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Avatar n tn PT, after heavy useage of my hand it hurts, should I continue to push? And what about ice or heat, heat helps relieve the pain, if there is internal swelling am I increasing the scaring? Thank you.
Avatar m tn Is a symptom burning pain in the morning and a feeling of bone on bone before you even get out of bed? Can osteoarthritis be diagnosed through CT or MRI images? When my SI joints show black, and osteophytes forming all along (with bone-on-bone) the connecting sections what can I expect. My Sacrum also feels a very deep and throbbing pain which brings tears of pain to my eyes (no crying of course).
Avatar f tn Hi there! I was diagnosed about 6 months ago with osteoarthritis in my L4/5 and was told it was a moderate case by my GP. I've had back pain going back 10yrs, but they just figured it out recently. My problem is that my doctor is refusing to do pain control even with my CT and Xrays showing up postive. I've told her I'm looking for pain relief and not to get high. In the last 3 months or so, it's been 5/7 days with moderate pain and I'm taking the max amount of Motrin and T1's possible.
1378884 tn?1315509445 RA is a malfunction of the immune system in which it mistakes joint tissue, mainly the cartilage, as something that must be attacked and eliminated. This causes the typical swelling, redness, heat, and over time, damage that causes pain and disability. Cartilage is eaten away; even connective tissue such as tendons and ligaments can be affected as well. The confusion often arises because RA damage *can* lead to OA in the joints; however, OA does NOT cause RA. Make sense?
Avatar m tn It seems to radiate from the spine across the top of the hip and down the right leg. Is this a normal manifestation of osteoarthritis and if not, does anyone know what it might be?
1459410 tn?1285698605 But I get frequent heartburn and was recently put on cytotec generic, which is supposed to help with stomach lining. I have tried acupuncture, which I thought helped some, herbal heat pack, ice, valium, ibuprofen and wear a flat-planed splint for my jaw osteoarthritis. I recently got an MRI after years of suffering and learned about disc displacement, one of them displaced all the time and it's torn. Pool exercise might help you some if they are joints that go underwater.
Avatar f tn Does anyone have Osteoarthritis in finger joints. What do you do for pain and stiffness. Also what jobs do you do, I had to quit my job of 10 years, (doctor said so) looking for a job, but not sure what to do, any ideas. Going to start physical therapy soon.
432312 tn?1265648574 (both grandmothers and my maternal uncle) and degenerative disk disease Maternal grandmother maternal, uncle and my father. I am so tired of paying co pays just to be told yeah your back looks like it could have some pain... heat and Tylenol thanks. I am gaining weight I know because I am inactive. The more weight I gain the worse I feel and the more inactive I become. I dont know what kind of a doctor I should go to I dont know what magic words to say to get them to take me seriously.
Avatar f tn My 19 year old son was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in May - just recd second cortisone shot (trying to do this before the SYNVISC shots) and both of his knees are completely swollen. Have a call into the doctor but any suggestions on what to do for him in the meantime. He is at college.
1110049 tn?1409405744 Are they giving you anything for pain? Have you tried heat or topicals to get relief? My body pillow and a memory foam topper for my mattress did wonders to help ease my discomfort.
Avatar n tn I have never responded to any forums on-line, but I recently decided to seek information regarding my excessive heat and perspiration problem. I am 50 years old and find it dehabilitaing, embarassing and emotionally draining. Right now I had to reach over and turn on my little fan (I have them all over my home (5 in all), besides a ceiling fan in every room. It is one way I have found to deal with the onset of my constant overheating.
1875722 tn?1320440866 I am not a senior, just 34 but I have osteoarthritis in my jaw. I find heat and aleve effective at times.
1069378 tn?1255218732 When there is cartilage loss, a joint can become bone-on-bone, which is very painful for the patient. Treatment options for osteoarthritis focus on pain relief and restoring function to the affected joint. Physical treatments should be attempted wherever possible like weight reduction, exercise, supports, heat and rest. Medications of all forms can be tried like topical, oral, or injectable medications to relieve pain and inflammation .
700223 tn?1318169294 Acupuncture and Sports Medicine More and more injured athletes are turning to alternative medicine to treat their aches, pains, sprains and strains. Chief among these modalities is acupuncture. Acupuncture has a very successful record with sports injuries. More and more professional sports teams have put acupuncturists on their medical staff to accelerate healing and to resolve stubborn injuries. .Acupuncture remains one of the primary means of quick healing for the martial arts.
Avatar m tn In addition to this, I have been experiencing Sciatica like symptoms in the form of pain, numbness, and tingling from my lower back to my feet. Preliminary analysis from my PCP and a back pain specialist that included physical examination and X-rays, revealed no cause for the Sciatica symptoms. I suggested to both that perhaps my SI OA was causing the problem and both of them scoffed at the idea.
Avatar n tn 11 days ago I was taken to the ER for heat related ilness and electrolyte imbalance. I was on the rifle range in 100+ heat, taking frequent breaks, intake of about 300oz water/Gatorade with no output. Given saline by IV and began output within 15 minutes. No cardiac problems noted. Nothing significant with any other blood work. Since then I have had the following issues that are new: excessive sweating in hair when outside in heat, drenches my hair sweating around my eyes....
Avatar n tn Heat / ice no improvement. Two years ago I tripped and fell hard on my knees and front and had this kind of sharp pain from shoulder blade to chest upon certain movements. It faded to nothing until I woke with more pain in these areas. It feels like a stiff neck, shooting pain and ache through L breast, down L side, behind collar bone, up neck. Female age 61, history of Type II diabetes in control, osteoarthritis in cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, also feet, knees, hands.
Avatar f tn I have crohn's, enteropathic arthritis, lupus, hosimoto thyroid and back issues...oh, DDD and osteoarthritis. I have retrolethesis at L3. Disk is pushing in, out os alignment on my spinal chord. The pain mgt doc gave me an epideral of steroids in Dec., it escalated the pain in my right leg, hips and back. He recently started me on butrans 5mcg/hr. It's help with the back pain. GI doc wanted me off...concerned about side effects.
Avatar m tn went to my doc twice in this time first when it was one joint he said it was osteoarthritis, went back the following time and he said the same ,told i couldnt beleive 3 joints had worn out at the same time. plus at times i had twinges of pain in other joints in the hand he took bloods to check for RA all bloods came back as perfectly normal he checked for b27 gene which was neg, i had IRITIS in left eye about 7 years ago on and off for 8 months never came back.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have a respiratory therapist friend that has Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Osteoarthritis. She has filed twice now for SSD, the 1st denied, and the last one, they won't let her file SSI due to house ins. money from the big tornado we had in March, is setting in her account waiting to be paid for contractors for the house repairs. She has no income. Donations can be sent: Donna Brawley, 5504 Waddell St.,Ft. Worth, TX 76114.
387767 tn?1345875627 I honestly think that walking helped heal whatever we going on. When I have the dull aches there's not much that helps other and heat.
Avatar f tn I have had fibromyalgia since a near fatal car accident 10 years ago. I am currently on Celexa and Methadone, and I have gained about 35 lbs. and I can't figure out how to stop it or why it is happening. My pain management doctor is a neurologist, and he just says it is a combination of the meds, menopause,not being as active, but he is not a diet doctor and his main concern is my pain. Is there another combination of meds that doesn't do this?
Avatar f tn The first treatments for osteoarthritis, including osteoarthritis of the shoulder, do not involve surgery. These treatments include: Resting the shoulder joint. This could mean that the person with arthritis has to change the way he moves the arm while performing the activities of daily living. For example, the person might wear clothing that zips up the front instead of clothing that goes over the head. Or the person might prop up hairdryers instead of holding them up for long periods of time.
Avatar f tn I use glucosamine, chondroitin, cod liver oil and ensure my diet contains oily fish. TENS doesn't work, heat does work to a degree and so I try to utilise this as much as possible, hydrotherapy is beneficial (but not to the bank balance!) and I also use swimming as a method of controlling pain (though I do suffer afterwards). So if anyone has any bright ideas be the natural remedies or prescribed then please let me know!
11446628 tn?1418302080 I also have pain in my knee and hands, and my fingers are twisting and have knots. My right knee has had pain and swelling for weeks, and this morning it's too painful to walk. I haven't injured it. Recent blood test didn't report rheumatoid arthritis. So what's going on with my knee, and with my hands?
Avatar f tn I do get lumps at some of the trigger points, like in my upper back between my shoulder blades, and the only thing that helps that is massage and alternating ice and heat. I tried Lyrica last year, and it did manage the pain fairly well, but it made me feel bloated and it also dulled other physical sensations like the urge to have a bowel movement and sexual sensation. It works wonderfully for some people, but I wasn't one of them. I returned to a higher dosage of my old standby....
Avatar m tn Hello, These burning sensations on the knuckles and joints can be due to heat burns, arthritis like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, metabolic disorders like diabetes, hypothyroidism, and hypoparathyroidism. They can also be due to peripheral vascular disease, vitamin B12 deficiency or malnutrition. Get your blood sugar and thyroid hormones levels evaluated. You can take some vit B12 for some days and see if the symptoms are gone or not.
Avatar f tn bulging discs i have one too and i had no idea these can cause problems. i also have spinal stenosis and bonespurs and osteoarthritis in my neck and a hair line fracture that has healed of course. i go to physio and it is amazing. he does mild stretching in my neck and gentle tissue movement. i also in the last while have been taking fish oils what a difference. doesn't take it away of course but it helps for the imflammation.
Avatar n tn but I don't want to take this too often...heat rubs and pads I warm in the microwave help but I am only 49 and have a life to live...I do know anxiety doesn't help...what is making our muscles rigid? I have been told its fibromyalgia...and to exercise...which seems to make it worse-seems to be the common soulution...what is the source of the rigid muscles that cause pain and tightness? I want my life to be better...I want to write letters and paint and garden...I am feeling so frustrated.