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461781 tn?1285613081 Does Omega 3 Help You Conceive? Fish oil containing Omega 3 fatty acids is getting a lot of press lately. And not surprisingly because of the wide ranging benefits being touted from taking it, everything from a natural anti-inflammatory, to lower blood pressure, to boosting the immune system. Sounds great, but if you are trying to get pregnant and not having much success, does taking fish oil with Omega 3 fatty acids help you conceive?
1530342 tn?1405020090 Many pregnant women struggle with this question. Even if you don't care for seafood, you've probably heard that fish is a major source of omega-3 fatty acids (specifically DHA and EPA), which are important for your baby's brain and eye development. It's also low in saturated fat and high in protein, vitamin D, and other nutrients that are crucial for a developing baby and a healthy pregnancy. Is It Safe During Pregnancy?
Avatar n tn For the purpose of consuming essential fatty acids, especially Omega 3, is it safe to take PrimaCare mineral supplements with my prenatal vitamins. These mineral supplements have 1 mg of folic acid and some iron on top 800 mcg of folic acid and 28g of iron included in the generic OTC prenatals that I use. Is this overdose of folic acid and iron harmful?
401095 tn?1351395370 For Chronic pain Omega-3 can help. Your body needs omega-3 (linolenic acid) and omega-6 (linoleic acid), two essential fatty acids. They are called “essential” because your body cannot make them. They must be supplied by the foods you eat. Consuming a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids decreases the amount of omega-6 fatty acids your cells absorb. And “long-term” intake of omega-3 fatty acids may even decrease your long-term need for anti-inflammatory drugs.
612551 tn?1450025775 However, there is a higher ratio of omega-6 to omega-3, which isn't too good. It's a complicated process, but effectively dogs find it hard to convert alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) to the more active non-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, so although some omega-6 is okay (in fact, some say it's essential), it's the ratio between omega-3 and omega-6 that's important. Therefore, the inflammatory effects of flax seed may not be quite as powerful as the effects contained in fish oils.
Avatar m tn The best sources of fats are olive oil, canola oil, flaxseed oil, corn oil, omega 3 fatty acids (often taken as supplements), soybean oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, and salmon, trout, and all cold water fish are great sources. Nuts and seed contain excellent sourses of the good fats just be sure with portion size.
1192727 tn?1282739142 DHA is a omega fatty acid but buy it by itself in pharmacies and NOT as FISH IOL becase fish iol has ETA as well and it may affect the baby. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an omega-3 fatty acid. It is found in cold water fatty fish and fish oil supplements, along with eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Vegetarian sources of DHA come from seaweed.
Avatar m tn Anything that has a high Omega 3 content will have this effect, such as flax seed. Most commercial eggs are commonly high in Omega 6 fatty acids due to the fact that they are raised in cages and eat the seeds of plants that have a high Omega 6 content. Omega 6 fatty acids have the effect of raising LDL levels in the blood. Look for eggs that boast high Omega 3 content.
Avatar f tn There is some evidence that a diet low in saturated fats and supplemented by Omega 3 (from fatty fishes, cod-liver oil, or flaxseed oil) and Omega 6 (fatty acids from sunflower or safflower seed oil and possibly evening primrose oil) may have some benefit for people with MS.Most of the diets that have been touted as helping people with MS have not been subjected to rigorous, controlled studies, and the few that have been evaluated have produced mixed results.
Avatar n tn Omega-3 Fatty Acids Omega-3 essential fatty acids contain eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which is a natural anti-inflammatory. Good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids include flaxseed oil, salmon, haddock, cod, and other cold-water fish. Another essential acid, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), also acts as an anti-inflammatory, and it can be found in evening primrose oil, borage oil, and black currant seed oil. If possible, include more of both of these fatty acids in your diet.
932659 tn?1332122304 Purslane herb and flaxseed oil or flax seeds. " Anyways..
1717194 tn?1312359724 flaxseed contains three ingredients that aid in maintaining heart health. Flaxseed is rich with the plant form of omega-3 fatty acids, lignans, which contain both plant estrogen and antioxidant qualities, plus soluble and insoluble fiber. Flaxseed seems to help not only with a person’s cholesterol profile but even in maintaining heart rhythm. Organic grape juice, apples, and other foods that contain pectin help eliminate cholesterol through the gut. Garlic has a mild effect as well.
221122 tn?1323014865 So I keep watching website and it tells me that the BEST foods you can eat for hormones (women over 40) are salmon, eggs, spinach, cinnamon and flaxseed oil. I have learned to incorporate each in my diet per day. Since I was having HORRIBLE leg cramps even on magnesium and potassium, I also added two circulation complexes to my regimen. Cramps have gone down by 80 percent, which is ALMOST acceptable. HOWEVER>>>>I am getting the pvc runs here and there.
Avatar f tn Make sure your meals or snacks incorporate omega-3 fatty acids. Include walnuts, Alaskan salmon and freshly ground flaxseed in your diet. Incorporate foods rich in magnesium, which helps relax muscles, into your diet. Whole grains, legumes, vegetables, nuts and seeds are good sources. Above all, be aware of your eating habits. If you find yourself eating to combat stress, limit yourself to small portions, enough so you can savor the taste or texture.
Avatar f tn here some things you can eat..just in case... Eggs/scrambled, I do one egg yolk and 3 white's.. 70% RDA cholesterol in one egg so no need to go overboard on eggs ..for breakfast on canola oil (not palm or coconut, or even olive.. ), white rice (not brown) spinach.. lots of spinach, generally I can do leafy veggies but starting out I would just get a tub of baby spinach and start there...any protein you can find so chicken/fish/pork whatever...quinoa..
Avatar m tn 1) Free Range Turkey 2) Flaxseed/ Flaxseed oil 3) Buckwheat 4) Wild Fish and Sea food 5) Whey protein 6) Bananas 7) High quality Eggs 8) Sour Cherries 9) Free Range Beef 10) Dark Chocolate Good Luck :)!
Avatar n tn I thought this may be useful for you all with PVC's. This is NOT a guarantee that it will stop your PVC's and we don't have much evidence for that. I am simply stating what I have learned and did everything to reduce my PVC's. There are a lot of theories on why PVC occurs. I get eposides of PVC's lasting a few days. They aren't pleasant, indeed. There are two major factors that I think can trigger PVC's.
Avatar m tn Ground flaxseed and water instead of eggs. We added extra flaxseed to this vegetarian-friendly recipe for more nutty flavor and omega-3 fatty acids. Bonus: In lieu of butter, we used a combo of heart-healthy fats--trans-free vegetable oil spread and cashew butter--to cut down on saturated fat. Oats, whole wheat pastry flour, and wheat germ replace all-purpose flour.
Avatar n tn Daniel Eggs Two poached omega-3 eggs over 1/4 avocado drizzled with a little balsamic or fresh lemon. Julie Free-range egg fried in just a touch of olive oil or safflower oil, topped with cheese from an organic farm and nestled on a toasted sprouted-grain English muffin.... served with a few strawberries or blueberries and washed down with green tea or water. Wendy 2 egg whites, 2 pieces of turkey bacon and sliced cucumbers or tomatoes- sometimes slice of multigrain toast.
Avatar n tn Limit or eliminate all processed foods Eliminate all gluten, and highly allergenic foods from your diet Eat organic foods whenever possible to avoid exposure to harmful agricultural chemicals such as glyphosate Eat at least one-third of your food uncooked (raw), or as much as you can manage Increase the amount of fresh vegetables in your diet Avoid artificial sweeteners of all kinds Swap all trans fats (vegetable oils, margarine etc) for healthful fats like avocado, raw butter or coconut oil T
Avatar m tn Grass-fed beef contains more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which has been shown to reduce abdominal fat while building lean muscle. It also has more omega-3s and less omega-6s than corn-fed beef. It’s the same with chickens. According to a recent study in the journal Poultry Science, free-range chickens have significantly more omega-3s than grain-fed chickens, less harmful fat, and fewer calories than grain-fed varieties.
1126418 tn?1326169592 Animal-based omega-3 fat Creatine Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) or better yet the reduced version known as Ubiquinol Just by adding those three to her diet, her decline began to slow. But she wasn't improving, so she continued sleuthing through the medical research in search for an answer. When she discovered the Institute for Functional Medicine, Dr. Wahl began to find more clues. As mentioned earlier, myelin is an insulating, waxy substance that sheathes the nerves in your central nervous system.
230262 tn?1316649534 Bee Pollen gives you energy and so does flaxseed oil, and flaxseed contains the single largest source of omega-3 which we used to get from meet before all of the processing and it helps with pain. Ginger is also a good sourse all of these boost your immune system also. ANYWAY, you get me those are the best! I went to GNC and Walmart has many of those in the pharmacy department.
216278 tn?1308864682 I can't just sit back and do nothing, so I am taking things into my own hands until the FET. I started the ovulation monitor this a.m. and Omega-3 fish oil. I have a call into the acupuncturist to start that and I am starting counseling, as well. My question is that many folks talk about herbs and diet - does anyone have any specific recommendations?
Avatar n tn Peanuts are not the best nuts to eat every day. It's actually walnuts and then only a small handful. You will never have to worry about eating an entire dark chocolate bar because it has to be a least 60% or more cocoa, so you'll be happy to get one piece down due to the taste. Below is from WebMD...very reputable. The New Low-Cholesterol Diet: Nuts Nuts aren't just for holidays anymore. Key nuts can help you lower cholesterol. Add nuts to your low-cholesterol diet. By R.
193137 tn?1367883663 Omega-3 type -Sweeteners: Honey, agave nectar -Alcohol: One drink 3-4 times per week. One drink is equal to 4-5 fluid ounces wine, 1.
Avatar f tn Laura, Gastroparesis is one of the first culprits they check for when there's not another likely culprit. Have you had a gastric emptying study? (This would have involved eating scrambled eggs with a radioactive tracer in them, usually along with a piece of toast w/jelly and a glass of water, then a series of scans at different time intervals to see the timing of the food emptying from your stomach.
Avatar m tn A tablespoon of ground flaxseed on breakfast cereal a handful of walnuts eat fish at least twice a week Omega-3-enriched eggs. Eat less of these: Corn, safflower, sunflower, and sesame oils.They’re full of omega-6 fatty acids, the building blocks for the inflammation-promoting variety of eicosanoids.
908392 tn?1316526499 ground flaxseed daily, as they are an excellent source of the anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. - Raw sauerkraut, prepared with onions, garlic, and flaxseed oil, reduces inflammation and provides a helpful and tasty remedy in the treatment of asthma. - Drink a glass of clean water every two waking hours to help keep the system clean. Water is especially helpful after an asthma attack to break up mucus. - Avoid any foods which contain additives or preservatives.