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Avatar m tn Is it good to use olive oil on a red spot/mark after the scab fell off the skin? would it help to fade it, and therefore blend it in better with the rest of the skin?
Avatar f tn I experienced this too until a friend of mine recommended olive oil and sugar mixed together instead of soap. I swear by it now!! No irritation and it makes my legs super soft!
5829388 tn?1375040066 A lot of low carb ideas are pretty high in fat (good fat that metabolizes differently, like olive oil or avacados). From what I've seen, people have to choose between either a caloric based diet or a carbohydrate diet. A small piece of chicken or fish and a small green salad with a splash of oil and vinegar/salt and pepper is a good meal with carbs and calories?
Avatar n tn I was told to use olive oil on myself to prevent stretchmarks, I am now 33+5 and NO STRETCHMARKS! I don't know if it is from the olive oil or just my skin.... Has anyone else ever heard of this or used olive oil???
506791 tn?1439842983 12 c whole leaf spinach, 4 c bean liquid (or water), 1/4 c lemon juice - fresh squeezed with pulp, 3 T garlic - diced fine, 6 T olive oil Method: Place the reserved liquid into a large pan and put in a steaming basket. Bring it to a boil and then add in the spinach. Cook (while stirring a bit) until the leaves are lightly wilted. Place into a large serving dish, add in the lemon, garlic and oil, toss to mix.
Avatar f tn I have dreadful scars on my legs (Shin and thigh) and a really ugly one on my shoulder -I have posted about these before- Vaseline with cocoa butter and Vitamin E has not worked and I don't want to buy Bio Oil because I like very natural things and I read that Olive Oil clears them right up!? Can anyone tell me if Olive Oil really works and if so, how much to use and if it's safe to use on the face? Thanks!!
Avatar m tn I have a question on applying extra virgin olive oil to the skin. I've heard a few people state that they use olive oil as a natural skin softener. What about applying it directly to my face overnight? Is this a safe way to reduce or help with wrinkles?
184342 tn?1282588750 t have anything specific but suggest you look for recipes that contain (or modify to contain) lemon, use wine or beer in a stew or braise as it adds lots of flavor without the salt and has much less sodium than using stock, use the dash spice mixes, only use healthy oils like canola or olive oil, brown any meat in a very small amount of healthy oil beforehand as the browning adds a lot of flavor. If you make soup make your own stock or buy low sodium.
7511948 tn?1391909023 I would like to know is sunflower oil just as good as olive oil or is there one better.
Avatar f tn Whole wheat pasta tossed in a little Olive oil.... add fresh tomatoes, whatever meat you like... Any extra veggies... just made it and wish I added fresh spinach and black olives. My husband said he thought mushrooms would be good (I'm not a fan of mushrooms).
101028 tn?1419603004 sliced them and threw them in with a bunch of veggies in bowl, poured lemon flavored olive oil over them and cooked them on the grill outside. they were really yummy that way! evidently this time of the year you get the ones they have left in the ground all winter long which some say are sweeter than the ones you harvest in the fall . will have to compare in a few months and see!! Any favorite parsnip recipes?
Avatar f tn She could also be allergic to the food she is eating. When you bathe her be sure to rinse her really good.
Avatar f tn I make a vinaigrette very similar. I use 1/2 Cup Olive oil, one cup red wine vinegar, 1 teaspoon spicy mustard, 2 teasp garlic powder, one packet parmesian (from what the pizza guy leaves) salt to taste. I have put a pinch or 2 of sugar because it's pretty sour but once on the salad, it's really good. It gets better the longer it sits in the fridge. Another good thing is a little bit goes a LONG WAY. Some recipes call for same amount oil as vinegar.
535064 tn?1293218091 Depending on what margarine you buy it can be lower in calories and fat than butter but I am not a lover of processed foods and love the flavour of butter and prefer using it in the limited places I do. I'm using olive oil on many of my vegetables and just use 1/2 tsp. of butter on toast if I am not having peanut butter. I now use fat free sour cream on my potatoes. You can add a journal on your profile.
Avatar f tn Hi there. I do love foods cooked in wine. I use a white cooking wine in many recipes but I do tend to stay away from taking it to a pot luck because not everyone love that flavor. The alcohol cooks off and the flavor remains. When I take that type of thing--- I generally substitute chicken broth for the wine. When people eat at my house, I generally know that they'll like it and I add the wine. But say, if caretaker was coming over, I'd make something else.
Avatar n tn I am 47 and have just been tested for food allergies. I am allergic to soy, corn and canola oil. I don't have much in the way of recipes and was wondering if anyone else out there has this problem and would like to share or swap their recipes with me?
973741 tn?1342342773 Drizzle olive oil through feed tube, continuing to process until oil is fully incorporated. Season with salt to taste and serve.
172023 tn?1334672284 I used to roast asparagus with just a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. That was yummy and easy. I like this better now. 1-1/2 pounds fresh asparagus, trimmed 2 tsp olive oil 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 tsp white pepper 3 T balsamic vinegar Preheat oven to 425. Put asparagus in a large zip lock bag. Add oil, salt, and white pepper (I often use regular black pepper). Seal and shake until asparagus is well coated. Pour into a 13x9 in baking dish.