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1445110 tn?1388213311 Opana ER has been a LIVESAVING drug for me, non sedating, i can hold my huge babies and have no side effects, I highly recommended the ER, you take it only 2 x a day, I ran out one day before my pain doctor appt and am in excruciating pain in back and hips. Had no idea how well it was working until I am having to go 2 days without and about to DIE.
1264863 tn?1391121793 Anyone taken Opana ER? My doctor wants to switch me from Oxy to Opana ER and I am very nervous about it. Any advice is helpful.
Avatar f tn Ive been on Opana Er & Ir for 2 years now and couldnt be more happy with it. Opana doesnt make me sleepy, groggy, high, or anything like that, instead it takes away my pain.
541953 tn?1262589826 Hi, Iknow it has been a few years since your post, i was wondering how you are doing on the Opana ER. I am switching from Opana 30 mg ER to Morphine 60 mg ER.The Opana gave me side effects, dizziness, being in withdrawl if I missed a dose, and it did not help my chronic pain.. I have tried many ER drugs and I am having a hard time finding many of them. Plus my breakthrough meds are also hard to find.
Avatar m tn Your doctor specifically said "Opana ER"??? That's a bit odd. Opana is just the brand-name for Oxymorphone, and the ER just means "extended release" (as opposed to the IR, "instant release"). A doctor telling you that you tested positive for Opana ER would be like telling someone that they tested positive for Norco 10/325. Drug screens/tests just aren't specific enough to determine brand-names of drugs, let alone whether it's the ER or IR version of the drug.
604815 tn?1220105763 My doctor gave me a rx 2 days ago for Opana ER 40MG.read about it but was determined to take to get off Lortab 10,12-15 a day.Long story short my insurance would not cover it,and for 60 pills the lowest price I got was $688.00.Forget that.
Avatar m tn had neck fusion and now severe back pain...I have been on Opana ER 10mg 3x for about 8 months and I want to escape...I realize I am addicted...my first question...is withdrawal harder if you have been on a drug a long time...or is it harder if you have been taking large doses?...and...do you suggest I taper or go "cold turkey"...I don't know if many of you realize how many "seniors" are on these powerful drugs...can anyone fill me in on what I am about to do and go through?.
981443 tn?1250119402 Endo has been the major distributor of oxymorphone throughout the world and currently markets oxymorphone in the United States and elsewhere as Opana and Opana ER. Opana is available as 5 mg and 10 mg tablets; Opana ER, an extended-release form of oxymorphone, is available as tablets in strengths of 5 mg, 7½ mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg, and 40 mg.
Avatar m tn Doc prescribes Opana because it is slower release and recommends switching out one of the vico doses for a 10mg Opana for a week, then dropping the vico and moving to the Opana. Still an opioid, but low dose to buy time until the MRI can be done to determine if nerve abulation (deadening the nerves at the base of the spine) is the next course of action, or if total fusion is necessary. Have to admit that so far none of these are appealing to me. I tried the Opana and holy crap, I can't do it.
Avatar n tn I've been taking opana er for a while to help with chronic pain. I'm so tired of living on pain medicine and want to stop. Can anyone please tell me what I can expect as far as how long I will be sick and just how sick I will get?
Avatar f tn my dr just put me on opana ER 10mg 2x day and 2 lortab day for breakthru...before that was prescribed and taking 4 norco 10/325 daily and was not controlling the pain...i've been in this constant flar-up phase few weeks... i've only been on opana er for 2 days so i know it takes around 5 days to kick in and dr says this mg is a starting point for me and will move up some accordingly...i'm glad and surprised that my pain has subsided some...i assume more relief will come over the next few days..
1895503 tn?1332376974 I've been on Opiates for a spinal injury for many years. Currently i'm on Opana ER 40mg (x2/day) plus Opana IR 10mg (3x/day) and it's barely taking the pain level down anymore. The most I cold detoxed was 48 hours, and I can't explain how awful it was at that last hour before I took a pill.
Avatar f tn and people I have talked to that are on the Opana they use the Opana IR for breakthrough with the Opana ER. Have you ever tried Oxycodone HCL (immediate release) 15mg, or 30mg tablets for breakthrough pain? I am on Morphine Sulfate and use the Oxycodone for breakthrough and it works well... until your body adapts to the oxycodone and you require an increase in the dose... that's my only hurdle with it.... good luck....
Avatar f tn Hi, Opana ER is an extended-release oral formulation of oxymorphone. I am assuming that the doctor started him on the lowest dose and then titrated up to manage his pain sufficiently. Doctors normally do this so that the Pt is on the lowest dose possible to manage their pain. Tolerance issues requires that over an extended period of time you will need more medication to get the same pain relief. For this reason among others doctors want the patient on the lowest dose possible.
1895503 tn?1332376974 From what I've read, cutting the ER version of opana does NOT bypass the time release. Opana was made to try to deter people from abusing the oxycontin inside. The old pills marked OC had just a time release layer around the outside that could be taken off and the drug could then be abused. As a work around they made the time release process different, so cutting the pill or "dissolving" the time release layer wont work anymore.
Avatar m tn I am currently taking Opana ER 30mg /2 TID for long term spinal pain due to breaks and fusions. I am going to try replacing that for a short time with a Fentanyl Patch to see if I have any improvement in Pain Mgmt. I am just wondering what regimen I should use to safely do this. For example. Is it as easy as waiting 12 hrs. after my last Opana ER and then apply the patch (it's a 3 day patch) then take another ER once the 3 days has expired?
Avatar n tn I was recently on 30mg of Opana ER 2x a day and then I was allowed to take up to 4 tablets of 10mg instant release tablets for break out pain. I have found that the 30mg of Opana ER 2x a day is helping me tremendously. However, the 10mg tablets for the breakout pain wasn't doing well for me, so the doctor switched me to 30mg tablets of morphine up to 4x a day for breakout pain. I haven't been able to tell the difference yet, but I hope this is the answer to my breakout pain.
Avatar f tn I take 12-15 lortab 10 a day,my doctor in an effort to help me get off,gave me opana er but insurance wouldn't cover,it cost too much to pay out of pocket.looked up some ER meds my insur.would cover.here they are hydromorph,oramorph,and oxycodone er. I know I am trading one substance for another but have tried weaning myself off the lortabs and screw up everytime.His,my doc's idea was for me to take the opana er twice a day for a month then once a day.I have legit.
Avatar m tn My workers company company was screwing me over do it took two and a half years of serious pain and suffering intil I could even bookeeping the first surgery. Anyway during the time I has rose up to 120 mg opana er daily, 60 mg oxycodone it daily, was well was baclofen and lyrica. I am now going theough the wean down process and even wirh a titrate those doses can be hell to get through. I am not even cold turkeying it and I am still feeling the W/D feelings from it.
725248 tn?1316165845 my dr just put me on opana ER 10mg 2x day and 2 lortab day for breakthru...before that was prescribed and taking 4 norco 10/325 daily and was not controlling the pain...i've been in this constant flar-up phase few weeks... i've only been on opana er for 2 days so i know it takes around 5 days to kick in and dr says this mg is a starting point for me and will move up some accordingly...i'm glad and surprised that my pain has subsided some...i assume more relief will come over the next few days...
Avatar f tn I had only been on the opana for a few days because my doc said it is a slower release and would help me reduce the amount of vico I was taking. The stuff hit me like a ton of bricks, so I knew right then and there I wasn't going that route. I have severe nerve damage in my low back and a degenerative spine condition where my spine is basically collapsing in on itself, so I have to have some kind of pain management, yet I refuse to remain addicted to opiates. There has to be another way.
725248 tn?1316165845 It's available in Europe but I can't find it's availablity in the US. If anyone can please let the board know. Opana ER is an extended release form of Hydromorphone (Dilaudid). Opana ER utilizes the TIMERx delivery system and not the OROS delivery system. although they are similar they are not the same. In March of 2010 the FDA approved Exalgo (Hydromorphone) extended release which is an OROS (delivery system) drug. It appears to be the same as the one available in Europe.
648944 tn?1241473294 Hi, everybody. Has anyone in the group had experience with Opana? Or know what's in it? I was on a couple of versions of extended release morphine, first Avinza, and then Kadian, with moderate impact. My PM doctor suggested that because the system gets used to a drug, its effectiveness can decline over time, thus requiring more of the med to accomplish the same result.
Avatar f tn I started taking Opana er 15mg generic with Vicoprofen 4 x's a day for break though pain. I had to stop the Opana Er due to depression and nodding off and it really didn't help the pain. My Dr put me on percocet 10"s 325 tylenol. I am in pain and I am having burning in my muscles I feel like I am in withdrawl from the Opana er which I only took for about 3 months. I have limb jumping. No energy and have to take one and a half to two of the Percocet to even get a small relief of the pain.
Avatar f tn Hi! Opana is not time-released Dilaudid. Exalgo is time-released Dilaudid (hydromorphone) Opana is oxymorphone. Many people say that the new formula doesn't work as well, or causes different side effects that aren't bearable, which is why many patients have switched. It is my understanding that Perdue used a small group of people to test the new formula on and from what I've read it seems that more tests could have been done.
401095 tn?1351395370 For what little it's worth, I've been on Opana 40 mg. twice a day (ER-extended release) for about four months now. I feel that it's been the most effective of the ER drugs I've been prescribed, with only nominal side effects.. Cheers!
Avatar m tn But ive tried fentanyl duragesic 25 mcg , ms contin 15mg ,5mg opana er non crushable,and 5mg methadone .But reacted badly to each one of them :( MY HOSPITAL INS doesnt cover very many pain meds and that pretty much all of them .
Avatar m tn So my husband has been on a progressive pain pill diet for about 6 + years for his back (degenerative disc disease with nerve damage) He has been on Norco 10-325 for at least one year taking 4-6 a day occasionally more but usually sticking to 4. His doctor switched him to Opana ER 10MG and gave him Opana IR 5MG incase of break through pain.