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317787 tn?1473362051 Krill oil is a source of certain types of Omega 3 oils. There are different ones. Fish oil contains two types, and flax seed oil and hemp seed oil, for example, supply some as well. Now, I have a personal objection to krill oil, which is, krill are being killed off to get this oil and they are the food supply for most of what lives in the ocean, especially the larger creatures. Krill are tiny crustaceans and so it takes millions and millions of them to make some oil.
Avatar m tn About Omega-3 Omega-3 fatty acids are natural substances that your body needs, but most people do not adequately produce them on their own. Therefore, you must obtain them through your diet. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are two forms of omega-3 fatty acids have been proven to be beneficial to your health. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) omega-3 are marine-derived.
Avatar f tn I have used Kirkland's enteric coated fish oil ( they have double omega 3) and liked them. I am glad they are ranked well, we take them as a family. I did NOT kinow they had soy in them ( saw it on label) and I did not know about vitamin E... what does that do?? Thanks again... Have a super holiday weekend all!
907968 tn?1292625804 Omega-3 Fatty Acids (EPA, DHA, and other Omega-3) 750mg. Thanks for the info! FlyCaster, I was learning radio astronomy in hopes that would help with learning wave mechanics. And this went right along with visual astronomy and a slew of other astronomy fields. However, because of another medical problem I've dropped everything except the occasional imaging of a deep space object.
Avatar m tn Heart Healthy diet which is a moderate fat diet and a moderate fat diet means = using polyunsaturated (omega 3, corn oil, nuts, etc) fats and monounsaturated (olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, etc) fats, no saturated fats (high fat snack foods, butter, fat spreads) and no trans fats.
637910 tn?1454710180 In june 2009 I started with Magnesium Oxide 250 mg 2 times a day and Omega 3 fish oil 700 mg 2 times a day. Well the PVC's reduced considerably and if I got one it was a light one. I got to the point were I was PVC free for days. In august 2009 I started taking Magnesium Citrate 400 mg a day. In september 2009 I switched to another BB Concor 2,5 mg (bisoprolol). At this time I was not taking the Magnesium and Fish Oil as prescribed. The reason for this is I did not feel right with my stomach.
Avatar m tn Found a study on Omega-3 and HCC Consumption of n-3 fatty acids and fish reduces risk of hepatocellular carcinoma. Abstract BACKGROUND Fish is a rich source of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosapentaenoic acid (DPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Although consumption of fish and n-3 PUFA has been reported to protect against the development of some types of cancer, little is known about its association with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).
Avatar m tn While most health experts agree we should be eating more fish (for all the reasons listed above), research has found the inflammatory potential of farmed tilapia to be greater than a burger, doughnuts—even pork bacon! It gets worse. Farmed tilapia contains only small amounts of omega-3 fatty acids health and nutrition experts say is the main reason to eat fish frequently. A serving of salmon has over 2,000 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids, a serving of tilapia has a only 135 milligrams.
Avatar f tn These fats can be found in nuts/seeds, olive/canola oil, fatty fish, avocado. Omega-3's are also found in a lot of those healthy fat-containing foods (fatty fish, flax) and are important for heart-health and healthy cholesterol levels. All of these foods have very high fat contents, but are still low in saturated fats. Foods with high saturated fats are mainly animal products or animal by-products and heavily processed foods.
Avatar m tn They can be found in supplements and also in foods like cold-water fish, walnuts, flax seeds and healthy oils such as olive oil. Fish oil supplements can lower blood pressure, reduce arterial plaque and they also lower triglycerides. Niacin raises HDL, which is known as "good cholesterol". HDL cholesterol removes bad LDL cholesterol and arerial plaque.
Avatar m tn 1%) in participants who consumedat least 250mg per day of omega-3 oil compared to participants who consumed less than 250 mg per day of omega-3 oil (P<0.0001) (4). Sudden cardiac death was defined as death within 5 minutes to 1 hour of symptom onset. There was no significant difference in the risk of a non-fatal myocardial infarction (heart attack) between participants who consumed equal to or greater than 250 mg per day of omega-3 oils and those who consumed less than 250 mg per day.
Avatar n tn Of Course, right now everyone is being cautious because of the oil spill. If I have to I will give up shell fish, but does this mean I have to give up taking OMega 3 also?
Avatar n tn I have read that a lot of those supplements go rancid very quickly. This is especially true of flax seed and fish oil supplements. You can tell by cutting one open and smelling it. If it is rancid it will have an almost gasoline smell. I am also vegetarian and I just make sure to eat ground flaxseed (I put it in my cereal and soups, or whatever), walnuts, and eggs. These are all excellenct sources. As far as the B vitamins go, you probably should be taking a supplement.
Avatar m tn They told him in order to improve everything for him to take a multi vitamin and some good quality fish oil with the omega 3. His second test came back great. They do tell you that if you smoke, chew or drink it can affect the quality of sperm so he told my husband to cut back on the chewing and drinking alcohol.
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1741471 tn?1407162630 Pumpkin seed oil is one of the top three nutritional oils and research shows how this nutrients especially (Omega 3 and omega 6) are required for healthy brain/body functioning. Exercise in Thanksgiving: Try this exercise And last but not least lets not forget to add some exercise for boost your brain and body. Try this Super Body, Super Brain exercise from BodySmart magazine Close your eyes to train balance and biceps with one move A challenging move to train your body and your mind!.
Avatar f tn She is also working on the rest of her nervous system. Good Omega 3 Sources Omega 3 is best found in fish and fish oil products. High levels of Omega 3 are found in: * oily fish, like mackerel, herring, sardines, anchovies, salmon, and pilchards * Omega 3 fish oil supplements * fresh or frozen tuna Omega-3 supplements are available but check to make sure that your supplements are not made from fish livers.
Avatar m tn These tests monitor your cholesterol particle patterns and evaluate your Lp(a) level. To help with elevated Lp(a) use fish or squid oil (1 or 2 g daily) and either one of two natural clot-busting enzyme supplements, nattokinase (50 mg twice a day) or lumbrokinase, (20 mg one to two times daily). Also up to 2 grams daily of niacin. It needs to be regular niacin not the none flush niacin. you could experience the niacin flush.
Avatar m tn However, flaxseed oil contains no lignans. Flaxseed oil contains both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential to health. Although the exact daily requirement of these essential fatty acids is not known, deficiencies are believed to be fairly common. Flaxseed oil may be an economical way to ensure that you get enough essential fatty acids in your diet. The essential fatty acids in flax can be damaged by exposure to heat, light, and oxygen (essentially, they become rancid).
Avatar m tn Rats in groups 1 and 2 were fed a fish oil-ethanol diet for 8 and 6 weeks, respectively. Rats in groups 3 and 4 were fed fish oil and ethanol for 6 weeks before being switched to isocaloric diets containing ethanol with palm oil (group 3) or medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs, group 4) for 2 weeks. Rats in group 5 were fed fish oil and dextrose for 8 weeks.
Avatar m tn I take two fish oil/omega 3 a day -about 2400 mg and eat fish once or twice per week- broiled or baked. I eat red meat only a couple of times a year! I limit saturated fat and whole dairy fat and eat good fats- avocados, olive oil, nuts. I eat tons of fresh vegetables. I have no family history of high cholesterol. My weight is in a healthy range, although I would do well to lose 10-15 lbs. Because of a disability, I am unable to exercise, except for some yoga and stretching.
Avatar m tn Taken for everything from depression to heart disease to arthritis, the primary therapeutic action of omega-3 fatty acids is squelching inflammation. For decades, omega-3's have proven their ability to improve inflammatory conditions. Because hepatitis falls under this umbrella, this liver condition benefits from omega-3 fatty acid consumption.
Avatar f tn deficiency is not common, however, a deficiency of B-12 can do irreversible damage, so be sure to incorporate B-12 into your diet regularly. omega 3 is abundant in flaxseed oil (it has more omega 3 fatty acids than fish oil), and is easily found in most grocery stores. add it to just about anything for a nutritional boost. it is also found in vegan margarines. vitamin D can be developed in the body from exposure to warm sunlight for 10-15 minutes, or from fortified soy milks.
144210 tn?1273092382 I have NASH (and hep C), and I take omega 3 in the form of salmon oil. Am I exacerbating my cirhotic condition? Thanks.
Avatar m tn I am active (exercise almost daily), eat very healthy (fruits, veggies, no processed foods, no sugar, low salt), and take supplements (multivitamin w/no iron, glucosamine, quercetin, ginkgo, l-glutamine, omega-3 fish oil). I also have protein shakes made from whey or casein when I work out.
Avatar f tn Fish might be better to replace some of your chicken with, especially ones high in omega 3's like salmon and mackeral. There are lots of sites, including this one, that can give you a good idea of where you are as well as where you should be. Another suggestion is to add a different form of exercise or adding more exercise. Running is great, but what about the rest of your body? Perhaps you can add 20 minutes aerobics workout to work on your abs or upper body.
Avatar n tn Peanuts are not the best nuts to eat every day. It's actually walnuts and then only a small handful. You will never have to worry about eating an entire dark chocolate bar because it has to be a least 60% or more cocoa, so you'll be happy to get one piece down due to the taste. Below is from WebMD...very reputable. The New Low-Cholesterol Diet: Nuts Nuts aren't just for holidays anymore. Key nuts can help you lower cholesterol. Add nuts to your low-cholesterol diet. By R.
Avatar m tn First, my question for anyone who has read this far, is what supplements should I consider to be worth the money? I have added omega-3 fish oil under the suggestion of my doctor. I'm leary of this only because it works mainly on triglycerides, according to the information I've read, and it works very little on HDL/LDL. At least, that's what I've read. I hope someone will correct me if i'm wrong. Since I have no problems right now with my triglycerides, I'm not sure how this will help...
Avatar m tn Also I would be taking Coenzyme Q10 and L-Carnitine along with D-ribose supplements to energize the mitochondria of your heart muscle. Of course high quality Omega 3 fish oil supplements and good antioxidant supplements is requisite. Be well.
Avatar n tn Limit or eliminate all processed foods Eliminate all gluten, and highly allergenic foods from your diet Eat organic foods whenever possible to avoid exposure to harmful agricultural chemicals such as glyphosate Eat at least one-third of your food uncooked (raw), or as much as you can manage Increase the amount of fresh vegetables in your diet Avoid artificial sweeteners of all kinds Swap all trans fats (vegetable oils, margarine etc) for healthful fats like avocado, raw butter or coconut oil T