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725248 tn?1316165845 my dr just put me on opana ER 10mg 2x day and 2 lortab day for breakthru...before that was prescribed and taking 4 norco 10/325 daily and was not controlling the pain...i've been in this constant flar-up phase few weeks... i've only been on opana er for 2 days so i know it takes around 5 days to kick in and dr says this mg is a starting point for me and will move up some accordingly...i'm glad and surprised that my pain has subsided some...i assume more relief will come over the next few days...
Avatar n tn Ive been on oxycodone-acetaminophen 5-325 (percocet) needing something better 4 pain. My doc just put me on opana ER 5 mg tab. The opana doesnt seem to work. which is suppose to work better and does opana work well?
Avatar f tn I know the Opana ER doesn't last 12 hours (even my doc warned me this was the case) but this latest batch of opana seems to poop out & give me old sweats about 4 hours after taking it. I've been on Opana ER, 20 mg 2x/day for a couple of months. It's my 2nd experience with long-acting opioids (1st was Oxycontin MS, quit after 10 days due to gluten issues). I have noticed variability in Opana's pain control --pain will go from 4-5 to 7-8 in an hour or two.
Avatar m tn So you take a full tab in the morn, 1/2 tab after work, and 1/2 tab at bedtime. continue this for 3-4 days. If you prefer, you can take a full tab in the morning and full tab at EITHER bedtime or after work. Continue tapering until you are done. If you must when you get down to 1/2 a tab daily, cut it into 1/4 and take it twice a day. You'll just need to listen to your body....not your mind.
1895503 tn?1332376974 Just checking in to say goodnight. I actually did change over my last 5 mg Opana ER tab for a short acting, and I can't believe it. I will check in tomorrow.
Avatar m tn was taking to many of my percs because my long acting med Opana Er wasn't working. I asked if he would change the med or the dosage & he wouldn't do anything & I was miserable instead of trying to help me he sent me to the counselor who agreed I was being under treated based on my HX. But nothing changed.I started to many & would run out early & get sick every month..
Avatar f tn Given your Oxycontin dosing, you would need to take a 40 mg Opana ER tab 3x a day as 40 mg of oxymorphone is equal to 80 mg of Oxycontin. You may look into the regular Opana IR tablets for breakthrough pain. I take percocet for breakthrough pain but I have read that the half life on the Opana IR tablets are 6 hours versus 2 hours for percocet. I am thinking of asking my doctor about them at the next appointment.
Avatar f tn Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I am tapering right now--a slow taper from a very strong medicine, Opana ER. I am here for support. I know this may not be nearly as much medicine as I am on, but (even if it is greatly psychological) it is a giant struggle for you. You need support too. We can get through this. 2012 is our year to have victory!
Avatar f tn I've been on 40mg x 2 a day of Opana for my back for a while.Each 40mg Opana is about equal to 80mg of Oxy. I've also been perscribed 15mg x 3 Oxycodone IR for break through pain. It's gotten to the point that they don't really help with the pain anymore and that I just use them to keep out of withdrawal. Since my dose is already so high, I'm affraid to have the dose upped. My doctor trusts me and would up it if I asked but I don't want to do that.
Avatar m tn I realize I am just at the very beginning of this process, however, I am scared as to what I am going to experience. I was advised to go to the ER if necessary; however, I have never been to the ER for such and after reading posts on here, it would not do me any good, anyway. I could maybe understand if I had multiple Pain Specialists, I've only utilized ONE in the last five years, being compliant! What are your suggestions? What do you advise?
Avatar f tn I didn't have withdrawls because it was an opiate to opiate switch, but I wasn't taking as many dilaudids as I was vikes. And then the doc switched me to Opana ER 20mg, 1 tab twice a day. That's a mighty big switch for someone who was taking pills, maybe not because of pain all the time, but because of stressful situations. And truthfully, Opana didn't touch my pain nor did I even get a smidge of high - even if I took 2 at once.
Avatar f tn My new doctor put me on Opana ER, 30 mg twice a day along with percocet for breakthrough pain. I only now need 2-3 percocets per day versus the 7-8 I was taking while on the morphine sulfate ER and my pain is gone for most of the day; it has been so surreal for me to not have to constantly battle pain every day, all day. Percocet is quite a bit stronger than the norco you take (more than 1.5 times as strong). Norco is about 60% the strength of morphine and percocet is 1.
Avatar f tn I am not on Subutex--Funny, my doctor was just talking about putting me on it yesterday! So thank you for sharing. I am in my 3rd month of tapering from Opana ER (an extended relief Opiate that is very, very strong). I have had to save the pills to taper, as you mentioned. And, now the office is working with me--and even that is very scary. Last week I traded my 20 mgs pills for 10s and 5s. I have come down from over 40mg 3 times a day. I am working on my taper.
5182911 tn?1380443620 I am really proud of you for going through this....I also have struggled with opiates for a long time....I was on Opana ER 24/7 for 6 1/2 years (a VERY strong opiate most people arent familiar with).....I tapered, then went inpatient to come out addicted to suboxone....I detoxed from that inpatient, but my experiences afterwards, as the brain attempts to stabilize, are what I have been dealing with.......oh, yes, there was the Ativan taper after that....
Avatar m tn I want to talk to you about my experience, strength and hope. The way I am coming off Opana ER is to taper. If you want to talk about this PM me. If not I will totally support you doing it this way.
394687 tn?1290924440 I wonder if you are SVR, if that dx would be the same ? Also I have a very good RA doc and she put me on morphine sulfate ER 15 mg tabs one tab every 12 hrs.Had me on Meloxicam 15 mg tabs one time a day and methotrexate.No Meloxicam or methotrexate now while I have HCV. Hydrocodone as needed for pain...I hate to take pills but I do know where your coming from with the RA.Good Luck in finding the right choices in tx your health issues.Keep me posted what you decided.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am new to the forum. So here goes. I was diagnosed with Parsonage Turner Syndrome in October. I was in the ER with severe pain, and the doc gave me a mega dose of Morphine IV. Anyway, then I went on Vicodin 7.5, didn't touch the pain, then I was prescribed Fentynl Patches, first at the lowest dose of 2.5, all the way up to 7.5, I am now weaning off to the 2.5 again, but am having HORRIFIC withdrawl symptoms, like shivering, and anxiety. The doc gave me Xanax o.25mg.
Avatar n tn so here I am addicted and completely sad and worried!So I finally took action!and the results......Ultram ER 200mg 1 once a day.I know little about this drug,it was prescribed to me to help with the pain of withdrawal,good idea or bad?well hopefully good!I have 15,2 weeks is usually the amount of time I have bad withdrawals.I think I have hitt rock bottom so I am hoping I will have a successfull recovery with this method.
Avatar n tn My back just got worse and worse and the trips to ER I was treated like I was there just to get pills. Sounds crazy, but I had to go to ER and threaten suicide eventually just to get something to help. Pain level 9-10 constant will drive anyone crazy. As for the butt head above that says surgery works. For most people it does, but there is a reason our surgeons make us sign all those papers before surgery releasing libility incase it does not. Thats one thing that frustrated me.
Avatar n tn you may end up in the ER though if you take the speed route. just sayin.
Avatar n tn I started off with 2tabs 3 times a day for 7 days then 1 tab 3 times a day and so on. If you can do that it is so much better, I tried to just quit(cold turkey) and the withdrawls were so bad I did not even last 24 hours! good luck whatever you do, and to everyone here as well!!!
Avatar n tn Im really hoping that there is something that he can do. I hate the ER here they are a bunch of ***** too. Well most of them are. When I mention the fact the I have RSD alot of them look at me like I have 10 heads and say ummm whats that??? Im loosing my mind. the withdrawls that Im having are bad. But like I just wrote to you my pcp did give me something to help with the withdrawls it helps with part of it, but not the really bad pain that im in.
Avatar n tn Hi. I was in the ER yesterday from withdrawles. i was hit by a truck in 1993 while walking on the side of the road. I have a metal plate in my jaw,2 in right forearm,i in pelvis and screw in right knee.Which with that one their saying i need more surgery.I have arthritis in both shoulders,knees, and ankles.I have been on lortabs,lorcets,vicodin,percacets(however you spell that one)xanax and valium. I've had it all since my accident.The most recent is lortab 10's & 7.5, soma and ativan.