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544292 tn?1268886268 So I dug up some more info that I wanna share ... in case you are dying of curiousity. Or need more info like I do. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http***mb.rxlist.com/rxboard/ultram.pl?noframes;read=3179 not just for breakfast anymore Posted By: mkny Date: Friday, 21 October 2005, at 3:53 a.m.
Avatar m tn If you gave age, occupation and gender it would be a help. This could be osteoarthritis. An x-ray might help.
Avatar f tn Your mother should be evaluated for osteoarthritis; common risk factors are age over 50, and female gender. Your mother should discuss physical or occupational therapy with her doctor. It might also be helpful for you mother to start an exercise program, to improve function of the knee. She should talk with her doctor prior to starting any new exercise program.
Avatar n tn I now have been feeling a similar tearing feeling on the top of my hand coming down from between my index and middle finger and then it goes numb for a period. What gender are the rest of you? Some things like MS tend to be more common in one sex vs another.
Avatar f tn Cervical Spondylosis is a general term for age-related wear and tear affecting the spinal disks in your neck. As the disks dehydrate and shrink, signs of Osteoarthritis develop. Cervical Spondylosis actually means Osteoarthritis of the Cervical Spine. So the answer is the same to your question regrading Osteoarthritis. I would assume you medical provider would refer you to a Neurosurgeon. I want to commend you for educating yourself on your condition. Read - Read - Read.
Avatar f tn More than 2 million people are affected by rheumatoid arthritis, the most disabling and painful form of arthritis. Arthritis has no boundaries to gender, race or age, it affects young and old alike. (5, 7) In fact it may be surprising to some that an estimated 294,000 children (age 18 and under), have some form of arthritis. (7) In 2003 the medical cost of arthritis alone was approximately 128 billion annually.
488264 tn?1226523907 This neurologist, a second opinion, is taking me seriously. The first took one look at my date of birth and my gender and dismissed me instantly. Fact is within three years I've gone from being a climber, distance runner, fitness teacher, performing martial arts specialist, and about three stone lighter, to someone who now walks with a cane and needs morphine daily to move. This is not middle age. People thirty years older than me who have never exercised have not degenerated into this.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with buldging L3 - L5 disks with a bone spur. I also have osteoarthritis in back and both hips. I was diagnosed by an Orthopaedic Surgeon who specializes in spinal treatments. I began an excercise routine and found the pain too great to excercise. I have had MRI w/contrast and spinal X-rays. I was told to start with steroid epidural shots to the L4-L5 area. I have had first shot.
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if anyone has had this treatment and if there are any side effects from it? And does it really work and last as long as they claim?????
Avatar f tn area, the tip of the sternum and also sob, quit smoking. Thought for sure it was lung related and still may be, just weird to have all these things pop up within a few months. Honestly, I still get this and then "it" goes into remission! Have a gastro and pulmo but no "real" answers!! SoIf you do find out more PLEASE post!!
447130 tn?1225474466 What you're describing sounds like hypo/mania not a psychotic break, which is when you lose touch with reality and having delusions and severe paranoid behaviour. . I've had hypomanic episodes where I've cleaned obsessively, can't sit still and talked really fast among other things. I would then "crash" and go into a depression and cry a lot. Those are the mood swings, sometimes you can have both at the same time which is called mixed states.
184420 tn?1326743408 Can't in any way speak to the value of this study and I'm sure there are others if this is not quite what yo had in mind: "The outcome of CHC could be favourably influenced by female gender and young age at infection, as suggested by Minola and coworkers.22" See http://www.medigraphic.com/pdfs/hepato/ah-2008/ah082c.pdf Hope all is well.
Avatar n tn I did so research myself as the doctors can't seem to offer me anything except blank looks and anti-inflamitories (which don't work, I keep telling them it is in the joints, not the muscle) and I have come up with a combination of sacroiliac joint dysfunction and osteoarthritis. I have an appt with another orthopedic surgeon, as the last one looked at my MRI for a total of 30 seconds before telling me there is nothing wrong with me and that it is in my head.
Avatar n tn Because of all the variables that exist among those having been treated with interferon (stage of liver damage, length of HCV infection, genotype, lifestyle habits, family history, gender, etc.) AND the fact that such symptoms appear in those who HAVEN'T been treated with interferon, can't you concede that it might be hard to prove the direct link?
Avatar n tn Everything came back normal except my spine has osteoarthritis and scoliosis and a couple bone spurs. So maybe thats the reason. I asked a doctor and she looked at me like I was crazy and prescribed ativan for anxiety and albuterol for the wheeze. I am afraid to ask any other doctor, due to they just give you that funny look and say "it sounds like your breathing", I even asked my husband and he said the same thing.
585414 tn?1288944902 But I am connected through people online and I do get out to see them more than before and hope to increase that but require a fair amount of treatment with side effects of its own.
Avatar n tn I also lose my fingerprints and get itchy bumps on the tips and sides of my fingers. I use an emollient cream at night and throughout the day to protect my hands. Myabe this info is better late than never.
Avatar n tn well sorry to inform im only taking hcg to get my testosterone levels back to normal but I do know alot about all this kind of stuff and workout and nutrition and I like to talk to ppl about it all and learn or try and help so im here :) im getting my mom to probally start a cycle of hcg hopefully she will start by dec shes still need some convincing but ya if its not to much to ask if u could mail me the 500k diet you are supposed to follow pls thanks p.
147426 tn?1317269232 The fatigue with vertigo is worse!! Two and a half years ago one morning I was putting on my shoes and socks and realized I couldn't lift my R leg onto the other to put on my socks. I could barely lift it off the ground. I saw my internist who noted pathologically hyperactive reflexes on both knees and ankles, weakness of the R hip flexors and referred me to the neurologist I had seen before for migraines.
Avatar f tn I get these unexplained chills all the time, where im freezing cold with goose bumps all over my body. They hurt and I can barely walk they are so bad sometimes. I check my temp when I get these episodes and its perfectly normal. I do not have a infection or am not sick. Im not even in a cold environment. Everyone around me is not cold. Its the weirdest thing, and I cant find a answer for it. Its like my body is messed up and sending these chills for no reason. Please help.
Avatar m tn i am such a mess right now, i am having constant pain in my knees, elbows, hips, ankles, wrist, fingers, shoulders, and neck.... i go to a pm doctor for my back and neck and he has prescribed me vicode 10/5 and a muscle relaxer i tried talking to him telling him about my knees, elbows, etc he took two blood test and told me if they come back fine then i am fine.... which really upset me because i don't want to be going to a doctor who isn't going to help me...
Avatar n tn I've been to vascular surgeons, cardiologists. hand surgeons and regular md's and no one can help me. This just happened again to my thumb after 10 years and my cardiologist prescribed high blood pressure meds...and I DON'T have high blood pressure, I've been running for 25 years! If anyone has a diagnosis please share...I know your frustration.
Avatar n tn I am a 53 year old female, non-smoker and have no weight problems, and no known health problems. Over the past two years, I've had numerous episodes where my body takes involuntary deep breaths, one every 7-8 minutes, interspersed with my normal breathing. The intake of breath can be when inhaling or exhaling, and it when it occurs, it disrupts a normal breath. Often the involuntary breath feels "catchy" as if I'd been crying or sobbing when in fact I have not.
Avatar n tn I also have that annoying warm sensation that is in my right leg and it moves from my ankle and up about 4inches and seems to be very frequent. I too thought it was a little heater under the seat of my car that was warming my leg-but the heat was not on. Also, the balls of my feet are burning along with this sensation. I need to know what this is?
Avatar n tn I feel like my body's thermostat is broken and I'm constantly overheating. I've been taking Claritin and Benadryl but that doesn't seem to help at all. My doctor also gave me a prescription medicine called Atarax, which only makes me drowsy and doesn't help the itchy feeling. Any suggestions? Btw, I've taken blood tests to see if there is anything wrong but everything came out fine.