aren't aligned properly with my joint. MRI results show that my hip joint is degenerating (early onset of osteoarthritis), I have tendonosis of my iliopsoas muscles, and grade 1 strains of my adductors and quadratus femorus.