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Avatar n tn Mind is clear heart is good energy is good.
2144644 tn?1338258329 5/24/2012 Dear No One, Can you please tell me why I'm crying Why whenever I see him, I feel like I'm dying? Because I know that he can never be mine I know that he is someone else's light to shine Can you please answer my questions? Of why and how my life became so hectic? I used to be such a sweet little girl A sweet little girl with no care in the world Is there a reason for why I'm so crazy? Probably because I fill my head with maybes?
Avatar m tn hello.last augast i suffered an inferior mi in rca.After 3 days in hospital they made me an angioplast and 1 stent in my i am on plavix,zokor,aspirin,and atenolol.could someone tells me why they made the angioplast and stent after 3 days and not the same day of the heart those three days i was ok and felt no pain even now i'm fine with no pain.and what is my life expactancy now.i am 43 years.thanks.
715068 tn?1392933532 I just got home from the ER & the baby no longer has a heart beat, we will figure out what our 'next step' is in the next few days. I am completely confused, I am 17 weeks & 4 days, at our last loss I was 18 weeks & 4 days....they have to tell me something!
199980 tn?1233797404 I do understand that while your mind tells you all the (true) logical stuff, your heart is in an uproar. As the old song goes, your 'Heart Has A Mind of Its Own.' Don't expect to get over this all at once, but stay here and visit a lot. We're here for you.
Avatar n tn hi villaroyale, I have suffered from upper back pain for a long time, but only just began having heart palpitations this year. It is prolly not related if you have no other *heart* related symptoms accompanying the pain in your back. If it is really worrying tho, why not make an apt. to see a Dr. to will ease your mind.... Hope you feel better!
591161 tn?1394250145 So I don't consider myself a ladies man or a player or even much of a flirt but I find that once the pursuit aspect of my relationship was over, I greatly lose interest. I have a feeling for my girlfriend which I could call love and aside from the normal annoyances that any other couple would encounter, I really can't complain. My problem is that I feel like there is no dynamic, no x-factor anymore. Things seem far too predictable and I've started to resent the entire relationship.
1634952 tn?1302240373 Our minds have a way of knowing, Sometimes we forget for very good reasons, When we've humbly hit, our very own "mental over load"! Memories often come, and shall soon fade away, Before the dawn of a brand new day. Waking from sleep, Alarmed and confused, Knowing in your heart, It's all about to start! The longing I feel, This hole in my heart, Grows bigger and larger, tearing me apart!
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with depression ,anxiety,mood disorder.. what a catch huh! I'm almost 50 ( has nothing to do with age) I'm raising my Autistic granddaughter now 11 wow that's tough. I can't work I have copy bad knees I'm just a mess and have to be available for child 24/7... I have NO life nobody wants me which is fine I'd rather be alone I have purposely alienated anyone I know just so I can be left alone. ..
1328636 tn?1389367392 After going for a walk this morning, I had a small spot of light brown discharge. As if I weren't worried enough about making it to my 8 week ultrasound. Now I am TERRIFIED. I will be running to the restroom every ten minutes today to check what's going on down there. :( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this be normal and not a sign of anything bad. PLEASE. The wait until my June 30th ultrasound is now going to be pure agony.
1435970 tn?1283653193 As i said, they sound like little things, nothing to worry about. But get a doctors opinion, because no one here can be sure. And the sharp chest pains you are worried about, do they sound anything like this? "The medical term for this occurrence is Precordial Catch Syndrome. Many people mistakenly believe that they are having a heart attack at the onset of this type of pain.
711224 tn?1344771687 I have 208 days clean of oxazepam, I'm finishing a 20 months tapering plan, at the end of the month, I'll make the big jump and I don't feel NO pride at all for what I'm doing....
Avatar f tn eyes very tired, very moody cant concentrate easily angered. no energy and feeling very weak.
Avatar n tn Yes. I am completely ADD and all over the place when my anxiety is at its worst. In fact it cane be so bad that I'll completely tune out conversations and be in another world.
Avatar m tn How come no one understands? No matter what we go through, no matter how much we try to live normal lives. Why? do people alway's believe we purposely desire to live with hormonal imbalance. I don't get it ! Why do people believe, we enjoy living daily with depression, anxiety, heart palps, fatigue, insomnia, pain, and the list goes on. Why is it so difficult for a person, to believe these things can happen, when a person's body becomes sick. Why do people refuse to believe.
Avatar f tn My 19 year old son is a consistent honor student and is now in his pre-med school, aims to be a surgeon. However, i realized that he is having attention problems. Example he already lost 6 mobile phones in 6 months. When confronted with many issues/concerns he could not fixate his attention anymore more. He has a one-track-mind. Today he has realized he is "sick and needs professional help as he again lost his new mobile.
579258 tn?1250649343 One pound up is normal and no need to worry. Have been eating correctly and within calorie limits so know this fluctuation up a pound is very normal. The only time to get concerned is if you are weighing at the same time of day, in the same clothes and you continue to go up a pound, up a pound and up a pound ..
1200450 tn?1317496867 it is vital you stay hydrated get a case of gatoraid keep one open and sip on it all day long try not to let fear into the equation always worst in our heads then it turns out to be this is truly a battle one or losrt in ones own mind keep in mind this is 1/3 physical 2/3 mental be ready to fight it out on both fronts get comfortable with the saying....
Avatar f tn called two weeks ago to tell me that one twin was measuring 5 weeks and is just a sac with tissue clusters no baby, or fetal pole or yolk sac. THe other is measuring 7 weeks and had a healthy heartbeat. Hes calling it a Vanishing Twin. To this day (2) weeks later I still have not lost/passed the twin no bleeding and no more cramping and if anyhting morning sickness is getting worse. I'm hoping he is wrong.
4154299 tn?1350602219 Didn't see any reason to record anything because I was getting by like any average person would. No cuts. No suicidal thoughts. No starvation. No burning. But now Jordan is leaving me. It's back to square one. I should have learned my lesson. TRUST NO ONE. No one to stay clean for. No one to behave well for. No one to impress. No one to eat for. No one to stop cutting for. No one to open up to. No one to trust. No one to break your heart. No one to leave you.
Avatar n tn I am a 53 year old female. I had open heart surgery in 2002 and was on bypass I was told for about 4 hours. Then in 2006 I had a heart transplant and again was on the bypass about 4 more hours. I do have memory problems. Are these after 4 years most likely going to permanent memory loss?
1742220 tn?1331356727 you cant contest that medhelp. its true. if I was gone no one would give a f*ck and no one would even miss me. I have no obligations, and there is nothing I want to do. I know I keep saying that. but its true. I know you guys would miss me and that you value me. I am grateful for that I really am. I just want out. I wish there was a easy way. there is just no purpose to this, no reason. I did not sleep.
Avatar n tn Can't sleep heart and mind racing,
Avatar f tn Mind said run, heart said stay
458384 tn?1295720656 Sometimes... when you cry... no one sees your tears. Sometimes... when you are in pain... no one sees your hurt. Sometimes... when you are worried... no one sees your stress. Sometimes... when you are happy... no one sees your smile........... * * * * * * * But FART!! just ONE time... And everybody knows!! Bet you thought this was going to be one of those heart-touching stories... Gotcha!!