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974371 tn?1424656729 00 am with an upset stomach. Have taken the Dicyclomine twice, Omeprazole, Alprazolam and Gas X over the past 6 hours.
Avatar n tn I would recommend asking for stool testing to look for parasites and other things like that. It might be something that you picked up when you when to asia and this would most likely show up on a stool test.
Avatar f tn I was recently tested (blood drawn) for celiac and I had been on daily omeprazole for 9 months. My test came back negative, but my doc never mentioned stopping omeprazole. of course my doc also 'forgot' that she prescribed omeprazole for me in the first place and tried to prescribe it again.
Avatar f tn Stopped medicine and problems disappeared. Started Omeprazole again and the problems came back. I had tried the others, like Prilosec, and they caused me even more problems, and right away too. I have diverticulitis and get headaches when I eat things like peanuts, etc. Am allergic to penicillin(hospitalized for reaction), some anti-biotics and some anti-inflammatory drugs. Develop aches, rashes, etc. Eg: Aleve makes my lips break out in blisters. Ibuprofen hurts my stomach bad.
Avatar f tn I suffer from on and off low grade fever, dry heaving attacks and unbearable pain. I am diagnosed with IBS and possibly an ulcer. It seems oddly coincidental that I would just happen to have both flare up at the same time. Any one else have this odd combo of ailments, or have my symptoms and receive a solid diagnosis? There is a history of cancer and crohn's in my family.
Avatar m tn If the test comes back normal and you're still having these IBS symptoms and sluggish thyroid symptoms, welcome to the club. And, if so, you will be able to proceed and follow Dr. Terry Lemerond's advice about iodine without any fear. I still need to do it myself. I need to go back and find that information he had that said how much to take and it's the amount he himself takes, because, well, he himself belongs to this thyroid limbo land.
Avatar n tn Its hard to choose things to eat, cause I have both IBS AND GERD! I also had a abdominal ct scan about 10 months ago.. and a KUB 3 months ago... anyone else have this type of issues!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn Look up on the internet on foods that cause gas and you should be able to get your problem under control. And get off the daily omeprazole. That makes your stomach acids turn alkaline and you'll just end up with more bowel problems. Omeprazole is good for once in a while indigestion. Maybe change doctors, too. Hope this helps you!
Avatar f tn They said acid reflux and I was having pains in my belly left side but it's not left and right bottom abdomin. Gave me omeprazole but doesn't stop my belching. She said it sounds like ibs though it ain't quite there, said inflamed bowels. Just wondering if you can have ibs without persistent diarrhea? And will the omeprazole help my tender guts? Or should I go back for a second opinion.
1446077 tn?1284513791 I have been on antispasmodics now for over 2 years and my symptoms are no better and I am in pain daily... I have loose stools and vomit a lot from time to time, I have been told I have to stay on Omeprazole for life (oh the joys) For my bowels, my recent scans and cameras are all negative for crohns but the symptos in my doctors words are "typical of Crohns" yet he treats me for IBS with meds that do not work..... Could the specialist be wrong?
Avatar n tn My 21 year old daughter has gastroparesisi and IBS. She has seen a new GI Dr. who would like her to join a clinical trial group he has using Dromperidol. ANy experience or thought on this would be appreciated!!
Avatar f tn if u eat sugary foods do the veins come up in the hands like u say and feeling tired as well with indigestion--coated tounge--nausea--flatulence--irritability--moodiness--loss of interest--and tirdness-these can be all symptoms of fermentation in other words digestion get impaired for some reason. try and eat a balanced diet and one that is low in sugar and in starches for a week or two to see if symptoms improve.
Avatar m tn I control the reflux with small, regular meals, Omeprazole and Gaviscon. The stomach distension arises between meals and can be actually relieved by light snacks. NB: The bloating causes or at least enhances my breathing distress, which is unpleasant. The respiratory problems are bad when I'm bloated and dissappear when my stomach deflates. I have seen my GP, a Gastroenterologist and will be seeing a Pulmonologist soon. My chest X-Ray is clear and my peak flow good.
Avatar m tn My family doctor also agreed that the biopsy doesn't show anything and feels that I have IBS and not crohn's Can you have inflammation and not have IBD? I have a friend who has had the same thing as me inflammation in her ileum and was told that it was IBS. I've also asked for another colonoscopy from this new doctor and he has declined the procedure he feels the procedure is to evasive at this stage. But maybe now that I am seeing him a second time he might change his mine.
Avatar m tn Of course you haven't been off tx all that long and maybe something that will fade out over time.
Avatar m tn I think, personally, that was wrong of them to tell you that IBS leads to cancer, but it can occur as it can occur with any prolonged inflamation that isn't being controlled. I can tell from the medications you listed that you are someplace in EU... It appears they "are" treating you for IBS with an intestinal sedative, a fiber substitute, and something for excess stomach acid. Regardless if you are in America, EU, Canada, et al...
377012 tn?1283969035 i am 23 years old female and have just recently started having what i thought was symptoms of IBS! my mother was diagnosed with IBS 2 years ago! can it be inherited??? and what are the main symptoms??? please help!!!!!!!!
782022 tn?1237833103 I feel sorry for the little guy, because IBS is miserable! It's quite common for people with IBS to be gluten and lactose intolerant. Yet, when I get tested for food allergies the traditional way at the allergist's office, the tests show negative, even though it's clear that I have these sensitivities.
Avatar n tn Hi. My doctor told me a few years back I had IBS. I've had two colonoscopies, in 2010 and 2015. Both came out clean, per different doctors. The 2015 one was in march. In November 2015 I drank a cuban coffee, felt a spasm and ended up with on and off diarrhea for 5-6 weeks. When it wasn't diarrhea, it seemed like a blockage. The diarrhea was water shooting out at one point. By the end of the 6th week or so everything finally died down.
Avatar n tn The first doctor prescribed me with fibre gel and she told me it sounded like I was not getting enough fibre in my diet but I always have the daily amount. The second doctor has prescribed me motilium (10mg) and omeprazole (20mg) but neither of these seem to be helping. I have also been prescribed pepermint capsules to help with the wind and have also tried Rennies but everything I'm trying does not seem to work.
Avatar n tn Now, two years later my gastritis symptoms have come back (heartburn and nausea), and I read somewhere that I can take omeprazole AND ranitidine on the same day (but not the same time) so I've been taking the 20 mg Omeprazole in the am before breakfast and a 75mg ranitidine in the pm before dinner, which has worked quiet well.
Avatar m tn I've been told that IBS is usually a diagnosis of exclusion-- they test for everything else that makes any sense and when they run out of ideas, they call it IBS. My GP believes that things like IBS and fibromyalgia are probably a group of similar issues that aren't understood properly yet. Are you in the British health system? If so, be prepared to be extra pushy about your symptoms and progress.
4030965 tn?1349147023 I don't know what to do to get rid of this nausea and heartburn and gas in my stomach! I don't know if it's IBS or excess acid or both. could someone please help me or tell me something i can do that will help me sleep? I'm starving but i know that eating late at night makes it worse but could i even have some toast to soak up the acid to get rid of this burning feeling?
Avatar f tn I have now had upper and lower abdominal scans, a CT scan, blood tests and stool tests - all normal. I have finally been diagnosed with IBS yes a relief to finally have a diagnosis but not much consilation. After doing a lot of internet research i decided to try going of my contraceptive pill (Estelle) which i take for acne - i have only been taking it this year where my symtoms have begun and progressivly become worse and worse.
662012 tn?1224951864 I had been having burning near my upper stomach and abdominal pain, so my doctor prescribed me Methscopolamine and Omeprazole. One is to slow down my digestive track and the other is to shut off the acid pumps in my stomach. But no doctor seems to know what i have (i've been to three) There is no blood in my stool and as of now my stool isn't like diarrhea, the only bad part is the mucus. A doctor at Mass General in Boston told me I may have IBS, but I don't want to believe it.
1424138 tn?1282932717 PPI like omeprazole along with lifetsyle modfications will be effective in controlling the symptoms of GERD. For IBS, probiotics, antispasmodics and antidepressants would be helpful.
782022 tn?1237833103 he has previously been on ranitadine, gaviscon infant and domperidone, non of which were succesfull. he is currently on omeprazole, and is having an endoscopy nxt week. im wondering if the effects of such a severe gastrointestinal illness such as GERD, can cause IBS in such young infants.
974371 tn?1424656729 I have IBS, Gastritis and GERD - In the past I was put on nortriptyline but was hospitalized with SVT and was weaned off it and put on these. Not had issues since stopping it - to me, It sounds like for you the Levsin is what caused it, especially if it started after you started to use it again. I would try your GI doctor again and if you can't see him, see someone else in his branch or go elsewhere. For now, try heat on your stomach and lying in a dark room and see if it helps.
Avatar n tn His doctor told him it sounds like GERD (but I have GERD, and I never had any thing like that before), so he went to a GI and he was given Omeprazole, and told to come back if it happened again. A week later he was sick and so the GI said it sounds like IBS and was given Levbid Er to take twice a day, (but I have not read anything about IBS causing vomiting- or being so debilitating for one day and the rest of the time having NO symptoms whatsoever).