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317787 tn?1473362051 Krill oil is a source of certain types of Omega 3 oils. There are different ones. Fish oil contains two types, and flax seed oil and hemp seed oil, for example, supply some as well. Now, I have a personal objection to krill oil, which is, krill are being killed off to get this oil and they are the food supply for most of what lives in the ocean, especially the larger creatures. Krill are tiny crustaceans and so it takes millions and millions of them to make some oil.
Avatar f tn My cholesterol and triglycerides have been high. I was thinking of taking omega 3 fish oil…maybe start now ? or maybe wait till after 6 months post tx? Perhaps the fish oil can help with my cholesterol and triglycerides. Is fish oil ok for the liver? Anybody have any thoughts on this? Thanks.
Avatar m tn You might also not be eating enough sources of HDL, but you can just increase your fish oil or krill oil or hemp seed oil or flax seed oil -- there are other sources of omega 3 oils, though only fish that eat seaweed have a good level of DHA.
476246 tn?1418874514 I’ve taken 3000mg/day omega-3 fish oil capsules for years now. I also relapsed last treatment. Hmmm :o).
Avatar n tn NOW Neptune Krill Oil (75 mg EPA and 45 mg DHA per softgel, 2 per day) Found only 79.1% of claimed EPA and 76.7% of claimed DHA Also found only 78.4% of claimed total omega-3 fatty acids Spoilage (TOTOX value = 57.4) Children: The Simpsons Berry Squirts (55 mg EPA and 35 mg DHA per softgel, 2 per day) Found only 88.
518994 tn?1212245647 The highest, most concentrated source of Omega 3 fatty acids are marine lipids (from fish) or Krill, and Flax Seed oil for dogs (cats are obligate carnivores and cannot metabolize flax seed oil as well as marine sources). Olive oil is a good source but not as concentrated. A Fox Terrier would require 500mg Omega-3 Fatty acids daily, preferably in divided doses. The Omega-3 fatty acid product can be manufactured for humans or pets. As Dr.
20449547 tn?1498157048 I have always taken Krill oil to support my diabetes and help bring up my good cholesterol. I am worried that krill oil is not good for my baby and that I should switch to fish oil... but read that cod liver oil is a no-no. Does any one have any insight into what is a good supplement?
1319721 tn?1276044568 Fish oil is made from large fish. These large fish have been known to be contaminated with mercury and other pollutants. We have been warned not to eat more than two fish a week. Krill oil has not been affected by pollution. It is pure and chemical free. Some people use the word “organic” when describing krill oil. ■Antioxidant: Perhaps the biggest difference between fish oil and krill oil is that krill oil contains an antioxidant and fish oil does not.
Avatar n tn APPROVED FISH OIL AND KRILL OIL Advocare OmegaPlex Omega-3 Fatty Acid (300 mg EPA and 200 mg DHA per softgel, 4 per day) CardioStat Omega-3 Fish Oil Triple Strength (540 mg of EPA and 170 mg of DHA per softgel, 2 per day) CVS Pharmacy Natural Fish Oil 1000 mg (Label does not show amount of EPA or DHA, but claims 340 mg of total omega-3 fatty acids per softgel, 3 per day) Finest Natural Omega-3 Krill Oil (Label does not show amount of EPA or D
1655526 tn?1330659229 Coincidently, around 12 years ago when my arrythmia took a turn for the worse, I was on a health kick, had decided to clean up my health and diet, and started taking fish oil with Omega 3-6-9 and borage oil because I had heard it was heart healthy and would lower my cholesterol. Never made the connection between the supplements and the worsening arrythmia. I was on several other self-prescribed vitamin and mineral supplements as well.
Avatar f tn Since you have no insurance to go to a Allergist to find out which you are allergic too, suggest you do not consume shellfish raw or cooked, and do not take fish oil supplements either. If you want omega3 fatty acid supplementation, use flax seed oil omega 3 supplementation instead. Once you develop an allergy as an adult, you usually have it for life. Suggest strongly to go to an Allergist and get tested.
Avatar n tn Some fish oil can be contaminated with heavy metals and other things, as Rocker pointed out, because a lot of fish is contaminated. However, you can get Omega 3 fatty acids (the good stuff that is in fish oil) from organic Flax Seed oil -- which is not contaminated. It is available at most health food stores and needs to be stored in the refrigerator.
Avatar m tn I have been taking fish oil 1200 mg /360 mg omega 3 three times a day is that to much to take in at once for your heart .
1095404 tn?1333996439 You take it orally it comes in a capsule!! You want the omega 3 fish oil that contains DHA etc... You can get it in 500mg or 1000mgs.
Avatar f tn I have used Kirkland's enteric coated fish oil ( they have double omega 3) and liked them. I am glad they are ranked well, we take them as a family. I did NOT kinow they had soy in them ( saw it on label) and I did not know about vitamin E... what does that do?? Thanks again... Have a super holiday weekend all!
29837 tn?1414538248 In addition to their usual medication, the first group (G1) received placebo (soy oil), the second group (G2) received fish oil omega-3 fatty acids (3 g/d), and the third group (G3) received fish oil omega-3 fatty acids (3 g/d) and 9.6 mL of olive oil. Disease activity was measured by clinical and laboratory indicators at the beginning of the study and after 12 and 24 wk. Patients' satisfaction in activities of daily living was also measured.
Avatar f tn I found a few other article on omega 3 fatty acids. Excerpt from Newsmax - 5 Vitamins and Supplements for Thyroid Health... "1. Omega-3 fatty acids: University of Maryland Medical Center suggests omega-3 fatty acids can help "decrease inflammation and help with immunity" for thyroid support. In addition, some studies have indicated that omega-3 fatty acids can increase thyroid hormone uptake.
Avatar f tn I visited my local GNC store to purchase some Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement. I bought the triple strength, and then asked while paying for it what was the normal dosage? He and another employee said "1,000mg per day." When I arrived home their "triple strength" is only 900 mg??? I have bought others that have always been 1,000mg and that is what I have been taking. Can someone please help me with what is the proper dosage? Thanks.
714128 tn?1249139986 I don't know for sure, but I think the brand you are taking isn't fish oil, but isn't it krill oil? You might try taking a good fish oil tablet, 2000 grams daily... that's what I take. Your total cholesterol is high, but so is your HDL - the good cholesterol. Have both the LDL and HDL gone up, or just the HDL? If so the MegaRed is doing what it does best, raise the good cholesterol. If I had your cholesterol test, I would mix in a Statin.
Avatar n tn I answered on your other post, but do want to say none of the brands you're taking are the best quality. You want fish oil sourced from clean fish. Buying bargain brands can be problematic with supplements.
Avatar m tn Its fairly common for someone to feel nauseous when beginning to take fish oil/omega-3 supplements. Try taking the supplement in lower doses if taking more than 1 a day. Otherwise, try taking them with a meal. Your body will eventually (usually within a week or so) get used to the extra intake of the supplement, making the nausea subside. Avoid taking too much of the supplement, as high doses can raise the body's vitamin A & D levels too high.
Avatar n tn As for fish oil, it bothers my reflux, so I haven't taken it. I just ordered some Mega Red krill oil(burpless omega threes) to see if that affects reflux or the PVCs. If I don't like it, I'll just be sure to eat cod or other oilier fish at least twice a week.
Avatar m tn I have the opposite effect with omega 3 from krill oil. It makes them tons worse. I take a tsp. of flax seed each day and blend them in a smoothie and that doesn't seem to bother me. What brand of plant based omega 3 do you use? After my bad experiences with krill oil, I'm kind of scared to take anything but whole flax seeds.
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Avatar n tn My doctor told me to continue the fish oil and retest in 3 months. Have you guys heard fo Flaxseed oil pills? Someone told me to try taken that instead of the fish oil and see if it helps.. What are your thoughts?
Avatar m tn Krill oil is very good for Omega 3 oils, but it's also environmentally not so good for humans to be using as it's the main source of food for so many endangered and threatened species. Something to think about. Nordic Naturals makes a fine fish oil not made of krill, with a dedicated fishery in clean waters off Scandanavia.
Avatar n tn (I suggest Nature's Plus Herbal Actives Red Yeast Rice Extended Release 600 mg) Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil and vitamin B3 (niacin), remain the champions of the supplements. Both fish oil and niacin boost HDL, plump up LDL particles, and reduce inflammation. flaxseed contains three ingredients that aid in maintaining heart health.
Avatar m tn NOW Neptune Krill Oil (75 mg EPA and 45 mg DHA per softgel, 2 per day) Found only 79.1% of claimed EPA and 76.7% of claimed DHA Also found only 78.4% of claimed total omega-3 fatty acids Spoilage (TOTOX value = 57.4) Children: The Simpsons Berry Squirts (55 mg EPA and 35 mg DHA per softgel, 2 per day) Found only 88.
Avatar m tn Omega-3s are necessary for optimal physical and mental health. Research indicates that the omega-3 fatty acids found in cold-water fish may help reduce the risk and symptoms of a variety of disorders, and can lower triglyceride levels, increase HDL cholesterol, help minimize inflammation and inappropriate blood clotting, and keep blood vessels healthy. The best sources are wild-caught Alaskan salmon, canned sockeye salmon, sardines, herring and black cod.