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725248 tn?1316165845 my dr just put me on opana ER 10mg 2x day and 2 lortab day for breakthru...before that was prescribed and taking 4 norco 10/325 daily and was not controlling the pain...i've been in this constant flar-up phase few weeks... i've only been on opana er for 2 days so i know it takes around 5 days to kick in and dr says this mg is a starting point for me and will move up some accordingly...i'm glad and surprised that my pain has subsided some...i assume more relief will come over the next few days...
Avatar m tn So you take a full tab in the morn, 1/2 tab after work, and 1/2 tab at bedtime. continue this for 3-4 days. If you prefer, you can take a full tab in the morning and full tab at EITHER bedtime or after work. Continue tapering until you are done. If you must when you get down to 1/2 a tab daily, cut it into 1/4 and take it twice a day. You'll just need to listen to your body....not your mind.
Avatar f tn I've been on 40mg x 2 a day of Opana for my back for a while.Each 40mg Opana is about equal to 80mg of Oxy. I've also been perscribed 15mg x 3 Oxycodone IR for break through pain. It's gotten to the point that they don't really help with the pain anymore and that I just use them to keep out of withdrawal. Since my dose is already so high, I'm affraid to have the dose upped. My doctor trusts me and would up it if I asked but I don't want to do that.
Avatar m tn I want to talk to you about my experience, strength and hope. The way I am coming off Opana ER is to taper. If you want to talk about this PM me. If not I will totally support you doing it this way.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am new to the forum. So here goes. I was diagnosed with Parsonage Turner Syndrome in October. I was in the ER with severe pain, and the doc gave me a mega dose of Morphine IV. Anyway, then I went on Vicodin 7.5, didn't touch the pain, then I was prescribed Fentynl Patches, first at the lowest dose of 2.5, all the way up to 7.5, I am now weaning off to the 2.5 again, but am having HORRIFIC withdrawl symptoms, like shivering, and anxiety. The doc gave me Xanax o.25mg.
Avatar n tn After surgery, I was given Neurotin, Oxycotin 10mg and percocet for break through. I have been on vicodin for a week now to wean off of the percocet but I'm finding that 7-8 hours is the max I can go without getting sick. None of these drugs are touching the pain. I think I can deal with the pain if it wasn't for the withdrawl symptoms!! Any advise would be much appreciated!! BTW....
Avatar n tn My back just got worse and worse and the trips to ER I was treated like I was there just to get pills. Sounds crazy, but I had to go to ER and threaten suicide eventually just to get something to help. Pain level 9-10 constant will drive anyone crazy. As for the butt head above that says surgery works. For most people it does, but there is a reason our surgeons make us sign all those papers before surgery releasing libility incase it does not. Thats one thing that frustrated me.
Avatar n tn I started off with 2tabs 3 times a day for 7 days then 1 tab 3 times a day and so on. If you can do that it is so much better, I tried to just quit(cold turkey) and the withdrawls were so bad I did not even last 24 hours! good luck whatever you do, and to everyone here as well!!!
Avatar n tn you may end up in the ER though if you take the speed route. just sayin.
Avatar n tn I was taking about 120-160 mg a day of Oxycontin, which is A LOT worse then the vicodin (experienced both)I took 5 days, the first day I took 10mg of methadone, the second day I took 5mg, and the same for the 3rd, the fourth day I took 2.5, and then the fifth day another 2.5, from there it was a mental game, I was pain free....... the mental part is the worst but you can't get through it unless you go through the awful, nausea, pain etc.....