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Avatar f tn Ive been on Opana Er & Ir for 2 years now and couldnt be more happy with it. Opana doesnt make me sleepy, groggy, high, or anything like that, instead it takes away my pain.
Avatar m tn I am on 30 mg of morphine sulfate ER twice a day with up to 35 mg of percocet a day for breakthrough pain (about to switch to Opana ER tomorrow...maybe). I have taken the max of 35 mg of percocet in one day before along with 60 mg of morphine sulfate ER. BUT, you must make sure your doctor as ordered this as Jaybay said because the doctor makes sure you are opioid tolerant enough such that you won't experience severe respiratory depression when you combine the percocet with the morphine.
Avatar n tn but i did look up opana and i thought it said it also came in 20mg and 40 mgs....BUT...the few pages i read said opana er (extended release) so i dont know if that is the ONLY way it comes (er), or the other also...
172023 tn?1334675884 I'm at the max dose of narcotics that I can take and still work in nursing. For my weight, I was near the top of the dosage charts for Neurontin. The only place left to go was to stop working and take stronger narcotics, with all the associated problems that comes with high dose narcotic therapy. And even then, with the stronger dosages eventually comes tolerance, and the need to increase the meds even furthur.
Avatar f tn He swapped out the morphine sulfate ER that I was taking for Opana ER. The dose of the Opana ER includes my doses of breakthrough meds that I was taking so it looks like I will only need to take 2 pills a day of pain medication. I am taking my first dose tomorrow morning. I will let you know how it works out for me. My PCP was also VERY worried about my tylenol intake from the percocet. He said 2,000 mg was the soft limit and I was bumping up against that.
Avatar m tn The neurontin dose that he is on is extremely low. That is the starter dose. The max dose is 3600 mg per day. Neurontin is a KEY medication in controlling his nerve pain as opioids typically don't help much with nerve pain alone but when combined with neurontin, it does wonders for nerve pain.
1895503 tn?1332376974 I wish I could taper off Suboxone at home, but I am going through extreme panic and anxiety, esp. in the morning. I was feeling this when I was tapering from Opana ER. I think the Suboxone is making me feel this way. Has anyone else had this happen? And I am so sad leaving my 8 year old again! I need some encouragement. The pain has come back a little, and I definitely have withdrawal between doses. I am on 16 mg Suboxone taken 3 time a day (a high dose).
Avatar m tn You have to do it at the speed your body can handle. I have pushed my body to the max in trying to taper from Opana ER (this is a very intense, powerful drug in it's extended release form) and I have been doing a 3-month taper. I didn't get hooked overnight. Actually I have been taking Opana ER for over three years. You will be able to tell by you symptoms (can you function?) if you are going too fast. But a taper would definitely help! Please know we are here to help.
Avatar f tn My daughter cracked a rib in February/March from an upper respiratory infection and I took her to the ER. They gave her a pretty high dose of IV morphine right away. Even with that if she coughed or breathed deeply it didn't take her pain away. There are a lot of medications that work for more serious pain. What works best for you will likely be a trial and error. And pain management does have a lot more leverage with prescribing medications.
Avatar m tn I was snorting at least 100mg a day in addition to taking at least 40mg ER orally. Bioavailability for Opana orally is horrid at 10%. Snorting brings it up to around 40%. I no longer take any ER after talking to my doctor last week and asking if it was ok to drop the ER instead of continuing to taper. He said it was fine as long as I thought I could handle the wd. I break my IR Opana into quarters, so I snort 8 bumps a day at 2.5mg each.
2110255 tn?1334192149 pain that occurs outside of the control of my long acting opioid medication, Opana ER (12 hour extended release oxymorphone). Breakthrough pain may not occur everyday as for the most part long acting opioid medications do work as they are supposed to. Percocet is a short acting opioid medication that is used a lot for acute pain...pain after surgery or for a short duration until an injury has healed.
Avatar m tn The only vague mention I can make is that I take Opana ER, which is a long acting drug loosely related to dilaudid. With Norco for breakthrough. This combo was working fairly well for me until now. I might suggest trying acupuncture, if you haven't. I was a complete skeptic, but after a few treatments, it has helped some. I consider it helpful adjunct to medical care. It's not terribly expensive. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Excuse me, but all the information that I provided above is accurate. I would love for you to highlight specific information in my posts that you feel is inaccurate and let us talk about the reasons why you believe it is inaccurate. I provided the same strength comparison information that you reiterated in your post. And, I did not promote for them to switch to Opana ER (i.e., oxymorphone) - instead I stated that was simply what I was taking for my pain.
Avatar f tn I ended up after days being on the road in severe pain, got to Baton Rouge and waited 10 hours to see the ER doc. He only gave me 15 pills and a 10 day supply of levaqin which knocked out the infection. After the storm I started seeing...Continued..
Avatar m tn I have been through Tramadol, Vicodin (same as the hydrocodone you are on now), and Morphine in extended release form. I am now on Opana ER with Percocet for breakthrough pain (also used Percocet when I was taking the Morphine). My pain is very controlled now, I am feeling the best I've felt in over 12 years! I am somewhat disappointed that your doctor switched you to hydrocodone 7.5/750 mg. This is further limiting how much hydrocodone you can take at a time for pain.
650738 tn?1247129608 The problem with tylenol is crazy and they should not use this in pain management seeing that the max dose is 2000 MG for one time use 4000 in 24 hours. someone taking 10/650 would hit this very fast. I hope things go well for all of you in here and thx for the post.
Avatar f tn , very strong analgesic, very addictive, mainly used for treatment for addition, but is becoming more an more common for chronic pain relief), then there is oxycontin(time release oxycodone) and ms contin(morphine time release), both of these have become major abuse problems in the us and worldwide, ppl find that after sucking the coating off and chopping the pill up you get all the oxycodone all at once giving a rush identical to heorin.
363110 tn?1340924019 MS Contin (Morphine ER), OxyContin, Nucynta ER, Opana ER, Fentanyl, BuTrans. I was on MS Contin for about a year before switching to Opana ER and before the MS Contin I was on short-acting opioids only. I have Percocet for break through pain, which isn't helping much anymore. I plan to talk with my doctor about a different breakthrough pain medicine as he only wants me to take a max of 3 per day which hasn't been very useful to me.
Avatar f tn I've been on Fentanyl, morphine ER and OxyContin. I'd like to take as little as possible. I can deal with where I'm at with the short-acting med. I just have a gut feeling that the nausea is more from whatever is going on with me. And I have an appointment with my primary and hopefully we'll get to the bottom of it. I think it might be something to do with my kidneys. And I'm wondering if it's due to the really high doses of ibuprofen I've used for the last ten years.
Avatar f tn Thank God! I hope that your family comes around and gives you some support in the near future. I take Opana ER which is an extended release pain med and I take percocet for breakthru pain. I also take Lyrica for nerve pain, Trazadone and Flexeril at night to help with sleep and muscle spasms, and I am on Zoloft and bloodpressure meds. I went a long time with no pain meds then to Tramadol then to Lortab, etc....
Avatar n tn I was on the 25mcg patch and vicodin ES for 2 years and started going to a pain management doctor. Well he didn't like vicodin so he tried me on opana er, oxycontin, I hated them, made me feel aggrivated. I just wanted to feel normal and not be in pain. He gave me 30 norco's for the month for breakthrough pain and put me on the fentanyl patch again. Well from being on the oxycontin 60mg my tolerance went way up.
Avatar f tn What's really messed up about this situation is that I feel like they forced me into this - they originally wanted me in Opana ER and I'm like ain't no way. I try to take as few drugs as possible because since having bypass surgery everything hits me 2x as hard so I usually cut my doses in half to get the effect I need.
329994 tn?1301666848 I am new to the forum. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I have tried the Savella. It was very effective for pain; but I experienced side effects of high blood pressure(I had no prior history), increased in heart rate, altered my mood severely, and increased my insomnia, decreased my appetite. It was the high blood pressure and heart rate that was deciding factor for me to discontinue the medication.
Avatar n tn I just completed a 4 month taper to 1/3 of my dose of Opana, a 10 day detox and 2 weeks at rehab. My anxiety was SO bad during my taper. It got to the point I was afraid ALL THE TIME. it was as if I was having panic attacks all the time. It didn't get better while I was tapering, and I have heard repeatedly that anxiety is a symptom of tapering. It IS better now that I am off my drug (I am on Suboxone). I feel totally different, and know that I am in a much different place.
Avatar n tn I've tried to get off Lortabs for 3 years now.I do not shop DR's or go to ER for meds. The longest time I ever had to go off was 3 days. I came clean with my family and thought about relocation for the summer to get away from the people I buy from.I've never been the type just to walk up to someone asking for stuff. My problem began when my brother gave me some for a headach. That was it I loved them!! Now we both know the same pep's here and I can get them usually any day.
199177 tn?1490502134 I am considering going back to rehab (I just got back 2 weeks ago--I got off Opana ER). I had tapered a lot on Opana--for 4 months. I will private message you some more info.
Avatar n tn HEy Ultram is nopt addictive as long as u don't take it for any other reasons other than ur pain. if u don't have pain and take it u will get addicted to it. but if u take it and auctually have back pain. then ultram is the medicin for u. becuase it auctually concentrates on ur back. I have takin vicodin es and ultram and a bunch of other medicines and i will take ultram over any of them for the pain. I have had cronic back pain since i have been 10 years old.
Avatar m tn My guess is that part of your problems may come from the large dose. Ask your doctor about possibly lowering your dose. Suboxone doesn't work in the way that normal opiates do..so more isn't "better" in this case. I suspect that a lower dose will alleviate many of your problems. Secondly, getting off of the Sub is a great idea. But, keep in mind that the Suboxone has merely kept your addiction in remission for the last few years. It's still there.