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Avatar n tn But still have throat pain, and sore throat since more than 13 months. If u get any more info about throat pain and sore throat, from any once let me know Please.
Avatar n tn Just to warn you all that some people (me being one of them) experience severe side effects to Omeprazole that are not listed in package inserts or drug info that the pharamacy gives you with your perscription. Check out and search for omeprazole or prilosec. I was taking 40mg omeprazole for almost 3 weeks and it caused severe anxiety, chest pain, dizziness, tight feeling in my throat, arm and leg weakness, abdominal pain, insomnia, and high BP.I thought I was dying.
Avatar n tn Clair tin D will dry up my nose, but the mucus is still in my throat. About 10 years ago I did a trial of Claritin and it didn't stop my sore throat, mucus problems. My voice gets tired very easily. I could never have a job where I had to speak all day as that leads to a brutal sore throat. I ordered some NAC to see if that helps clear the mucus.
192055 tn?1263559137 I also have drug-induced Lupus that mimics Rheumatoid Arthritis mainly in my fingers and wrists that moves around about every 3 days. There are an awful lot of side effects that go along with drugs. Please do the research. There has to be a reason.
Avatar n tn gurgling/croaking noise coming up from the mid chest area, feeling like something is stuck in my throat, slightly to the right side of throat more so than the left, at first I had slight heartburn in the first month of the symptoms, but now just all the other symptoms. I've taken coffee right out of my diet, and I'm trying nexium as well, but don't think I really have reflux, it's just really weird, I think it's hard to not think about it, because you're constantly wishing it will go away!
Avatar m tn I was on the Hep C therapy, for a little over three months. The side effects were so bad (me personaly) that the doctor took me off them, I did come down to non detectable virus load. I have been off the MEDS, in 2 days, I will be off them for 4 weeks. I was told that it was 4 weeks to be off them and two weeks to get back to were I was before the MEDS. The effects are getting a little better, but they are still strong.
Avatar f tn Sometimes I feel like I am suffocating. Am having scopes soon....I definitely feel like LPR is my problem. Sore and dry throat, difficulty swallowing food sometimes, throat clearing, weak voice, waking up in the middle of the night gasping for air....all horrible. Apple cider vinegar helps.....just want to get scopes first.
Avatar f tn if you are taking seroquel Some other common side effects (occurring in 2 to 10 percent of people taking the drug) included: •Indigestion or heartburn •Nausea •Vomiting •Increased appetite •Lethargy •Nasal congestion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn It began in 1976 and re occurs every 5 to 6 years. I get a sore throat (not tonsils but when you swallow) I now go straight on antibiotics and use Bricanyl inhaler although it doesnt seem to have much effect except to cause alot of mucus coughed up from the lungs. It causes me to have spasm coughing and if I cannot control this to 3 or 4 coughs my windpipe closes over making it hard to breath in or out.
Avatar n tn For the past four years, I've experienced a strange rubbing sound/sensation in my lower throat/upper chest area. It occurs only whenever I twist my torso from side to side, such as when exercising, or quickly turning to the side via pivoting at the waist. It feels & sounds like something is causing friction. I cannot pinpoint where it is coming from, but it seems to be my lower throat/upper chest, somewhere around collarbone level. It seems to be located within the windpipe or esophagus.
Avatar n tn I've been currently suffering from a sore throat and cold and today experienced a feeling of tightness (like someone had tried to strangle me) around my neck. I had been wearing a scarf though this was not in any way tight and when taking it off, it made no difference. I am hoping that it is nothing serious e.g Laryngitis, a throat infection, or one of the above, but am going to monitor it over the next day or so and hopefully it will go on its own accord.
1649224 tn?1304203775 Side Effects of Omeprazole - for the Consumer Omeprazole/Sodium Bicarbonate Diarrhea; gas; headache; nausea; stomach pain; vomiting.
Avatar n tn Now I'm taking lunesta for its side effects. The down side is, this drug is expensive. My experience with doctors was a blank stare. I think med school should be a lot longer than 4 years. I haven't gotten any answers from any of the 10 doctors I saw, but I got a bill from every one of them.
Avatar m tn Coughing is one of the side effects of omeprazole. Did this cough begin when he began taking the medication? It may be worth talking to your doctor about this with a consideration of taking your son off the omeprazole. Stomach pains in children can be from thread worms or from their stomach glands becoming swollen by bacterial or viral infections (mesenteric adenitis).
2899052 tn?1436834845 Two years ago, I started with a very bad sore throat. My primary doctor gave me an antibiotic. Then my sore throat went away for three days. After that, I coughed alot and had alot of phlegm stick in my throat! I have very bad hoarseness! It wasn't easy to clear my throat so I had to drink water to clear my throat! I went to ENT doctor to check it out. He said my vocal cord (throat) is little swollen because it's from the exposure of acid and I have alot of phlegm in my throat!
Avatar m tn ever since i started having levothyroxine and omeprazole the dental problem started. Please advice me if this is one of the side effects of this medicine or any other problem? Many thanks Srikanth.
2899052 tn?1436834845 Two years ago, I started with a very bad sore throat. My primary doctor gave me an antibiotic. Then my sore throat went away for three days. After that, I coughed alot and had alot of phlegm stick in my throat! I have very bad hoarseness! It wasn't easy to clear my throat so I had to drink water to clear my throat! I went to ENT doctor to check it out. He said my vocal cord (throat) is little swollen because it's from the exposure of acid and I have alot of phlegm in my throat!
1140722 tn?1266356279 Reflux disease, in addition to being a potential cause of esophageal cancer and other diseases of the esophagus and throat, is painful and unpredictable. Heartburn and searing pain that seems to be rising in the chest can be definite signs of Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease or GERD. Surgeries are available so that you needn't rely on medication but are generally quite invasive. EsophyX, a new incisionless procedure to prevent pain from acid reflux, is puts all these fears to rest.
Avatar n tn I babysat for a little boy who was really sick with a high temp and sore throat. Next day my throat was on fire. I used aleve and mucinex from Monday to Friday. I appeared to be well , than on the following Monday I got the sore throat back,also post nasal drip, and the feeling like there was a puddle of something stuck in the middle of my throat. I am hypo thyroid, I use Levothyroxin daily. I also had clear flegm coming up after i eat and when i sleep. I went to seek medical attention.
Avatar f tn I stopped taking the omeprazole as it didn’t appear to be working and last thing I feel I need if I have anything to do with nerves is a medication that depletes vitamin B 12, one of its side effects. Horrible intermittent sensations in chest and throat (either side of windpipe) that can last for up to or over an hour. Difficult to describe – internal quivering/discomfort almost pain. Also under ribs on both sides. Slight headache.
Avatar n tn My main concern at this point is what the long term effects of this esophagus or throat stayin red in that area. I was thinking about maybe cancer but the pain is not in the heartburn area where they say the barrets is supposed to originate. The ENT says there has been talk about pain in my area causing cancer but it hasnt been proven. So maybe I shouldnt be concerned but I really don't know. But the pain is still very disruptive and I would like it to go away.
Avatar f tn a few weeks ago I noticed a sore throat that wouldn't go away I also asked a couple times then I started having burning across my chest and between my breasts and a pain at the top of my stomach or underneath my breast it is pretty sensitive touch or at least one my son is climbing on me I went to the urgent care and they suspected it was acid reflux so I made some diet modifications and I went to the doctor and he prescribed omeprazole for 30 days at the highest dosage after a few days of takin
Avatar m tn I'm sick of always having a constant sore throat and not being able to hold any food down and all the doc seem too do is switch my meds around which never seems too help I really just don't know what to do.
Avatar m tn Sometimes the acidity and reflux increases to profound levels not controlled by medications. If omeprazole is causing side effects you can try a similar drug called ramiprazole. Another possibility is that you have hiatal hernia complicated by severe acidity. Some people have hiatal hernia which remains a symptomatic for long. Hope this helps. I would strongly recommend you to see a gastroenterologist (a specialist who looks after the diseases of our digestive system).
Avatar f tn Originally I was on a very high dose of omeprazole for my GERD and most of the symptoms I was having lined up with side effects of omeprazole. In fact after coming off the omeprazole my symptoms all went away for almost a month and then came back so that's why I'm concerned.
1516249 tn?1423465385 Use a alternate day or Mon-Fri consumption to avoid any side effects. Just watch out for any side effects (sore throat etc) but if you stick to lowest dose of 1 Tea spoon a day 5 days a week you shall be fine. I took this for around 4 weeks, stopped for a week and restarted. This is to be done for 3-4 months. Have Large doses of around 3 tea spoon at least one day in a week to get better results. http://www.chinaherbstore.
Avatar n tn Hi there. Im waiting to see the ENT and Im worried sick. Ive had a sore raw throat for 6 weeks. Im finding it an effort to talk as it hurts. I have just left a call centre job and this started about 2 weeks later and if anything is getting worse. Doctor thinks its Voice strain but its odd its happenned now Ive left the job. I did struggle with my voice in the job though. Have you seen any improvement yet?
Avatar m tn Since the beginning of August, have had severe acute episodes of chest pains, breathing difficulties, nausea after eating, sore/scratchy throat, hoarseness, clearing throat, etc. Had endoscopy that showed gastritis and chronic esophagitis with edema. Biopsy came back positive for non-dysplasia barrett's esophagus. The situation is this, was on both prescription PPI's, which had problems tolerating, and thus have been on OTC PPI's and Carafate.
Avatar m tn I doubt very much it was the MDMA causing these problems. None of your symptoms matches the effects, the side effects or the after-effects of MDMA. Below I have listed all three categories of effects from ecstasy. Ecstasy pills, containing MDMA.
18070169 tn?1463179514 But now, I started taking the omeprazole for my acid and I got pains in my colon and bad headaches (side effects of it) - which in the past, I never had. So I tried Zantac - huge headache. I figure I need to leave all rx drugs alone and try nature. Apparently by body does not like synthetic stuff anymore.