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Avatar n tn Hi, I am a male 42 years old and I have been on a prescription dosage of Omeprazole (40mg) for about 3 years. Twenty five days ago I switched to an OTC dosage (20mg) from Costco. The prescription pills were capsules and the OTC pills are tablets. Initially I was experiencing some minor heartburn which I hadn't felt in the last 3 years. However in the last 2 weeks or so, I've been experiencing difficulty taking a deep breath and some chest pain, no heartburn though.
Avatar n tn It seemed to help for 2 weeks, but after 1 month it seemed to aggravate GERD symptoms. I am reading a lot on the subject, experimenting with diet and relaxation and the occasional spoonful of Maalox. I relate to the person who said they felt fine until after the endoscopy. I never had this globus feeling in my throat before, and now it is there all the time, no matter what or when I eat or don't eat. THAT is stressful!
Avatar m tn I have suffered from GERD for nearly 20 years. Over the past 2 years the problem spiraled out of control to the point that I would awaken every night with a burning in my stomach and chest along with a severe headache. On at least 6-8 occassions over the past two years, I would be sick for 7 day stretches where I could not eat. I was miserable. The doctors simply had me doubling up and tripling up on my acid blockers (I have been on omeprazole, zantac, previcid, priolosec, carafate, etc.....
Avatar m tn I am a 43 year old woman, and I was diagnosed with GERD approximately three months ago. I was prescribed 20 mg of omeprazole which I took for the first two weeks after diagnosis, but it did not relieve my symptoms which were typical of GERD: upset stomach; heartburn; excessive belching and gas, etc. I was then told to increase the dosage to 40 mg which worked very well until I started to experience a strange pressure on my right side, below my ribs. This went on for about a week.
Avatar n tn Recently I noticed thryoid was enlarged. My doctor increased Synthoid dosage and since then I have had GERD with horrible heart burn and lots of belching. I believe the medication caused it but doctor says one has nothing to do with the other. I disagree!!! Doctors do not know everything, that is why they call it practice. Now I am on omeprazole 20 mg twice a day and it has helped some. Last TSH check showed thyroid overactive now! Doctor decreased dosage slightly.
Avatar f tn Started off on omeprazole after endoscooy then inxe symptoms stopped would ease myself off them only for symptoms to come back at some point every year and so back on the meds. Last year i got some bad symotoms start up and was fed up with popping pills so tried dgl licorice with aloe vera juice instead. Worked a little but not entirely so went to doc and had another endoscopy (which came back all clear of any nastys). Doc stuck me on zantac this time and seemed to clear up.
Avatar n tn Crestor 20 mg daily; omeprazole for GERD; 325 mg aspirin daily; Folbee daily; amlodopine 12.5 mg daily. I will be seeing my pcp in a few weeks but I would like to be more informed when I talk to him. thank you so very much for your time.
Avatar n tn I have been on omeprazole for 4 months straight, and it does not seem to help my problems. I was diagnosed with GERD, Barrett's esophagus, and gastritis. Although I take the pill daily, many of my symptoms remain. (Pain in upper right quadrant, sometimes burning, difficulty eating, limited diet). I go a few weeks with a little improvement, then the symptoms flare up. When I contact my Dr., he tells me to just continue the medication.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Omeprazole 20mg capsules once daily for eleven months. I was originally prescribed these drugs because I complained of a 'taste of acid' and difficult swallowing, no other tests were carried out. I would like to eventually wean myself off this medication completely.
Avatar m tn the Pharmacist, told me that we need to look at dosage and which ones were equivalent to the RX I worked for a few more years then no longer helped me. Anyway I got a new med from my Dr this one is a H2b instead of a PPI...and is working much better for me..... As for the no heartburn, could be you have LPR also known as Silent Reflux bcuz not everyone has heartburn with it. May I ask, have you had any PH testing? ....modify your diet and lifestyle?
Avatar f tn Reverted back to my former cardiologist and she feels as though Acid Reflux/GERD is what is causing a majority of my symptoms and put me on Omeprazole. Recent followup and she has changed the rx to Pantoprazole, I believe it is supposed to be longer lasting. She mentioned also wanting to do another stress test as well. Personally don't want to endure more radiation as I am scanned all the time for one reason or another in trying to provide a dx for all my problems.
Avatar n tn Forgot to mention that if GERD (too much acid in the stomache) is left untreated it can cause erosions (ulcers) in your stomache, or even esophagus (where the food travels, path from the throat to the stomache). Omeprazole is also used not only for the treatment of GERD, but also to help repair, or prevent the damage.
480895 tn?1212153335 He was in the NICU 3 days after he was born, and put on EleCare for GERD. Later put on Omeprazole, and then added Axid...tried Zantac in lieu of Axid, due to unavailability while hospitalized in July, but didn't work. Has had Bradycardia and Apnea, since birth, both obstructive from reflux and caused by central brain issues. He has had all the reflux testing done, including PH probes, impedence probes, neumogram, polysomniogram, upper GI's x 3, 2 barium swallow studies.
219522 tn?1251764229 I've been treated for GERD for about 2-1/2 years now. Was on Protonix and am now on 20mg of Omeprazole every other day (had to cut dosage to try to increase iron absorbtion due to having low ferritin). I've tried the organic ACV treatment and it absolutely kills my stomach, although a lot of folks have success with it. I've had some success taking digestive enzymes before eating. It hasn't completely cleared up my problem, but it does help, especially since I'm not on a full dose of PPIs.
Avatar n tn A couple years ago he also put me on 20 mg Omeprazole to take once a day for 14 days, after which he said I could start taking the Ranitidine again if i still had the heartburn.
Avatar m tn Hi...Yes, when u r on these meds for ne length of time u can have a reaction when u stop them suddenly which is called rebound.... The meds r PPI proton pump inhibitors, it turns off the acid producing pumps....when u stop taking the meds...the pumps all turn back on all at once and u have way too much acid which will make u feel really bad. Just having water in this situation can affect u.... If u want to get off these meds u should step down to help avoid the rebound effect.
Avatar f tn a few weeks ago I noticed a sore throat that wouldn't go away I also asked a couple times then I started having burning across my chest and between my breasts and a pain at the top of my stomach or underneath my breast it is pretty sensitive touch or at least one my son is climbing on me I went to the urgent care and they suspected it was acid reflux so I made some diet modifications and I went to the doctor and he prescribed omeprazole for 30 days at the highest dosage after a few days of takin
620923 tn?1452919248 We're not doctors here, but we do have an expert forum for questions you may have for a professional to answer. I hope you become an active member of the Gerd Community and share your experiences and support. This is one place you can come to vent or just know you are not alone and someone does understand. Our number one goal is to provide support to each is in giving that we receive!
Avatar n tn He has been seeing a Gastroenterologist for the past 2 months who has been running a lot of tests trying to figure out why Jeshua is continuing to throw up even after being on Omeprazole ( a compounded medication for GERD in infants) and Eryped (erythromiacin). It has been extremely difficult for us as well.
Avatar f tn by tori565, 5 minutes a few weeks ago I noticed a sore throat and nauaeau that wouldn't go away then I started having burning across my chest and between my breasts and a pain at the top of my stomach or underneath my breast it is pretty sensitive touch or at least one my son is climbing on me I went to the urgent care and they suspected it was acid reflux so I made some diet modifications and I went to the doctor and he prescribed omeprazole for 30 days at the highest dosage after a few days
974371 tn?1424656729 I did have high readings for EBV and Herpes virus but no doctor was concerned about that saying almost everyone has had the virus. I did have to see an endo doc and she ran tests and has me on Vit D for Osteo. She also ran an IMMUMO FIX INTERP, SERUM, which I had never heard of. The results showed Immunofixation studies revealed TWO trace concentration band(s) migrating in the GAMMA region which appear(s) to type as IGG LAAMBDA monoclonal protein(s).
Avatar m tn I was told by the pharmasist thst it is a generic of prilosec. Ask ur dr on the dosage u need....the instructions on the box r to take for a period of time and stop.....but ur dr may tell u something different.If I stop for one day I can tell, so do ask ur dr what meds r right for u and what dosage to take and how.
Avatar n tn I have been on high doses of PPI's since January 2012. Omeprazole 80 mg/day, which did next to nothing after 18 months, then asked for a stronger pill that I could take 1xD, and the doc prescribed pantoprazole 40mg, and it worked like magic and I saw a huge difference within 2 weeks. Have now been on it for about 6 months and feel better than I have felt in years. Spoke with the doc today about possibly going on a lower dose and eventually just stop.
Avatar f tn I get really bad chest pain to the point where i feel sick...Its been going on for years now, My doctors only keeps giving me Omeprazole which doesn't help. What can i do? I know i need to sort my diet out...But to what?
Avatar n tn I have trouble with omeprazole (headache) and Nexium (constipation). I've been taking ranitidine for years and am currently at the maximum dosage of 300 mg bid, supplemented by liquid anti-acid for stomach burn break-through. mtgardner- Sleeping without dreaming typically happens when you are in your deepest part of your sleep. Dreams typically come with REM (rapid eye movement) sleep- the lighter part of your sleep.
Avatar n tn I've been taking Omeprazole 20mg for the past 10 months, i've recently been getting a burning sensation in my throat now. Would i be able to have the dosage increased to 40mg per day?
Avatar f tn I have had all kinds of CT scans, abdominal ultrasounds, blood work tests, and tests on my heart. Everything came back FINE. I was referred to a gastroentologist last month who perscribed me OMEPRAZOLE for GERD. She told me to do a follow-up in January to see if anything changed. So far its still the same. Sadly the pressure is getting more and more annoying and im starting to think it will never go away. Im hoping this is not something i will just have to live with..
Avatar m tn When I talked to my PCP after 10 days of Omeprazole, he suggested getting an appointment with Gastroentologist for an endoscopy. When I asked him if a higher dosage of drugs can help, he made a prescription for 20 mg Omeprazole twice daily (I weigh 105 pounds now. 5 feet 3 in) I haven't increased increased my drug though. Current symptoms are mild buring sensation in chest when hungry. What is the diagnosis here? Is it GERD? or Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
Avatar f tn the only thing that would touch it was Aciphex, which I took for years, then insurance refused to pay for it anymore; they wanted me on omeprazole, so I tried it, and it did nothing. I, too, had an endoscopy to see how much, if any, damage the acid had done, since I'd had for so many years; fortunately, not too much, which healed once my thyroid levels begun coming up.
Avatar f tn Hi and thanks for using the forum. Almost all of your symptoms could be related to your sinus problems. Chronic sinusitis comes to mind when I read your post and you might want to try seeing an ENT. They may give you a course of antibiotics and or steroids and may want a CT Scan of your sinuses. Also, if your Omepraxole is not controlling your heartburn, you should let your GP know so that they can re-evaluate your dosage or change your medication.