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Avatar f tn My 18 year old son has had one swollen tonsil for a around 6 months his doctor has told us that it is Acute Pharyngitis. I read up on it but he does not have any pain with this swollen tonsil or problems he feels fine. The doctor said it could take months for the tonsil to go down. He suggested we could check him for Mono but he has no symptoms of mono. My question is how can I know that is all it is and it will go away over time. He was tested for being a strep carrier back in June.
Avatar m tn In addition to the swollen left tonsil, this was several weeks before the swollen tonsil, I have been having weird tingly feeling on my right mustache and sometimes burning feeling around my lips, at one point I had a re spot develop on the corner of my left side of my mouth while she first say her cold sore that week. We are both waiting for our results from PP maybe the end of this week.
Avatar n tn Anyway, my left tonsil has been swollen for almost one year this coming February. It never hurt, it never felt awkward, it was completely constant, I've never had strep or any other crazy throat irritation. It's SIGNIFICANTLY larger than the other. When people look at it they go "OH gosh! You should get that looked at" And I have.
Avatar f tn occur predominantly on my left side, with very little on occasion presenting on the right. My left tonsil has been swollen and sometimes I feel as if I have some swelling in my throat, have a little difficulty swallowing some foods. Other than fatigue, I really don't have any symptoms of infection. Is it common with MS to have swelling on one side of the throat?
454221 tn?1259449339 I have this feeling in my throat that something is stuck or swollen. I think I feel my right tonsil swollen and it seems to come and go, but for the most part it is swollen. No sore throat. I have had blood test done and methacoline challenge test done. Blood work shows allergies and methacoline challenge test shows it could be vocal cord dysfunction. I still have to see a allergist and speech therapist. My question is does my swollen tonsil have anything to do with this?
Avatar n tn Hi all, On tues 15th of July I went to the docs, and was diagnosed with tonsillitis and given antibiotic, a course lasting seven days. I had all the usual symptoms.. swollen tonsils with white puss, headaches and neck ache, slight fever, felt ill and dizzy. These symptoms started to clear up a couple of days into the antibiotics, and the pain and white marks left both tonsils.
Avatar n tn should I be concerned that only one of the two tonsils are swollen? My left one is totally fine and my right one is pretty swollen. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I've never looked in my mouth before so don't know what it is exactly supposed to look like but my left tonsil looks totally different from my right. Is it normal for one tonsil to remain swollen for awhile after mono? How long can I expect this to last?
Avatar f tn -) During the same time another dr noticed that my right tonsil is swollen (just the right one) and did a swab test which came back negative for any infection, now one dr has said he thinks its a viral infection but another (can never see the same dr twice at our surgery!) has said that they want to send me to an ENT to check what's causing this to ensure it's not cancer.
Avatar n tn There is no lump that I can feel on my neck. I can't find to much information on the odds of my one tonsil growing back, and pictures of what "normal" is, because having just one makes it look that much bigger, and I have no idea what it feels like to have tonsils, so I may be makng myself believe I can feel it..if that makes sense. Without having any other symptoms and my GP not concerned, to make me feel that much better is there anyone who has heard or seen this before????
Avatar m tn I don't have any other symptoms. Could inflamed and irritative tonsil be a symptom of early hiv infection? I have sneezing sometimes.
3181487 tn?1344545698 mine is swollen since this march with one persistent white spot.! I tested positive for Cpn & strep throat ( ASO titer was +ve ) .
Avatar n tn no spots (no strep) but one very big swollen tonsil. No doubt part of a Q-tip injury where I think I aggravated my ear and started a small infection (I know I shouldn't but it feels so good sometimes!!) Started out by taking Advil (2 tabs..500mg?) and gargling with salt water. Then took 1000mg of Vitamin C. Taking a antihistamine to dry up the nasal drip helped a lot (I took a Aller-clear, like Claritin, thinking the nasal drip might be related to allergies.
Avatar n tn * Fatigue * Weakness * Sore throat, perhaps a strep throat that doesn't get better with antibiotics * Fever * Swollen lymph nodes in your neck and armpits * Swollen tonsils * Headache * Skin rash * Loss of appetite * Soft, swollen spleen * Night sweats it could be any one of these symptoms, not all. symptoms usually go away, so i wouldn't be too worried.
Avatar n tn I was concerned about HIV and if having one swollen tonsil with no fever and swollen lymph nodes were symptoms and if the cancre sores are all related of could they be sepearate issues?
Avatar f tn Monday my ear started hurting and one side of my throat. Then two days ago I noticed only one swollen tonsil which scared me. I went to the doctor and she acted like it was not a big deal. But it really hasn't went down much and my throat doesn't hurt so much anymore. Like you, I'm under EXTREME stress from my mother being sick, loss of job, abusive relationship situation. I can't leave it, because I have no job as of yet.
Avatar n tn Just this past week, I had had a sore throat for about a week withmy left tonsil totally swollen and red. After a few days I really tried to look at them with a flash light and I saw two white dots. i automatically thought it was an infection, but the more I looked and felt them, they seemed wierd. Finally they both came out, they were larger than I had had before, about the size of a large pea... well I have them often , but obviously cant see them till I'm in pain.
Avatar n tn It is on the right side, and is getting larger by the day. My right tonsil is swollen and i have a white patch on there too(not nearly as large). My throat is bright red and it hurts to swallow. I dont have a fever or any other symptoms of strep throat, so im pretty sure that it isnt strep.
1380641 tn?1279218143 First of all the swelling has to be identified. If it is a swollen tonsil and it is not causing any symptoms, then it can be left alone. Only a visual examination can suspect whether it is inflammatory of cancerous. If it is a cyst or a blocked salivary gland, then this may need to be excised. Often people have swollen tonsils for no apparent reason. Some may have due tot gastric reflux. Others may be allergic to something. Hence all these factors have to be considered.
Avatar n tn It is pretty clear to me ( I think), that if one or especially two nodes are swollen next to each other, and one has been for 7 years, doesn't that mean something is wrong in that area of the body? Helpless.....
3181487 tn?1344545698 I have had a swollen right tonsil and lymphnode under my chin for years now. It usually doesnt hurt, but sometimes swells even more and gets white bumps on it. Ive always been given antibiotics which with help the white bumps but the right tonsil always remains huge in comparison to the left. I was just finally referred to a ENT. Ive read alot about this being associated with cancer and its scary. Anyone have any insight on why one tonsil would always be huge?
Avatar f tn Hello and hope you are doing well. The swollen tonsil and the dry throat could be due to an infection. Check to see if it is a fungal infection. Also, sometimes the dryness could be due to GERD, (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease), where the acid contents of the stomach came up into the esophagus. And smoking may aggravate this along with stress. So, continue with smoking avoidance and consult your doctor for an evaluation. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn hey, I have developed a similar condition, one tonsil is enlarged with a cyst on it. all the ENT's say that, they wouldn't worry, and they attribute it to the recurrent tonsil infections I have always had since childhood. Also I was a smoker for around 3 years, left it few weeks ago. Also I don't have any difficulty in swallowing.
Avatar m tn it started a couple days ago my right tonsil became tender hurts a bit when I swallow food or a citrus drink im 26 years old around 200 pounds I have no other symptoms of any kind I eat good I get decent sleep I don't have any lumps or bumps when I feel my neck no fever no cough no vomiting no sore throat either I feel great iv read a few things sounds like it could be tonsil stones but im no doctor any body think of ideas on what it could be other then that im in great health
Avatar n tn The spots went away and I felt better after a few days but it's now the following Wed and my throat is still sore and it appears as if there is a blister on one tonsil. Should I go back to the Docs?
Avatar m tn But now I have just noticed that one of my tonsils is still swollen and very red. There is no pain in this tonsil or any difficulty whatsoever. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn i am on 11 th week and i still have symptoms...pimples on my shoulder and face,one swollen tonsil but not hurt,and a strange feeling in my gland neck on left side...Please Teak,im very worried about this because i really have these symptoms,so if you can reassure me somehow it will be very appreciated...thank you !
Avatar n tn I guess the most intriguing thing is that they swell at random, remain swollen for hours at a time and then subside... it is a frequent and continuous cycle. In the last 3 weeks my Tonsils have begun to do this as well... the left one tends to get extremely large, but the right also swells mildly on occasion. They are uncomfortable but not always painful... every now and then I get a sore throat as a result but very rarely. This is driving me crazy.