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Avatar f tn 1-800-PetMeds Super Omega 3 for Cats and Dogs (180 mg EPA and 120 mg DHA per softgel, 1 per day) Exceeded limit for dioxin-like PCBs (Found 3.
2186126 tn?1384961026 When she was diagnosed, I began cooking all of her meals organic, veggies and high quality protein (recipes online), and adding supplements (omega 3, calcium, children's multi) which worked wonders. My single biggest regret is that I didn't brush her teeth every day and add probiotics to her meals every time. Dogs with cushings are highly susceptible to bacterial infections, so feeding probiotics helps the entire system, including the mouth hygiene. So GIVE PROBIOTICS WITH EVERY MEAL.
Avatar n tn I believe there are low sodium dog foods out there for dogs with heart problems. Giving Omega 3 may help some. Is your Vet checking the potassium levels in the blood and the kidney function? Those should be monitored, esp if the dog in on a diuretic. I'm not sure why he has her on an antibiotic unless he is afraid of pneumonia? Unfortunately, yes, the coughing will probably get worse as fluid continues to build up but, hopefully, you have some good time left with her. Is she in pain?
675347 tn?1365464245 I have heard that vitamins B, C, and Omega 3 oils will be supportive for my dog, who has very early stage kidney failure. This must sound like a really dumb fact I'm sure it IS one ...but does anyone know if it's fine to give my dog HUMAN vitamins? I take a vitamin B complex tablet every day after breakast as a matter of course. Would it be ok to give the same to my dog? And vitamin that too acidic to give to a dog? Or is it fine? Plus...any advice on dosage?
Avatar f tn Basically it is a MAXIMUM of 1000mg of fish oil per 10 pounds of body weight.
Avatar n tn we buy it in amber colored bottles to keep it as fresh as we can, and i would think that the omega in the kibble would be diluted down..hope this makes sense..but i am confused on omega 3 and 6 ratios and if i need to give it to keep their skin and coat nice..right now they look great.. also what dosage if you do recommend it..77lbs and 87 lbs.
Avatar f tn I would like to know if supplementing with Omega 3 and B vitamins can help the situation. She currently takes a low dosage of Omega 3 for her skin and also takes Cetyl M daily for joint issues. Appreciate any input to help her maintain a better quality of life through this. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I buy my Omega 3 capsules at my vet's office...they are formulated for small dogs.
Avatar f tn I took my husky to the vet today for the same issue. they suggested that i try different food, and make her treats with omega 3 or buy her some omega 3 for dogs and give it to her.
Avatar n tn I have had wonderful results working with dogs like yours using some of these natural therapies. Although, the Glucosamine dosage may be increased, in my experience, many dogs like yours enjoy superior results using natural arthritis remedies properly formulated and dosed in combination. The most useful arthritis nutrient products contain various combination's of Glucosamine, MSM, Omega-3 Fatty Acids (sourced as EPA, DHA), Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid.
391038 tn?1298740986 Today you are seeing may of the top brands add many of these supplements into the commercial brands. Such as Chondrotin, Omega-3 FA's etc. Learn to read the labels and see how your dogs do on a particular brand. It will not hurt them to try various ones to see which is most tasty and does not cause gas and a normal stool. This from the FDA:
1388999 tn?1370046414 Omega 3 fish oil is supposed to be good for dealing with stiffness of dogs with arthritus, i found an article on ehow, giving tips on dosage.
441382 tn?1452814169 The Scottie can't eat shellfish, and also ended up having trouble with the G/C tablets, but my Airedale is doing great on it. Omega-3 is also supposed to help with joints, so both mine are also on Flax Oil (people pills). Omega-3 also comes in Fish Oil. Hope you get some good results!
Avatar m tn I have been giving this to my growing pup and I have seen an improvement in his health and coating. Its a natural food suplement for dogs and includes omega 3 fatty acids. You can find it at Kauffmans Animal Health and order it directly online. http://www.ka-hi.
Avatar n tn Yes, you can give her 1/4 of yours or get one made for her... #3. Fatty Acids (Omega 3's) help tremendously. I like Fish Oils the best! Staph is normal on the skin, but when it takes over like this, it means a weak system is not being able to fight it!!! Hope some of this helps you out....Good luck, Karla P.S. You can get her healthy, I promise! Been there, done that many times.
Avatar f tn He had had a couple of minor episodes which we suspected were also fits, one 3 yrs ago and the other about 4 mths ago. He is on 100g of Phenomav twice a day, his co-ordination is very poor and he is extremely wobbly and lethargic. If he falls over he struggles to get himself back up so we are almost too scared to leave him at the moment.
Avatar f tn We then did 2/3 cup of protein, 1/3 organ meat, 1/3 cup vegetable, dark greens, 1/2 teaspoon seaweed calcium, fish oil (we were doing an omega-3 supplement to start), Standard Process canine renal support and Canine whole body support., and the DiarRice. The next day she had horrible, watery diarrhea. In my opinion, it was either the organ meats or the calcium. I put her back to just the very basic diet. That seemed to help if I included the DiarRice. My questions are....
1977159 tn?1326104770 For not being on thyroid medication, your thyroid levels actually look pretty good and I have to wonder is a lot of your symptoms could be coming from the high levels of minerals in body. What multi-vitamin do you take and how many/day?
1341923 tn?1276130446 500 mg twice daily 3. Wobenzyme, or other digestive enzyme per body weight 4. Additional probiotic (Azodyl contains some probiotic). Please use one that is stored in the refrigerated section. The exception being "Culterelle" brand probiotic. It is stored at room temperature but has been proven to be effective and is available at some pharmacies. 5. The Chinese herbal formula: Rehmannia Eight (also know as Eight Flavored Rehmannia, or Ba Wei Di Huang Wan, or Jin Gui Shen Qi).
Avatar n tn Some excellent nutritional supplements we offer include Nupro Dog Supplement, Nupro Cat Supplement as well as the Animal Essentials line, Herbal Multi-Vitamin Powder (overall health support), Plant Enzymes and Probiotics (digestive aid), Omega 3 Plus (an essential fatty acid supplement aimed at skin, coat and heart health). Both Nupro and Animal Essentials supplements will greatly enhance your pet's health and thus, strengthen their immunity.
996946 tn?1503252712 Hi Linda and Pika, I think what both kitties need more of in their diets is Omega 3 fatty acids...thats something lacking in cat food and its so good for their skin and coats too. I give this in the form of Krill Oil (NOW foods brand)...I pierce a capsule and squirt about 1/2 caps into each of their mouths once a week...should really be more often. some cats love the taste of mine don' can also use COD LIVER OIL but again get the good brands that are proven safe for cats...
Avatar n tn He's on 2 mg of Melatonin, 5 mg of Valium every night - omega 3 fish oil as well as his 3 week of Anapril for dimentia. My dog doesn't get much exercise - he's mostly blind and mostly def so it's a good 20 min walk to the end of the sidewalk! I'm about at my wits end. I do rescue and have my others in training classes - so I try to sty informed and do what's best. He's 30 kbs and can't get through the doggie door on his own - so he barks to be carried in and out our back door - steps.
1388999 tn?1370046414 From what I can tell, one level scoop of powder would probably be the equivalent to slightly more than the cosaquin for dog dosage of 3 tablets for 50-100lb dogs. You may want to try adding MSM, its a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. You can give capsules, powder or there are a variety of treats on the market containing it as well. I take it and so does my 13yr old Pumpkin.
436973 tn?1217950689 This problem is more common during the winter when the air becomes drier than normal. Other than that, a good source of Omega-3 fatty acid will certainly help you. I wanted, however, to talk to you about this particular subject: Omega-3. I would go to the Vitamin Shoppe and get Carlson’s Salmon Oil which has nice high levels of EPA and DHA and is free of detectable levels of mercury, cadmium, lead, PCB's and 28 other contaminants.
Avatar f tn Has anyone here been on the SWANK Diet, high Omega 3 , low animal fat, my holistic healthcare book said that there were really good results with this diet over long term in halting the progression of MS?
Avatar m tn Recipe #3 Cook sticky rice (sushi rice) and add unsalted butter. Mix at 1/3 sticky rice, to 1/3 boiled sweet potatoes, and add 1/3 either ground pork, lamb or fatty hamburger. Add one egg white per cup. (You can substitute boiled potatoes for sweet potatoes). Green tripe is also a pretty good food lower in phosphorus than other foods. You can buy this frozen at outlets that sell frozen raw diets for dogs, or buy it in cans called Tripett.
Avatar n tn Multi. v/m, omega 3 oil, SAMe, ginger root, aged garlic extract(kyolic is excellent). One amino acid that has shown promise is DL-Phenylalanine. D-Phenylalanine has demonstrated antidepressant efficacy in dosages as low as 200mg/day. D-phenylalanine can also inhibit the enzymes responsible for the degradation of endorphins which are involved in mood modulation and pain relief. Here it appears that D-phenylalanine is the more active isomer.
1524673 tn?1327845100 After liver flavor, we find flaxseed… one of the best plant sources of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Flax seeds are rich in soluble fiber. However, we find it unusual to see flaxseed here in its whole seed form. Whole flax seeds are almost impossible to digest (at least for us humans) unless they are first ground to a usable powder before they are consumed. The sixth ingredient is soybean oil… red flagged here only due to its suspected (yet unlikely) link to canine food allergies.