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Avatar m tn How long do you need to stay on Olanzapine after a psychotic episode brought on by drug abuse mainly cannabis. My 19 year old son was on 20 mg/day in March 2012 and getting tapered off gradually . Now on 5mg/day for 2 weeks and then 2.5mg/day for 2 weeks and then nothing.That would be about 10 months on Olanzapine. His psychosis has disappeared but we are worried that it might return and how would we be able to tell the difference between withdrawal or psychosis returning.
6452367 tn?1430948192 I have not seen any studies that show olanzapine to be helpful in withdrawals. I would guess that it might help a few of the symptoms, but it would not be my first choice because of the side effects it presents. I will give you some alternative options. I have dealt with hundreds of addicts who have all told me horror stories of doing it by themselves. I would only guess that if are successful in doing it at home you don't end up in my clinic.
Avatar m tn Worst of all my family physician does not like to do much or does not know what do for me since I am young 22 years old and says nothing is wrong even though my weight has dropped significantly mostly muscle and bone mass, poor overall health (digestive issues, concentration, memory, etc) and etc. I have nutritious diet and some walking because my energy levels are always low and not much has changed. What is the matter? Any suggestions are much appreciated.
5093508 tn?1390547531 HI Cudos for geeting off the benzos and Z meds both are a hard detox I did both but more recently (15MO AGO) I tapered off clonipin it was a ruff detox and I wouldent want to do it again one thing dont decrease you dose faster then the doctor says to your just setting yourself up for problems it ruff enough doing it right just stick with the taper the praying help me both from methadone and benzo just know it can go on a wile after you stop it took me about 8 weeks for it to run it corse
698408 tn?1256961948 I gained 35 pounds on Zyprexa and it was on that plus a typical antipsychotic that I acquired tardive dyskinesia (but two antipsychotics shouldn't be given together and Zyprexa is no more likely to cause it than others, it does have a strong mood stabilization effect). I did weight on Depakoate and had heavy sedation and cognitive confusion. But some people tolerate it better than I did.
Avatar f tn High blood sugar can cause aches and pains especially in the feet, ankles, and legs from what I understand of it. It is a good thing to get it checked if you haven't already, because antipsychotics can raise blood sugar as a side effect of them anyways. If nothing else it would be a good idea to get it ruled out, my results came back fine though.
Avatar m tn My initial response upon reading the above is that Olanzapine is not associated with brain shrinkage in humans, and that it may be associated with brain shrinkage in monkeys but that there is not enough conclusive evidence that Olanzapine was a CAUSE of such brain shrinkage rather than just a correlation. I'm still not convinced I am on the right track in thinking this though and would like some experts' opinions on this.
Avatar n tn I know my brother doesn't mean this but sometimes it feels that its not him saying it and thats what scares me. He has lost all trust in our mum and myself and I don't know what to do. He has currently got himself a mental health solicitor to help him fight the hospital into discharge and says he will never take his medication again.
Avatar m tn If it is broke, well, you have to do something new, but you do want to do it as safely as possible. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Tolerance is down and the meds increase the effect. I don't advise you to do it, but if you do make SURE you have a friend to watch out for you and don't drive. -Drugs to treat bipolar are also used for other problems many times. In my own words I call them cross-overs -Drug Company's will get away with it until the government stops them.
Avatar n tn Energy is up again as well which is a good boost and for once I have a feeling of happyness, so all in all I do like the it. Just hope it really does help to stop smoking, the first time I took it I did not smoke back then so we shall see!! Can't wait to stop smoking!
647554 tn?1227120082 Just to stop and leave me with nothing? And also what is Olanzapine as never had it before. By the way the meds I was on was Amisulpride and Depixol injection. Thankyou Kirsty.
603015 tn?1329866573 Now the last couple of weeks I am mainly depressed, i am having some moments of light but they are minimal, fake it until you make it is what i am doing, merely exsisting.
Avatar f tn In the meantime as what it is treating will return it would be worthwhile to speak to a psychiatrist again and ask what available options are and which one would work for you with the least concerns of any side effects you are experiencing.
603015 tn?1329866573 I have had several med changes, I am currently on lithium 1000 epilim 2000 olanzapine x 3? when will i be better, does it always take this long to stabalise someone, im not sure how much more i can take, i feel like i was better off the meds.
Avatar f tn I am doing voluntary work with the animal shelter,have a light box, exercising,going to group therapy and a session of person centred therapy weekly also have psychological therapy due in March 2014 and eating wholegrains,friut,veg no alcohol,limited caffeine and seeing a few friends. So you probably see why I am so frustrated. Does it change in stages? Does your brain shift in its own time?
Avatar m tn He originally went to the doctor for ocd to get help but we decided not to do meds. we did natural vitamins and it seemed to help, it was the end of school and we decided to try the zoloft because my son couldn't read. It was horrible and very dangerous, he ended up in the hospital for a month, and they kept thinking this is who he was and wouldn't change his meds till 3 weeks after I kept telling him you see him on medicine this is not him.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Abilify for reasons that the doctor thought it was necessary to put me on it. It seems like there has been some benefits with the drug that others around me have noticed, but there is one bothersome effect that I believe the drug is causing. Although i am not fat, I seem to be gaining weight way too rapidy. Before starting on the drug i was 148 now I am 155 and its only been one month.
Avatar f tn I did ask her about olanzapine being connected to the pain but she said there should be no lasting so effect's from it now that I'm off the med. I asked her if olanzapine can be stored in the fat cell or anything as I gained 35 kg from olanzapine and when I lost 10kg fairly fast I wonder if there was conection. I have read that some med's can be stored with in body's fat cells and when the body finally bracks the fat cells down again the drugs are reintroduced in the body again.
1204528 tn?1279825886 (It originated in the lungs, it reached spine, liver, left arm, brain and right shoulder) He has no appetite and he's losing weight really fast. I don't know what else to do, I tried ciproeptadine. Apparently it gave him a cough. I read about a medical trial using olanzapine as a appetite enhancer for advanced cancer patients. Does anyone heard of this?
Avatar f tn Or she will forever be like this? I do not know what I can do more to help her. And I feel that she does not want to get better.... Its like she loses touch with reality and its affecting everyone at home.
Avatar n tn Hey, Fish oil (omega 3) can be good for treating mental health in children and adults, normally people with such health problems need more of the fish oil but it is health options with less side effects. But make sure if you do get it don't get the fish oil with mercy as that is toxic. Maybe talk to your doctor or a alternative medical person to see if fish oil would work for your child. Good Luck!
5093508 tn?1390547531 A vision came to me. I wasn't imagining or just thinking it. It just came. I KNOW it was real! First vision ever. Heard about them, didn't believe really, sort of did, but was skeptical. NOW I KNOW THEY ARE REAL! Not drug-induced, either, haha!. Sunday, I had a revelation. Too incredible to write it all here. The main point is I sacrificed something that I've been wanting to get rid of for a long time.
892168 tn?1241491771 thanks for link we are in karachi pakistan ware the docs are for money only i have taken him to almost all best physco and neuro of city docs do not guide or advise here they want you to visit and visit some of them tried risperidone olanzapine tageral ritalin epival somanew dosik and more with these medicine he get sleep at night only when he is awake he dos not set for one minute he moves he put light and tv on and off he understand but do not do what we say he stick doing things for
Avatar n tn However if your doctor has prescibed this drug for anxiety then I think that it is safe for you assume that it used for anxiety. Does it not mention what the drug is used for on the directions/side affects? They wouldn't prescribe a drug that is of no use to you. I was on a drug called Olanzapine and that had had some bad press about it possibly causing diabetes.
Avatar n tn ) What drugs are you taking? What does you psychiatrist say? You have seen a psychiatrist right? What sort of symptoms and side effects? BP1 or 2? It does take time to get the right meds and doses but its also up to us as consumers to work with our doctors - we need to read about the drugs we take and what they do, side effects and interactions and ask questions. If you can tell us what drugs you are taking we can give you links and information you can use to educate and inform.
Avatar n tn Don't use that as an excuse for weight gain or not losing, but be aware that it can happen (and you should be able to see it happen if it does). Are you still on the olanzapine (if so, is it daily or just when needed)? Olanzapine is if anything a bigger weight gain culprit than valproate/divalproic acid. And I agree with Crystal, concentration and memory loss problems ARE problems, especially if it's the meds causing them.
Avatar f tn - is that you are right now in the middle of a hypomania from what you describe. Taking olanzapine will take you out from it. But you can feel tired because AP's in general reduce the dopamine and people get confused between lack of dopamine and depression. So if already you took olanzapine then you will feel somewhat tired and exhausted.
628714 tn?1268241796 The more I pay attention to this excessive yawning thing the more I think the doctor is right. I tend to do it when I am anxious about something. So there isn't really anything I can do except try and relax when I am having an episode to calm myslef. Now that I am aware of what triggers these episodes I am able to calm myself and they only last about a day vs. when they were lasting weeks sometimes.