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Avatar n tn he has an improved appitite he has very few bathroom accidents in his clothes his speech is clearer and more verbal he focuses better is more cooperative Practically everyone that was around him while he was taking the orapred commented on his improved behavior and speech. Have you ever heard of orapred having this effect and what are the long term side effects.
Avatar f tn he said in her case iI should have used the Epi Pen and called 911 ... but he tolerated that I gave the Orapred with high end Benadryl dosing and then, of course, had to tell me I gave too little Orapred (with a stern look on his face), so they administered more in the hospital ... ok ok .... the bottle was over a year old & the dose was too little .... better less than too much!
Avatar m tn Hi, Nebulizer with albuterol and/or pulmicort is used if needed. Then there are some liquid albuterol meds, etc. that can be used .. Orapred if needed. All meds are from a doctor with a prescription. Hope this helps. She should definitely see a doctor if asthma is suspected or diagnosed.
Avatar m tn I have kept a diary on his health for about a year. He used to take qvar and now has switched to Advair. He has taken psudesoline/orapred 5x in 2009. The last episode was December 2009, where he could not stop coughing. I started to give him the artbutal but nothing worked and the cough worsen. The doctor said he sounded like he was grouping/groupy. He could NOT stop coughing. They started the orapred and the next day we went to the doctors (pulmonologist).
Avatar n tn To Whom It May Concern, My twins have ba asthma, especially my daughter. If she catches a cold it triggers her asthma so much that her lung function decreases, she will crackle & wheeze horribly, and she has to be put on "orapred." We have a lovebird in the house. I keep the cage clean, have a air filter, spray the bird with water, etc..However, I do feel that the birds dander may be setting off, or adding to her asthma problems.
Avatar m tn It seemed like a cold that dragged on and on and then just recently I clued in and thought maybe it's asthma. Well on Monday he woke up very groggy, low energy and I noticed the familiar retractions and shallow breathing I'd seen in my daughter and decided to take him in. His o2 was 93% pre treatment and 100% following. The dr said at first that he didn't sound too bad but following the treatment said he sounded much better and sent us home with flovent and ventolin.
Avatar f tn looking back they think maybe it was asthma all along. She was on Orapred and asthma meds most of her first 10 yrs. Today is she is almost 18 and only needs her inhaler when ill or rigid exercise. Please let us know how you make out and feel free to PM me anytime!
Avatar n tn I have an 8 year old son that takes pulmicort, and just finished Orapred when I noticed a little bump in the back of his head. He scratches it alot, and I was told by the doctor to put cortizone on it. Because he had asthma, he more than likely had eczema. About a week later, his little bump turned into a big knot, and you can see it if he turns to the side. It itches more now that it has gotten bigger. I don't think it is eczema, but who am I? I am not a doctor.
Avatar n tn She is also allergic to milk and eggs and you know when they are allergic, they scream and cry intolerably, have bad ezcema, and/or horrible belly aches, etc. Anyway, her asthma is not related to her allergies - good and bad. She started singulair before bedtime, pulmicort (1mg) per day, and xeopenex when needed for wheezing. She is MUCH better! And, she does have asthma problems with drainage or any sinus issues she starts wheezing every time, so they could be the same...
Avatar f tn We have seen his primary doctor in addition to a asthma and allergy specialist who initially thought that these symptoms were asthma related and treated it as such. Recently the specialist is saying that these symptoms may be related acid reflux and prescribed him prevacid. In the last 3 weeks my son has been prescribed the following medications: orapred( liquid steroid), Amoxcillian( antibotic), xopenex(liquid for nebulizer) and the list continues with medications over the counter.
327369 tn?1326123508 Hi there! I am new to this board....I am not new to asthma. My son and daughter have it. My daughter's has usually been pretty easy to control using our plan. However, my son has always had the kind of asthma that scares me. We have been hospitalized three times since 15 months of age. He is three this month. Every single time he gets a chest cold we end up in the ER and he gets pnuemonia so quick.
Avatar n tn My son has been on orapred for seven days for his asthma. He has not been able to fall asleep until well after 11pm and then is up several time throughout the night crying and he has also been very clingy. Is this a normal side effect of orapred? He had his last dose today, so his sleep patterns return to normal soon? help!
Avatar n tn You can also contact www.NationalJewish.org; they lave lots of great info about asthma and all lung issues, especially their MedFacts and LungFacts. Best of luck to you & your family.
Avatar f tn I went to Joe Di Maggio and Memorial West, and the doctor laugh on my face when I told him could be something from her stomach.She is taking second round of orapred, zitromax, nebulizer every 4 hours and no changes for the cough. She was on preventive for asthma QVAR and she had Acid Reflux a year ago, so I think that maybe the medication have something to do with that. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/724097'>Dad Is Having Very Bad Choking Cough</a>.
Avatar n tn My 6 year old woke up one morning a month ago with a constant dry hacking half cough. He has been on Zithromax, pro air inhaler, qvar inhaler, and orapred. Nothing has helped. His lungs are clear so they have ruled out asthma. Now they are referring him to an allergy doctor. How can it be an allergy when he does not have any allergy symptoms? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Lately she is been getting asthma and I’ve had her on pulmicort and orapred. Can this be a side effect? Will her hair go back to the way it use to be? What can I do ?Help me please!
Avatar n tn My 7and a half year old daughter has asthma, environmental allergies, is on Prevacid for suspected reflux problems. She has been all the usual meds and is now taking Zyrtec, and Advair 100/50 twice a day. She was on oral Prednisone this past May for her lung infection and put on the Advair to try to keep the airways open to avoid another bout of pneumonia. She also had mono and a strep infection in late May. My concern is the amount of hair she is losing.
Avatar n tn He too was (and still is when sick, and on meds) cranky and irratable. He has asthma, and is prone to croup. He needs a good 10 or more hours of sleep to be rested. The meds can contribute alot to behavior I believe, I think clariton makes my son inpatient. (but everone reacts diffrent to meds) Also if he has been on a oral steroid like orapred, he is plain meannnnn. Even upto a week or two afterward. He is now on singular for allergies.
Avatar n tn Does your son even have a distant history of asthma? Was there even any wheezing? If not, then all that is an utter and complete waste. Especially the Xeopenex. That is an extremely expensive medication only intended to be used for those that are sensitive to Albuteral's cardiac effects. Xeopenex ampules cost (one treatment) approx. $30-$40/each. Pulmicort is a corticosteroid used to treat asthma.
Avatar n tn 0( So we added atrovent and upped him to the 1.25 xoponex along with the 5 days of orapred, and now pulmicort twice a day. Working on weaning him back down, hopefully... Doc went over his medical emergency plan for meds and I feel much more comfortable about the trip now. Maybe the change will do him some good. I hope more than anything that he can be one of these wonderful success stories I read about and doing LOTS when he's older.
Avatar f tn As for the cough, she has been prescribed 3 different meds for her cough pseudophedrine, prednisone (orapred), albuterol, and now prednisone again. Has anyone else's child had a cough that wouldnt go away. She's on the prednisone for 4 days. I'm thinking if the prednisone doesnt work, I'll go back to pseudophedrine.
Avatar n tn Air purification, IQair health pro plus, Hypo-allergenic blankets washed in hot water or with an additive or allergy detergetnt, pillow protector, etc, Go to the nearest allergy and asthma center. My whole state of mind was altered by allergies. I felt like dying. I felt like killing. I spent my whole life suffering because of allergies and a terrible at home situation.
Avatar n tn Also, if he's anything like my son, he has a lot of trouble with colds turning into infections and usually pneumonia. I would take him to either another asthma Dr. and explain the pool thing to him/her. Or you could try a Pulminologist since allergies have been ruled out. He might do well using an inhaled corticosteroid medication, such as Pulmicort. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I have a now 22 month old son who was diagnosed last season with what we presume is asthma based on symptoms. It seems to be viral induced. This season came around and sure enough, when he got a cold it went straight to lungs (wheezing, SOB, coughing) We started inhaled steroid (budesonide), albuterol regimen again. Proved unsuccessful to resolve cough. Round of Orapred proved unsuccessful to resolve cough. After four months we consulted with Pulmonologist.
Avatar n tn His PCP thought at first that he had Asthma, but has ruled that out now. He's been put on Flovent and Abuterol inhalers and Abuterol using a Nebulizor (I think that's spelled right). He was on Prevacid (for refulx) Singular and also a type of Steroid. The only thing that actual helped with his wheezing was the Abuterol. About 3 days ago he caught a cold from on of his cousins and I had to take him to the ER yesterday because his wheezing got worse and he had a really bad cough.
Avatar n tn Beside twice when may be I wasn't able to start nebulizer soon enough and albuterol just didn't work anymore and he had to take orapred for 5 days(total10 days). He also got Croup a year ago. So bad that he was hospitalized and was given steroid shot. Since then his croup came back twice but each time I was able to manage it at home with shower steam, humidifier,albuterol and pulmicort.
Avatar f tn ventolin inhalation-every 4 hrs for 5 -7 days,Flovent inhalation-twice a day for months or years,Singular-I guess forever,Orapred-steriod 3 days twice a day,and Cefdinir or Omnicef antibiotics for 7 days. I am just concerned about his meds especialy singular.I just need some advice PLEASE HELP!!!And what about his other meds he takes on a daily basis, does anyone know anything about them.
Avatar n tn He is usually very quiet when sleeping, and when he is awake his breathing is very heavy and noisy. When he first got this, the pediatrician admitted him to the hospital and tested him for RSV & FLU, both neg. She put him in a mist tank, which did not seem to help. We also got a nebulizer and gave him treatments of albuterool three times daily. The docor tested him before & after treatments and noted that it did not help, and in fact it may cause him to cough more.
889251 tn?1241083505 Within 4 days of stopping the antibiotic he started coughing again. A week later I took him back to the Dr. and she gave him 3 days of Orapred and 10 days of Cleocin. He improved and 2 days later he still had a cough. I then had their father take them to another Dr. who in turn said that they are way too sick. That I must have a mold problem in my house and to give them Allegra twice a day and Nasonex.