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Avatar m tn Do Omeprazole and Nexium affect bones in same way? Do they both have same effect on Calcium / Vit. D?
Avatar n tn , I have done back-to-back comparisons with nexium and omeprazole and found nexium more effective in reducing my acid reflux. Additionally, I began have duodenal ulcer problems at age 16 and meds were tried over the course of 41/2 decades with little lasting effect, until nexium was prescribed about 15 years ago. Mu ulcer condition has been under control and acid reflux has reduced to a minimum.
Avatar n tn Currently I am on Nexium twice a day plus Maalox and still have symtpoms. My throat and nose are burning. My stomach is upset and can't seem to eat anything! I have been reflux problems for about 4 years now and it has NEVER been this bad. Sometimes food seems to be stuck in my throat/chest. On top of all theses symptoms I am extremely tired and have joint pain. My doctor thought that I may have fibromyalgia, but I don't think this is correct.
Avatar n tn United Health Care is cutting out Nexium scripts. Our doctor had raised my wife's scrip from 40 mg qd to 40 mg BID, after assessment and endoscopy and after trials of other medecines failed to alleviate symptoms... After three months ins said "NO" and the doctor supposedly told the ins company that another drug or a lower dosage would in fact be acceptable... effectively countermanding his own advise and my wife's own experience months earlier. Our pharmacist..
Avatar n tn Hi, Nexium contains esomerazole (isomer of omeprazole). Prilosec contains omeprazole. Though the basic ingredient is the same, they have different properties and studies have shown that esomeprazole works better than omeprazole.. ================================================================ The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem. - Ratnakar Kini M.D.
Avatar f tn I took that for 4 months until my health insurance ran out. Now I have tried Prilosec OTC and Omeprazole OTC. They are both 20mg and I just now realized the prescription Omperazole is also. I have been having burning throat in the morning and stomach upsets for a few months now. I was also getting symptoms with the prescription Omeprazole and is one reason I decided to try the OTC drugs.
974371 tn?1424656729 I am not good at taking prescription meds as I've had problems in the past. I was on and off Nexium for some time but the last time I took it, for 4 or 5 mos straight, I had side effects of bad muscle pain. I know this drug is in the same class. Was wondering if anyone has used the Omeprazole DR and, if so, any problems/side effects? Did it seem to help?
Avatar m tn In the labeling for Zegerid (Omeprazole and Sodium Bicarbonate) the incidence of headaches reported is approximately 2% thus is labeled as a potential side effect with the medication. There are no warnings or precautions listed for Zegerid (Omeprazole and Sodium Bicarbonate) as being known to cause migraine headaches or light sensitivity.
709686 tn?1277435759 Esomeprazole (Nexium) is slightly different than omeprazole (Prilosec). But your body could react the same way. You could try a small amount and see. There are some combo otc drugs by Rolaids and others that have an antacid and famotidine (acid reducer). Those probably don't work as well.
Avatar m tn Myalgias and arthralgias are known but rare side-effects.
Avatar n tn Is it possible to have a reverse reaction to Nexium / omeprazole? It never really made the symptoms of my recently diagnosed hiatal hernia caused reflux (lump in throat, mostly) go away. It seemed to help for 2 weeks, but after 1 month it seemed to aggravate GERD symptoms. I am reading a lot on the subject, experimenting with diet and relaxation and the occasional spoonful of Maalox. I relate to the person who said they felt fine until after the endoscopy.
Avatar m tn Acid Reflux Medication Heart Attack Class Action Lawsuit Investigation A recent study found that proton pump inhibitor heartburn treatments such as Nexium, Prilosec and Prevacid may be linked to an increased risk of heart attack, heart failure or sudden cardiac death. If you or a loved one suffered a heart attack after taking an acid reflux medication, you may have a legal claim" http://topclassactions.
Avatar m tn You do need to go to a Gastro Ent and some stage and just get an Endoscopy done and find out if you have a LES that is hypotensive or Hiatal hernia and make sure that there are no GERD complications. I took 40-80mg of Nexium and took half dose in the morning and the other half at night. I had the Nissen Fundo op on the 8th of Feb. 2012, but before I got to that point I had extensive tests done for several years to make sure that I need the op and will benefit from it.
Avatar n tn I have been taking omeprazole for 4 years and it has worked great for my acid reflux problem. In March of 2013, very quickly I developed severe itchy skin. Here it is January 2014 and I am pretty sure I have one of the possible side affects of taking omeprazole, severe itchy skin. Twice in the last month I stopped taking it for a few days and believe I even had a withdrawal side affect. This was when I was just falling to sleep it felt like I could not breath.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was also diagnosed with the same thing and my Dr gave me Kapidex which is similar to Nexium. After 2 days on the pill, I starting having side effects of diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting for almost 3 days. They then switched me to Protonix which I am glad to say is working very well. So like CalGal said, it works differently with different people. Your daughter just needs to find one that works best for her. Good Luck!
Avatar n tn I must go thru a step program, starting with Nexium, which my Doctor dosed at 40 mg instead of 20 mg, saying Nexium didn't come in 20 and the 40mg of Nexium is comparable to the 20 mg Aciphex . Questions: (1) Is the above true? (2) Are the side effects the same, and (3) What's the difference between the two. Thanks for your time.
Avatar n tn There is no data that suggests a significant difference between Protonix and Nexium. Nexium is an appropriate appoach to Barrett's esophagus. Prilosec and Nexium are also very similar. Prilosec has a cost advantage of having a generic equivalent. These questions can be addressed with your personal physician or GI physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar m tn Try another reflux med, you could take omeprazole, and maybe that wont cause the ED
Avatar m tn The post from sept 2011 by jasmin All protopump inhibitors can cause the extreme aniety you're dealing with I know its been years but if you didnt get help yet pleeeze get off the acid blocking meds do some research on the side effects also in a lot of forums the side effects last for months once you are off but theres hope Im suffering from extreme aniety which i never had in my life till dr put me on omeprazole to protect my stomach from ibuprofen i got gastritis anyhow and now even 36 days of
Avatar m tn Hi and welcome to the GERD forum. Long term use of ne med will have an effect on our bodies....but in order to help heal the erosion of ur esophagus u will need to take it, but ur Dr should be monitoring u and ur blood labs to make sure u have supplements like Vit D. Once u wean off these meds and it should be a slow removal as u can experience rebound if u get off too quickly.
Avatar m tn I had been having acid reflux for a few weeks, and last week I woke up after rolling over on my stomach during the night with acid burning my esophagus. A doctor perscribed me Nexium, but since my insurance wouldn't cover it, I started taking over the counter Omeprazole instead. The very next day I woke up with stomach pain and cramps at around the same time I had the acid reflux the previous night.
Avatar m tn If antiretroviral drugs such as Atazanavir and Nelfinavir are given alongwith Esomeprazole, it can bring down serum levels, and neither of these is recommended with Nexium. Another antiretroviral drug, Saquinavir, if given with Esomeprazole, can increase serum levels; if necessary, it has to be given cautiously. Voriconazole is not recommended with Esomeprazole, as it doubles the effect of the latter.
Avatar n tn I was taking 40 mg Nexium daily until a week ago. I don't even respond to laxatives. I have been having anxiety and panic attacks for two months and never lost my appetite. Has anyone else had anything like this??
Avatar f tn I did find a small group with similar symptoms but my Doc said it was not the Nexium. I stopped it and within 4 days, the flank and thigh pain were gone. I was later put on Omeprazole, 40 mg 2x a day fir the past few months. Not sure yet, but my low back muscles are killing me. I do have Osteo and my Endo doc told me to take B-12, Vitamin E and Calcium as I won't take Fisomax or Actonel. You may consider this.
Avatar m tn If you or a loved one suffered a heart attack after taking an acid reflux medication, you may have a legal claim Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are some of the most widely prescribed drugs in the United States, and generate around $14 billion in annual sales. Prilosec, Nexium and other PPIs work by reducing the amount of stomach acid produced by the glands in the stomach lining.
Avatar n tn I still have stomach problems ( pain in the right side ) . It comes and gos. I'm worried about taking all that Nexium. If I drop down to only 40mg it doesn't work. What should I do ? Can I get cancer by taking too much of this Nexium?
Avatar n tn (btw - I did not mean to conflate Nexium and Omeprazole -- I have taken them both with similar results. I started with Nexium; now I've moved to a generic Omeprazole. I see little difference.
Avatar n tn Consultant told me afterwards to take nexium 40mg for six weeks and note results and take some afterwards if necessary. I completed the course and felt very good taking a 40mg nexium pill once per day. I returned to my doctor to get a new perscription and he has now put me on 20mg nexium once a day as a 'step down'. Problem is I feel worse again on this lower dose. I do not feel as bad as I did before nexium, but the discomfort is obvious and annoying.
974371 tn?1424656729 Was being treated for GERD and was on Nexium on and off. The Doctir told me to stay on it for at least 3 months. After a few weeks, I was having horrible muscle pain in my low back, over my hips and on top of both thighs. Checked and this was not listed as a side effect. I do have Osteo and then had a left rib fracture of unknown cause. I stopped the Nexium and within 3 or 4 days, the muscle oain was gone.
Avatar f tn I take omeprazole and it works wonderful!! and its generic so not that expensive at all. I used to take protonix and it worked just as well as the omeprazole.. good luck!